MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, December 18, 2021

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Munatix - Dancing Hard (Official Video)

video upload by Munatix

New track from supporting member, Munatix, featuring a vintage Moog Memorymoog.

"Munatix – Retro Vibe Synthpop Band

Spotify :
Apple Music :

ISRC : BE 3ID 21 00015 - Song
ISRC : BE 3ID 21 90015 - Video

The song was released on December 10th 2021.

Special thanks to 'Terhills - National Park' for allowing us to do a videoshoot on this awesome location.

Special thanks to Kevin Vonckx from Vos Media for shooting the video images."

More than 70 Patching Ideas and Techniques / VCV2 and Hardware

video upload by Omri Cohen

"The document is available on my Patreon page together with exclusive videos, monthly VCV preset files, Patreon only live streams, and more -"

Metunar Live 2021 Part 4

video upload by Metunar

"Metunar live at the gallery Valley Art in Kemptthal/Switzerland in october 2021.

Part 4 of 4.

'M&M' was a paint and live music event where 6 artists painted to electronic music.

Paint Artists:
Marc Weber
Beni Merk
Claudia Dietschi
Peter Sand
Tanja Strausak
Deviprasad C Rao

Music and Video:

Metunar Live 2021 posts

UDO Super 6 - Großer Synthesizer Praxistest - {DEUTSCH} - U∙D∙O 🎆

video upload by Wine&Synths

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - Living on UDO
03:18 - Begrüssung
03:45 - B-Roll Time & Music
05:24 - Ist das Werbung?
05:53 - Start Übersicht
06:18 - DDS-Oszillatoren
10:24 - Oszillator-Waves
13:01 - DDS 2
14:42 - Super DDS 1
16:48 - PWM Mod
17:27 - Cross Modulation
17:48 - Vorbilder?
19:12 - LFO Keytrack - Der dritte Oszillator!
22:01 - Binaural Mode
25:57 - Filter
29:39 - Hüllkurven
30:01 - Arpeggiator & Sequencer
31:03 - Patches & Firmware
31:42 - Zielgruppe
33:38 - Der Synth-Rant
37:13 - Dads Retro-Talk
39:12 - Wo ist Stefan?
40:04 - Fazit
41:32 - W&S-Score

NOVATION NOVA II Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This unit was fully tested. The 2 arpeggiator knobs were replaced with original Dave Smith Instrument Poly Evolver knobs. The envelope release fader is broken - the shaft wobbles but the fader still works. We recommend being very gentle with it or, preferably, replacing it. We contacted Novation for the part but they weren’t very helpful. It’s possible they used a generic part that’s still available, or there’s a chance this fader may be repairable (not sure about this though). All encoders, switches, keys and other sliders are working well and feel fine. Sounds great."


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This is one of 2 units we’re selling right now. We bought them both from industrial band Die Warzau quite a while ago. This unit's been serviced and has been fully tested and is working great. Power was switch removed, opened, cleaned and reassembled and reinstalled. Cleaned and lubed all pots."

Moog Liberation Fully Serviced w/ Travel Case SN 1044

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This vintage Liberation is fully functional, in excellent condition and has been fully serviced. Comes with custom case and power supply.

The Liberation was Moog's unique strap-on keytar style portable performance synthesizer. Being a dual-oscillator monophonic analog synth it is often considered comparable to Moog's other two-oscillator synths such as the Rogue or Concertmate MG-1, but in actuality the Liberation is most similar to Moog's most popular dual-vco synth, the Prodigy. The actual synth controls of the Liberation are nearly identical to the Prodigy, with the addition of Ring Mod, Noise and Polysynth controls in the Mixer section. The Liberation also uses sliders and toggle switches instead of the Prodigy's knobs and slide switches.

