MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday, May 30, 2021

What comes after | IDM demo with Roland D-50, SH-101, Yamaha RS7000, Toraiz Squid

video by MIDERA

"Upon writing my recent review of the Roland D-50 (here:, I decided to reach out to a friend who had bought mine, and I bought it back from him, mostly to see - does the UI really suck as bad as I thought it did?

The first thing to note - it didn't take long for this song to irritate me, so, perhaps this isn't the best track to start off with on the D-50, but as I state in my review, the sound of the D-50 is really pleasing.

So - for some reason, the D-50's interface wasn't quite as bad as I thought. For one reason or another, my brain seems better equipped to handle it. Why is that? I haven't exactly been using it for over 2 years. I think part of it is, two years of exploring other synthesizers, a pandemic, a job change, other things - I think we're just more complicated than 'sit down with X for Y hours and you'll get better.' Like, it took my daughter sitting on a bike 3 times, unmoving, to suddenly... just be biking. So much goes on behind the scenes that contribute to our abilities and knowledge.

Anyway, as I recall - The D-50 is a keeper."

Synthesizer Music Instrumental "Genesis" By Joseph Angeliss. 1994

video by Angeliss The Synth Man

Anyone that's owned a KORG Prophecy should immediately recognize the start of this one. It's the "Prophetic Steps" preset. Not sure what follows but considering it's from 1994 and you don't often hear that classic preset in synthesizer music, I thought it worth a post. Little bits of classic synth goodness here and there. It's crazy to think of the KORG Prophecy as a classic synth. I remember when it first came out in 1995 and reading about it in Keyboard Magazine, an issue I still have. It was the birth of physical modelling along with the Yamaha VL7. Clavia's Nord Lead was the first virtual analog synth to be released in 1994.


video by synths colors

Moog Polymoog Brochure Catalog

via this auction

"Original and vintage 1976 Moog Polymoog Synthesizer Catalog. 14 pages cover to cover. Big fold out pic of the Polymoog Synthesizer. This is the polymoog synthesizer catalog with the full set of controls. No punch holes, no missing pages, intact, no writing, no highlights, no stains, no stamp. Overall very clean for 45 years old. Synthesizer history from the golden age of analog synthesis. Even better if you own the actual synthesizer."

Kawai K5000s SN 696164

via this auction

Korg Trident w/ MIDI & Case

via this auction

Synth Shorts : A Korg Volca field jam

video by Fortress of Sound

"I ride my bike to random locations and play my Volcas sometimes. This was one of those times. Korg Volca Keys, and Korg Volca Beats, and some Telecaster added later in my studio. Just a quick little sketch for spring. Cheers!"

Moog Grandmother Dark Witching Hour Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"The Moog Grandmother DARK edition is FANTASTIC! I love it! I have already had a Moog Grandmother NEON so look for those demos here on my channel, they are incredible examples of the Moog Grandmother action! The Moog Grandmother is seriously my favorite Moog synthesizer EVER. NEON or DARK, it ROCKS! This is a request from my friend on INSTAGRAM darkshines_777. Aggressive sounds: Bass, Leads, Drones & FX! Epic synthesizer! If you have not done so already, follow me on INSTAGRAM! (rikmarston) There I share a TON more stuff than on FB or YT. See the synths arrive FIRST! Find out more about me and my universe! And it's a great way to connect with me, too! :)"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

Electronica EM-25 & Quintet Soviet USSR Analog Synthesizer, Strings-machines

video by Сема Апрелевка

"Электроника ЭМ-25 советский аналоговый синтезатор."

Quintet Soviet USSR Analog Synthesizer, Piano-Strings.
video by Сема Апрелевка

"Квинтет советский СССР аналоговый синтезатор Стрингс-Пиано."

MATRIXSYNTH Should be 100% Back Online

Update: maybe not 100% after all. It looks like https is not working yet.

Update2: https is back. All should be good now.

In case you were wondering what happened to the site, the ISP that hosts the domain name suffered a DDoS attack.

When I noticed the site was down, I reset Blogger to host the site back on and sent a notificantion out on Twitter and Facebook (and The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge).

Key takeaway as a reader of the site: bookmark, and check-in on Twitter and/or Facebook for updates.

