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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Essence Vol 1 - Patches 97 to 128 - Sequential Take 5

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Now -

I love this little Synth, it has such a great Sound Engine to it. I wasn't going to bother with it as I've done quite a lot of Patches for Sequential Synths, however I decided it would be worth trying at least and the the next thing I knew, I'd made a load of Sounds!

In Essence vol 1 there is 128 Patches covering Pads and Motion Sounds...Of course, that's what I do best! Also cutting Leads and Bass, Poly and traditional Sounds. The combination of VCO/VCF/Mod Matrix is quite spectacular on the Take 5 and I've been creating textures which I've not heard before on Sequential Synths.

Here are the last 32 demonstrated, hope you enjoy them.

Fun with Arps Vol4 | Sequential Prophet Rev2 & Moog Subsequent 37

video upload by Lost Clouds (Tom Green Music)

"The fourth entry in the Fun with Arps series! This one uses a really interesting plucky patch I made on the Rev2 that uses the built-in delay, filter audio modulation and plenty of LFO modulation to make a truly beautiful sound, especially when running through Valhalla Shimmer! Lead parts provided by the Rev2 and Sub37, again running through Valhalla Shimmer."

Music Thing Modular - Mini Drive - How to patch it!

video upload by Thonk Synth DIY

Buy Mini Drive HERE -

Additional Mini Drive posts

CRUMAR BIT-99 Vintage CEM Synthesizer + Original Case & Schematics

via this auction - demos here

"Crumar Bit-99 in superb conditions. Comes with the original schematics and hard case. Always handled with love and care this unit has been recently serviced: fully recapped and checked, this beauty looks great and works like a charm.

The Crumar Bit 99 is a spectacular polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Italy in 1985. Originally designed to compete against the Polysix and Juno 106, this compact black tank went further by implementing a dual-osc voice structure, more similar to that of the OB-8 and Prophet 5. The 2 DCOs, 6 CEM filters, 6 VCAs, 2 LFOs each per voice and a powerful Unison/Double Mode make the Bit-99 a very warm and flexible synthesizer.

Key Features :

6 CEM 3328 VCF
Velocity sensitive keyboard with keyboard sensitivity pot
Full access to all the parameters via MIDI Sysex
99 memory locations
Normal Mode: 6 voice polyphony
Double/Split Mode: 3 voice polyphony for each sound
2 DCO (TRI - SAW - PW - Noise)
VCF : Cutoff, Resonance, Tracking, Invert , ADSR
2 Assignable LFO (VCA - VCF - DCO 1/2)
1 VCA ADSR with Dynamic Attack and Amount

The Bit-99 has its own very distinctive, solid and bright sound. Exceptionally bright compared to most analog instruments. This total black beauty can surprisingly generate DX-style electric pianos and harps, woody and dissonant percussive sounds, brilliant string ensembles, punchy basses and brasses, funky leads and organs and a wide array of classic synth sounds.

The Bit-99 is also very easy to use. The printing on the front panel reminds you the various settings for sound editing. Just type the parameter number and change it's value using the + and - buttons. But thanks to the Sysex implementation, the Bit-99 can also be edited using free Editors available for Mac/Win."

Oberheim Xpander Synthesizer - Serviced SN 700175

via this auction

"Recently had a full service/restoration by pro technician Steve Jones (Melbourne) and is sounding incredible. Absolute beast of a poly synth and a total classic. Made in Japan version. Brand new Synthtronics PSU installed as part of the service work. Excellent condition. Some light scuffs to the face, but in excellent working condition, freshly serviced and ready to use. It’s a big unit, so will be sent by courier (packed well). International postage OK."

Roland JD-800 w/ Drums & Percussion Dance Card

via this auction

Korg Sigma KP30 - Serviced - Super Condition - SN 240114

via this auction

Roland Juno-106 61-Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 525797

via this auction

"Synth is in superb shape. Professionally serviced when I first purchased it around 2010. Sounds as powerful as the day it was made, with fully functioning voice chips. Unit is clean with wear and tear you would expect with a vintage synth. The replaced parts include some sliders, plastic side panels, and the low C key. Overall, you can’t do better with an original version of the 106. Comes with power supply and original owners manual."

