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Thursday, May 05, 2022

VHS Synth | Lo-Fi 80s Retro Synth, Synthwave by Brian Funk & AudioKit

video upload by MATTHEW FECHER

"Video Music by Ender Alders, Brian Funk, and AnalogMatthew"

via AudioKit

"Pure 1980s Synthesizer Glory! This app is made from various analog and digital synthesizers (including Dave Smith’s Prophet 6, The Moog Realistic Concertmate, Novation Bass Station, Korg Volca FM, and various digital synthesizers) recorded to a VCR!

BONUS PACK: FREE OP-1 expansion pack recorded to VHS Tape and re-sampled. These sounds are dripping with Nostalgia and Lo-Fi Charm. Now free! Includes Free Presets by Jakob haQ, Red Sky Lullaby, The Garage Band Guide, DJ Puzzle, SOI, DJ Mantra, Marc Hupkens, AnalogMatthew, JEC, Da Fingaz, Brian Funk, and more

Give yourmusic an instant vibe. Created from the best-selling 80s VHS Synths and VHS Wave soundpacks by Brian Funk.

Standalone app & iOS AUv3 Plugin
Over 250+ presets to inspire you
Compressed to under 150mb to save space
VCR Sound Effects (Buttons, Tape Hiss, More)
VCR FX section to customize the sounds
FREE Expansion Pack: OP-1 recorded with a VCR
iPhone & iPad version included for one low price

The samples were recorded onto VHS tapes with an old VCR by producer Brian Funk, and then custom processed. You can hear the warmth, noise, and inconsistencies of the VHS tape in each instrument.

For the first time ever, these sounds are now available on iOS!"

Pic of the gear below.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev3 / Analog Vintage Synthesizer w/ MIDI SN 5280

via this auction

"Includes the original user and technical manual, casette with the original factory presets and some factory spare parts and a professional hard case."

Kawai K5000R Additive Rack Synthesizer SN 603215 w/ Disk Library

via this auction

Release Date: 1996
Comes with:
1) K5000R
2) Power Cable
3) 2 Instruction Manuals
4) 11 floppy disks (some with manuals)
・KAWAI Supplement Disk
・KAWAI K5000S/R Arpeggiator Data
・KAWAI System Disk Ver.3.00 1
・KAWAI System Disk Ver.3.00 2
・KAWAI Collection1
・KAWAI Collection2
・KAWAI Pads & Conming
・emagic Sound Diver K5000
・emagic Sound Diver K5000 Sample Disk
・emagic Sound Diver K5000 EDITOR/LIBRARIAN

POC60 - MPC Themed Rick and Morty Pocket Operator

via this auction

"Pocket Operator po-137 Beat maker midi rick and morty Sampler MPC synthesizer mit Case in Retro Look"

Looks like a 3D printed case.

X1L3 - MANIPULATOR - control cluster - eurorack module - demo run

video upload by X1L3

Update: harsh noise vid added further below.

"Demo track featuring manipulator + radio module set up.
What it is and where to get it - below:

Available at:

^^^^^ (probably about a day after this vid goes live)

Manipulator is a 22hp manual control module. Geared up for live performance, ambient and noise rigs and for studio work where you might want to live jam for a while and see what happens and where a track goes or how a sound design piece might evolve through hands on experimentation.

Full tech details of the module are on the bigcartel listing, but here's an overview of what's going on here in the demo.

I've got the manipulator hooked up to a radio module. The radio is passed through a low pass filter and then into a vca.

Gates A1 and A2 are being used to switch channels on the radio. X axis on joystick A is being used to sweep the low pass filter and a third gate on B1 is being used to fully open the otherwise closed vca. This allows me to manually filter the radio output and gate it in time with the track.

The bulk of the track was already put together for this in the daw and all i needed to do was add the actual module demo section. I let the section of track where the modules are being animated and used run in a loop and just jammed the radio set up with a daw track recording until i got lucky and had what i considered to be a decent pass. It turned out pretty good.

Undoubtably a useful module for anyone after a good manual control section. Having one in my power electronix suitcase i can say from experience that it really does make already abstract and obscure modules shine.

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the vid and enjoy using the module if you choose to pick one up."

X1L3 - MANIPULATOR - harsh noise and power electronics

"A Tetsuo the iron man level bit of action in a half hour powerelectronix jam using manipulator as the core control element in my noise suitcase with some nonsense shoe horned into the vid.

Not for everyone, but it is what it is."

