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Monday, September 18, 2023

Layered Drum Machine Cymbals Sample Pack by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum MachineCymbals. Available now:

Cymbals can be the last special touch to a track to give it excitement and emphasise certain moments. These cymbals were created by layering drum machines, giving them more interest and texture. They will work in many different genres.

For this pack, I have used 31 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques. All recorded through tasty studio hardware.

Drum Machines: TR-606, TR-626, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, R-70, RX-5, Linn, XD-5, Microtonic, Drumulator, DPM-48, Razzamatazz, R-50III, Syntakt, LXR-02, ER-1, DR-110, Pulsar, Neuron, MR-10, KPR-77, Crash Pad, Drumatix, Nord Drum, DFAM, Cycles, Conn Rhapsody, DRM-32, DRM-1, DDM-110

Pack Contents:
• 250 x 24-bit wav cymbal samples
•Will load in any software sampler
• Also available as 16-bit wav for hardware samplers
• Downloadable pack - 400 MB"

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

The Korg ER-1 from 1999

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"The infamous Korg ER-1 from 1999. Samples from this beast are included with Digital Drum Dose:"

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Digital Drum Dose Sample Pack by Goldbaby Samples

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Digital Drum Dose. Available now:

Digital hardware drums from 1999-2022. ER-1, MachineDrum, Nord Drum 2, Kastle, Razzamatazz, Volca Drum, Double Drummer, Neuron, Peaks. Very punchy and very usable in a variety of different genres."

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Farbfilter and Stolperbeats in 7/8 time - Transistor Ladder Lowpass with Drive

video upload by Making Sound Machines

"For this one we channelled our inner Radiohead and made a beat with a 7/8 rhythm.

Come to @superboothberlin 11-13 May 2023 to chat to us and test our modules - we'll be in a beach tent together with all our friends @thisisnotrocketscience3942 @paultasbeeb @knobula6211 @apolloview9305 @vaskiembedded and Swampflux!! We are going to have a really good time and you are all invited to come and play!

Plus they are all debuting new modules we are really excited about!

In this video we are using #Farbfilter, an analog transistor ladder filter for Eurorack with a wicked overdrive stage and CV controlled resonance. We're still putting the finishing touches on this one, tweaking a resistor value here or there and taming the ranges a bit, but we love how it sounds already. A huge thankyou to @DivKid and @SynthDad for providing feedback on this one!

In this patch, #Stolperbeats is sending a MIDI sequence to the @WeAreElektron Model:Samples, playing Samples from the @GoldbabySamples Silverdrum Machinedrum pack for modelsamples. The bass is a PWM saw wave from Apollo View Modular's Allscillator complex VCO.

Both signals are filtered using the Farbfilter, with Stolperbeats sending a CV ramp to the filter cutoff of one lowpass filter and @Befacosynth Rampage being triggered to modulate the other. Enrica is controlling the offset for cutoff and attenuating the incoming resonance modulation. Kits will become available after Superbooth via our friends at @ThonkSynthDIY and @explodingshed5542.

Join our #superbooth workshop to solder with us:

Saturday 13.05.2023,
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Superbooth DIY Area

Or join us on Sunday for the DIY afterparty:

Sunday 14.05.2023,
ca 5:00 pm
DIY Kit Day

@berlinmodularsociety will be playing modular synthesizer tracks live!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Layered Drum Machine Percussion Sample Pack by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum Machine Percussion. Available now:

Layering drum machine sounds again! This time percussion. Adding depth and character, as well as a distinctive flavour. These sounds are perfect for adding life to your drum patterns.

For this pack, I have used 37 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques. All recorded through tasty studio hardware.

Drum Machines: Syntakt, LXR-02, Pulsar-23, TR-727, TR-707, TR-808, TR-626, Volca Drum, PO-12, PO-32, Tempest, Tanzbar, CR-78, ER-1, XD5. PB-300, Ritmo, R-50, R-70, ADX-1, MFB-522, DRM-1, Acetone FR-1, MicroTonic, The Kit, LM-2, Drumulator, Nord Drum, KPR-77, OP-1, Mbrane, Bohm, D-1, RX-5, DDM-220, Rytm, 55B"

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Layered Drum Machine Kicks by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum Machine Kicks. Available now:"

via Goldbaby

"Layered Drum Machine Kicks

It’s no secret... I love layering drums! Such a great way of adding depth and character and giving a unique flavour and punch.

