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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Roland System 8: The hammered dulcimer

video upload by MIDERA

"I am working on a patch set for the Roland System 8 and just really liked this patch I came up with. Hope you enjoy it."


video upload by Mason Chrysler

"Saturday night experimenting with the Booster SE80. Just trying to share more examples of how this synth sounds. Recorded and arranged in Logic with some itb processing and effects applied. All sounds SE80. Thank you for listening."

Mason Chrysler BOOMSTAR SE80 posts

ROLAND Jupiter-6 Vintage Synthesizer w/ New Gator ATA Hard Case

via this auction

Roland SH-5 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 410108 w/ Green "The Creative Answer" Sticker

via this auction

Roland MKS-70 Super JX SN 783443 w/ Original Box & M-64-C Memory Cart

via this auction

"MKS-70 Super JX analog synthesizer. JX-10 in a rack. Excellent condition considering its aged. Includes the original box with foam inserts, manual, power cord, and M64-C cartridge with nice sounds. Version 1.04."

E-MU E-Synth Ultra 128MB RAM, 128GB HDD SN 089984963 w/ CD Library Collection

via this auction

"LCD still has protective plastic wrap!

E-MU E-Synth Ultra:
Memory 128MB RAM or 64MB (when enabled Flash Rom - selectable in menu)
Internal HDD: 128GB HDD (using SATA to IDE Adapter) - loaded with sample libraries
E-Synth Flash ROM 16MB
DWAM Board: 2nd set of Midi Ports and AES/EBU
ASCII Keyboard
Latest EOS 4.7
8x CDs with E-MU Standard Library
Set of manuals
Rack ears
Power cord"

video upload by m655321

"This is a voltage controlled oscillator with 11 harmonic outputs. The output waveform is the sum of the harmonics."

Dreaming of winter (ambient improv with XTk, Sampleson Reed106 & Valhalla plugins)

video upload by junklight

"Working towards a more fixed 'studio' setup for a bit - still fiddling but recorded this straight into the camera with some sounds I really liked!"

Audiothingies MicroMonsta 2 Demo Sounds & Downloads HQ no talking

video upload by js-sound

In the information below the video there you will find links to HQ MP3 examples of synthesizer sounds from Audiothingies MicroMonsta2.

You can listen to examples from this synthesizer here, in the file name if I did not take the effects from it, I wrote the names of the pedals that I used for this example. In all other cases, except for 3 files, all sounds without external processing are from this synthesizer.

MicroMonsta 2 is a small synthesizer with a big sound, good reverb and delay, chorus, many great filters, easy to use, with a big fan factor and a small price.

Made in France and you can buy it here.

00:00 Intro
00:06 Information
00:12 Demo Start"


video upload by Mystic Frequencies

"First test of new gear! The Ensoniq FIZMO and IRIJULE THEORYBOARD!

Totally playing what came to mind, trying a few things.

It became apparent pretty fast that I need to take advantage of the Theoryboard's Dual Midi outs so the chords don't get cut off from lack of Polyphony. One thing IRIJULE definitely got right on the Theoryboard is its DIRECT MIDI OUTPUTS, no computer needed thank god!

The Theoryboard is playing the Novation Summit in this test, the MatrixBrute is MIDI'ed to the Ensoniq Fizmo and is the master MIDI clock too. Drums are LinnDrum sequenced by the Polyend SEQ."

"Lost Marbles" - Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine (ft. QPAS, Mimeophon + MI Marbles)

video upload by Autotross

"Ambient generative patch driven by Mutable Instruments Marbles, which is pinging the left and right channels of QPAS independently while fading in and out a Karplus-Strong drone from Mimeophon.

This system includes Wogglebug, MATHS, Morphagene, QPAS, Mimeophon, and XOH, with a guest appearance by Marbles."

Floating Seeds - Modular Grainbient

video upload by Omri Cohen

"There's a walkthrough video of this performance on my Patreon page (all tiers) -

This is another modular grainbient composition I've been working on. The main voice is the new looper and granular processor from ADDAC, the ADDAC 112, and there are other layers of grains coming from Microcell, Beads, and Arbhar, with more loops and chopped tape like sounds coming from Morphagene and Lubadh. The bass is coming from the 4MS DLD, with a frozen Saich segment going through some distortion with the 1U Guillotine from Ritual Electronics. I also added my flute after the fact."

E-mu SP 1200: The Lo-fi Dream Machine

video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at the SP 1200 which is a legendary sampling drum machine first released by E-mu Systems in 1987.

Huge thanks to Si Spex (aka Barry Beats) for allowing use of some of his tracks throughout the video and for also making some of the breaks I was playing around with.

Check those out here: https://barrybeatsakasispex.bandcamp...."

Drumulator Sound Expansion x 8

video upload by x x

"EMU Drumulator 8-fold sound extension made by no drilling, no additional switches"

PPG Wave 2.3

via this auction

1985 Casio CZ-5000 Vintage Phase-Distortion Digital Synthesizer + Hard Case

via this auction

"In great shape. Includes rare Casio hard, flight case and Casio vinyl dust cover which has torn corners and paint blotches."

Electric Sun ES-303 (TB-303) I Love Acid House Coffee Mug

via this auction

Ambient Summer Jam #3 - Collider, Bluebox, Monologue, MicroFreak, Volca FM

video upload by Waveformer

"This jam continues my exploration of the Source Audio Collider and the Bluebox. This time, the Monologue and the Volca FM each plays a pre-recorded sequence, as I improvise chords and melody on top of that, on the MicroFreak, Volca FM and Monologue. The EHX 720 looper also assists with some pre-recorded chords from the MicroFreak.