It's worth noting site outages have been few and far between.

After this outage though, I am considering going back to the domain. I can just set to redirect to it and when I'm long gone, the site will remain available. One of the reasons I chose Blogger as a platform is because it should live on long after I'm gone, ensuring the site and all the captured history lives on.

Update3: One thing to consider: if the domain were to ever expire, links using it within posts would need to be swapped with in order to work. I wish there was a way to purchase domain names permanently...

March 1980 Roland "We Design the Future" Vol.3 - Volume 3 Brochure Catalog / Magazine

These are in via Loscha

You can view them here by clicking on the images or you can download them via Loscha's links here:

195mb PDF (made with PDF24)

Higher quality single pages in a 281mb ZIP files

Per Loscha: "I was loaned this by a friend to scan. I had to set up a custom scanning table area so I could lay the book flat so as not to crease or damage the piece, as it's quite fragile. I used my flatbed LIDE scanner, and built up walls of books on either side until they were exactly the same height as the scanner bed."


Berlin School on the Balcony // Gotharman's TinyLD Granular Synth #TTNM


"Playing some Berlin School electronic space music with my Gotharman TinyLD mkII on the sunny balcony. The TinyLD is Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 granular synthesizer workstation in a smaller, more portable form factor. It has fewer knobs and buttons, but the same screen, processor and general feature set as its bigger sister. I've modded my TinyLD with a light dependent resistor (LDR) for gestural control, as well as with three knobs and two switches.

More info on the modification here: [see this post]

For this jam session I created an analog-style bass line, using the awesome sounding new State Variable Filter algorithms from the recent LD3/TinyLD software update. Then I added an electronic string-like pad sound and some bleeps, bloops and noise hits. The LDR controls the filter cutoff on the pad sound, letting me spontaneously add some variation by waving my hand over the top right corner of the TinyLD. Of course I also programmed both morph layers with slightly different note sequences and effects settings. I also use one of the MIDI switches to freeze the mandatory granular effects ;-)

More Gotharman Little deFormer 3 / TinyLD videos [posted here]

Gotharman website:"

➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Instagram:
➤ Twitter:


video by SYNTHFOX Channel

"Overviewing my newest module, SLEDGEHAMMER. This is a wicked dynamics and harmonics processor with huge feedback play capabilities!"

SYNTHFOX Reverb Shop

"Meet SLEDGEHAMMER, a vactrol gate core experimental dynamics and harmonics processor. This module serves many needs, such as mixdown, wavefolding, waveshaping, distortion, VCA, suboctave generation, and much more. The three signal inputs - one with a dedicated thru-zero VCA, and four differently processed outputs provide endless tonal possibilities and a core module for creative patch-programming.

SLEDGEHAMMER is intended for heavy feedback usage. The INPUTS section mixes down three signals (audio or CV) for further processing. The first and second inputs have dedicated attenuators. The third input is special: it is a voltage controlled crossfader that fades between the negative and positive copy of the input signal. The FOLD output is normalized to input 2, and the SHARP output is normalized to input 3, so patching audio to input 1 and adjusting other inputs' volumes already creates a self-patched feedback loop.

The heart of this module is a vactrol-based dynamics processor ('gate') similar to the widely known low pass gates. It processes the mixdown of the three inputs from the INPUTS section: the big LEVEL knob, two Level CV (LCV) inputs and the PING input control both the amplitude and the slight filtering of the signal: from quiet and dark to loud and bright. The first LCV input has a dedicated attenuverter; the second one has a simple attenuator. The PING input expects a gate, and upon receiving one, will strike the gate with a sharp decay-only envelope. This input has a simple passive circuit behind it, which can be creatively exploited: for example, striking it with stepped voltages, e.g. a S&H output, will make the circuit skip some strikes, and the remaining strikes will have different velocity. The DULL / VIVID switch on the left chooses the type of the response: the DULL setting yields daker, quieter tones, while the BRIGHT setting makes the gate sound more open and loud. Both modes are useful in different applications.

Finally, the output of the gate core is passed through different harmonic processor to create the four SLEDGEHAMMER outputs: GATE, FOLD, BEND and SHARP.