I have used 33 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques.

These kicks are ready for your next production and will work in many different genres.

I have also added a bonus of 8 transient samples if you want to do more layering with the samples.

Drum Machines used: TR-707, TR-505, TR-808, TR-909, LXR-02, Pulsar-23, Mrs Bass Drum, Volca Kick, Volca Drum, PO-12, PO-32, LM-2, DSI Tempest, MFB Tanzbar, DX, DMX, CR8000, ER1, Andromeda Space Rocker, DRM1, HeartBeat, Mbrane, TR-8s, MachineDrum, Rytm, Syntakt, Nord Drum, Olsen X-100, 55B, Ritmo, SP12, XD-5, MR10"

Monday, May 16, 2022

Layered Drum Machine Snares by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum Machine Snares. Available now:"

"I love layering snares! It's a great way of adding depth and character and giving a more unique flavour to them.

I have used 30 drum machines in different combos and multiplelayering techniques.

These snares are production-ready and will work in lots of different genres.

Drum Machines used: Pulsar-23, Korg 55B, MFB-522, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, CR-78, TR505, MicroTonic, LinnDrum, Double Drummer, LXR-02, Uno, NordDrum2, Tanzbär, Heartbeat, MR-10, PO-12, KPR-77, PB-300, Axon2, DRM-1, ER-1, R-70, R-100, Olsen, XD-5, Kastle Drum, Ritmo, RX5"

Monday, April 04, 2022

Layered Drum Machine Claps

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video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum Machine Claps. The new Goldbaby pack is available now:"

Friday, January 28, 2022

KazioTron Keys by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Vintage 80s home keyboards recorded to cassette. Available now:
Think of KazioTron Keys as a Cassette Mellotron with vintage 80s home keyboard tapes."

Kontakt GUI pictured

via Goldbaby

"The warm, lo-fi goodness of cassette tape married to the nostalgia and character of 80s home keyboards. Think of KazioTron Keys as a cassette Mellotron with vintage 80s home keyboard tapes.

Soft, mellow keys. Woozy emotive synths. Dirty, imperfect leads. These sounds are super fun to play.

Gear used: Casio VL1, SK1, MT70, MT18, CT201, CT301 and a sneaky little Yamaha PS3 bass sound. Multiple cassette decks and cassette types. Also, the odd modulation pedals for a little extra mojo. Tracked through 1073 and 501 pre-amps and a valve mixer.

Includes non-cassette versions of each instrument if you want pure vintage home keyboard sounds.

The packs come with patches for Kontakt, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and TAL-Sampler. The Kontakt version has an excellent user interface script.

Every sampler has a different sound and character. So each format will differ slightly from the others. The raw sounds, however, all sound the same in each format. Bear this in mind when listening to the audio demos."

Friday, October 01, 2021

EPROM Grind vs Isla S2400

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"EPROM Grind samples loaded into the Isla S2400!"

Thursday, August 12, 2021

EPROMgrind a sample pack by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Available now. Gritty, punchy drums, dirty synths and FX with loads of old school character. Created using an 8-Bit sampler that can burn EPROMs (Oberheim Prommer) and the DMX and DX drum machines."

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Vintage Ludwig vs Oberheim DX

video by GoldbabySamples

"Thanks to Tobi and Julian at Kids In A Candy Store for the tasty vintage Ludwig drums. Burnt them to EPROM on the Prommer and played back on the Oberheim DX. Love this 8 bit 80s drum machine!"

Monday, May 03, 2021

Oberheim DX stock drums vs custom drums

video by GoldbabySamples

"Started working on the CustomDMX Collection. Successor to the CustomDMX. The custom drums in this demonstration were created using my modular synth system and then burned to EPROMs using the Oberheim Prommer. Probably about a month to get this pack finished..."

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

S2400 D&B with Amen Chop

video by GoldbabySamples

"Still having fun on the S2400. Chopping the Amen for a little D&B workout. This sampler really is fun to use. Loving how it sounds too! Having a HiFi and SP1200 style sampling engine gives plenty of versatility for sound design. What is also exciting is that the S2400 has an internal audio insert path/expansion connector... this means in the future you will be able to install add-on expansion cards like possibly analog filters or DSP FX. Nice!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Goldbaby end of year free packs


"I have made 2 free packs as an early 2020 Christmas present!

