MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Ping Bass - KORG MS-20 PatchTutorial

video upload by Synthesizer Reviews // Tips // Patch Tutorials

"Recreate the patch used in Venus Hum's cover version of 'I Feel Love' on your Kprg MS-20"

Erica Synths SYNTRX SN 18041196

via this auction

"Like new, with original box. Bought new Dec. 2021. Never left studio."

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video upload by Ebotronix

Access Virus TI 2 ~ Doepfer Ribbon Controller
FX: Eventide TimeFactor & Strymon Cloudburst
vid# 2230

SoundsDivine 'Cosmic Ripples' - Korg Opsix (Hardware & Software)

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Cosmic Ripples' soundset for the Korg Opsix synthesizer.
#korg #opsix #synthesizer

00:00 Intro
00:10 Wonderworld
00:38 Sonic Cascade 1
01:02 Mellow Metronomy
01:38 Akemie's Castle
02:18 Plucky Delays 1
02:36 Plucky Delays 2
02:56 Spectral Resonator 1
03:33 Deep Forest
04:14 Echoes In Time 2
04:50 DMT Rising
05:30 Crystal Bowl 1
05:52 Crystal Bowl 2
06:13 My Purity Plucks
06:36 New Age Wave 1
07:12 Harmonic Melodies 2
07:47 Spectrum Of Light
08:13 Sands Of Time
08:49 Sonic Cascade 2"

Norand Mono MK2 Feature Demos

video uploads by

Norand Mono MK2 - Pattern Morphing
Norand Mono MK 2 - Smooth automation
Norand Mono MK2 - Drive
Norand Mono MK2 - Expressivity
Norand Mono MK2 - Kick Drum
Norand Mono MK2 - Drum Break

New EMW Eurorack module T-SEQUENCER - Turing Machine + Quantizer

video upload by EMW Synthesizers

Ambika PolyPack Two - 100 more new patches for Mutable Instruments Ambika

"Available here

100 more fresh patches for the Ambika - 6 voice hybrid poly synth from Mutable Instruments.

Pads, Keys, Drones and more done in the usual BoB SwanS style!
I lean quite hard into the digital side of the synth in this set

My own Ambika is a 6xSVF build with the latest YAM firmware installed,
All the patches use the standard LPF so will be compatible with the majority of Ambika's out there, but you may need to install the YAM firmware to get use of the extra Oscillators included.

I programmed these patches in full 6 Voice poly mode and I have also included the MULTI file needed to configure your own Ambika to the same settings. No sequences or arpeggios are included but some patches do use the step sequencer for modulation.

Install instructions are included in the zip file

This is a 10 min demo of about 20 of the more expressive patches in the set. They are either played (very badly) or roughly sequenced in Ableton.
They all have the same reverb applied, Tegeler Raummaschine Reverb at 20% Wet



Tama Techstar TS306 on the drums / Pics of my Synths with some A.I. sprinkled on top /

video upload by HanzVolt

"Pics of a few of my most used synths run thru A.I. / Yamaha CS-30, Korg Monopoly, Analogue Solutions Impulse Command, Tasty Chips GR-1, Korg Arp 2600, Aelita"

The Pulsar 23

video upload by verstaerker

"a first test run with my new Soma Pulsar 23 .. additional sounds with OXI Coral and Novation Peak
Animation based on generative Art using Midjourney and"

The Alles mesh networking synthesizer - a field of sound at your control

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"In this video, I install the #opensource software version of the "Alles" networking synthesizer on a #raspberrypi and do some #pythonprogramming to create a network of #synthesizers playing a very specific, well-known song. A great project for public installations! Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:30 what is the Alles mesh synth?
01:35 hardware needed
01:48 installing & compiling
02:28 programming in Python
03:12 sampled sounds and oscillator basics
04:12 playing back your music
04:31 quick and dirty sequencing using arrays and timers (not the recommended way* )
05:04 using the virtual analog synth to play back a bassline
06:14 some very important things & shoutouts
06:54 programming the chord progression
07:58 adressing individual synths to play back sounds on a certain speaker
09:01 conclusion
09:41 bye-bye

Apologies for the partially distorted narration track in this video. I think the topic was too hot. ;-)

* the correct way of sequencing notes in "Alles" is to pass the exact time at which they should be played as a parameter.

