MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday, July 31, 2022

All sounds created from a Casiotone 701 Synthesizer

video upload by wake rise fall

"Created a small piece using only sounds from a #casiotone 701 Synthesizer"

Into the Groove Synth Cover by Rones.

video upload by Remco Rones

"played live without quantise on the Minimoog model D and Oberheim OB-X synthesizers. No samples."

Fang Synth updated⊠Pure Data powered accelerometer synthesizer

video upload by Akunull

"Fang Synth updated. New features:
Accelerometer can update for voiced synth on note on (default) or instantly
UI improvements
Sequencer and arp rate buttons slide to control
Can change formant filter glide length
Can change number of filter poles"

Arturia Origin Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Classic

via this auction

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab Synth/Seq SN ZQ12319

via this auction

Korg KingKORG Synth

via this auction

Yamaha CS-30 SN 1009 w/ Extras

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Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 3179

via this auction

"The unit is in excellent physical and cosmetic condition and has been in storage for 20+ years in the original Moog shipping carton. It was working perfectly when I boxed it up, but since it has been in storage so long it is now out of calibration and the oscillators will not autotune, so it does not produce sound as the Memorymoog automatically disables any oscillators that won't autotune. The unit does power up quite well and appears to have all the presets still in memory. All the buttons appear to work and the knobs appear to operate correctly."

Strakt - Diagnoses

New release from supporting member,

New electronic duo Strakt is a collaboration between -1 and Allinaire, two artists central to the modular synthesis resurgence in Sydney, Australia.

Their debut album Diagnoses grew organically from improvised modular synth performances and impromptu recordings, shaped with nearly a year of remote sessions and file transfers over the internet due to the pandemic.

Modular synths are notorious for producing almost too much music, making polished and cohesive modular-centric albums difficult to make and rare. Diagnoses is an exception. Every track began as a live modular synth exploration, then went through a complex progression of editing, arrangement, mixing and overdubbing, while always staying true to the original modular components.

The result is a musical journey through the landscape of modern modular synthesis, married to detailed, computer-based production. Allinaire's complex, circuit-bent beats and intriguing, filtered electrical sounds continually surprise the ears, while -1's subtle grooves and detailed arrangements draw the listener ever onward as the album progresses. Sounds evolve, travel and morph, always moving forward, always engaging.

The final, elegant touches to the album are courtesy of Taylor Deupree of 12K, a leading light in ambient music, and a talented mastering engineer.

The duo is already working on a direct-to-tape-live-in-one-take companion album to Diagnoses, while planning a small regional tour and a future vinyl release.

Fairlight in Despicable Me 3

video upload by Bart Simpsonfan 3000

This one was spotted and sent in Phil Winn.

"You can see the fairlight page r in this scene on the display in the background, i.e. at around 1:44."

Horror Music Generator | Self-generative eurorack modular patch (Tágh, Harmonaig, Arbhar, Líon)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Made this self-generative patch that makes dark ambient and horror and eerie atmospheres.

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

E-RM Multiclock: Why you definitely need it! (for your studio)

video upload by Wine&Synths

See it featured in this previous Wine&Synths post.

00:00 - Start
01:35 - USB-Midi is bad!
03:54 - About E-RM
04:45 - Reason 1: Easy to use!
05:46 - Sync Source Settings
07:04 - Machine Mode Settings
07:38 - Channel Setup
07:58 - Reason 2: Why it's so smart?
09:38 - Reason 3: Fix Latency Issues
10:25 - Reason 4: Stubborn MIDI gear
10:55 - Reason 5: DIN Sync
11:17 - Reason 6: Even syncs old problem gear!
11:56 - Reason 7: Makes your beats tighter!
12:12 - Reason 8: 4 Extra MIDI Ports
13:10 - Reason 9: Analog LFO & Midi Controller
13:34 - Reason 10: Built Quality
15:08 - Pricepoint
16:19 - Demo Track

"Here are 10 good reasons why you definitely need the E-RM Multiclock for your studio. Is this really the holy grail of MIDI-Sync, as so many people claim? I tested it in deep for you in this video!"

Original "Bitte 8 Bit" Merch:

JAM with JX-3P, MFB Dominion 1 and Isla S2400

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Roland JX-3P Sequencing with MFB Dominion1 & Isla S2400
The full video showing the recording setup, programming and more you can find here:

Audient ASP880 | 8 channel preamp capturing some synths and a drum machine

"Gear used in this demo: Audient ASP880, Roland JX-3P, MFB Dominion 1 and the Isla S2400.
When recording the separate outputs of my drum machines I find the Audient preamps to be crisp, transparent and very usable.

With the ASP880 you have 8-channels, insert/return points at the back, ADAT out and lots of gain. Very uncomplicated to setup and integrate into your setup. It just works and sounds great."

