MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 6, 2023

Sunday, August 06, 2023

ESK - Analog Flanger Roland + Dynacord

video upload by Metunar

"Testing out two analog stereo flanger effects, the Roland SBF-325 and the Dynacord TAM 19.
To catch the peaks of high flanger feedback and some high boost level i used an ART PWM Limiter.
The Sequence is from an Elektron A4K."

Italo Disco Groove

video upload by Aleksei Laman

"Here I installed two Tube VCAs at master. For warm tube sound, like italian summer night."

Random Source Serge Dual GTO with Lyra-8 FX

video upload by Dimitrios Sismanis

"Testing out the new Dual GTO with a freshly modded Lyra-8 FX."

Mellow Minimal Techno - Afterparty Jam!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Recording Date: 08/06/2023
Tempo: 123bpm
Key: D sharp minor

This piece came about from the Hardware Jams Facebook Group's weekly challenge - which was to make a jam in the style of an Afterparty from last week's jam!

The vocals are sampled from Rick Rubin interview, and then I got 2 of my homies to duplicate the main vocal sample, 'You can feel this energy'. THANKS Gaz and Tony! Big Ups!

Great challenge, and it gave me the inspiration to MAKE SOMETHING!! Woot!"



Therevox with Blooper Looping Part deux

video upload by Rudetee

"All sound coming from the Therevox in the loopin Blooper from Chase Bliss"

How To Use Texture Lab Granular Synth For Experimental Noise

video upload by ChrisLody

"Full Disclosure: I occasionally take on freelance work at Sonicware on an hourly rate producing synth & sample sound design, beta testing, checking English text, video manuals etc. This video wasn't paid for directly but as a result of my work with Sonicware it is marked as Paid Promotion

For more information about the Texture Lab see this video: [posted here]

Here's how to use the Liven Texture Lab for extreme experimental noise. This is very similar to a 'no input mixer technique' feedback technique but in this case the feedback loop is affected by granular synthesis so the results are extremely wild! Like all feedback techniques the results can be extreme and incredibly difficult to control, great fun :)"

Product Specialist Kevin Maloney - Full Interview

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"In this video, I visit and talk with former New England Digital Synclavier Product Specialist Kevin Maloney while surrounded by his two Synclavier Digital Music Systems.

Together, we present a complete history of the Synclavier with a stories and examples of how we used it on some massive hit records and films.
First, we listen to a track on the the original blue vinyl record titled 'The Incredible Sounds of the Synclavier II Demonstration Record'
that was the original source sound for the intro to Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'.Kevin's talks about sitting next to Michael while working on the Bad" album.He'll show us a complete breakdown of the components that make up the "Smooth Criminal" bass sound and a recreation of the sampled drum part.Then you'll see, in real time, how Synclavier's unique sequencer can drastically and quickly manipulate (or even transform) the recreated "Smooth Criminal" track.Kevin tells us how he worked closely with producer Quincy Jones to create the intro to "We Are the World". Quincy wasn't satisfied with silver bells, so Kevin turned silver bells into gold bells. Quincy said, he wanted to “send out bells to call all the people of the world to come and hear this song”. We delve into the Synclavier's one-of-a-kind ability to analyze samples (recordings of instruments or sounds) in order to create a series of short frames that each consist of a static wavetable. By cross fading the frames the user is able to recreate the complexity of a sample with a synthesizer sound. This process is called Resynthesis. The user is now able to manipulate the synthesizer sound in many more ways than can ever be done with a sample. We then heavily distort some vocal sounds that were generated using Resynthesis to show the level of control that is possible. We take a look at some preset sampled sounds from the original Synclavier Orchestral library including the string sounds used by Mark Knopfler in Rob Reiner's "The Princess Bride". Anthony talks about how he created a flute sound generated from Resynthesis and later used it to perform practically every cue in the film "Stand by Me" which is another Rob Reiner hit. We take you through the evolution of the Synclavier that includes: The Synclavier I, the Synclavier II with it's original keyboard, the addition of the velocity and polyphonic keyboard, The expanded track sequencer, the addition of more buttons and secondary functions accessed by double clicking the buttons to send them into "blinking mode". BTW - These buttons were originally designed for the B-52 bomber.

We cover MIDI, SMPTE, polyphonic sampling voices and more memory (at a cost of $4500 per megabyte) that were available to add to your system.

We highlight the reason why the Synclavier cost so much and how New England Digital managed to integrate cutting edge 3rd party technology that all worked perfectly together in one unified music system. Finally we review the far more accessible versions of the Synclavier like the Synclavier V by Arturia, Synclavier Go! and Synclavier Pocket! and the most recent addition to the family - Synclavier Regen which actually has unlimited FM synthesis and sampler voices along with the long awaited... resonant Multimode FILTERS!!! The evolution of Synclavier is filled with a plethora of breath-taking features that were nowhere to be found on any other single instrument and it includes a discography of legendary proportion. It's also a history that's deeply personal to me because it ran parallel with my evolution as a composer, songwriter, arranger and programmer. The Synclavier is alive and well in 2023!

