MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sequential Prophet 10 + Eventide Space

video upload by Nemanja Živić

"Exploring mild side of the analogue beast with Eventide Space - taste of the black hole and lots of gravity."

ARP Odyssey 2813 SN 0726

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings

"This one is in very excellent cosmetic condition (one of the cleanest available here) and working 100%. It has just been professionally serviced and with a lot of restoration. It has new, high precision LED sliders and quality of these are the best available. This model has factory cv/gate inputs so it can be controlled with a midi to cv converter. It will be properly packaged when sold and will arrive in the condition as stated."

UDO Super 6 Patch Editor by Sunny Synths

via Sunny Synths

"The objective of this editor and librarian is to support you in your workflow when using the Super 6 synth.

It will bring you the visibility of the saved and actual values of parameters, including all modulations and a direct access to the parameters, including the “Shift” ones.
Each program can have additional information as author, description, category and usage documented. This can be saved and recalled automatically later on.

It provides a Bank manager that allows you to arrange your programs in different banks of 128 programs and to organize them as you want without requiring you to care about slot names, etc… Move, Copy, Swap operations are provided and it is also possible to visualize and copy DDS1/LFO1 waveforms from one program to another.

Finally, a Wave manager allows you to visualize all the Super 6 waveforms present in the synth but also on your computer allowing you to perform copy operations between your computer, the DDS1, LFO1 or any waveform slot.
It is also reading some wav files and provides the ability to convert them to the .ws6 file format.

Important remark:
Due to status of the Super 6 firmware and its Midi implementation (v0.52) the editor will not fully work as it would in an ideal world.
For example, there is no direct access via sysex messages to the Edit buffer which is preventing some direct audible feedback when changing waveforms. To solve this, the A1-P1 program is used as “buffer” for some operations. Another example is that there is no direct access to the individual modulation slots through CC/NRPN messages which is preventing automation of several modulation amounts at once.
At this stage there is also no Save program function from the panel due to the lack of documentation and detailed information on the individual parameters way of working towards the patch file but this is worked on and is the top priority for the next version.

Electronic Dreams

video upload by George Benton

"So I've been moving away from focusing on video, and more on the music since I got rid of my drone. But, it's YouTube so video is sort of needed.

This music grew out of a sequence on the modular. I'm beginning as of late to add more digital sounds from the computer and Korg to the modular.

If you like this please give it a thumbs up. It was a happy accident of sorts and went in a totally different direction than first thought."

Moog Modular Original 1972 Model 12

via this auction

"Completely restored Moog model 12 from 1972.

Every module have been thoroughly checked and serviced.
The power supply has been entirely rebuilt to has a stable voltage rails.
All the input output jacks have been cleaned so that the connections are not noisy and smooth.
The potentiometers have been opened and cleaned.
Even all the screws have been polished.

We also made a modification on the Multiple Module, to have two independent inputs for controlling the 2 envelope generators modules with a normal gate signal.

The model 12 has the modules as follow :

- 907 fixed filter bank.
- 903-A noise generator
- 904-A Low pass filter
- 902 VCA
- 921 A Oscillator driver
- 2 x 921 B VCO
- 921 VCO
- 2x 911 envelope generator

+ Mixer, attenuator, Controlled output.

It comes with the original keyboard controller as well."

Oberheim OB-1

via this auction

"A very beautiful Oberheim OB1, early version with the SEM design. The OB-1 is basically an SEM module with a keyboard and a programmable section that allows to save you 8 presets."

Yamaha FVX-1 Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 SN 2106

via this auction

"This is a vintage prophet 5, Rev. 3.2, that I have owned since summer of 2000. (Yes, over 22 years!)

I have had this synth serviced three times over the years: twice by the folks at Wine Country Sequential (2000, 2008) and most recently by East Side Music in Nashville, TN (2022). Over the years various items have been replaced, cleaned, calibrated, etc. The synth powers right up and sounds strong. It has all the original patches, unmodified.

1. Two of the keyboard's keys do NOT trigger sounds - they are marked with small post-it notes. (see photos) You might be able to fix these two keys, but it is beyond my capabilities to do so. I believe the j-wires for those two keys need to be replaced.