More Roland System 100 from Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

"Planning out some complimentary modules fro the Roland System 100. I want to have a small set of sequencing, mixing, CV processing and delay and reverb options. More info to come..."

Performance of The Week: 'Vangelis'-inspired Melodic Eurorack Jam w/ Arturia Keystep Pro

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A melodic modular synth performance loosely inspired by the late composer Vangelis, who sadly passed away this year (2022), particularly his unforgettable music for the 1983 movie 'Blade Runner'. This is a kind of homage to someone whose work has doubtlessly coloured the music of many musicians who came after him. The instrument used consists of a range of AJH Synth modules to create rudimentary analog percussion, choir' like pad, choppy monophonic pattern, and Blade Runner-is lead sounds, all of which are entirely analogue.

Modules used:
Percussion - Entropic Doom, Multi Burst Envelopes, Discrete Cascaded VCA
Choir Pad - Glide + Noise (a little glide added), Precision Voltages (for choosing note intervals whilst composing) Vintage Transistor Core VCO (x2, sawtooths), Wave Swarm, Fixed Filter Bank 914, Lunar Module (as noise source), Next Phase, Dual LFO + VCA (for panning FFB), Muting Mixer & VCA
Sequence - Vintage Transistor Core VCO (x1), Ring SM (adding 1 sub-octave, Sonic XV filter, Dual RVG (modulating filter), Contour Generators, Discrete Cascaded VCA
Lead - Full MiniMod voice (Glide/VCO x3/Ladder Filter/Contours/VCA), Dual LFO + VCA (pitch vibrato), DH-ADSR (providing envelope for vibrato level)
Sequencer used is the Arturia Keystep Pro"

Nord Modular Doormat - Floor Mat

via this auction

"Nord Synth Model hand-painted doormat by Music Mobilia.
100% Recycable PVC, Washable, resistant, flame-retardant and non-slip.

Size: 22" x 12" in"

Moog The Source Mono Analog Synthesizer SN 4193

via this auction - Update: link fixed

"Good working order, factory patch reset completed and new battery installed. Ready for your studio."

Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer SN 0191

via this auction

Oberheim OB-XA SN 812619

via this auction

"This particular unit has recently been calibrated and serviced by Pro Audio in Tampa Florida and is in almost pristine condition. All voices, filters, envelope and amp generators, as well as every other component, function as expected. The keyboard is quiet and all notes work. There are two scratches on the entire synth."

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 353887

via this auction

"Born in October 1983, this vintage Roland Jupiter 6 is in excellent condition. The synth was recently serviced and this baby purs. As per the repair company, the following was done -

Replaced bad tune pot, filter caps, battery and CEM3360, reloaded factory sounds, calibrated cleaned and tested.

I personally have never heard this synth sounding better. The repair company was able to get in touch with one of the original designers of a components for this synth to track down a replacement all the way from Italy. This thing is the real deal!

All functions (keys, VCO, outputs, etc) work perfectly and YES! This Jupiter 6 stays in tune! Questions? Feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to set up a facetime / zoom call to show off the synth. I can also connect any curious minds to the technicians who worked on this bad boy."

Metasonix D 2000 Vacuum-Tube Drum Machine

via this auction

Acidlab Bassline Analog Synth 1st Generation

via this auction

07 29 22 Serge WAD & resEQ

video uploads by batchas

"This WAD in this video is an orignal but with MN3207 installed instead of SAD1024.
No external effect added."

Cosmotronic Modules Demo

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Modular #synthesizer #jam + Moog #matriarch odd key #experiment #triggers

video upload by Endless Arp's



BEAMS is a WAVE TABLE SYNTHER SIZER equipped with a distance sensor. You can create various sound effects to drone sounds, and you can control the tone by holding your hand in the air. Equipped with one WAVE TABLE OSC and 4POLE FILTER, they can be modulated by the built-in LFO. The LFO has four modes. You can output sine, saw, square, and S & H random waveforms, which can be controlled with a single knob. It also has a controller mode that allows you to use the output of the distance sensor to control other synthesizers.

BEAMSは距離センサを搭載した、WAVE TABLE SYNTHERSIZERです。様々な効果音から、ドローン・サウンドまで作成することができ、空中に手をかざすことで、その音色をコントロールする事ができます。 1つのWAVE TABLE OSCと、4POLEのFILTERを装備しており、それらを内蔵のLFOで変調できます。LFOは4種類のモードを持っています。サイン、ノコギリ、スクエア、S&Hされたランダムな波形を出力でき、これらを1つのノブでコントロールすることができます。また、コントローラ・モードを備えており、距離センサの出力をほかのシンセサイザーのコントロールに使用する事もできます。

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