Alles project page -
AMY project page -
Buy the PCB (Europe)
Buy the PCB (USA)


Short, Upbeat Modular Sketch No.1: | Eurorack + Moog Subsequent 37 CV |

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching! Wanted to make a short piece today, and challenged myself to also add some melody from the Moog Subsequent 37CV, which is rarely featured in my videos. Time to change that. I use it a lot in my production and sound design work, but since it is a CV version, I could, in theory, use it as part of my euro rack composition with the cv/gate outs. More music featuring the Moog is coming:) Thanks for watching!

#modular #eurorack #idm
Here are some links of mine:

Electra EP 501 Sinus Trouble Ross T Demo

video upload by Ross Totino

"Demo of Electra EP 501 Sampler and Delay demonstrating some of its features. Sampling and looping in real time."

Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal Sound Demo (no talking) with SH-01a and MEGAfm Synthesizer

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Trem Verb
1:11 Dystopian Pad (Spring)
2:56 Bass & Verb
3:38 Experimental Feedback Drone
6:11 Dub Spring
7:48 Broken Chimes
9:27 Crickets
11:14 Autumn Outro

TTMC Voltage Controlled Reverberation 990 CARD , Tokyo Delay , Card Adapter Duple

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Keen Association SmartCAB 8U Buchla Format Case with Studio H Wireless Preset Manager

via this auction

"The Keen Association Smart Cab 8U case with the Studio H Wireless Preset Manager. Comes with the lovely Keen padded case, power brick, and Studio H wireless preset manager installed with USB breakout panel installed as well. ( Modules in pics not included )

This case is very rare, 20 made and has a tone of extra features for your Buchla Format modules!"

Clavia Nord Modular Virtual Analog Synthesizer SN 99040900

via this auction, also on Reverb

Fully Upgraded Roland MKS-70 with Retroactiv MPG-70

via this auction

"The MKS-70 has every possible upgrade: Vecoven flash board with multiple banks of patch storage; professionally installed Vecoven PWM upgrade kit which puts this synth into Jupiter & CS-80 territory; Guy Wilkinson upgraded power supply which is WAY more efficient, stable, and runs much cooler; low noise cable routing mod; OLED display upgrade; and fresh battery. This already great synth is ready for the next 40 years, and runs circles around a stock unit! It's also loaded with dozens of stunning patch banks, including one that makes heavy use of the new PWM mod.

On top all that, the new version of Retroaktiv's MPG-70 programmer - the mk3 with optional patch storage upgrade. This is crucial because it gets around Roland's Patch/Tone storage limitations. And of course it gives you hands on control of every parameter AND it works as a universal MIDI controller for any synth or plugin!

All in, this whole bundle was over $4100 with parts & labor"

Yamaha CS-50 Synthesizer w/ 6-Voices & Aftertouch Mod

via this auction

pics of the inside below.

"I bought a CS-50 years ago and modified it with a couple of extra cards to be a 6-voice. It is serial number 1031 which is the earliest unit I know of. The rails were actually drilled for six voice cards from the factory; I expect they intended the CS-50 to be a 6-voice and later backed off to four voices. The two additional voice make it much more musically useful IMO.

The new voice cards are original CS cards that were plumbed into the SH and KAS boards with the required modifications on those boards to make it happen. The wire looms were made by hand using Yamaha wiring and all the correct color-codes (of course) which match the coding in the CS-60. It's a very professional job using wax-coated lacing for the harnesses.

The voice boards have been modified to include LEDs which illuminate when the card is activated for ease of maintenance. All circuit boards have been fully recapped. The power supply has been fully-reworked with a new power cord, all-new capacitors, rectifiers, opamps and all power transistors on both the circuit board and the heat sink.