New England Digital - Synclaver 3200 (32-voice polyphonic sampler)

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings,
also on eBay

"Here we have a fully functional NED Synclavier 3200 Sampler Sequencer. It is fully functional and includes the Apple iMac withe the Termulator software to run the machine. It is controlled via MIDI input and the Termulator GUI. This system has no VPK though I can tell you where to find one.

It has 32-Voices, 8-Multichannel Outputs, 28MB RAM, 9 GIG SAMPLE Drive (full of sounds), DDV non-panning voices, 100khz sampling, D70 Time Compression / Expansion card and 5.25" floppy for to boot from. Also, has a large road case so I can feasibly be shipped."

Benjolin V2 - Deep Dive !

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"My favorite electronic instrument has gotten a major update by the designer himself, Rob Hordjik! After Later Audio were kind enough to send me one to check out. This was a blast to make, they truly made a great thing even better!

Video shot, produced and edited by Quincas Moreira and Edgar Lopez.

My Website:
Join my Patreon!

And stay Noisy :)"

Next Generation Eurorack Bursts! // AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelopes

video upload by DivKidVideo

"Here we have the new Multi Burst Envelopes Eurorack module from AJH Synth. It takes a classic burst functions and elevates that up a level by bursting envelopes (rather than just triggers) and also allowing you to slope in or out the bursts. This would take a VCA with an envelope to make a traditional burst rise or fall over it’s burst period, so a handy and musical addition for this module. There’s CV control over all parameters and options to merge internal and external clocks for polyrhythms as well as step through the burst stages with any gate or trigger pattern you’d like to throw at it."


00:00 Hello & patch previews
01:06 What is the MBE
01:54 Panel and control run down
03:00 Setting up a burst & module behaviours

04:34 Pulse width under modulation - envelope time controls
06:51 Bouncing bassline slopes
08:06 Mixing sequenced rhythms with bursts
09:05 Synthesising percussion like an old drum machine with added groove & feel
10:13 Strumming virtual polyphonic strings
11:26 How to make loops, irregular rhythms and reset behaviour
13:33 Experiment clap rattles!
14:42 Bursts as melodic patterns & staircase waveforms
16:19 Pattern generator & probability fill maker
16:42 Driving external envelopes with the gate out
18:18 Double bursts with gated LFO CV
19:47 CV LFO Rates for bouncing generative ambience

Norand Morphos - Jam #2

video upload by Norand

"An electro jam using Mono and Morphos.
Mono is used for the drums, Morphos for the bass and plucks."

Norand Morphos Jams

The New Oberheim OB-X8 - Sneak Peak

We have some pics and the feature list for the new Oberheim OB-X, except it's not just an OB-X. It's essentially an OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 in one for $5k, and it's coming next month.

You can hear it here and here.

Specs / Feature list follows:

8-voice, pure-analog polyphony with sine, saw, square, triangle, and noise

Two discrete SEM/OB-X-lineage VCOs per voice deliver classic punchy Oberheim tone

Discrete SEM-lineage VCFs deliver authentic OB-X-style tone and presence

Genuine Curtis filters add bold OB-Xa/OB-8 character

Meticulously modeled envelope responses match each OB model: OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8

The 61-key FATAR velocity- and touch-sensitive keyboard allows unparalleled expression and responsiveness

Bi-timbral capability allows two presets simultaneously for splits and doubles

400-plus factory programs, including the full set of factory sounds for the OB-X, OB-SX, OB-Xa, and OB-8

Integral, fanless, heatsink-free power supply

Real walnut end cheeks

High-resolution OLED display enables patch management and easy access to advanced features

Classic Oberheim Pitch and Mod levers allow expressive note bending, vibrato, and access to arpeggiator functions

Additional SEM Filter modes add high-pass, band-pass, and notch functions to the classic OB-X filter

Vintage knob allows variable amounts of voice-to-voice variability to emulate the behavior of vintage instruments

Velocity sensitivity adds expressiveness to volume and filter

Channel Aftertouch adds real-time performance-based modulation

Enhanced unison allows variable voice stacking from 1-8 voices

Variable triangle wave cross-modulation

Over 600 user-programmable preset locations

Programmable per-voice pan allows wider stereo presence

Variable oscillator and noise levels

Ins & Outs
Stereo and Mono outputs
Volume, Sustain, and Filter inputs
Arpeggiator clock input
MIDI In, Out, Thru

MSRP: $5000
Release date: June

SoundsDivine 'Cosmic Funk Vol 1' & 2 u-he Hive Presets

video uploads by SoundsDivine111

Preview of the presets from the 'Cosmic Funk Vol.1 & Vol.2 soundsets for u-he Hive.