Roland Jupiter 6 SN 313440

via this auction

"This was purchased used in the early to mid 2000s. The buyer was not a pianist so he kept it in storage and for close to 2 decades. During that time it was never played. It was kept away from moisture and stored in a smoke free home. It was tested prior to listing and to my understanding functions exactly as intended. A nob and slider have been replaced."


via this auction

DSI Mopho Monophonic Keyboard Synthesizer SN 00422

via this auction

KAWAI K4r Digital Rack Synth

via this auction

"8 outputs! For sequencing and routing etc. MIDI in/out/thru. Card slot for memory and storage. I can also email you several banks of sounds in SYSEX format; there are several librarians for MAC and PC you can use for archiving and changing banks or single sounds if you wish."

Polyphonic DIY Synthesizer "Jeannie"

video upload by Rolf Degen

Moog Model 15 with 904A, 904B & 904C...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"Messing with the 904C filter coupler I built a while back. The echo is courtesy of a Boss RPS-10 pitch shifter/delay. There is a (Hammond organ) reverb tank built into the Model 15 with a 905 circuit and it's turned up full - but as the decay time is so short you can't really hear it, it's just colouring the sound slightly...."

Soma Enner Synth Tutorial Lesson 2: Output Section

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorials series for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Soma Labs Enner body patching synthesizer electronic instrument. If I get a response to this series, I will try to break things down into small videos that are easy to mentally digest and apply to your own electronic music. We will be exploring both east coast tonal and west coast avant-garde uses of the synthesizer. The Enner is especially good at ambience, noise, and soundscapes for film music.
This second video will go into detail about the output section of the synth and show you some of what's possible to do only using your fingers. Please leave a comment with any questions or requests and a like if this was helpful."

Soma Enner Synth posts

Norand Mono - Jam with 2 Monos on Firmware 1.2

video upload by Norand

"Here is a jam with two Monos, showcasing our last firmware update.
The Mono on the top is playing electroish bassline. The second one is playing drums and fx synths.

New features used :

0:18 - Master volume control
0:35 - Mod Note Mutes
2:24 - Play Styles
3:25 - Unmute all
4:05 - Step Mutes"

Bass Station 2 // AFX Mode // 3 Practical Examples

video upload by Jorb

"Wanted to demo some more grounded ways of using this wonderfully deep feature, hope it gets you thinking differently about the tools at your fingertips."

Dave Smith's Mopho Keyboard // First Impressions & a Comparison to the Novation Bass Station 2

video upload by Jorb

"Decided I would break the camera out and bring you along for my first sit down with this keyboard, the DSI Mopho.

You'll probably see it as a recurring theme in what I choose to share, I want to do my best to find and share gear that is either under-appreciated, or wrongfully out of people's discourse and recommendations.

Essentially every positive thing people say about the bass station 2 can be said about the mopho keyboard, and the prices aren't dissimilar, yet, it's almost never brought up.

If you have one, stick around and you'll see some more coverage.

If you're looking for a new mono synth, maybe keep it in mind as you browse Reverb.

Thanks for watching, always more to come."

Mopho Keyboard v Bass Station 2 // The Value of Intuitive Design

video upload by

"Frankly, if this was a less busy week I would've reshot this.

This topic is something I would like to explore more, but only with examples that I would consider to be close. What's the value in comparing a matrix programming synth to one with knobs over and over, right? I want a fair fight, how about that."

Sub 37 // Long Term Impressions and Complaints

Why I'm Selling my Sub 37 // Long Term Impressions and Complaints video upload by Jorb

"Hope to do a few more of these, had sold a few things since I started working on this whole YouTube thing and always felt like I was missing an opportunity any time I sold something without getting my thoughts out there. Like I started a conversation in my head, but never shared it.

So, here we have the beginning of a new series. Whenever I have a piece of gear getting sold, I'll just sit down and get my thoughts out there.

I realize its kind of boring to conclude with "its expensive", even in part, but it would be unrealistic for me or most people to ignore that factor.

And on reflecting on my mod matrix complaints, I felt like I was being to harsh on a keyboard from 2014, so I made sure other stuff available at that point had comprehensive mod matrices and they do, so I think it stands.