The first is called Toy Record Sounds. It was created using a toy record maker manufactured by a Japanese toy company called Gakken. Designed by Yuri Suzuki, it makes small plastic records. Very, very Lofi and super fun.

There are two versions:

One contains patches for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Battery, Logic Pro and Geist. You can download it from here:

The other one is for Maschine and can be downloaded here:

The second free pack is called ND2 VS Plasma Kicks.
This pack was created using two of my favourite recent purchases, the Plasma Pedal and the Nord Drum 2. A marriage made in heaven/hell...

Download it from here:"

Monday, September 07, 2020

Goldbaby Hotpot EP1 Sample Pack


"Available now! The Hotpot EP1 sample pack by Goldbaby. For more info and audio demos visit:"

via Goldbaby

"Inspired by my popular Urban Cookbook series, Hotpot EP1 contains a wide variety of delicious ingredients. Punchy drums, smooth bass, tasty synths, useful fx plus inspiring loops and chord hits. Perfect for a wide variety of genres like: Hip Hop, Footwork, Dub Step, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Grime, Dance Hall, Electro, EDM and IDM, Producers and beatmakers will appreciate the varied high quality sounds, including Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Toms, Percussion, Claps, Cymbals, Layering tools, FX, Hits, Chord Hits, Electric Bass, Synths, Electric Guitar and various Loops... just over 1.7 GB of the freshest ingredients.

Some of the instruments used: Model: Cycles FM synth, 70s Ludwig Blue Oyster Kit, Zildjian cymbals, Meinl and LP precision, 70s P Bass, Telecaster Guitar, Moog Grandmother synth, Reface DX synth, MicroFreak synth, PPG Wave 2.2 synth, MPC60, 808 and 808 clone, DDD1 drum sampler, custom vinyl, Eurorack modular synth system, Moog DFAM drum machine, Flute, Korg Prologue-16...

Some of the studio gear used: Fat Bustard II valve mixer, Electrodyne 501 pres, ez1073 pres and EQ, UBK Fatso, Eventide H3500, Bricasti M7, SPL TwinTubes, Plasma distortion pedal, Bock195 mic, Elektron Analog Heat, Big Muff distortion, Toft ATB 4 mixer...

2611 x 24 bit one shot wav and 175 loops (Wav & Rex). With kits and instruments for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Ableton Live, Logic Pro EXS24 & Sampler and Geist."

Monday, March 02, 2020


Published on Mar 2, 2020 GoldbabySamples

"First 1/2 hour messing with 2 bars on the Elektron Model:Cycles. This thing is super fun and sounds great."

Monday, November 18, 2019

SP1200 Collection - Sample Pack by Goldbaby

Published on Nov 18, 2019 GoldbabySamples

For more audio demos and info:

"Return of the Boom bap. The SP1200 and SP12 are legendary 12 bit samplers that were pivotal to the development of Hip Hop production. Their gritty warm sound is still sought after today.

As with the new MPC60 Collection I have gathered all the samples from the old SP1200 Vol 1 and 2. Many of these have been re-tuned and remastered. Plus I have added a whole heap of fresh new samples, dirty warm drums, tasty synths, FX and instruments. You get drum machines, real drums and percussion, vinyl style drums, synth FX, synth keys, synth chords and hits, vox sounds and more... the SPs were hungry so I took them to an all you can eat buffet!

It's time to get skilled in the trade of that old boom bap!

4140 x 24 bit samples recorded from the SP1200 and SP12 through high end studio gear. With kits for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Ableton Live, EXS24 and Geist. Also available as 16 bit wav for some hardware samples.

Those who already own the SP1200 Vol 1 and Vol 2 are entitled to a substantial discount. Each pack owned will get $15 off... so if you have bought both you can get the SP1200 Collection for only $9. Contact me with your proof of purchase via the contact page to get the discount."

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Prophet X with PPG Wave 2.2 samples

Published on Jun 23, 2019 GoldbabySamples

"The Prophet X with PPG Wave 2.2 samples. Get them here:
Play in HD for best sound quality."

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

BlueWave Synth

Published on May 22, 2019 GoldbabySamples

"Synth pack created with the PPG Wave 2.2 recorded through high end studio gear. Lovely fizzy, warm synth sounds that only an 8 bit wavetable through analog filter could make! With patches for Ableton Live, EXS-24, Kontakt (with GUI) and TAL-Sampler."

Patch n Tweak
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