MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Wiard 300 Series 8 Module Complete System

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"Wiard 300 Series Complete 8 Module system with Hinton Full Power PSU and wood case.

Modules included are:
2x Model 5R-341 Classic Vco
Model 5R-371 Woggle Bug
Model 5R-342 Waveform City (works perfectly except for the bottom multiples)
Model 5R-331 Dual Envelator
Model 5R-361 Dual Mixolator
Model 5R-352 Borg Filters
Model 311c Dual JAG Controller

All modules except the Waveform City were built and delivered in 2019-2020. Perfect working condition, smoke free studio and al modules racked with washers. Balanced Batam connectors throughout. Comes with 26 bantam cables of various lengths and 2 bantam to 1/4” cables. The best sounding modular in existence, IMHO."

Yamaha FS1r 8 Operator FM Formant Synth SN PM01341

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Roland MC-202 MicroComposer

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"Roland MC 202 in NEAR MINT condition. No scratches or dents. All sliders and buttons work perfectly. You will not find another one in this shape. Comes with original box (not pictured)."

Oberheim Xpander SN 700320

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"Well conditioned and cared for Oberheim Xpander. Wait until your hear this thing! Incredibly lush and a fantastic work horse. Still had that Oberheim feel and tone with a mod ‘80s flavor!

This particular model was taken out of working studio in Japan. All encoders work accordingly. Battery replaced, tact switches on the left panel were recently cleaned, as was volume pot, all CE brand electrolytic capacitors (50) were replaced as well. Screen is incredibly bright still.

Synth comes with its original Oberheim branded hard case and USA Xpander manual."

Cybertrance V1 For KingKorg

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:
NatLife back to hardware synth sound design production with a CyberTrance V1 For KingKorg. Not a big soundbank but with a large percentage of useful sounds. In every sound, you can get a feel of analog warmth. Soft Plucks, strong Leads, fast Pads, as well as other synthesized sounds, all will work great in "Future-Past" music production.

The world of cyber sounds is waiting for you!

Soundset contains 36 sounds, wich:

12 Plucks
18 Leads
3 Synths
1 Pad

Sounds will fill slots 265-300"

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS PROPHET 10 - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

2021/05 DAWless Summer Session - Santur

video upload by Stereoping

"A simple, relaxing DAWless summer session with #OSCar, #Mirage, #Summit and some wind from the 2600."

LXR-02 tutorial - Part 3: Snare, clap and hats

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Part three of a getting started guide for the Erica Synths LXR-02 drum machine. This is with firmware version 1.1. This tutorial covers the Snare, Cymbal/Clap and Hats voices. We look at all the parameters and some basic programming techniques - especially in order to create continuous variation.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Snare, Clap & hats overview
1:46 The two hat tracks
4:00 Initialize kit
4:28 Hats in detail
6:30 Chromatic playing
6:47 Step edit notes
7:27 LFO modulation
10:30 Assigning LFOs
12:33 Example hat sounds
14:35 Continuous variation
15:26 Cym/Clap voice
16:00 Flam controls
22:08 Clap example sounds
23:00 LFO as an envelope
24:28 LFO retrigger fun
27:02 Snare voice in detail
31:08 Example snare sounds
33:28 All together & next time
34:03 Outro sounds

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

LXR-02 tutorials by Richard DeHove

Dave Smith Poly Evolver Rack Darkwave Strings Hybrid Synthesizer Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"Some beautiful Darkwave Strings for your pleasure!
Super MASSIVE when you want, creamy and warm where it counts...
The DSI Poly Evolver Rack is AWESOME to use & play with!
I am using the Yamaha MOXF6 as MIDI controller in this demo.
I am using the MOD wheel but it is off screen! I zoomed in too much!
But I also use the Cutoff Filter to sweeten up the sound :)"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

Custom Pink on Black KORG Volca Kick

via this auction

"KORG Volca Kick Analog Synthesizer With Power Supply And Custom Face Sticker."

KAWAI SCHOOL ENSEMBLE SE100N Analog Preset Keyboard Synthesizer for Education

via this auction

Roland JD-800

via this auction

Roland SH2000 Vintage 70s Analogue Mono Synth SN 485293

via this auction

"Lovely old Roland preset, this looks and sounds wonderful, and especially through effects, overdrive or a nice gnarly old reverb or delay, absolutely hits the spot!

Filter is fantastic and can be applied to all presets and modulated by the LFO."

Roland SH1 Vintage Analogue Synthesizer w/ Original Case

via this auction

"This is an absolute beauty of a synth. It is very capable and is in good working condition. It still has the original protective carry case and all original keys, knobs and sliders."

