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Sunday, December 05, 2021

A Lonely Mind- A sequential OB-6 Bladerunner inspired demo

video upload by The Present Sound

"On vacation I thought a lot about my music. I like synthwave a lot, but one of my dreams is to hear my music in the cinema one day. I always feel so inspired when I hear music by Hans Zimmer. This is a serie consisting out of music using my Ob6 and combining it with some of my favorite movies."

The Modular Journey - Detailed Breakdown of my "Perfect" 5U Modular System

video upload by alternatingbitmusic

"Several people have asked about my setup, and while I may have not explained my modular philosophy as much as I wanted to in this video, I feel my music covers that area and my module decisions reflect my output."

Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax + Cocoquantus: Ambient Dream Team

video upload by Matt Lowery

"An ambient melody I noodled around with from an unpatched Sidrax (an instrument by Ciat-Lonbarde). The sidrax is playing into a Cocoquantus, and I feel like this combo is the ambient dream team.

From there, the chain is Bitmap 2, Tensor, and Ultrasheer."

RYK Modular M185 Sequencer AB Parallel Split programmable gate Eurorack

video upload by RYK Modular

"Using the RYK M185 with System 100m modules
Sequence is split in AB Parallel Split Mode., A seq bassline, B seq melody

Festures the programmable gate mode from 1.00

Synced to System80 880 drum machine [ clone of Roland TR808 ]

FX Sony DPSV77 & Eventide H3500"

How the VECTOR SYNTH works // review demo & walkthrough

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A demo, review and deep dive into the unique VECTOR from Vector Synth. It's got all the modules you might expect or be familiar with, like oscillators, filters, envelopes etc but its all put together in a really interesting way. Controlled via the touchscreen you move from corner to corner, each having essentially their own timbre. Very cool...

Hopefully after watching this you'll understands the structure and how to start to create your own tones or manipulate the presets in a meaningful way.. Otherwise there's nothing wrong with just wiggling stuff... you'll find loads of tones :)"

ARTURIA Polybrute - dInOsAuR rIdE! DEMO!! No presets, no talking!! Full studio review coming soon!!!

video upload by Wine&Synths

"dInOsAuR rIdE! by PiQuadrat.
A synthesizer demo composed and performed on the ARTURIA Polybrute by Christophe Piper.

"I am currently discovering the ARTURIA PolyBrute for a practical studio review. How is it to produce some house and electro with this synth?"

Stay tuned and subscribe to our channel to know more about this synth!


"Ich bin gerade dabei, den ARTURIA PolyBrute für einen Studio-Praxistest zu entdecken. Wie ist es, mit diesem Synthesizer House und Electro zu produzieren?"

Bleibt dran und abonniert unseren Kanal, um mehr zu erfahren!

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Das Kleingedruckte / the small print

Thanks to: Wir bedanken uns für die Unterstützung von:
- für das Testgerät und die Geduld.
- dafür, dass wir unseren Sound derzeit probeweise mit dem HEDDphone abschmecken dürfen!

Und damit eins klar ist:
Dieses Video enthält keine bezahlte Werbung.Das Gerät wurde uns vom Hersteller für begrenzte Zeit zu Testzwecken zur Verfügung gestellt. Die in den Videos geäußerten Meinungen und Ansichten sind rein subjektiv und basieren auf unseren eigenen Erfahrungen.
And let's be clear:
This video does not contain any paid advertising.The device was provided to us by the manufacturer for a limited time for testing purposes. The opinions and views expressed in the videos are purely subjective and based on our own experiences.

℗ & © Wine&Synths 2021 a project by"

Metunar Live 2021 Part 2

video upload by Metunar

"Metunar live at the gallery Valley Art in Kemptthal/Switzerland in october 2021.

Part 2 of 4.

"M&M" was a paint and live music event where 6 artists painted to electronic music.

Paint Artists:
Marc Weber
Beni Merk
Claudia Dietschi
Peter Sand
Tanja Strausak
Deviprasad C Rao

Music and Video:

Metunar Live 2021 posts

Chronos - Synthesizer Wall | Full Album

video upload by LFOstore

"Meet the looong awaited album of Chronos - 'Synthesizer Wall' 🎹
Prepare to dive deep into ambient athmosphere with maestro 🐳

🎶 Bandcamp
🎶 Spotify
🎶 Yandex
🎶 Beatport

No no no, it’s not another psychill or ambient album from Chronos! This journey is rather more cinematic and minimalistic than all previous Chronos releases.