Buchla 246 Articulation and Sculpting

video by Todd Barton

"It blows my mind that this all can come from a single, static pitch of just the Principal Oscillator of a Buchla 259. The sculpting and articulation possibilities using the 246 sequencer are amazing!

My Patreon:"

17 Mins With A Buchla Automaton

video by zack dagoba

"A self-playing patch:

Two VCOs (258) are cross modulated to produce an evolving sequence of clocks, not just random because the interactive nature of the cross modulation creates unexpected pauses and clusters - the envelope follower (model 230) helps in extracting the clocks. These are sent to an LPG which gates a modulating sound from the 259 - the main tone. The MARF sequences pitches, but these are shifted with a clocked random voltage, changing every 5 or 7 pulses (using the MARF programmable pulse out feature) There are 5 LFOs (281s) all slightly different, and being clocked by more scaled down pulses from the MARF, so the LFOs are locked into the main set of pulses. The signal is split into several paths, one goes to the 277 delay (being modified by the same random voltage mentioned above) and the other going to the spring reverb, also being modified (by an LFO). These also go into 2 bandpass filters, being modulated with row 2 of the MARF. The stereo signal is being modified as well and the whole lot goes into the Buchla 100 signal leveller (model 172) and vintage eq (model 175)"

Oberheim OB-12 with New LCD Screen

via this auction

"This is a fully serviced OB-12 with a new LCD screen. The left wooden check has minor damage on the underside and bottom front (see images above). This monster synth is fully functional and extremely heavy."

Grey Model Ensoniq Mirage Rack Mount Sampler Synth w/ Floppy Drive Emulator

via this auction

"Excellent working condition mirage rack mount !

Has the floppy emulator installed with tons of disk images and sounds ."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

via this auction

"In a very good working condition from a smoke free home studio. Never gigged. A tiny tear in one button which doesn't affect at all. Some scratches on the sides and age marks. The floppy works very well."

Bugbrand Synth Voice + Bananas & Jumbler

via this auction

"Includes power supply, a load of banana cables, two shorting bars, and a Low-Gain UTL-1 format jumbler (3.5mm to banana)."

SUZUKI QChord QC-1 Synthesizer Omnichord w/ Original Box

via this auction

Vintage 1981 EKO Encore Panda 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard Synthesizer

video by Nenne Effe

via this auction

This appears to be the first one to be featured on the site.

Measures approx. 95cms x 45cms
61 Full Size Keys
Built in speaker with separate Volume, Bass & Sustain Dials
Orchestra Section, Presets & Vibrato Switches
Automatic Rhythm Section
Tempo & Volume Dials
Headphone Socket
UK mains Powered

Korg MS-10

via this auction

1978 Paia 1550 Strings'N'Things Synth Keyboard

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Rare DIY synth keyboard from the 70's!

Piano and string tones, as the name suggests, and able to have both voices play at the same time with separate sustain controls.

Fully functional. The modulation is only for the string setting and gives a little bit of vibrato or tremolo. The split function is for mixing.

The built in case is in good shape, some scuffs, dings, and tears but protects the instrument very well."

IT WORKS! Relay Sequencer - Testing This Noisy Music Machine


more content, Relay samples and the latest live modular megamix is up here!:- Support :-"

Follow-up to this post.

KAWAI K4 Digital Synthesizer - quick sound design & soundscape demo

video by Cro w

"*These are all SINGLE patches; NOT multis: that's another, longer video...*
Quick example of the ambient/cosmic abilities of the unique K4 digital PCM/additive synth. This thing has one of the most aggressive resonant digital filters. There is a TOUCH of Strymon BigSky on the stereo outs going into the interface."

Ableton M4L MODE

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

"A generative church modal midi melody generator based on the analysis of hundreds of traditional gregorian chants."

Ambient | Make Noise Strega, Korg Volca FM & Ableton M4L MODE

New ISE-NIN From Black Corporation - Roland Jupiter-8 Inspired Desktop / Rackmount Synth

via Black Corporation

"It’s been a while since the last BC poly synth release. Please meet ISE-NIN. Coming later this year, with a full MPE support and micro tuning by ODDSound MTS-ESP! Preorders will start next week on our website."

Click the pic to zoom in.

8-Voice Analogue Synthesizer By Black Corporation.

Patch n Tweak
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