Vintage HEM Electronic Music Machine

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Google translated from the listing: "Estate : H.E.M. Electronic music machine 60s 70s for hobbyists and collectors approx. 60x48x16cm weight approx. 27 kg (what is that? Origin? Think what for musicians. Function? Plug and cable are missing. So what for collectors and hobbyists See pictures for condition!"

Not finding anything else about this machine out there. It appears to be a preset organ expander with rhythm mahcine. They also made a STRING-PHASING, chorus/vibrato effects pedal pictured further below. If you know anything about them feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


TERRA announcement (SOMA labs) video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"All sound in this video is TERRA without additional FX.
Just a slight master limiter was added."


TERRA is a new SOMA Labs synth that is currently in development.
TERRA is a highly conceptual device. The core idea is unity of nature and technology, and a perfect balance between simplicity and versatility. Behind the extremely simple interface hides a complex polyphonic, microtonal synthesizer with a broad and flexible sound palette that ranges from classical beautiful tones to complex atonal noise, and offers smooth and fast transitions between these extremes.

The innovative keyboard design invites new playing techniques and covers the full range of a grand piano with the possibility to tune each note with an accuracy of 125 steps per semitone. To achieve this range with such a simple keyboard we designed a unique system of pitch shifting using four additional sensors. Pressing different combinations of them will result in 16 variations of keyboard transposing, including up to 3 octaves up and down, fifth, fourth, third, tone etc.
Not only do you get the full range of a grand piano in a very compact design, TERRA also offers an entirely new and different approach to playing melodies and chords.


NEW! MULTI BURST ENVELOPES - An 8-shape envelope generator, with multiple time-controlled repeats video upload by AJH Synth Official

"An introduction and brief overview of the new MULTI BURST ENVELOPES from AJH Synth." Video by DreamsOfWires

The MiniMod Multi Burst Envelopes module generates variable length bursts of repeating envelopes that can change over time, with CV control of all functions.

The BURSTS control selects a 'Burst Sequence' of between 1 and 40 bursts. The envelope shape of a burst is chosen with the rotary switch, or it can be varied using an external CV, so that it is even possible to chose a different envelope shape for each individual burst in a sequence.

The width of the envelope (i.e. the attack and decay time) is varied with the P-WIDTH control and this can also be CV controlled as a sequence is progressing, so it is possible to vary the envelope speed of each individual envelope burst while a Burst Sequence is running.

The repeat time of individual bursts in a Burst Sequence is set with the LFO Rate control. The LFO rate can be varied with an external CV as a sequence is progressing, so the gap between envelopes can speed up or slow down over time. An external clock can also time the bursts in a burst sequence instead of, or in addition to the internal LFO. Bursts can also be manually incremented with the CLK push button.

The SLOPE control allows Bursts to start quietly and build in level to maximum, or they can start at full level and then reduce in level as the Burst Sequence progresses. In the centre position all Bursts are of equal level.

Full USER GUIDE video available 30 minutes after this video goes live.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for more 'Patch of The Week' videos, featuring 'how to' guides detailing a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, some with a short performance example, and each containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself."

立夏赏小羽 Summer Begins, Wingie Upgrades

video upload by Meng Qi

"Link to v1.1 firmware & manuals:

// Summer's greetings from Synthesis Minority (合成少数派)

Today is LiXia (立夏), the 7th solar term of the lunar caledar, marking the beginning of Summer.

It was also in a summer when Wingie's first prototype came out.

So I thought summer must be a season of rich sounds—cicadas singing, birds chirping, poets from the past chanting besides instruments.

I wonder if the poet a thousand years ago, when he wrote: 'The lotus wind delivers its fragrance, the bamboo drops make a clear sound", was in a summer more pleasant than where I'm. But Meng Haoran (孟浩然) must have been lonely, that's why when he "wanted to make music," he hesitated because ''there was no bosom friend who can resonate with him'.

Maybe he should have resort to something else? May it be a resonator?

Just kidding. But Wingie is a resonator. It resonates with all frequencies it receives (take it rationally or subjectively).

Anyway, we make it to come to a new summer. Also, the Wingie firmware is updated. I've added a couple new features.

Probably, I do have some expectations on people who got Wingie—No matter there's someone who can resonate with your feeling, just feel free to make music!