2. Everything else on the board should work fine. But as this is a vintage synth - it is going to be quirky - no guarantee is offered.

3. It comes with a hard-shell, anvil-style case (not an official Anvil case, but a nice copy)

4. It comes with user and service manuals

5. If you "buy it now" I will throw in the Prophet 5 remote (search my other auctions and you will find it) for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

6. Shipping is free to the USA."

Sequential Prophet 5 Analog Synthesizer Vintage Model 1000 Serial no 5599

via this auction

For Parts Restoration.
Serial #1000-5599
Stored for several years. Does power on. Lights up. No sound."

Oberheim OB-X8 - Some more Custom Patches

video upload by GEOSynths

"So, I've been exploring the OB-X8 a little more, testing out the Modulation and Arp, just making a few different Patches as well as the odd known Sound. There are 9 in this demo, first Dry and then with Chorus/Delay.

00:00 - 18. Vox Humana GEO
02:18 - 19. Symmetry GEO
04:13 - 20. In Time GEO
05:35 - 21. Wetlands GEO
06:47 - 22. Pitch Poly GEO
08:04 - 23. Wall Flower GEO
10:01 - 24. Exomoon GEO
12:01 - 25. Lifeline GEO
13:05 - 26. My Queen GEO"

Prophet 6, STARLIGHT AWAKE, Brassed Up, preset 000 Analog synth

video upload by Bob I. Gomez

"My Upload for August 2022, an original tune named STARLIGHT AWAKE, performed on the Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer. I use preset 000 Brassed Up, set 2 octaves higher."

PMF ER-808 Drums Times Two

video upload by Randy Piscione

"Two PM Foundations ER-808 drum modules (Roland TR-808 tribute), one doing drums and the other percussion. Recorded to a Zoom H1N (mixer is still toast), video used a GoPro and gimbal, not so sure that worked out. Go here for the stuff:
Details below.

Master Clock – Pamela’s Workout (original)
Sequencer 1 – PM Foundations Super Synthola (prototype)
Sequencer 2 – Analogue Solutions Oberkorn (Eurokorn)
Clock Divider – PM Foundations C DIV
Drums 1 – PM Foundations ER-808
Drums 2 – PM Foundations ER-808
Pad 1 – PM Foundations reSEMble
Pad 2 – PM Foundations reSEMble
Submixer – Bastl ABC
VCOs – PM Foundations 8080 SEM Tribute
VCFs – PM Foundations 3080 SEM Tribute
Folder – PM Foundations RingFolder
EGs – PM Foundations – ADSR-D Sem Tribute
LFOs – PM Foundations MOD+
Mixers – Barton Musical Circuits Stereo Outs
Lead - Kilpatrick Phenol"

Nambu - AUv3 Plugin Synth by iceWorks

NAMBU FM Synthesizer by iceWorks - Let’s Explore - Demo for the iPa video upload by

"You can get Nambu here at the App Store

Nambu - FM Synthesizer plugin by iceGear (Demo with Drambo, Fac Drumkit)

video upload by e y l v y

"Brand new FM synthesizer, with a discount price until the end of August!

NAMBU is a 6-operator FM synthesizer that supports AUv3 plug-ins. It's a semi-modular FM synthesizer that incorporates modern ideas, not designed to recreate the sound and workflow of a vintage FM synthesizer.

- 6x Operators
- 11x LFOs
- 11x Envelopes
- 2x Step sequencer
- Chorus
- Delay
- Reverb"

Dr. Wily's Castle/Fortress - Mega Man 2 [NES] Performed by Synthesizers

video upload by Sureleyyy

"This song slaps.

I used all 5 synth channel in the Electribe to sequence this track. I connected the Reface DX to the Electribe via MIDI.

Korg Electribe MX
Yamaha Reface DX"

Mellotron M4000D - Card 05

video upload by John L Rice

"These are the sounds available on the Mellotron M4000D expansion card number 5, which will work in the original full sized M4000D, the Mini M4000D, and the M4000D Rack. (expansion cards are not compatible with the Mellotron Micro). I made this video so people that are interested in purchasing the card can get a general idea of what's on it.

