MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday, November 06, 2021

New Buchla Format Kilpatrick Audio & A Yellow Sine Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director

video upload by KilpatrickAudio

"The Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director or SQSD is a six-channel quadraphonic mixer and joystick controller designed for the Buchla format with full analog design and flexible CV control."

Some details via Kilpatrick Audio:

"The SQSD combines six joysticks capable of generating control voltage with a six-input equal-power panning mixer, allowing for intuitive and fun direction of spatial sound in both stereo and quadraphonic speaker configurations. It's the ultimate next-level mixer for electronic musicians looking to take their performances to the next level.

The SQSD is made possible with a collaboration between Kilpatrick Audio and A Yellow Sine.

The team consists of:

Patrick McMaster - Composer, performer and electronic music wizard of A Yellow Sine

Andrew Kilpatrick - Conductor of Electricity and founder of Kilpatrick Audio

Joystick Controller

Each of the six joysticks generate two control voltage signals: one for each axis of motion. These CV outputs can modulate parameters on compatible voltage-controlled electronic music equipment. Using the joysticks to control the location of a sound source is intuitive and fun, and the SQSD makes this easy by incorporating six channels of quadraphonic panning.

Quadraphonic Panning

Quadraphonic sound involves the use of four speakers to create an immersive listening experience in which sounds can move around the listener. It’s the most accessible form of what’s called spatial or surround sound since it only requires four speakers.

Two dedicated location control inputs are available for each of the six channels. You can connect control voltage signals from a sequencer, envelope or LFO to these inputs, but the joysticks make quad panning quick and easy. The twelve joystick CV outputs and location control inputs are grouped together, and can be easily patched with shorting bars. Convenient DIP switches on the back of the unit normalize these connections without the need for any patching.


Up to six channels of sound can become part of the quadraphonic or stereo spatial direction, with each channel having its own dedicated level control and LED indicator light. There’s a main mix output control as well with LEDs for each of the four outputs."

You can find additional details at Kilpatrick Audio's website here.

Berlin (Modular Live)

video upload by Andreas Remshagen

"Live-Performance with a DIY analog modular System.
The sequencer runs via PC throgh two Polyend Poly Midi to CV Devices.
The Software i made by myself with Flowstone Synthmaker.
I used the following Devices:
-Elektor Formant with State Variable Filter and Steiner Parker Filter
-Bass Synthesizer with Moog-Clone Filter
-12 Voice Choir/Stringsmodule with Ensemble Effect and Steiner Parker VCF
-Groovebox with Arpeggiator and Steiner Parker VCF
-4 DS-7 Clone analog Drumbox with 2 analog HiHat
-The water-Effect is created with two Doepfer-DIY Synth Kits going through
a Steiner-Parker Filter-Clone driven by an external LFO
-The Solo Keyboard plays a YuSynth VCO with Moog-Clone VCF. The Keyboard is a modified Elektor Formant CV Keyboard with 3 Wheels for Filter mod, Pitch mod and a wheel that creates a Vibrato for the VCO's pitch in."

Roland JUNO-106S

via this auction

Top Secret Bass Patch // I make this sound 99% of the time.

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Jokes aside, I call it top secret since i rarely talk about it mainly because i'd call it a "boring" patch but its SO effective! This is easily my most created patch on practically any synthesizer that has a seperate AMP and MOD Env, or Filter Env. Some simple steps to impress your friends! aka Sound Design basics, hopefully you found this video helpful, and be sure to check out the other sound design tutorial style videos i have on this playlist [embed below]

Pro 3 -

**20% of all merch profit go different non-profits fighting global warming🐋**
🎹 Synth Merch -
🔊 Sample Packs -

00:00 What We Talking About?
00:42 How to make it
03:18 Final Result
03:43 This is IMPORTANT
07:05 Lets get Negative
08:15 Speed Sound Design
08:54 Add your touch to is with variations
10:16 Let's Wrap it Up
12:04 Embarrassing myself"

Sequential Take 5 First Impressions // Factory Patches and Noodling

video upload by Tefty & Meems

"Got a chance to checkout the Take 5 synth from Sequential thanks to 🙏 In this vid I checkout factory sounds, tweak them, and talk features that I'm digging about the Take 5."

📕 Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:23 Preset Layout and first patch
3:52 Patch #2
7:57 Patch #3
9:42 Patch #4
11:22 Patch #5
12:29 Patch #6
13:56 Patch #7, 8, 9, & 10
15:40 Patch #11
17:03 Patch #12 & 13
18:19 Patch #14
20:23 Patch #15
21:18 Patch #16
22:57 Next bank of presets
25:27 A few more patches from bank 2
27:01 Thoughts on the Take 5 so far...
29:03 Next steps with the Take 5

Gotharman's Urano gets expanded with Eurorack #TTNM


Note: If the video thumbnail does not appear, just hit play to get it started.

"Received a nice new Eurorack case in the mail this week to accompany my Gotharman Urano and I am now starting my journey back into this modular synth format ... well ... uhm ... no, not really :D I'll keep it at 48hp ... that's my plan. Got some more cool modules coming up soon to fill this little black box with! Stay tuned.

The hi-hats are coming from the Happy Nerding FX Aid XL by the way, triggered and modulated by the Urano's CV outputs of course. The bass line oscillator is sent through the Tubaz filter module. Evyerthing is mixed and controlled then inside the Urano. Kick and Snare are samples which are further deformed by the Urano's FX."