Considering doing a little patch pack for the Sub 37 before I let it go, and I've been pondering a blindfolded, " Does 'the Moog sound' actually mean anything " video, I'll have to count my pennies and do that before I let the mf'er go."

Microfreak Oscillators // Visually Explored and Explained

video upload by Jorb

"Microfreak Oscillators // Visually Explored and Explained // Part 1

0:00 Intro 1:36 | Oscilloscope Intro X axis is time, y axis is amplitude. The more vertical a change is, the more harmonic content you'll hear. Think about that difference you hear between harmonically rich saws & squares, as opposed to the even low end & strong fundamentals of a sine or triangle.

4:59 | Basic Waves - Does what it says on the box, one oscillator & a sub MORPH will blend between wave types ; Square, saw, and a double saw PULSE will change your pulse width, or change the relative position of the 2 saw waves(this will change volume of relative harmonics.) SUB controls the volume of a sine wave one octave below your normal oscillator.

*Apologies for the lower volume

8:45 | Super Wave - Several duplicates of your original wave shape, all mixed WAVE switches (doesn't blend) between Saw, Square, Triangle, and Sine waves DETUNE increases the amount of pitch variation between all the oscillators VOLUME increases the volume of your duplicate / higher frequency oscillators

*My example of relative pitches interacting gets a little muddied with the actual behavior of the detune in this algorithm. I merely mean to highlight how interacting pitches look and sound, and how that can help us understand detuning.

12:55 | WaveTable - Offers different tables of multiple waves, that can be smoothly blended between TABLE switches (not blends) between tables, which are separate collections of waves POSITION blends (not switches) between the waves in your selected table CHORUS introduces a vibrato'ed copy of your original signal.

22:40 | Harmonic - Allows you to blend in higher order harmonics, and shift the bias of those harmonics higher or lower. CONTENT lets you decide which harmonics are going to be controlled by sculpt. The higher you turn the parameter, the more upper harmonics and fewer lower harmonics will be present in your final output SCULPT will increase the volume of your chosen harmonics CHORUS introduces a vibrato'ed copy of your original signal.

26:51 | Karplus Strong - Simulates the physical interaction of a resonator (drum head, string of a guitar or violin etc) and an exciter (pick, finger, mallet, etc) holy shit BOW constantly excites the resonator. This is complex. Introduces more distinct frequencies, has their volumes increase and decrease relative to eachother and change, and eventually will lead to overdrive. POSITION simulates the position of your exciter, close to the edge of the drum head, or nearer to the bridge of your 'guitar'. Introduces more high frequency content DECAY will increase the decay of the sound, not just an amp of filter change over time, the waves / harmonics decay as part of the algorithm

34:34 | Virtual Analog - 2 virtual Oscillators, implemented in an interesting way DETUNE (on the WAVE KNOB) changes the pitch of your first oscillator, range is a few octaves up from your keypress SHAPE (on the TIMBRE KNOB) intrudeces, and changes the shape of your second oscillator, low pulse through squares, through weird high frequency sync stuff WAVE (on the SHAPE KNOB) blends your first oscillator between saw square and pulsewidth. *The manual is honestly hilariously bad at explaining this, and is less of a standard VA than basic waves, for example. Should be named differently and explained better.

40:34 | Wave Shaper, complex waves available by means of wave folding and variable asymmetry. WAVE bends between a "popov wave"(real name?) through a sine, into what I called a super sine, but might be better described as an already-folded sine wave. FOLD AMOUNT introduces wave folding. Think of this as a complex overdrive, in that the harmonic changes happen when your wave moves beyond a specified 'headroom' but instead of clipping, the portion of the wave beyond the threshold comes back down over the top of your wave, subtracting that portion of its shape (The scope is great for helping to explain this) the folded portion of a wave can even reach the bottom of its headroom, and be folded upwards again. This is more dramatic with lower pitches, and is something I might revisit in a part two. ASYMETRY will shift your wave to one side, sine eventually becomes a sawtooth

I found the oscilloscope to be invaluable while working through the oscillator types, and more than worthy of sharing.

Microfreak has really impressed me, and I haven't even spent much time with it yet.

