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Monday, November 13, 2023

Roland D-50 - "Linear Legacy" Soundset (BIG DEMO)

video upload by LFOstore

"Also Working: Boutique D-05,D-550,Roland Cloud Vst Version!


Welcome to the "Linear Legacy" series of soundsets!

We are finishing the series with Roland D-50 synthesizer.

Roland D-50 - an iconic machine & hidden treasure for sountracks & ambient soundscapes.

Countless amount of tracks were made for albums, cinema, advertisment with this legendary synthesizer.

'Linear Legacy' soundset contains 64 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound production including:

Massive strings
Evolving cosmic pads & drones
Beautiful sharp plucks & poly
Big Basses
Cinematic brasses
Iconic Synth Emulations

All the sounds are handmade & reacting on velocity & modulation wheel & aftertouch

Instructions of HOW TO are included.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation


Synth Stacks - Seeing Double

A couple of pics in via supporting member, Soundray.

Seeing double applies more to the bottom pic.

Emu Proteus 2500
Emu Audity 2000
Emu Proteus/2 XR Orchestral
Emu Proteus/2 XR
Emu Proteus 2000
Emu Ultra Proteus
Emu Vintage Keys
Emu Proteus FX
Emu Orbit The Dance Planet 9090
Emu Carnaval Lugando Con Fuego
Emu Planet Phatt
Emu Xtreme Lead-1
Emu Orbit-3
Emu Virtuoso 2000
Emu B-3

Novation Supernova II x 2
Korg O3R/W
Korg M3R
Korg O1R/W x 2
Korg M1R
Korg Wavestation A/D x 2
Roland JV-2080
Roland JV-2080 Expanded
Roland Super JD x 2
Roland Super JV x 2

Roland JD-800 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"• Power supply is fully recapped, all capacitors on the power supply are replaced by high-quality ones.

• All 42 rubber-domed tactile switches are replaced by high-quality switches to insure longevity

• The intermittent WG KEY FOLLOW, CUTOFF FREQ, RESO, TVA BIAS POINT, and VALUE sliders are replaced

• All 6 arrow tactile switches are replaced

• R33–R36 (220Ω surface-mount) are replaced with through-hole equivalents to provide stable stereo and direct output.

• Some open surface-mount resistors are replaced

• All ¼” and DIN connectors are re-soldered

• All ¼” jacks and sliders are cleaned

• A fresh battery is installed"

Roland System 100 Model 102 Expander Owners Manual

via this auction


via this auction

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging - Christmas Music on Synthesizers. Roland Juno-60, Roland D-50, Moog

video upload by Elmar Mihm

"No external FX or EQ.
All Sounds from Roland Juno-60, Roland D-50, Moog Sub37.
Hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas!" --- First Christmas post of the season.

Echo Fix EF-X3 Chorus Echo Tape Delay Sound Demo (no talking) with MEGAfm and SH-01a synthesizers

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 MEGAfm // Dub Chords 1 (slowly adding the other tape heads to the mix)
3:20 Percussive FM Plucks (Reverb and short delays)
4:20 Dub Chords 2
6:41 SH-01a // BOC Pad
8:30 Analog Bass (Chorus)
9:20 Preamp Overdrive
10:16 Lullaby Lead
14:08 Some Chords (Tape Stop)

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Roland Boutique Series TR-08 Analog Modeling Drum Machine w/ Original Box

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing.

"Fully functional, with original box, hardly used, great sounding clone of the mighty TR-808!"

House 90 🎹 (Hapax sequencer // JD08 // 0Coast + Apocalypse + H9 // Nymphes + Julianna + Pill // S1)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"The Squarp Hapax is probably one of the most powerful hardware sequencer I've used 🤩 In this video it's at the heart of the setup, sequencing the Roland JD-08 (synth & piano chords), the Make Noise 0-Coast (tonal kick) and the Dreadbox Nymphes (pulsing bass). The Roland S-1 is being played in real-time on the bridge part.

I used a lot of features of the Hapax in this video:
- The Euclid and Swing midi effects for the synth and piano chords
- The conditional trigs to add fills etc., chance (probability for some notes to play or not) and roll
- CC automation, used to modulate the cutoff, noise oscillator on the bassline played by the Nymphes
- CV modulation on the 0-Coast (you can see the signals being sent by the red/green connectors at the back of the Hapax)
- The transpose within scale feature, where with one track (track 16), you can transpose in real time - or record the transpositions (I used both here) - all the patterns playing on the other tracks.

* Hardware used *

- Roland JD-08 (digital 128-voice, bi-timbral synth)

- Make Noise 0-Coast + Death by Audio Apocalypse (fuzz pedal) + Eventide H9 Max (bandpass delay)

// BASS:
- Dreadbox Nymphes (6-voice analog synth) + Walrus Audio Julianna (analog chorus/vibrato) + Pill (analog ducking pedal)

// LEAD:
- Roland S-1 (4-voice digital synth, inspired by the famous mono synth SH-101)

- Squarp Hapax (dual-project sequencer, 16 tracks per project, 8 patterns per track, 8 effects per track, algorithmic tools, MIDI, CV, etc.)"