Pin Electronics Portabella Demos by Zaphyd

Pin Portabella Matrix Madness
Pin Portabella Two Voice Sequence
Pin Portabella - a Lullaby for Di
Pin Portabella Swamp Monsters from Space
Pin Portabella Melodic Sequence CV/gate
Pin Portabella Take 1

Kawai / Teisco SX240 Multitrack

video upload by Zaphyd

"sx240 multitrack with some Kurzweil Rumour reverb"

13 minutes of Roland Jupiter 6 Crossmodulation thru a Kurzweil Rumour

video upload by Zaphyd

New AVP Synth Quadwave Multi FX

video upload by AVP Synth

"Quaдwave Multi FX is an analog/hybrid effects unit consisting of a phaser and 4 separate delays (2 stereo) for all kinds of sound manipulations.

In the demo you can hear it processing:
0:05 - Korg MS2000
3:29 - Ritmobox
5:56 - Estradin Altair 231
9:47 - Roland Juno 60"

via AVP Synth

"Quadwave Multi FX is compact analog/hybrid effects unit consisting of a phaser and 4 separate delays (2 stereo) for all kinds of sound manipulations.
Feeding synthesizers, drums, guitars, vocals and other audio sources through the combination of phaser with 4 delays allows to create wide ethereal landscapes for studio or live use.
The repeats in Delay 2 allow the input signal to self-oscillate into crazy feedback modulation especially mixed with the LFO delay section (tape mangling effect).

Main features:

1 analog phaser with lfo and manual/cv control;
2 separate stereo hybrid delays with additional LFO delay;
20 knobs/controls for different parameter settings and ability to create additional Chorus and Reverb type effects;
3.5 mm individual CV input for manual control of the phaser modulation;
6.3 mm mix outputs (Left and Right);
6.3 mm Inputs (Main, Delay 1 and Delay 2);
Steel enclosure;
Dimensions: L230xW130xH160 mm;
Weight: 1.1 kg (without power supply);
Power supply;"

PAUL S-TONE 5U Modular Synthesizer Clone of the ARP Odyssey

via this auction

"Modular synthesizer, unique piece of gear, conceived as a clone of the ARP Odyssey plus some custom made extras. The synth sounds like heaven on earth!"

This is the only one in existence. This is the first post to feature PAUL S-TONE.

Novation Nova Desktop

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Stand Alone System80 880 Roland TR-808 Eurorack Module in Moog Eurorack Case

via this auction

"System80 880 in a Moog Eurorack case with a 4MS power Supply custom installed along with a Moog carrying bag. I took the bus board / power supply out of a 4MS Pod60 and self installed into the Moog case because I liked the look of the Moog case. I drilled holes in the moog case and just dropped in the bus board, very amateur install but it works. Some markings on the back of the Moog chassis to help me line up the drill holes right but case is otherwise in great condition. Actual 880 module is in wonderful condition. I will include the Pod60 chassis in case you want to unscrew the bus board from the Moog and drop back in the Pod60."

Folktek Mescaline with extra Channel module, please see notes

via this auction

"Folktek Mescaline in excellent condition, basically mint just used occasionally. Comes with plenty of patch cables, original box and the power supply. Also including the original damaged Channel module that was immediately replaced by Folktek. See photo of the back pcb for the placement of the two capacitors and one trimmer that were damaged in shipping, circled in red. Should be an easy soldering fix and then you’ll have an extra sequencer/effects module."

Kaiser Electrical Musical Instrument Synthesizer

via this auction

"Rare electrical instrument made by Tim Kaiser generally he makes only one of each or his instruments so there may not be another around. Tested in working condition. It produces sounds by moving the attached stylus along a metal strip."

You can find additional creations by Tim Kaiser in previous posts here.


video upload by birdFriend

You can find details on the PHW-16 and an additional demo here.

via this auction

Roland SYSTEM-100M

via this auction

112/121/130/132/182 / 191-J



via this auction

"ROLAND TR-8s drum/synth machine BLACK STAND – MDF/ALUMINUM

20 degrees workspace for best overiew from the bottom to the top
flat design (no 'borders' on sides)
8 mm aluminum rods
easy to mount and dismount – no tools neccessary
no side holes
miniature anti-slip silicon pads

Roland SH-201 SN ZU61128

via this auction

Yamaha CS15D Analog Synthesizer SN 1273

via this auction

KAWAI K4 16bit Digital Synthesizer w/ Original Gig Bag

via this auction

ARP Model 2600P Synthesizer - Duophonic

via this auction

Tom-1501 the best Soviet analog piano-strings synthesizer.

video upload by Сема Апрелевка

"Том-1501 лучший советский аналоговый piano-strings синтезатор после восстановления."

Googlish: (never knew Tom = Volume):

"Volume-1501 is the best Soviet analog piano-strings synthesizer after restoration."

DIY synthesizer soundengine (using ESP32 Arduino) - Little demo of the Roland Alpha Juno like sound

video upload by Marcel Licence

"This video is only a short sound demo of a little sound engine I tried to implement.
I recommend using a stereo output (phones or speaker) for the best listening experience.
It is based on the Roland Alpha Juno synthesis but slightly modified.
The sound is some kind of pulse width modulated saw wave without chorus.
A LFO drives the pulse width for both channels independently creating the stereo effect."

Projects can be found on GitHub:

Additional demos:

Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 & EHX Big Muff Triangle

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Norns + Launchpad + Model Cycles + iPad = ❤️

video upload by Perplex On

"Could play with this setup for hours! #awakescript on #norns with a connected #launchpadmini acting as a #grid, midi going into #polythemus on the ipad to distribute it to 6 channels in a round-robin fashion to the #modelcycles. This also allows to selectively turn each channel on or off for more variety. And finally M:C‘s audio going back into the ipad where it’s spiced up with #k7d delay and recorded in AUM."

Patch n Tweak
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