Classic Access Virus B Desktop Synth SN E10002940

via this auction

"In good condition, although it is currently in a non-working state. Some LEDs light up but it doesn’t boot. I suspect that this is the infamous faulty capacitor issue, but don’t have the time or room to pursue it further. Power supply not included."

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

"10 voice version with latest firmware v2.33. Fully functional, in good cosmetic shape. The big red knob is damaged, but the pot is fully functioning- photo listed."

Fully Restored Formanta Polivoks + MIDI

via this auction

"Fully recapped! Ready to work for the next 40 years:) keeps the tune perfectly.

All the potentiometers were cleaned, no scratches when turning the knobs. Soviet dins are replaced to 1/4’ jacks, power socket was changed to a modern one. 220v.

Duo-phonic MIDI mod is installed."

Roland Jupiter 6 Vintage Synthesizer

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Roland MKS-70 With Extras SN 751839 w/ Extras

via this auction

"Includes M-64C cartridge and everything that came with it (IIRC): manual, power cable, patch & data cards, yellow insert. All switches work."

Pic of the inside below.

Behringer Deepmind - "Spectrum" 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"DeepMind by Behringer having very wide pallete of colours suited for all modern styles of music.


How it can sound? Warm? Authentic?

Introducing: "Spectrum" soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Deepmind.

"Spectrum" soundset is exclusive and not mentioned in our DeepMind Mega Pack!

If you are making Ambient/Electronica/Retro Synth Pop/Cinematic
soundtrack - this soundset is for you!

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author of series of presets for Korg Wavestate and all the synths from the Behringer

64 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel & aftertouch controllers.

No more strange factory presets with tones of effects & no more unuseful sounds, all sounds are ready to go in your track!

Inside the pack:


Get ready for the new track ideas in any genre of electronic music with your DeepMind & "Spectrum" pack!"

Ornament & Crime (O_C) | Episode 01 | CopierMaschine

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Here's episode 01 of my new O_C/Hemisphere series. I suspect there will be a lot of episodes coming because this thing is deep. Please note I'll use this series myself to learn how to use it so I'll probably make stupid errors along the way - like spelling 'aeolian' wrong. In this episode I'll start with the CopierMaschine, a quantized sample & hold shift register using four shifted outputs. I hope you'll find it useful and inspiring."

Empress Effects ZOIA Sound Demo (no talking) with Korg Minilogue XD

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Suiko ST-20 & Strymon BigSky // Dreamy Japanese Sound (short sound demo + jam)

video upload by Dexba

"I am always been fascinated by Asian instruments, and in fact, I even own and play an original koto.
So, when I found out these Suiko things existed, I immediately felt the need of owning one.
It came from Japan, it's vintage (seems like they where produced in small number during the 80s) and it sounds kinda awful without reverb, to be honest.
The koto sound is quite harsh, and it doesn't really sound like a real koto, since it has no polyphony, no way to 'prepare' the pitch bend, no velocity sensitivity, and the overall sound is quite poor.
Then there is the flute, quite a nice one, and a very screaming organ that gets annoying pretty soon.
But, as soon as you add a reverb, possibly a good one, you get back some sort of polyphony, you iron out the roughness, and even the limitations can become useful tools!
Enjoy! ✨"

Kinematic and Hydrasynth

video upload by ProckGnosis

"Just some playing around using one of the Hydrasynth's CV outputs to control the Kinematic's filter cutoff frequency, which in turn nicely warms up the oscillators of the Hydrasynth. IMO, the pedal and synth sound their absolute coolest on a mono patch with some compression, distortion, and filter cutoff control all nicely beefing up the Hydrasynth's core tone (as demoed after 17:00).

00:00 - Intro music and beer plug
01:44 - What's covered in the video and how it was set up
03:54 - Demoing CV control of the Kinematic filter cutoff
11:40 - Paraphonic polyphony and "drive" distortion
13:49 - Playing with the Kinematic's "Auto Wah" mode
16:15 - Switching on the compressor with distortion and filtering

The opening theme arrangement (in the quite dance-able time signature of 11/8) was composed with EVERYthing running through the Kinematic, including a track of the Arturia Drumbrute Impact and 4 or 5 tracks of the Hydrasynth."

Ritual Electronics Miasma: Testing diode variations on a drum-loop

video upload by cellrok

"With this module you get a few extra diodes and resistors to replace manually on the circuit board, without soldering. It changes the sound of the high-gain distortion and feedback. Sometimes subtle, somtimes extreme. Overall this module sounds great."

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