MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, February 12, 2022

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Elektron Octatrack demo Part II

video upload by MIDERA

"Played around some more with the Octatrack and System 8, SH-101, and Oberheim Matrix 1000."

M8 Tracker midi sync test / MFB-522 / Buchla easel command

video upload by studio snippets

Waldorf M 1.07 RC Update Adds PPG Waveterm Transitions Replay, Additional Filter Modes & More

This one is via an anonymous reader. Full release notes below.

Regarding PPG Waveterm Transitions Reply:

"I always dreamed of PPG Waveterm Transitions replay. So there are they here in M! Now in classic mode one can use the second oscillator as a PCM oscillator and play one of the 64 transitions, saved into internal flash. They could be loaded from the SD Card to the M and used for your patch. So you can make 4 channel Drum Machine with analog and digital VCF on each channel. Or multisample layered patch. And the OSC1 stays free to play its own wavetable. So I am very curious, what you can introduce with this new feature."

"You can load up these old samples and use your M as if you had a PPG Wave + WaveTerm combo."

New filters: Notch 12dB / Oct, LP 24dB/Oct, BP 24 dB/Oct,HP 24 dB/Oct, Notch 24 dB/Oct, Sin Waveshaper + LP 12 dB/Oct, Dual LP/BP 12 db/Oct, BandStop 12 dB/Oct. Almost all of the MicroWave 2 XT's digital filters are now available on the M.

LoFi Future CMX-7000 Rack Mount Glitch Video Mixer Workstation Demo

video upload by LoFiFuture

"An overview of what is probably my most involved build to date. This one admittedly took way longer than it should have and was an insane amount of effort but it was so worth it!"

Buchla / TipTop VCO 258T| QFG 281T | OXI One

video upload by verstaerker

"using the OXI One to sequence and modulate the 258T & 281T .
The Buchla VCO is really fantastic for FM tones, while the 281 creates complex, dynamic modulation.
Notice that the OXI is only connected thru a single HDMI cable, that is connected to the Pipe, from he the CV/Gate connection s to the modular are made. Thats realy smart.
At the end i routed the VCO through my Easel to get an LPG, with adding some distortion transformed the sound in a really interesting way ."

The Ondioline - Technical Manual, Promotional Brochure, Beginner's Handbook & 7" Single

A couple of pics of my recently arrived Ondioline technical manual by Georges Jenny, brochure, handbook & 7" vinyl single. Pics of the back sides below. You can find digital copies here, and physical copies available to order here. The quality for the physical copies are top notch. Highly recommended if you are interested in having new, pristine copies of these historical documents.

See for more. It's a great resource. You might remember the newly launched site dedicated to the Ondioline from this post a couple of weeks ago. The site is definitely worth taking the time to check out.

Phoenix Synthesizer Festival

video upload by PVCCFineArts

Phoenix Synthesizer Festival
February 11, 2022
Paradise Valley Community College

Featured Performances by:
Chris Meyer
Steve Roach


As many of you know, Chris Meyer is the man behind Learning Modular. You can find additional posts featuring him on MATRIXSYNTH here, and posts mentioning Steve Roach here.

Buchla 296 PercPlay

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring the Buchla 296 Spectral Processor and Lo Pass Gate."

Another test after more reconfigs of main modular

video upload by John L Rice

"I moved a lot of things out so I could put my other Moon 569 sequencer and expander modules (569ES and 569EG) back into my main system. #shorts #electronicmusic #moonmodular #modularsynth #modularsequencer"

Crystal Sequence EMS VCS3 AKS

video upload by zack dagoba

"Messing around on the Crystal Machine (double EMS Synthi)

The is the classic on-the-run patch whereby the sequencer goes into one side of the ring mod along with an assortment of sound sources into the other, such as the VCOs and noise. This gives a wonderful clicky, punchy, percussive sequence which I have added into the mix along with the output from the filter/trapezoid combo. I noticed that the noise when mixed in this way gives a very nice phasey quality, and I don't know why. Its just one of those very nice accidents that often happens with these old machines, and is why I love them so much"

Sequential Prophet6 delay and Arpeggiator

video upload by Suzuki Ryo

"Playing percussive sound using the Prophet6's delay and arpeggiator.
It creates a different groove to the physical percussion."


video upload by gilleslacaud

"OPLA demo"

Peak - Summit | Novation

video upload by MYSYNTH

Quick test after some “Modular Tetris”

video upload by John L Rice

"It’s hard to spend quality time with a modular synthesizer without spending more time than you had planned and forgetting the mission you were on! Anyways, this sort of nice mostly self playing patch came out of it! #shorts #electronicmusic #modularsynth #5umodular"

Organelle Resampling

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"What happens when we record a sample back and forth on two Organelles? What if we use a different patch every time? How wild will that sound??? There is a plethora of sampler patches for the Organelle, and each works a little differently. To help us decide which patches to use, we asked the EYESY to randomly pick them for us! The resulting patches are:

0:28 K-Loop
1:01 Transient Segmenti
1:33 Loop Jam Rec
2:27 Overloop
3:14 Tapey
4:08 Sampler Style REC
4:53 Nori Sampler Mono
5:34 CAmenti
6:33 Arpeggio Sampler
7:42 K-LoopOver"

Dataline Sound Pack - DSP: AtariTakt - For Digitakt, Octatrack, Rytm, Polyend Tracker!

video upload by MrDataline

"DSP: AtariTakt features 150 Samples from the Atari2600 Synthcart! Featuring Bass, Arps, Synths + Project files for Octatrack, Digitakt, Polyend Tracker, Rytm! Download at, or

To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the audio examples and bundled with the DSP: AtariTakt!