The Liberation is fairly simple to use and has that unique monophonic Moog sound. Its two analog oscillators are combined to produce a monophonic, single-note output. Each oscillator features sawtooth, triangle and square shapes (waveforms can be selected independently on each VCO) adjustable over three octave ranges each, and they can be mixed together to produce a variety of tones. There is also a simple polyphonic section that can be useful for playing organ-type sounds. There is the traditional 24 dB/oct Moog filter section with its own cutoff, resonance (emphasis) and envelope controls (attack, decay/release, sustain), and a Loudness amp with attack, decay/release, sustain envelope controls. Some other nice on-board features include a Ring Modulator, Noise Generator, and syncable VCO's. But one of its great features is its ribbon controller, located in the hand-grip portion of the synth which can be used for pitch bending and modulation effects."

Moog MoogerFooger MF-103 12-Stage Phaser w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This MF103 is fully functional, in mint condition and includes its original box and power supply.

The MF-103 12-Stage Phaser is a direct descendant of Moog modular synthesizers designed to work with any sound source. This all analog instrument is the holy grail of analog phase, conjuring ultra-rich sweeps, deep swirls, vocal gyrations and bi-phase effects.

Designed by Bob Moog, the MF-103 is comprised of two complete modular functions: a 12 stage phaser with resonance that allows for perfect tonal impartation and and a wide-range LFO capable of generating sedate surges and swells to percussive percolations and complete sonic destruction. To further expand on this classic modularity, the MF-103 contains multiple CV/Expression Pedal inputs and outputs. This allows each parameter to be manipulated and controlled simultaneously, while also providing modular interconnectivity between other Moogerfooger analog effects."

Roland Alpha Juno-2 61-Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

This is an upgraded version of the Roland Alpha Juno-1. It adds an extended, 61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, and an external memory cartridge slot. Other than that it has the same great sound and features of the Juno 1. The sliders and buttons were replaced by membrane switches and an "Alpha Dial", which is used to edit and browse through the extensive selection of parameters: DCO digitally controlled oscillators, LFO, bend, ENV, pulse, waveforms, noise, PW/PWM, high pass filter, VCF (filter) with freq/env/res/lfo/kybd, VCA envelope, chorus, and more.

Freeman String Symphonizer SN 40615R

via this auction

"The stringer that started it all! A set of master oscillators slightly detuned from each other gives a lush ensemble effect. Coupled with full polyphony and a spring reverb tank, it's no wonder the Freeman String Symphonizer spawned a string machine revolution.

This unit shows some slight wear typical for an instrument of its age. It has been gone over and had electrolytic capacitors replaced where necessary. Due to the unit's size, it is for local pickup only. Power cord not included, but it uses a regular extension cord."

Red Roland SH-101 w/ Mod Grip

via this auction

"This is an immaculate museum-quality example of a Roland SH-101, in the rare Red color version. COMPLETE, with the handle and guitar strap holders."

Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer (Tubbutec SH-1oh1) with MIDI

via this auction

"List of mods:

1) Tubbutec SH-1oh1 (adds MIDI, an extra LFO, improved sequencer, and tons of other useful features)

2) VCF FM mod that allows the filter to be modulated by the oscillators’ waveforms, (it sounds amazing)

3) Audio-in mod (allows for processing external audio through filter etc)

4) PWM wave shape sources (allows you to choose how the PWM will be shaped independently of the LFO waveforms), subtle but deep.

5) 3 way LFO speed mod (allows an extended range of frequencies for the LFO, from VERY slow all the way up into the audio range. Speeds are “slow” “normal” and “fast”.

6) LFO clock in mod. (Allows external source to clock LFO

7) VCF in, allows filter to be controlled externally from modular, pedal, etc

8) Envelope follower/ audio to VCF. This allows the audio waveform to shape the filter’s behavior. A very unique and special function that has endless possibilities."

Modded Stylophone Beatbox Drum Synth

via this auction

Stylophone Beatbox Drum Synth Circuit Bend. 2 features added to this little guy. A light dependant resistor has been added to the pitch potentiometer with a flashing light. This mostly seems to effect the sound on the Bass #3 setting, as it creates a subtle tremolo or warble to the note played. The LED on the side is an indicator for the added potentiometer control on the front which adjusts the speed of the light and resistor inside (changes the rate of modulation of the "warble"). It doesn't effect settings #1 or 2 as noticeably, but some shifting in pitch is noticable for some samples. The under side of the machine is white, so ambient light effects this feature. The effect is more noticable when shielded from outside light. Covering the bottom with dark tape or paint would help block that more permanently.