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Strings
6:05 Vocals
7:25 Acoustic And Synthesized Winds
18:05 Synth Sounds
22:15 Organs
27:19 Pianos
28:27 Marimba
28:47 Mandolin
29:10 Synth Bass
29:30 Acoustic Bass
29:55 Accordions
30:27 Accompaniments
34:51 Drum Parts
36:25 More Accompaniments
46:46 End

The Mellotron company has a SoundCloud account and they have a lot of nice examples of the sounds on their available expansion cards, check it out!

On this card there are individual sounds that can be played 'normally' (solos and chords as on a piano or organ etc) and many are looped so they will play indefinitely instead of the normal 7 to 9 second maximum limit that the original Chamberlins and Mellotrons are known for. There are also sounds that are to be played one key at a time as they are accompaniments like chords, drum parts, or an entire band."

Mutable Instruments • BEADS Demo

video upload by Peter Grenader

"Messing around with Beads. It wasn't my intention to do a complete demo of the module in this video. I am demoing it's effect on the patch i've constructed on the system.

Key modules:

Flame 4 VOX
Plan B Model 9 Mixer
Doepfer A-125 Phase Shifter
Plan B Model 23 Analog Shift Register
Plan B Model 32 LFO
EAR Model 27 After Effects Processor"

Nanobox Lemondrop - "Equilibrium" 40 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

" presents 'Equilibrium' the bank for Nanobox Lemondrop.


We are continiune series of banks dedicated to synthesizers Nanobox by 1010music.

Nanobox Lemondrop is an incredible synthesizer with amazing features and sound.

In the bank you will find deep pads and soundscapes.

40 amazing presets are waiting for you and ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, create new music worlds with
Nanobox Lemondrop and 'Equilibrium'

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

ELECTRIC PIANO - Sampled vs Physical Modelling (RHODES & WURLI)

video upload by Woody Piano Shack


Demo and review of the dry sounds so you can hear for yourself the difference between physical modelling and a sample library."

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Behringer 2600 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer Limited Edition 2021 - Present Gray Meanie

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing.

The Sound of Moog – Chris Swansen -70’s - Rare Original Vintage Flexi disc

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Included in this auction is this Moog Flexi Disc = “You will hear the polished musicianship that results when a Skilled Performer and a Responsive Instrument get together. We call this record 'THE SOUND OF MOOG”

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Moog collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

This Moog Record has no writing, highlighting, underlining or any stamps in it.This Record is in very good condition, see the picture's for more detail."

Jomox Sunsyn - MK2 - Stunning Condition

via this auction

"This is the later MK2 Version, different colour setting, stable V2 of course."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth w/ Custom Knobs

via this auction

"Ensoniq Fizmo synthesizer in beautiful condition. It has the voltage regulator fix and the keybed has been replaced with a brand new Fatar. It was missing a knob so I replaced the knobs with a new set of sharp looking black ones, the original knobs (less one) are included. It also comes with a power supply and a custom cover.

Condition: Stunningly beautiful condition. The finish has a few minor scratches which are visible in the pictures."

1971 Vintage ARP Odyssey MK-I – 2800 w/ Mods

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Year of manufacture = 1971


The modification makes this vintage ARP Odyssey pretty much a modular synthesizer with most of the function’s patched out + a LFO free run switch.

This ARP Odyssey is fully operational with no defects.

This vintage Synthesizer can be connected to your midi interface via CV/Gate."

1978 Moog UK Synthesizer Catalog

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This Moog Catalog contains some of the best vintage synthesizers Moog ever made. This vintage Moog Catalog contains information and picture’s of the Moog Minimoog, Multimoog, Micromoog and Polymoog and much more.

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Moog collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

This catalog has no highlighting,underlining or any stamps in it . This catalog is in very good condition , see the picture's for more detail."

Roland Volume 3 Catalog

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This unique Roland Catalog contains the most iconic vintage Roland Synthesizers of the past. Like the System-700, System-100M, RE-201 and many more.

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Roland collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

This Roland Catalog has no writing, highlighting, underlining or any stamps in it. This Catalog is in very good condition, see the picture's for more detail."


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