DSP: AtariTakt includes,

- Royalty Free 150 Samples from the Atari2600 Synthcart - processed with Analog Heat.

- Projects for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Analog Rytm & Octatrack. These projects come along with premade Patterns, Kits, Scenes and Performance modes.

You can find out more about the legendary Atari 2600 Synthcart here:


Stylophone S1 and Stylophone Gen X-1 jam!

video upload by Stylophone

"An awesome jam using the Stylophone S1 and Stylophone Gen X-1."

Roland Juno-106

via this auction

"Gorgeous, original vintage Juno 106 in excellent condition, freshly serviced and calibrated, no issues, sounds awesome. This is the OG Japanese version, 100v, with attached ac cable. You won’t find a cleaner, better playing example of THE definitive analog polysynth."

Korg EX-800 w/ Original Manual

via this auction "The keyboardless tabletop / rack mount version, called the EX-800 from the Poly 800. Released in 1984, comes with manual and power supply"

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam Bass Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Cables

via this auction

Jomox X base 09 Analog Drum Machine SN 9732-0448

via this auction

Jomox Alpha Base SN 2021-819

via this auction


via this auction

There's a Coron Rockaku-kun featured in this video.

"BIAS ROCKAKU-KUN EXD II Electronic 5 Voice Module Brain.

This unit is very very RARE.

Great Analog Drum Synthesizer Brain. Very Fat Tone.

This unit can make Kick, Snare, Tom, Hi-Hat, even long fat bass tone sound and so on.

It can be triggered by electric trigger pad, trigger signal and short sound signal.

Very friendly with EURORACK Modular synthesizers.

This unit is working perfectly.

Pearl “Fightman” FM-8 Electronic Drum Synth SN 170031

via this auction

"PEARL FM-8 FIGHTMAN Electronic Drum controller/ synthesizer

Note this does not have any sequencing capabilities.

It is a drum synth aka drum brain.

"This is a fully working very rare Pearl FM-8 Fightman Analog Drum Synthesizer. I believe it was made before the Syncussion. A great piece of 80’s tech!

The closest machine that resembles it in my opinion is a Roland TR-606, except the Fightman has some very real sounding Toms.

The Hi Hat, Crash, are said to be very Metallic and the Ride is almost like a Synth Tone.

This Drum Synth is very hard to come by. This unit does not have Midi.

The only test I was able to perform was plugging it in and powering it up. The tempo light blinks and changes tempo when you adjust the tempo knob.

Unit measure 13-1/2” x 8” x 3” "

Suzuki Q-Chord QC1 w/ Gig Bag & Manuals

via this auction

New Classic Looks: Korg Monologue - analogue synthesizer

video upload by Reactory

"New classic-style custom looks i made for my Korg Monologue analog synthesizer.
In line with the looks of some 70's/80's vintage synthesizers (Mini/Memory Moog and Sequential Prophet 5) my Monologue have new wooden side and interface looks, classic style, including white markers on the interface knobs.

All sounds of the music (kingdom melody 97) in this video is from the Korg Monologue. Chords/pad sounds are done by overdubbing on multiple tracks. No EQ's used, just reverb/chorus/Delay on some tracks."

M8 Tracker

video upload by studio snippets

Meeting of Modular online #10

video upload by Tokyo Festival of Modular

2月12日(土) 20: 00~
『Meeting of Modular online #10 』
guest : Daliepy
HATAKEN SARAAM Rintaro Z_Hyper [check my interview with Hataken back in 2007]

Modular live tips : Daliepy
Modular Report by Clockface Modular

Teletype & Instruo #modular patch #experimentalmusic #eurorack #synthesizer

video upload by Endless Arp's

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X Synthesizer | Initial Sounds

video upload by rezfilter

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

Elektron Octatrack Test 1 with System 8, SH-101, and Oberheim Matrix 1000

video upload by MIDERA

"Mood setting - Well, this week I got back anonymous feedback from some students that was just really negative for a course I was teaching. Made me feel pretty terrible. I've always been like a top performer, so when two students didn't like me - it really ruined my week.

Anyway, I guess that sort of just set my mood for everything else. I wrote this track as an introduction to better understand the Octatrack, which I had bought a week or two ago. I think it fails in some ways as a drum machine. The Machinedrum allows you to edit all parts for cool glitchy sounds - I don't think the Octatrack does that in the same way (although it has 'scenes' which is cool).

As a MIDI sequencer, it's surprisingly very good. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get to the 'advanced' settings for changing the speed of each part's pattern length and tempo - but I'll find it again.

A simple test I guess, just needed to know how to do some things. I imported a bunch of drum sounds, hooked it up to my Matrix 1000, System 8, and SH-101 and went to town making this monotonous mess.

One extra gripe I have, and this relates to the Roland System 8. WTF was Roland thinking, not even giving it a MIDI THRU? Such a stupid thing."

Patch n Tweak
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