If there's anything else you want to see in a format like this, I'd love suggestions.

I've had this little fantasy where I have a hardware oscilloscope and hardware spectrum analyzer on screen in every video...we'll see if its worth it!

Wish the microfreak's screen was in focus, but my eyes are too bad to notice on the camera display. I'll work on it!"

Roland's SK-88 Pro // A Sleeper 90s Synth, & a Gift from Early Gaming

video upload by Jorb

"I really do love this sucker, want to hang it on my wall.
**Yamaha did a lot of CARDS based on FM, and a good share of Modules based on samples, like the MU I show on screen. My caption correcting that was lost by upload, and I do not want to reupload the whole video.

0:00 Intro / The Sound Canvas Line
3:03 General Midi Introduction
5:45 Horrible Sub Pitch, you can skip it if you sub
6:41 The SK-88 Pro In Detail
16:05 SK-88 Instrument Examples
23:34 Drum Kits?
25:30 Layer Too Many Sounds
26:40 MultiTimbre Jam (its fine)
29:05 Price / Alternatives"

Nord Lead 2 // Are 90's Synths Still Relevant?

video upload by Jorb

"One of the keyboards I can hardly imagine ever getting rid of, been meaning to do a bit on it for awhile but could never find the right angle, it just does so much.

Watching now, after rendering, the zoomed in view of the controls is a bit out of focus, if I plan on doing that, I'll look into my options to record in a higher quality on the camera.

I left in more than normal flubs, because they're funny.

Following up soon with a less-talking walkthrough of the built in prophet patches, stay tuned.

This was the 4th attempt at recording this, trying to tighten it up each time, and its STILL 40 minutes and I feel like there was plenty left out.

I still don't feel like I gave ring mod a fair shake, and there's an insane diversity of analog patches I didn't have time to demo.

A few things I should've highlighted but didn't:

-Oscillator sync
-The insane range available on the second oscillator
-LFO shapes and their insane range
-The dx7 imitating power of combining FM with extremely high LFO rates
-Loads of others

I intentionally left out the other products in the Lead line, there are enough differences that I would rather not touch on it without first hand experience.

Appreciate the time, thanks for watching."

16 VOICE PROPHET 5?! (Under $1000!)

video upload by

"Something About Us" // Live Looped Daft Punk Cover

video upload by

"'Something About Us' off of Daft Punk's 'Discovery'' has always resonated with me.

I view it as a truly timeless love song, and is one of the tracks that proves that the duo was so much more than dance music.

Bit unusual content for me, so as a compromise I'll talk about the gear involved.

Drums are samples on the mpc, first chords are the Yamaha Reface CP on its wurlitzer sounds, controlled with part D of the Nord Lead 2 which is programmed to make no sound.

This is routed through the Mpc 1000, running jjos, receiving multi timbral midi, so different midi channels in, get routed to different tracks on the mpc.

Each of the other 3 synth parts are from the nord, you'll see my left hand quickly change parts (b, c, a) throughout.

I mute the drums for a bit on the mpc, and other parts at the end.

Appreciate the watch, back to more educational synth content on Sunday!"

Korg EX-800 // All Compromise, or All Character? // Walkthrough & Demo

video upload by Jorb

"Another quirky one, the oscillators, the envelopes, the polyphony, all weird.

*Had a mid-editing software crash that led to a few strange things, I left in two takes of the filter triggering modes, and some of the images are doubled. Apologies!

I got this on reverb for a great deal as non functioning, all it really needed was a new battery & the patches restored, and I don't believe it to be that unusual. Tons of models from the 80s experience the same thing.

Hope this helps someone make a decision, or helps explain the way this freaky little guy works.

I never mentioned the sequencer, but it works the way you would expect it to, very simple."

Roland GR-700 Guitar Synth // Demo & Walkthrough

video upload by Jorb

"The more I think about this one, the more I laugh about the fact that I ended up with one.

Would love to hear about someone actively using one of these, so much respect for that.

Forgive the playing, you should see the takes that got cut, YIKES.

This is a post about fixing the chips , very helpful:"

JX-3P // The Best Vintage Roland (That you can actually afford)

video upload by Jorb

"Want to get better at these, where I sit down and give a walkthrough / impressions of one synth, let me know what works well and what doesn't.