- Source Audio Collider
- 1010music Bluebox
- Arturia MicroFreak
- Korg Monologue
- Korg Volca FM
- Zoom MS-70CDR
- EHX 720"

Artisan Nucleus Filter Tracking

video upload by Mike @ Artisan

"the Nucleus Filter can track, -100 to +200% and can act as a 4th oscillator over a5 octave range"

See the Artisan Electronic Instruments label below for more.

What is going on at Gotharman's?

video upload by gotharman

"A track I made on a new prototype. It is getting better and better..."

Pizza Delivery To Space

video upload by ThorF

"Original Music By ThorF #Iceland @ThorF #Eurorack #analog-synths #modular #analog-music"

π™ˆ 𝘼 𝙏 𝙏 𝙃 π™Ž #shorts 1

video upload by

"Working on this months release - more heavy #eurorack #modularsynth #techno"


Late Night Eurorack Patching and Jamming! (No Talking)

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Just Patching for fun. No Talking.
Thanks for listening! :) :)

#eurorack #livejam #prizmprime

Patch Notes:
Drums: Samples from Tip Top Audio "One" modules and "Prok" 12bit FM drum modules.

The Erica Synths "Black Sequencer" allows me to create RANDOM melodies in real-time and save them to new pattern slots, so I can create new basslines LIVE and then go back and forth between them.

The bass voice: Mazzatron VCDCO / WMD Javelin Envelope / WMD Carbon Filter.

The MAIN filtered chord stab/sequence is a chord coming from Mutable Instruments Braids, running through the Patching Panda Moon Phase Filter and then into the Erica Synths Acid Box III desktop filter, then into the Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio Reverb!

The Second Chord Stab is coming from the Qubit "Chords" module.

The ever-changing-magic-ride-cymbals are my own custom ride samples, loaded into a Tip Top audio "One" sample module - I can easily roll the pitch, and change ride samples in the fly with knobs.

After about 45minutes, I'm all warmed up and jamming my ass off! WOOT!!

This session was a blast!
I think this is the best I have ever done when starting from almost nothing and just GOING FOR IT!
I'm really learning how to work my system a lot better after watching TROVARSI last weekend!

0:00 Getting started and patching up
15:22 Starting to JAM with the session (still patching...)
37:06 Jamming, Dean-Style!"




Verbos Analog Shift Register

video upload by Boele Gerkes

"While playing a simple arpeggio, two Verbos Harmonic Oscillators are "animated" with CVs coming out of the Analog Shift Register from a Verbos Random Sampling module. Audio then goes through the DPW Design MΓΆg module and 4MS Dual Looping Delay."

AS1 H9 Resonator

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

“Flux meets Jupiter-4 13 - The voice of the Stone” by Friendly Noise

video upload by Friendly Noise

Friendly Noise Jupiter-4 posts

"Video sections:
00:06 Part 1
01:43 Part 2
03:11 Part 3

This is number 13 of a video series combining the best of vintage sound and the best of the modern sequencer technology in eurorack: Roland Jupiter 4 and IO Labs Flux. There will be a new short video every week.

The Jupiter 4 is always recorded in mono, which makes the internal chorus very subtle. Reverb is added in Cubase to make the sound wider. There is no clipping in the recording chain. If you hear anything close to distortion, it’s all in the sound coming out of the Jupiter 4.

The Roland Jupiter 4 has been rediscovered and established as the most full of character among the Roland polyphonic synths. Although limited in number of voices and straight forward sound architecture, it shines with an unique sonic print which no other synth can emulate. There are lots of great video demos and information on the web, so that no detailed description will be provided here. But it’s important to mention some unique features which will be showed extensively in this video series:

- The Jupiter 4 filter goes into self oscillation. Big guys like Yamaha CS-80, Jupiter 8 or Oberheim OBX-a can’t.
- The LFO is fast enough to get into audio range.
- There is a very noticeable internal saturation when the VCA slider is raised.

Don’t expect nice bass sounds and classic analog leads. The Jupiter 4 is perfect for that, but this has already been done before in many records and internet demos. What you are about to hear is the extreme side of the sound. Be prepared for drones, massive low frequencies, cracking saturation, ultra fast notes and unusual scales. Many sounds will remind you of modular synthesizers, but they were all created by direct recording of the Jupiter 4. :-)

In fact, the VCO is switched off and you will be hearing only the self oscillating filter in almost 80% of the video series. Only in the last videos you will hear the VCO. That means that 80% of the sounds you will hear couldn’t be made with other classic polyphonic synths, unless the filter self oscillates.

Luckily this Jupiter 4 was modded with CV and gate inputs and outputs per voice (and then some). Using this level of control per voice you can use the Jupiter 4 as a vintage monophonic synth, or drive individual voices differently. For example, applying vibrato or slide per voice. In this video series, only three voices were used.

The amazing sound of this Jupiter 4 can break the traditional boundaries specially when driven by the Temporal Modulation Synthesis sequencer Flux, made by IOLabs: Flux is the most advanced tool for rhythm creation ever made. Ever. Trying to explain Flux is few words is not possible. Please look for information on the web."

Patch n Tweak
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