Anthony's musical touch as both composer and performer is connected with some of the most influential creative minds over the last 40 years. He’s composed and conducted original orchestral scores for over 80 feature films including Young Guns, Internal Affairs, The Man From Elysian Fields, 15 Minutes and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, been commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for his symphonic work "In the Family Way", written over one thousand TV commercials in a myriad of musical styles, co-founded Levels Audio Post (LA's premiere post production facility) and performed and arranged on big-box-office films and influential hit records such as Michael Jackson's Thriller.


201 Pacifica by twang69

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"Download this mode here:
Pocket Piano vibes? Yes! This very cool vibraphone mode comes to us from user twang69, who made a similar patch for Organelle. Play these smooth bell samples with some amplitude modulation. Record an arpeggiated sequence and play notes on top that also feed into the arpeggiator. This is just one styling of 201! Explore more modes and patterns on 201's Patch Storage, or make your own!
If you're an Organelle user, grab the original version here:"

Roland JX-3P sequencer | tips and tricks

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The JX-3P sequencer is a great little thing and it's fast and easy to get going. What I don't show in this video is it's also syncable through its 'Sequencer Trigger' input jack and you can feed it whatever pattern you want, from a drum machine or whatever and it will play along in time."

Blukač Instruments - Endless Processor - Sound Examples Ep. 4

video upload by Blukač Instruments

"Here we demonstrate new performance possibilities added in the new firmware (version 1.2).
By activating separate layer mode, you can move between sustained layers instead of stacking them.

Here electro-piano chords are sustained having a chord in each layer (in both channels). When moving in the separate layer mode both channels will switch to the layer, which creates a pseudo-stereo effect. Additionally, both channels are processed by a stereo delay with a touch of reverb to mix everything nicely.

Also as shown, when inserting a CV to the Layer input and setting fade in/out times to the minimum, you can achieve near audio-rate modulation or granular-like processing effects."

Beatrmatrix Arduino Based Step Sequencer

video upload by beatrmatrix

"This is an Arduino based 16 step sample sequencer, it uses usb serial to communicate with max4live. Currently you can use 8 different samples and you can have 3 patterns (I will increase these things). It's also possible to combine two patterns, that basically turns the device into a 32 step sequencer. Currently I'm working on a new feature, with that users will be able to launch Ableton clips with this device too."

via Tindie

"Introducing our Ableton-compatible step sequencer! This innovative device features a USB-C port, 19 hardware buttons, and the price the includes an Arduino Nano too (not the original Arduino). It communicates seamlessly with Max4Live via serial communication. What sets it apart is its versatility; if you're familiar with Max, you can easily modify the official patch and create new functions. Plus, the price includes the official patch I've designed for it.

Key Features:

Currently supports 8 different MIDI sounds, capable of triggering various drums or samples loaded into a drum rack. Create and switch between 3 distinct patterns effortlessly. Each pattern consists of 16 steps, and you can even link two patterns to achieve a 32-step sequencer. Adjustable tempo, allowing for halving the speed, ideal for using longer samples. Visual feedback provided by RGB (ws2812b) LEDs, indicating the positions of MIDI sounds and steps. Dedicated buttons for placing individual sounds or samples on each step. Compact at under 0.5cm tall, 12.8cm long, and 8cm wide, elevate your music production game with this Ableton step sequencer, offering flexibility, creativity, and a seamless Max4Live integration."

Beatrmatrix Tutorials

beatrmatrix tutorials #3 / how to use the beatrmatrix sequencer
beatrmatrix tutorials #2 / setting the midi notes in Ableton
beatrmatrix tutorials #1 / connection guide

MEGAfm song demo

video upload by Ross Totino

"MEGAfm song demo. Twisted Electrons MEGAfm synthesizer song recorded into Logic Pro in August 2023. Multitrack, overdub, a lot of denoise with RX iZotope per track."

“Finding the Right Words” (Triphase + Babel)

video upload by New Systems Instruments

"(Use headphones/good speakers or the hf might be too piercing.) Patch notes: another duophonic Triphase patch. Each mix out is going into Babel as the only input, taking the XSOME output, which means Babel is functioning as an octaver/saw-to-triangle shaper. These are going to the left and right inputs of the Quad Mid Side, then the L-R and X inputs are attenuated to narrow the mix (in stereo, X is just a second L-R). Output through some long reverb, pretty low in the mix. I’m using two channels of the Quad LFO plus two Phase Expanders to modulate the center of the two Babels and 2/3 phases of the Triphases. The Triphases are tuned to cancel the first two harmonics, so on top of Babel’s octaving that is being disturbed by LFOs to center, the pitch is much higher but there’s a whole bunch of sub harmonics that come out and blend with the higher frequency triangle waves.