Everything was played and recorded live in one take! Nick Klimenko has spent hours in a studio, practicing live playing, sequencing patterns and harmonies, making rhythms and atmos for every single piece in this release. Then he hit the “record” button and played every song at one time.

The sound is rough and almost unprocessed so as to keep the original spirit of analog & digital instruments. All the glitches and notes reveal a natural flow of live playing. Many of the timbres were made for this album especially – you will not hear them elsewhere.

The way of composition and execution lead to the 1970s when Klauss Schulze and Tangerine Dream played their concerts without any computer or musical software.

So let’s start immersion into the atmosphere of the wall full of synthesizers."

Sequential Pro 3 noise jam. All Pro 3. No external effects.

video upload by Jeff Strichart

"Just noodling around on my new Pro 3."

Sequential DSI Pro 2 Noodle Pt II

video upload by Senti mental

"Continuing noodling on the Pro-2 - great synth with immense sound possiblities, very impressive. One of my favorites is actually the paraphonic mode. To me, the Pro-2 has a very distinct character - not really analog (though it can sound like that too) and not too digital - a true hybrid. You can get your typical knarly bass sound from it and there are loads of those in the Fixed Banks. However, I don’t find that so mich to be a speciality of this synths, they can never be so beefy loke the VCOs in my modular. The true beauty is the sound between digital and analog. No effects added, only inboard delays.
This time with Wurlitzer Piano, had to remove some hiss and noise coming from the piano amp. The Wurly is a bit detuned, sorry for that, will be serviced soon. With Black Hole DSP reverb.
Head phones or decent gear recommend."

Senti mental Sequential DSI Pro 2 posts

Ambient Explorations pt.30 (Oberheim Xpander)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Realized that we have a few Oberheim Xpanders at Berklee, so I decided to make a video with one of them. It sounds super good. What you are seeing is one of the 3 played layers, each doing a different thing: chords/melody, bass, fx. Each layer is going through Shimmer and EQ in Ableton. If you have questions comment below. Cheers!

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Leads de sintetizador com o Uno Synth Pro

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"Sempre que recebo um synth para review, gosto de programar alguns patches de diferentes categorias para entender a sonoridade e o comportamento daquele instrumento. Foi o que fiz com o Uno Synth Pro, este sintetizador analógico, parafônico e com processador de efeitos embutido, da italiana IK Multimedia. Criei rapidamente algumas versões de leads famosos e outros autorais.

O Uno Synth Pro é capaz de soar agressivo e pesado, mas também se sai muito bem nos leads mais sutis.

Em breve, outros sons de outras categorias e o Review completo do Uno Synth Pro!"

Empress Effects Echosystem Sound Demo (no talking) with synth / Modal Argon8

video upload by Limbic Bits

You M. ] Moog Matriarch [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

Access Virus Indigo

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

JEN String Machine SM2007

Creative Cribs - Olafur Arnalds video upload by Spitfire Audio

JEN comes in at 26:15 per the listing below. No demo though.

via this auction

"JEN String Machine SM2007
Very rare and hard to find.

Got three sound sections to mix / and three presets (knobs)
- Violin
- Viola
- Cello

- Sustain
- Attack
- Tone

Got an italian power plug.
Sounds very rich and characteristic, for example with tape delay or reverb.
No original caps/knobs >>> see photos.

This is Olafur Arnalds favourite string machine >>> watch the clip...
"Creative Cribs - Olafur Arnalds"
from 26:15"

Koma Elektronik Komplex Sequencer

via this auction


video upload by DiscoFriendItem

via this auction

Roland Juno-106S

via this auction

Ableton Live Instrument Pack PolyMono multisampled instruments from the Analog MonoPoly synthesizer

video upload by Expanding Sound

"Get the pack here
(This pack is compatible with Ableton 10 standard and above.)
The Expanding Sound PolyMono pack is built using the MonoPoly synthesizer.... clever name, right? Something that was instantly noticeable to me was the larger than life quality some patches achieve here in Ableton. Since you are using four oscillators in unison mode, sampled instruments can use more voices, and have the ability to sound huge. Each instrument is a polysynth, so you're hearing up to 40 Oscillators at once! Giant atmosphere pads and strong present leads are available, as well as bass presets that really cut into a mix. This pack contains 22 multi sampled presets using over 100 samples. I hope you enjoy! I feel like some of these sounds are going to find their way into my compositions very soon."

Patch n Tweak
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