The other addition is a red momentary switch/button on the side that starts and stops the record feature. This allows you to start/step recording with one hand while the other plays the instrument. Normally you have to use the stylus to start and stop recording AND play manually the pattern being recorded. The standard method makes it almost impossible to record without pauses at start and end of sequence."

ROLAND MKS-50 w/ PG-300 & Original Box

via this auction

"The MKS-50 and the PG-300 are working great. Both come with power supply. The MKS-50 comes with the original Roland box and manual."

Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix Vocal Processing - Making of a Dalek

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Presenting the basics of simple vocal effect processing in the EaganMatrix using the Slim Continuum in this case. Here showing how to create a Dalek-like ring modulated vocal effect using the EaganMatrix Multipler. For Continuum and A/D converter is required. For the soon to be released EaganMatrix (Eurorack) Module, you will be able to send analog audio directly into the EaganMatrix for processing."

10 Recipes for Noise (ft. Befaco Noise Plethora and Percall)

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"Noise can be a useful tool in synthesis, and even more so in the sandbox that is Eurorack and modular. In this video we'll use the Befaco Noise Plethora and Percall to cook up some patches which feature noise. Befaco sent me these modules, but they have not sponsored this video. I just think noise is cool and I'm trapped in the Matrix and the algorithm is slowly eating away at my soul."

00:00 intro
00:21 mix noise with leads
02:25 mix noise with bass
03:34 noise as percussion accents
05:24 noise as the main attraction
07:22 resonate me, daddy
09:55 sidechain pump texture
11:25 noise clock for sequencer
13:08 noise as modulation source 1
14:27 noise as modulation source 2
16:13 trigger bursts for daddy
18:16 noise go brrrrrrr

MA-LUX - Custom synth

video upload by Love Hultén

"Including Matriarch, Replicator, Bluesky, Infinity3 and a custom-built drony 2-string gurdy thingy"

A Synthesizer by Zander Zel (almost complete)

video upload by Zander Zel

"A project that started two years ago is nearing the final stages in late 2021. A stereo texturizer covered in grass.

Demo by Susana

IG: @zanderzel"

12 18 21 Synton Fénix - Noise

video upload by batchas

12 18 21 Synton Fénix 2 & 3

Gorgeous (mostly) Pads of the MEGAfm - Part 2

video upload by Morning Strategy

Part 1 here

"Can't get enough of that broken, buzzy sound. Though I had just about enough of the latency between the launchpad, shitty laptop, midihub, MEGAfm, and shitty laptop. So the performances are oddly swung.

0:00 MFM079
2:50 MFM080
5:21 MFM081
7:29 MFM082
8:36 MFM083
10:42 MFM084
13:12 MFM085
15:27 MFM086
16:43 MFM087

Effects chain: Klevgrand Reamp - Klevgrand Korvpressor - Audio Damage EOS2 reverb - Klevgrand Grand Finale"

Bode Vocoder Model No V-7701

via this auction

"It doesn't get much rarer than this groundbreaking and historic vintage vocoder.

The Bode design was licensed to Moog for their vocoder, the only real difference being the rebranding.

Harald Bode was a pioneer of electronic instrument design and responsible for many of the circuits and concepts we take for granted today. Most of his designs were incorporated into products for other companies (Estey, Wurlitzer, etc) but the most revolutionary bore his own name. The Bode Frequency Shifter and Bode Vocoder are arguably to most coveted of these. The model 7701 is a very rare of version of the already incredibly rare Bode Vocoder. I have never seen another and it may have been an early prototype build though the build quality is top notch. It is entirely likely this is the only one or one of only a handful of units made.

This unit is working and sounds incredible."

Oherheim Matrix 6

via this auction

Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106 MKII

via this auction

Motas Electronics Motas-6 Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos and details on the Motas-6 in previous posts here.

Roland MPU-101

via this auction


via this auction

Yamaha SY-1 Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer SN 6483 w/ Dust Cover

via this auction


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