It has also been modified to have Sustain pedal function like the CS-60 and CS-80. I did not add an On/Off switch on the panel as on the later units, rather all the switching is done internally when a Yamaha sustain pedal (or other NC pedal) is plugged into the added socket on the back panel.

It includes the lid, but there are no legs. The metal box that contains the power cord when it is stuffed up inside the synth is missing. There are some scratches on the left modulation panel and right power switch panel, but the main panel is in pretty good shape.

Another modification I did was to re-route the aftertouch volume Level paddle to instead control the LFO Speed. I find it much more expressive that way, but I can easily put this back to normal operation if a buyer would like to have that modification removed. The unit has been completely calibrated and is ready to go."

Oberheim Matrix-12 SN 706830 w/ Side Panel Output Expansion & Hard Case

via this auction

Cwejman S1 MK2

via this auction


JoMox AiR Base 99 SN 0450 - 1872

via this auction

"Amazing drum module that is fully controllable with midi CC."

26 - The Arturia MiniFreak- The Matrix

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the modular 'matrix' functionality found on the Arturia MiniBrute."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

AXON-1 & 2 Expanders - Basics

video upload by ALM TV

"The AXON-1 & 2 provide Pamela’s PRO Workout, SQUID SALMPLE, and MFX with four additional freely assignable CV inputs. The AXON-2 additionally provides manual offset controls with each CV input along with two performance buttons that can be mapped to various functions depending on the host module.

The AXONs function in a similar way with all three of the host modules with only one AXON supported per host at any time. Here we take a look at using both AXON-1 and 2 primarily connected to the Pamela's PRO Workout."

Harmonic Shift Oscillator as a double Percussive + Melodic Voice #ambient #darkambient #eurorack

video upload by New Systems Instruments

"July 4 sale ends today! Save 10% at w code NATIONSARELIES

Patch Notes: output is one of the HSO outs (the other is just going to the oscilloscope), through the VCA. The V/O input is driven by a keyboard going through one Inertia which is giving it just a bit of portamento. That Inertia also has pitch cv negatively modulating the rate so that it slews less on lower frequencies. The keyboard trigger output is going to some manual switches (ADDAC 304) so I can control which envelope to trigger. Two Inertias are acting as envelopes, one for the more percussive sound and one for the melodic sound. They’re joined in Babel via the ANY (maximum) out and sent to the VCA. The Inertia doing the percussive envelope also has the second order out going to the harmonic stride CV; the Inertia doing the melodic envelope has the second order going to the harmonic level cv. Last, pitch cv is going to the percussive inertia fall time, such that higher notes fall faster than lower notes."

Jouranalogue Introduces Bias 2

Joranalogue Audio Design BIAS 2 / quick but extensive playthrough / offset, mix, average, scale, ...

video upload by BRiES

"In this video about BIAS 2 by Joranalogue Audio Design I showcase how the module operates and how you can use it for precision mixing, dividing or averaging, offsetting, amplification, scaling, etc. I added 2 pratical use cases to demonstrate BIAS 2s usefulness."

"Voltage control is the basic tenant of modular synthesis: parameters may be modulated by changing control voltages (CVs), simply by plugging in a patch cable. However, during patching it's common to encounter incompatible voltage ranges, with signal outputs and inputs having different amplitudes and sensitivities.

An indispensable utility module, Bias 2 provides a compact yet precise solution to quickly interface signals between modules within a Eurorack modular system, without interrupting your creativity.

Comprising of two independent sections, each with dual inputs and dual outputs, its carefully selected combination of normalised reference voltages and amplification/attenuation factors makes it a breeze to convert between the most common signal ranges: –5 to +5 V, 0 to +5 V and 0 to +10 V.

Precision comes standard on Bias 2, with meticulously engineered analogue signal paths providing absolutely transparent performance for any Eurorack signal: CV, audio or gates/triggers.

Beyond the voltage conversion application, Bias 2 is a true all-rounder, capable of functioning as a pair of dual input unity gain mixers, –6 and +6 dB audio gain stages or a multi-output fixed voltage source."

Patch n Tweak
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