Friday, November 10, 2023

E-licktronic Modular System 100m M-118A

building process video upload by e-licktronic

"Here is a short video that show you the assembly process of the M-118a, first drum module of the system 100M serie. -All informations about the M-118a:

"M-118a is a part of our M-100 Series modules fully compatible with the Roland System 100M series rack. M-118a is a full analog drums modules combined with a dedicated sequencer. Drums are analog bassdrum and analog snaredrum inspired by the famous Roland TR-808 Drum computer combined with a two tracks trig sequencer inspired by the unique Mutable instrument GRIDS sequencer. Many thanks to Emilie GILLET, creator of Mutable instruments, to let me use and customize his sequencer.

M-118a is sold as a partial kit or preassembled kit"

The End of Lofi (Bad Gear - SP-404 MK2)

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland SP-404 MK2. Is this creative sampler, successor to the Boss SP-303 used by famous artists like J Dilla and Madlib and competitor to modern groovebox es like the Elektron Digitakt or Akai MPC ONE the end of lofi?"

00:00 Intro tune
01:01 Overview Roland SP-404 MKII
01:14 Classic Boss SP Workflow
01:46 Sequencer, TR Mode
02:15 Resampling
02:28 Additional Features
02:51 Display, Waveform Editing, More Features
03:15 Skip Back
03:22 Sequencer Features, DJ Mode
03:33 FX Section, Vinyl Effect
03:53 More FX, Input FX
04:20 Specs, SD Card, Limitations
05:03 What Else??? (Pricing, Custom Skins)
05:13 Hate
05:35 Jam 1 (Lofi House)
06:32 Jam 2 (Lofi RnB)
07:31 Finale (Lofi Jungle)
08:01 Verdict

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Roland PG-10 Linear Synthesizer Programmer MIDI Controller SN 924638

via this auction

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Roland D-20 - "Linear Legacy" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Also Working: D-5,D-10,D-110 Models


Welcome to the Linear Legacy series of soundsets!

We continue the series with Roland D-20 synthesizer (D50/05 are on the way)

Roland D-20 is a great machine & hidden treassure for sountracks & ambient soundscapes.

64 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound production including:

Massive strings
Evolving cosmic pads & drones
Beautiful sharp plucks & poly
Big Basses
Cinematic brasses
Iconic Synth Emulations

All the sounds are handmade & reacting on velocity & modulation wheel

Instructions of HOW TO are included.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation


Roland JX-3P Software Synthesizer v2

video upload by RolandChannel

"The JX-3P Software Synthesizer is an authentic virtual recreation of the six-voice JX-3P from 1983. The JX-3P v2 update elevates the instrument with gorgeous high-DPI graphics, a refined interface, universal patch browsing, Circuit Mod, new sounds, and more.

In this video, you’ll learn about the various upgrades available within the v2 update.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Software Synth Overview
01:02 Views
01:21 PG-200 Synthesizer Programmer
02:26 Modern Upgrades
02:45 Circuit Mod
03:16 SYSTEM-8 Integration

Streamline your workflow with the newly developed high-resolution interface for modern DAWs and big-screen production environments. Want more control? Dig into the faithful rendition of the beloved PG-200 Synthesizer Programmer. Then use the newly added Circuit Mod function to dial in everything from a factory-primed JX-3P to a road-worn synth with vibe and character."

Follow-up to this post. Additional demo by CDM's Peter Kirn here.

Roland Super JX / JX-10 Synthesizer with 3 Cartridges & Manual

via this auction

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Roland Announces FANTOM EX Upgrade

video uploads by RolandChannel

"Major Upgrade Package for the Flagship FANTOM Synthesizers Adds ACB Modeling, New V-Piano and ZEN-Core Model Expansions, and More"
Full press release further below.

Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade Josh Blair Interview
Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade Sound Demos
Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade Install Guide

User demo video from Gattobus:

FANTOM EX - ACB JUPITER-8 Tone Programming Experience

video upload by gattobus

"In this video I wanted to make you feel the Analog Circuit Behavior of the JP-8 on the new FANTOM-EX update. A hands on programming experience starting from scratch!

Mind your volume levels, there are some serious filter sweeping frequencies that may caught you unprepared!!! :D


Press release follows:

"Major Upgrade Package for the Flagship FANTOM Synthesizers Adds ACB Modeling, New V-Piano and ZEN-Core Model Expansions, and More

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 7, 2023 — Roland announces the FANTOM EX Upgrade, a powerful new system expansion for the company’s FANTOM 6, 7, and 8 synthesizer models. Bounding with exciting new features and workflow enhancements, the user-installable FANTOM EX Upgrade supercharges Roland’s premier synthesizer series with even more creative firepower. The most significant update in FANTOM’s history expands and enriches the core platform with powerful Analog Circuit Behavior technology, two new grand pianos, JD-800 and n/zyme Model Expansions, studio-grade reverb effects, and more. Available for purchase on Roland Cloud, this value-packed upgrade is a must-have for current and future FANTOM owners.