// New Features of Wingie2 v1.1

- Customizable Caves (setting via instrument interface & MIDI)
- 6 Caves
- Adjustable Pre / Post Clipper Gain (from clean to saturated to destroyed sound)
- Global Tuning
- Customizable MIDI Channels (setting via MIDI)
- Storable Settings"

5 things you can make with free Virt Vereor synth plugin + presets for VST, AU, and AAX

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're using our free synth plugin Virt Vereor to make scary soundscapes, whales, deep bass lines, car sounds from the present or future, and some saw waves for leads and atmospheres.

Visit the plugin page on our website, then select the "Presets" dropdown to download the 5 things in this video here:

Virt Vereor is part of our Freequel bundle, which includes Sinc Vereor and Ruina. It is available for Mac and PC, in VST3, AU, and AAX formats. To get all three of these free plugins, create an account on our Customer Portal, download the installer, and then run the installer here:

Virt Vereor is a powerful synthesizer based on a unique set of three synthesis algorithms. Virt Vereor makes a tremendous amount of unique sounds with an immediate and usable interface. Astute users will recognize these algorithms from Noise Engineering’s contribution to Arturia’s Microfreak V3 firmware and our upcoming Eurorack module."

Launchkey & Cubase 12 Integration // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"In this edition of Novation Live, we'll be covering the new Launchkey Mk3 controller integration with Steinberg Cubase 12, exploring workflow, features and more!

The new Cubase 12 gives your Launchkey MIDI controller powerful integration. Now, you can stay focused on your music with screen feedback, and quick access to essential controls that make working in Cubase with Launchkey more intuitive. Steinberg’s latest update to Cubase is a significant improvement from the previous HUI script, giving you high functionality using Launchkey with Cubase 12.

All Launchkey owners will receive a 10% discount on the full version of Cubase Pro 12, Cubase Artist 12, Cubase Elements 12 and the Competitive Crossgrade from other DAWs exclusively in Steinberg's online shop until May 20, 2022. The discount code will be accessible from the customer portal.

Launchkey [MK3] is our intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller for making tracks in Ableton Live, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Made for creators of all abilities, the Launchkey gives you inspirational tools to expand your musical vocabulary. Scale and Chord modes and a powerful arpeggiator push your musical creativity and help start new ideas. Custom Modes and a full-size MIDI output transform Launchkey [MK3] into a powerful centrepiece of any music-making setup. Launchkey [MK3] is made to create.

--- Discover Launchkey [MK3]:"

Live Set | Dub Techno | Minimal Techno | Ambient Techno

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"I put this set together for a good friend, Inky Da Cat - for her monthly show on the KDK DJS Channel!
They have loads of sweet DJ livestreams and good vibes:
Much Love to Inky, Kurt and Toast!!"

▼CONNECT with me / SUPPORT creativity and good content▼

Buchla 200e System Jam

video upload by Jeanie

Double Gating Fun

video upload by Todd Barton

"Using the new reissue modules from BuchlaUSA: 257, 258, 281, 292 & 207


Chained FM to Spectal Processor

video upload by Todd Barton

"Chaining or piggy-backing 6 oscillators into the next FM . . .

Elektron Syntakt : Techno

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Bugbrand Modular 2020

via this auction

"Bugbrand Modular Synth : in excellent condition approx 2 years old. Power supply included. cheers.

Powered Frame
Dual Pre
Dual Envelope
Scrotum Lab Orgone Accumulator 2
Compact Osc
Dual Filter
Dual Amplifier"

Sequential Circuits Pro One (Serviced) SN 6527

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Here we have Sequential's classic flagship monosynth! A dual oscillator beast with arpeggiator, the Curtis filter, sequencer, and a simple but powerful modulation matrix. The Pro One is well known for its sound and has been used by countless musicians since its release. This particular Pro One is in fantastic cosmetic condition and all functions are 100%.

-Fully serviced and restored: recapped, thoroughly cleaned inside and out. -Removed and cleaned buss bar and key contacts. -Calibrated entire synth and tested all functions -Cleaned keys. cleaned chassis"

E-MU Systems Emax II Rack (Model 2213) SN 069301154

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Tested in great working condition, the data slider jumps around in values just a bit, no worries as you can simply use the arrow up and down keys next to it for precision. Power on switch is missing the front cap but still functions as expected.

Includes OS disk 2.14 and an AC power cable."