If it wasn't going to kill my margins on resale, I would love one of these with upgraded midi, or even the kiwi mods. But for me, there's better options out there for a 2 oscillator poly.

Hope this is helpful to someone on the fence, or maybe you heard a sound in here that proved to you this synth is worth your time."

Good Gear - Juno 106 - Can Gear be Good?

video upload by Jorb

A take on AudioPilz Bad Gear

"This was another exercise in learning to edit, tons of respect for the creators that nail it.

I cant imagine spending this much time on a 7 minute result ever again.

I don't plan on doing any more of these, and other than it not being my own personality, copying his style, especially this thoroughly, beyond a joke would feel like plagiarism."

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Korg Poly 61 // Underappreciated or Undervalued?

Korg Poly 61 // Why I'm Selling // Underappreciated or Undervalued? video upload by Jorb

"The second installment of "Why I'm Selling", this time focused on the Korg Poly 61. A keyboard that in today's market, can feel like a compromise, but never short on sounds.

I'll be sad to see it go, but can't justify a slow to program midi-less keyboard taking up any precious realestate.

Here's the link to the reverb page for the reproduction boards, what an excellent service :

Here's a link to a website with details on the filter mod :

A quick search of 'Poly 61 Mods' will yield plenty of other strategies for inspiration.

Thanks again, and cheers."

RESONANT SCREAMS // A Chilling Tale of Haunted Synthesis // Starring : Akai's AX60

video upload by Jorb

"R E S O N A N T S C R E A M S

The (mostly) true tale of what it took for me to get my haunted Akai AX60 back home and working.

This was intented to be a halloween special, but I missed the deadline and now its a Friday 13th special, this also serves as my 200 subscriber special.

For a technical break down of the AX60, I walkthrough what makes it unique here : [posted here]

With a few exceptions, the whole soundtrack was made with the AX60, an RE201, and the stock compressor available on reaper. Samples for drums of course, and a few screams.

Something lighthearted that took a lot more time to create, as a way to say thanks to those who think I'm worth their time. Thank you."

AKAI AX73 & AX60 Overviews

Akai's AX73 // Modern Features, Vintage Sounds // 1986 Seems Dope video upload by Jorb

"An overview of my new favorites analog poly, Akai's AX73.

Akai AX73 Parameter Magnet :

0:00 Intro / Overview
3:40 Patch Demos
11:42 Oscillator Programming
14:14 CEM3394 Mention
14:43 Pulewidth on EVERY WAVEFORM?!
18:14 Filter Programming
22:11 Envelope
25:13 Amp & LFO
28:05 Voice Modes
31:25 Midi Splits
34:03 Chorus
35:36 Conclusions"

Akai AX60 // What Makes it So Unique? // Patch Walkthrough & Breakdown

video upload by Jorb

"A hands on patch breakdown of the Akai AX60, one of my personal favorites.

Its a powerful, yet finnicky keyboard, and I do my best to demonstrate some of its most interesting qualities to help any interested parties. Hope it is of use to you!

I consider this to be sort of a technical companion piece to my Horror movie special, Resonant Screams : [posted here]

I mention the Tauntek mod, here's a link to where you can get it. I'm thinking of getting this, if you have any insight please share it! :

I mention the sampler connectivity, here's a link to a video where espen craft covers this synth, and that function in detail : [posted here]"

STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 GUIDE: How to sequence the STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 using the Korg SQ-1!

video upload by Stylophone

"Connect the Stylophone Gen X-1 stylus to a lead going to the one of the CV outputs on the Korg SQ-1.

(Make sure they are earthed together through an input or output for it to work)

In this video some Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator rhythm is added to the mix too. Here the PO it is connected at the aux input, which is all processed by the filter and delay on the Gen X-1✌️❤️"

Erica Synths Black System III Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers


video upload by sonicstate

"Chris from the band takes a look at his trusty Casio CZ-101. An unusual 80s Casio synthesizer which introduced the Phase Distortion method of synthesis.
Chris also posted a longer look on our Patreon, head over for an additional 40 minutes or so of CZ-101 detail."

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