Introduced in 2019, FANTOM was designed as an evolving creative hub that continually grows through sound expansion, software integration, and user-requested features. The FANTOM EX Upgrade integrates a host of sound engine and system enhancements, launching the FANTOM platform far beyond the impressive capabilities of previous versions. In development for many months, this important upgrade embodies Roland’s ongoing dedication to its flagship synth and the worldwide FANTOM community.

JUPITER-8 and SH-101 ACB Expansions
Roland’s acclaimed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) is the core technology behind AIRA products such as the TR-8S and SYSTEM-8, as well as the extensive Legendary series of software instruments on Roland Cloud. ACB brings an authentic analog sound experience to life in the digital realm, faithfully recreating analog circuitry and all their interactive behaviors at a deep component level.

Realized through new engineering breakthroughs, the processor-intensive ACB architecture is now available to FANTOM owners with the JUPITER-8 ACB and SH-101 ACB Expansions in the FANTOM EX Upgrade. These circuit-level recreations of influential Roland synths offer all the latest ACB advancements, including Circuit Mod and Condition functions for dialing in varying degrees of vintage character.

Two Concert-Class Acoustic Pianos
The FANTOM EX Upgrade features two deeply expressive grands primed to elevate stage and studio endeavors with Roland’s renowned piano performance. Additionally, FANTOM’s V-Piano interface has been refreshed with an attractive new graphical design.

Originally developed for the flagship RD-2000 stage piano, the German Concert V-Piano Expansion 01 is a versatile and inspiring instrument with a rich, powerful, and detailed voice. The SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 Expansion offers 15 distinctive sounds, from bright, dynamic tones for stage playing to dark, moody variations for ambient explorations.

JD-800 and n/zyme Model Expansions
The FANTOM EX Upgrade also includes two of Roland’s most recent Model Expansion titles, driven by the ZEN-Core engine for advanced sonic range and performance versatility.
Combining the original JD-800 waveforms with advanced modeling techniques, the JD-800 Model Expansion puts the gleaming tone and monster sound-shaping potential of this vintage digital icon inside FANTOM.

The n/zyme Model Expansion is a thoroughly modern instrument with an all-new synth engine developed for the FANTOM environment. Combining wavetable oscillator layers, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two powerful Step LFOs, n/zyme is a highly interactive music tool that sparks endless creative explorations.

Effect and Workflow Enhancements
The FANTOM EX Upgrade further enhances the synthesizer’s smooth workflow and deep feature set. New Shimmer Reverb and Modulation Reverb algorithms instantly infuse any sound with spaciousness and intense harmonic color. FANTOM’s DAW control has been expanded with profiles for Steinberg Cubase and PreSonus Studio One. Additionally, the Master FX processor includes new preset templates for faster workflow and refreshed graphical interfaces for the Mastering Comp and Mastering EQ sections.

Availability & Pricing
The Roland FANTOM series, including the FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7, and FANTOM 8, are available in the U.S. for: $3,499, $3,899, and $4,199, respectively. The Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade is now available for $199."

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

via this auction

Monday, November 06, 2023

Hypnotic jam with Sequential Take 5, Midicake ARP, Dreadbox Nymphes, Roland SH-101, DrumBrute Impact

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A live, semi-improvised synthesizer jam performed entirely on hardware.

I'm lucky enough to have access to a new studio space, and am now in the process of moving over there. That means the days and nights have been long. One evening I was casually noodling on the Take 5 and came up with a patch and arpeggio I liked, but didn't feel I had time and capacity to do a full sequence and arrangement with other devices.

That's where the Midicake ARP comes in to save the day. Rather than sequence anything, I simply sent my MIDI data out of the Take 5 and into the ARP. The ARP then recontextualized the notes and can send them out to up to four other devices (here, I used three, plus MIDI clock to the DrumBrute Impact). Thanks to the ARP, I could explore chords and improvisation without having to write a single note in a sequencer. The ARP really is a great solution to a classic songwriting problem: being able to find the song with all the parts at once, rather than imagine all the parts and then write them.

From there, it was a matter of laying down some instruments and effects I liked the sound of. No surprises here, other than the Boss DM-101, which I got recently. It doesn't quite have the personality of the Matriarch delay, but it's a great and more versatile analog delay that I look forward to using more.

All in all, a really fun jam, and I was extremely grateful to have the tools I needed to write the song on the fly across multiple instruments.

Thanks for listening.

Sequential Take 5 - main arpeggio, MIDI controller/data out
Midicake ARP - "sequencer" (note recontextualizer? arpeggiator?)
Arturia DrumBrute Impact - drums
Dreadbox Nymphes through Strymon BigSky - arpeggio two
Blackout Model D through Boss DM-101 - bass synth
Roland SH-101 through Walrus Sloër - arpeggio three (the slow high one)
Kenton Pro-Solo Mk3 - MIDI to CV for SH-101
Kenton MIDI Thru - MIDI through to all devices

Performed and recorded live, with eq, compression, and limiting in the box."

Roland JP-8080 Analog Modeling Rack Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

ARP2600M / MC-202

video upload by studio snippets


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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