MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, June 19, 2022

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sequential OB6 Demos by riotbell

video uploads by riotbell

Sequential OB6 Fairy Fountain
Oberheim OB6 Notch Filter Exploration with ADG-1 and Mercury7
Oberheim OB6 Ambient with Arpeggiator and Mercury 7
Sequential OB6 and Meris Mercury 7 Improv
Sequential OB6 and Shallow Water: Dying Robot Sounds
Sequential OB6 Ambient with Shallow Water and ADG1

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 song

video upload by synthasaurus

"This is a song I did on a reel to reel tape deck back in 1999. I didn't develop it as much as I had wanted because I was in the middle of a move.

It's a rev 3 Prophet 5. A Moog Source was recently added in a couple of small appearances just because I no longer have the Prophet 5, and I wanted to fix a couple of flubs.

I'm dedicating this song to Dave Smith, RIP. A true pioneer in the synth world. Thanks Dave"

Portabella Noise Jam 2

video upload by verstaerker

"another sound Jam on the Portabella today. This time no sequencer used. The beast plays itself, i'm just tweaking some knobs ."

Moog Mavis vs. Mother 32

video upload by John Schussler

"Do you need both a Mother 32 and a Mavis? How do they complement or contrast one another? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm not going to go over all the features and specs, I'm just interested in how they sound. How much overlap is there?

Note that the LFO on Mother doesn't go nearly as far into audio rate as the Mavis does, and doesn't track as well, so I gave up on doing a "two oscillator mode" comparison. Didn't seem fair.

Sequence is just me banging keys on an Arturia Keystep 37.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Saw wave, VCA
02:26 Square wave
05:30 Envelope to VCF
09:28 Faster sequence
17:14 2nd VCO, folding"

String machine on Moog One - Tutorial

video upload by SMV Producer

"Sound Banks available at:

My personal approach to string machine on my Moog One.

Thank you

00:00 Intro
00:33 Oscillators settings
05:28 Filter settings
07:20 Some modulations
11:14 Effects
14:00 Final thoughts"

Dancer 🕺 (NDLR // Nymphes + Lofi + Bigsky // DB01 // TR6S // 0Coast + Timeline + Particle // SE02)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"Here is my latest track featuring the inspiring NDLR 4-track sequencer, trying to do something more uptempo this time (the NDLR really excels at doing ambient tracks, but can it be used for some more 'techno' tracks? 🤔 Hope we'll get an answer thanks to your comments 😉)

I used 4 analog tracks for this jam (Nymphes, DB01, 0Coast and SE02), sequenced by the Conductive Labs NDLR sequencer. The drums were sequenced and played by the Roland TR6S 'rhythm performer' (where I used mainly the Analog Circuit Behavior and FM engines). Recorded in one take.

* Hardware used *
- PADS: Dreadbox Nymphes + Zvex Instant LoFi Junky + Strymon Bigsky + Pill Pedal (triggered by the TR-6S)
- BASS: Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline
- MOTIF-1: Make Noise 0-Coast + Strymon Timeline (Delay) + Red Panda Particle 2 (Granular Delay)
- MOTIF-2: Roland SE-02
- DRUMS: Roland TR-6S
- Sequencer: Conductive Labs - NDLR (sequencing all 4 synths)"

Portabella Jam

video upload by verstaerker

"a jam with my PIN Electronics Portabella , some drums from the Nord Drum 3 - all sequenced with an Pioneer Toraiz Squid"

Future MBass V1

video upload by Igor Leus

"Link! -
We present you the absolute killer Bass package - Future MBass V1!
The sound bank that everyone waited for Spire.
You will get a very accurate and well designed Spire Bass presets in Brazilian, Slap House and Future House styles. The one important thing is that all the sounds what you hear in the demo is clearly goes from Spire without any sound goodizer's and other compressor's or different limiters. In your hands will be a very massive & most modern sounds for instantly using.
For a fatter sound, use the demo video as an example of how you can put these Bass's together to get a gun. In the package you will find 3 different type of Bass sounds for fast layering and producing modern music.
The soundset made by NatLife."

Sounds of Synth - Freedom // Novation Circuit Tracks.

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"Hey jammers

Here is a little jam for the HWJ Challenge. This week - FREEDOM.

Pretty much anything goes.

Alas I found myself with limited freedom this weekend but have managed a quick one box jam - something I don't normally do! But hey...anything goes right!? :)

Thanks to Phoenix Wang for the short animated film. You can find his You Tube channel here:


ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

video upload by thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances. A continuation of noiz during the persistence of The Plague and now war. This particular session is using four LepLoops.

#covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike #omicron #ukraine #war #standwithukraine"

Moog Mavis // Review and Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A review of the Moog Mavis, demoing all the main functions, how to build it and a walkthrough of the Patchbay as well as ghooking it up to Euriorack and the Mother32 DFAM and Subharmonicon"

Roland JX 8P

video upload by Studio Mofunic

"My first video of my Roland JX-8P together with the Roland TR-08.... Both 80s sounds. Couldn't be better, for me at least."

SPECTRAL REVERB | Qu-Bit Electronix - Aurora

video upload by DANIELE

"Aurora is an amazing spectral reverb by Qu-Bit Electronix!

From the manual: WTF Is FFT? The most common way to create a phase vocoder for audio applications is the Fast Fourier Transform(FFT). This algorithm gets its name from the French mathematician Joseph Fourier (1768-1830), who theorized that any complex sound could be recreated using a sum of individual sine waves. The FFT algorithm separates the time and pitch domain aspects of an input signal. Once in this form, we can change the pitch data without affecting time, and vice versa."

VERMONA Digital Rhythm Machine SN 4043

via this auction

"Brilliant original retro drum machine with many combinations of patterns. Sound like kits from the Linn, DMX era. Has separate volume for each sound so you get a good balance on drum tracks."

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

ULTRA-RARE 1979 MusicAid / Simmons SDS-IV Drum Synthesizer SN 4043

via this auction

"This is the incredibly rare MusicAid / Simmons SDS-IV, the 1979 predecessor to the famous Simmons SDS-V. In 1978 Dave Simmons, along with MusicAid, released their first product, the SDS-III, which was a 4-channel drum synth that was inspired by the 1976 Pollard Syndrum and Japan's 1978 answer to the Syndrum, the Ult-Sound DS-4. These were the first dedicated drum synths in history. In early 1979, MusicAid / Simmons released the 2-channel version as the SDS-IV. There are only an estimated 500 of these that were made by Dave Simmons by hand!

It functions fine, but with some slight differences between channel 1 and channel 2, so you might want to go through it to make it consistent between the channels. This unit runs on UK power (230V), so if you're in a different country you will need to use a transformer."

1973 Logan String Orchestra SN 10761

via this auction

You can find a demo of one previously posted here.

Korg 770 SN 770474

via this auction

"ALL the capacitors (about 70pcs) have been replaced with new ones, also all the switches, potentiometers and sliders are cleaned.

This works with 100V, a step down transformer (not included) is recommended for liability to use it in your country."

Dreadbox Erebus V3 limited edition semi modular analog synth w/ Original Box & Wrist Band

via this auction

"This is the retro 80s styled limited edition Erebus v3 semi analog modular synth."


video upload by Mindburner

"In this video I get my hands on a nice KORG KR55 drum machine
I love the sound of this machine. The kick and snare especially.

I install a clock sync socket and get the machine running with the MINDBURNER MIDI to DINSYNC unit.

I also swap the buzzy 110v Japanese transformer for a new 240v UK model


Thanks to these web sites:

SN 257584

Electronic Music Open Mic - Leeds 17th June 2022 - James Glew & GEOSynths

video upload by GEOSynths

"I performed and filmed at the Electronic Music Open Mic in Leeds, where there were a variety of Artists throughout the evening. The Leeds events are organised by Joe Kemp with the venue being the Fox & Newt Pub.

It was a great night, where I got to perform and to listen to some really great Acts who used Synths, Computers, iPads and even a bit of Circuit Bent Gadgets!

Artist Performing - James Glew

Web -
Bandcamp -"

Electronic Music Open Mic - Leeds 17th June 2022 - GEOSynths

video upload by GEOSynths

"I performed and filmed at the Electronic Music Open Mic in Leeds, where there were a variety of Artists throughout the evening. The Leeds events are organised by Joe Kemp with the venue being the Fox & Newt Pub.

It was a great night, where I got to perform and to listen to some really great Acts who used Synths, Computers, iPads and even a bit of Circuit Bent Gadgets!

Artist Performing - GEOSynths"

Bastl Pizza - Eurorack FM voice - A Recipe for Success

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"It's small, affordable, monophonic and super fun. No idea why it's called 'Pizza', but it starts with a sinewave and then shapes, folds and modulates it with the help of an octave oscillator that's always related to the main voice. This means it can stay musical while pushing it hard. It can sound beautiful, organic, mean and insane. Highly recommended as your first VCO (or second)."

super 6 / minimoog / ef-x2

video upload by studio snippets

Roland XV-5080/3080 Synthesizer Sound Demo Video

video upload by M. Schmied

"Some fantastic User-Patches from my Roland XV-5080 Synthesizer. No other FX...pure XV! The XV-5080 is one of my favorite Synthesizers....really great Machine with Soul!! The most Patches are playing with JV-1080/2080 too! Have fun!!"

Patch n Tweak
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