Roland Jupiter 4

via this auction

Pictured with a Juno-6 and ARP Axxe.

"completely overhault and great sounding Roland Jupiter 4.
All capacitors have been replaced.
PSU rebuild, a new battery has been installed.
All faders, knobs and push buttons have been opened and mechanically cleaned.
The keyboard contacts have been cleaned.
The Jupiter was also tuned and calibrated.
You won't find another Jupiter 4 in this working condition!
The restoration took over 30 hours.
Visually, the synth has traces of use but is in good shape."

Pic of the inside below.

Roland JP-8000 & Juno-106 Coffee Mugs

JP-8000 via this auction

Juno-106 via this auction

"Our designs are printed in a full wrap all the way around the mug to a standard you will be truly satisfied with.

All our mugs are manufactured using fantastic high resolution artwork and advanced printing techniques which create stunning pieces merchandise. All of our items are dispatched in gift box and smash proof boxes so we can ensure your order arrives in pristine condition."

ROLAND TR-707 Rhythms From Scratch (4K)

video upload by Catalogue

"Catalogue Present:
Roland TR 707 Rhythms From Scratch

Some rhythmic pattern created from scratch, using the 707 sequencer.
Everything is recorded from the main stereo out, without any effects.
The 2 beats are programmed step by step using the internal clock.
Enjoy ;)"

Korg Kronos vs Korg Nautilus | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

0:00 Intro
0:10 Spacious Pad
1:01 Airy Fairy Pad
2:20 Big Pad
2:54 Feedback Lead
3:38 Awaken Sign Kn6
4:14 PolysixEX Square Lead
5:05 PWM Nag
5:35 Big Texture Strings
6:24 Saw Strings
7:06 E. Piano Dyno Chorus
8:49 Oasys Piano
10:36 Pods In The Pad



"A quick work out with the Envelope shaper"

The Syntakt Experience

video upload by MrDataline

"Download the 8-track EP + Sysex File of all the Patterns + Stem Recordings of All Tracks from Syntakt + Explanation Video. This is a HUGE download spawning over 4GB! or

Sysex Files gives you access to all the Patterns I used in this EP. You can dig deep and tweak them to your liking! There are 16 Patterns in total which you can upload to your very on Syntakt!

Stem Recordings will allow you to remix or make totally new songs with them. And it's a great source of Syntakt samples :) Each song has 14 tracks of Stem files = 12 Audio tracks + Analog FX track + Reverb & Delay Track.

The Explanation Video goes through how I composed & recorded these songs, my approach to performing and my general view on the Syntakt. The runtime of the video around 30 minutes."

Iridium Sounddesigner Talk - feat. Kurt Ader - KApro

video upload by WaldorfMusicChannel

"Rolf Wöhrmann from Waldorf speaks with sound designer Kurt Ader about his experiences and approaches with the Iridium synthesizer.

Discover the full soundset from KA pro.

Load free demo patches: Morpheus & My Blade Runner

0:00 Start
00:50 Introduction
3:02 Iridium Approach
05:34 Morpheus Patch
08:00 Wavestepper Patch
11:26 My Blade Runner Patch
15:32 Phrases Choir Patch
19:25 FM Super Bass Patch
22:47 Wurly Patch"

Teenage Engineering behind the scenes of TX–6 field mixer

video upload by teenage engineering

"a behind the scenes look at how TX–6 field mixer is made."

via Teenage Engineering

"To celebrate the release of TX–6, we thought we'd give you a look into the design and engineering process behind our portable mixer. here software developer and product owner marcus nilsson shares his experience working on TX–6 over the years. also, with the ability to travel again, we have some behind the scenes footage of our customized production process, filmed in our factory in malaysia.

hello marcus! can you tell us about what you do at teenage engineering?

i'm the main software developer and product owner of the TX–6 field mixer. i joined teenage engineering ten years ago when we were only seven people working in a garage. at the time we only had OP–1, and since then i've been involved in many of our products along the way.

so what's the story behind TX–6 and field?

the idea behind field system is to let you make music or perform when you feel like it and wherever you are without the need for a computer or other bulky gear. the TX–6 mixer is part of that system and we felt that this was a missing piece of equipment on the market. i know i've been looking for a product like this!

and on a personal note, when i was 12 years old i was given an electronics kit which just happened to be a mixer. i soldered and built it, using it to make mixtapes - so working on TX–6 feels like a childhood project coming full circle."

Read the full interview on Teenage Engineering's site here.

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