Modules and more info at"

Entropical Paradise on the Buchla 100

video upload by zack dagoba

"This is a patch similar to the one published on page 141 of Allen Strange's 1972 book Electronic Music, under the heading Real-time Networks. It is a recreation of Douglas Leedy's Entropical Paradise patch from his 1969 album of the same name

This system is mostly original 1960s Buchla, and I have adapted the patch slightly to make use of the 191 Sharp Cutoff Filter, and to take out the 'birdsong' part of the patch which was originally done with pink noise / envelope follower modulation on the main VCO. I still used the VCO, but took out the modulation and put it through the Bandpass Filter instead"

MiniMod 6U Full System minimal 2-Voice performance - Melodic Eurorack Modular - AJH Synth

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Another 2-Voice melodic performance using the MiniMod 6U Full System, now available to purchase from, pre-installed in a powered case. This time a version of a very minimal track I previously released here (track 6):
This is a bit more simplistic than the previous video, but another example of what is possible using just single, modest-sized case, packed with an incredibly flexible, vintage-voiced, fully analogue, Eurorack modular synthesizer. Here the synth is configured as two operate voices - a 2 VCO drone synth generating 2-note chords, and a single VCO lead synth with external delay. It uses all the modules from the Minimoog-based part of the system, along with the Gemini 2412 SEM-based dual VCF, DH-ADSR envelope generator, and the indispensable Ring SM as a CP-3 mixer and sub-octave/sub-bass generator. Also used is the Erica Synths Black Sequencer.

The AJH SYNTH Eurorack range consists of high-end modules, all hand-made in the UK, most of which are based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreating the circuitry of much sought-after analogue instruments and technologies of the past, whilst greatly expanding them, and bringing them to modern Eurorack levels of convenience, limitless flexibility, and reliability.

Video by @DreamsOfWires"

Access Virus TI2 Polar 37-Key Digital Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Access Virus KC Keyboard SN 10200193

via this auction

1987 Ensoniq ESQ-M Digital Wave Synthesizer SN ESQ-11301-C

via this auction

"The unit has two issues:

1) Upon start up – the LED indicates the” Battery Volt Low” and after a few seconds that message disappears.
2) The data slider is jumpy make it difficult to scroll to exact location. For precise values you can use the Up Arrow/ Yes and Down Arrow/ No Buttons in its place."

Boss DM101 vs MoogerFooger MF104

video upload by Starsky Carr

"2 analog BBD effects pedals - the Boss Dm101 is the new kid on the block and the moogerfooger 104M was discontinued a few years ago but commands very high prices on the used market.

If you're not interested in the modular capabilities of the Moogerfooger and just looking for that tone - can the Dm-101 match it? The Boss in 'classic' mode is along the same lines, but it does have 11 other modes including 6 stereo delays... so there's a lot more choice from that perspective. The Boss also has 127 preset slots and can send MIDI as well as receive it.

So.... that's the info - what abut the sounds.....?"

Error Broodplank soundart installation

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Error breadboard the basic of development in electronics . Soundart installation to find a lot of random sweet spot more soon"

BASIL the Flexible Stereo Delay - Audio Examples

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Basil is our newest addition to Bastl modular family. With Basily you can do everything from clean delays to not-so-clean delays and sound design and as a bonus anything time-based!

Basil is available now worldwide!"

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Ambient | Korg wavestate Native, Make Noise Strega & Ableton Air

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Mixer: Ableton Live (Skin:
Sequencer : Ableton M4L Air (


video upload by Perplex On

"Playdate is meeting some new friends, here the PO32 Tonic which brings in some glitchy drums. All pads are coming from the Playdate, running Granular app (link below), spiced up with a pinch of Reverb (Phonolyth Velvet Machine)
This and more cool Playdate apps by the dev:"

Jupiter 4 Aug 2023 - compensation of field rotation of alt-azimuth mounts - Winjupos.

video upload by Luc Debeck

"De original video of Jupiter has been processed in Winjupos. It's and advanced option to compensate the field rotation of alt-azimuth mounts.
I used a 14 Inch Skyliner goto dobson telescope @, F14, ZWO ASI 585mc and ADC corrector. The video was taken at 01u11 UT and altitude of Jupiter 26° and it shows the stability and compensation of field rotation.
Made from Goetsenhoven, Belgium.
Music made by me - 'song of the whales'"

OPZ on the porch - calm summer ambient

video upload by Johan Wave

"I did a generative ambient sketch with stock pling plong sounds from OP-Z, and added my voice in the background. MPE drone sounds are played live in the video, using OP-Z as a midi controller. I hope this relaxes you."

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