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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

-burn: Experiment in Sound Design

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Precarious333 Music

Modor Formant Filter

"Sound design experiment separating and processing a sound divided into hi/mid/low bands. Will make a good base to build around with heavy drums. I have Noise Engineering - Basimilus Iteritas Alter sequenced and modulated by Malekko - Voltage Block and Xaoc - Batumi.

A copy of BIM is running into Future Sound Systems - Spectral Devastator FIL3 highpassed with resonance and overdrive to create the highs.

Another copy running into TouellSkouarn - Sonveskañ adding distortion, then into Modor Music - Formant Filter filling out the mids. This turned out to be a pretty interesting combination. Sonveskañ is removing most of the high frequency content. 2 minutes in I use feedback on Sonveskañto create some accents. Formant Filter is stereo with different modulation to the left and right channels creating a nice dynamic stereo effect.

Then a third copy of BIM EQed down to just the lows running through overdrive to fill out the bottom end.

Recorded as 4 tracks into Ableton. EQ, compression, reverb, pan added in post."

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

5U - FM Drone

video by Precarious333 Music

"Testing out some modules (outside the case). Patch is an ElectroSmith VCO with linear FM from Q106A sine which is sequenced by a SympleSEQ. Saw out from ElectroSmith to Barton BMC034 Switched Resistor VCF (built by Lower West Side Studio) running 2 low pass filters in series. Barton BMC034 is modulated by Encore Universal Event Generator running through the inverter on Q155 with inversion modulated by an audio frequency signal from SSL 1710 5-PULSER which is processing the same Q106A FM-ing the ElectroSmith VCO, introducing a pitch heard as the accented notes. The inverter output is then fed to the Curver section of Q155 modulated by a second Encore UEG. Simple, right? Ha-ha!

Q155 Curver is a really great module. Works great to add uniqueness to modulation signals and audio alike. I'm sure I'll find a place for it in every patch.

A minute into the video I introduce an inverted copy of the sequence controlling Q106A into the Clock input on the Barton BMC034. This is an experimental input on a very strange filter producing unexpected results. In this instance we get a sweet spot that produces truncated versions of the sequence because the filter freaks out creating dead zones. I like that kind of thing. \ (•◡•) /

Things fall into chaos when I exponentially FM the ElectroSmith VCO by another VCO running a different sequence which degenerates into the noise at the end.

#5U​ #MU​ #ElectroSmith​ #LowerWestSideStudio​ #modular​​ #synth​​ #music​​ #SynthesizersDOTcom​​ #DOTcom​​ #MoogFormat​​ #SSL​​ #SyntheticSoudLabs​​"

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Chainsaw VCOs through Moon Phase Filter

Precarious333 Music

"Just a little test of Acid Rain Chainsaw stereo supersaw VCOs used with Patching Panda Moon Phase. Both are stereo so seems a good fit. All 3 voices of Chainsaw are being sequenced separately by 3 channels of Industrial Music Electronics Stillson Hammer mkII with the 4th sequencing Erica Synths Pico Voice in acid bassline mode through G-Storm Electro 101-VCF and into 2hp Delay. It's a pretty rich sound for so few modules. It helps that Moon Phase allows for enhancement of the stereo field, and I begin to apply detune to Chainsaw's VCOs at the 01:20 mark. Recorded into Ableton as 1 stereo and 1 mono track. Reverb, compression, and EQ added in post."

Monday, February 19, 2024

Boolean Logic Latched - Patch 01 BugBrand DRM2 Drums

video upload by Precarious333 Music

"Magnetic Freak's Boolean Logic Latched is a Buchla format module featuring a clock divider and 7 logic circuits with switchable mode functionality and unique latching capabilities. Logic is hard to find in Buchla land, and as a fan I'm happy to announce its arrival. This simple patch barely scratches the surface of BLL's potential. It's more an introduction to the most basic uses of logic gates. But make no mistake, Boolean Logic Latched will be at the center of every patch I make from this point on. Intended as a companion module to Magnetic Freak's Gaussian I will endeavor to explore that companionship in videos to come. Time is short but the potentials are endless. Thus is life.

In this patch I'm using a clock from Buchla 246 into BLL's clock divider, then combining different divisions to trigger a kick/snare duo created by two of BugBrand's fantastic DRM2 analog drum voices. Simple origins lead to complex results. Everything you hear stems from that single clock input. I'm only making use of 3 of BLL's 7 logic circuits, none of its latching gates, so just a fraction of its capabilities.

Recorded as 2 tracks into Ableton Live. Compression and effects added in post."

Pic & details via Noisebug

'This is clearly the companion module of the Gaussian to generate rhythmic patterns and much more. It can nevertheless be used alone to build up complex IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) rhythmic patterns from a single ticking clock. Two stages of Boolean logic operators are cascaded allowing all kinds of operations between the incoming signals.

The latching function let you use a dedicated clock to latch the status of all gates on the arrival of a trigger signal up to the new one (or using the push button). It could be used to re-synchronises random signals. This module is fully analog and can work up to audio rates with no latency.

These modules are only produced in very small batches for connoisseurs."

Friday, December 27, 2019

Drone - Joranalogue Generate 3 meets Instruo Cs-L

Published on Dec 27, 2019 Precarious333 Music

"Noisy little drone featuring Joranalogue Generate 3 modulated by Instruo Cs-L and other sources. Generate 3 is the only audible source, with no VCAs or VCFs, direct to PC. I've never heard a VCO sound like this thing does. Everything you hear is coming from Generate 3's FULL output which is a mix with ODD all the way up and varying amounts of FUNDAMENTAL and EVEN. No VC to the V/OCT changing pitch but lots of external modulation listed below. Instruo Cs-L is also static pitch with a little linear modulation of the top VCO by the bottom.

Reset (Hard Sync): Cs-L top square wave
Flip (Soft Sync): Cs-L bottom square wave
Through Zero FM: Cs-L bottom sine wave
Phase: Slight modulation by a slow LFO causing the rhythmic throbbing
Exponential FM: Sine wave from SSF/WMD Spectrum sequenced by Malekko Voltage Block supplies the melodic element

Recorded as a single track into Ableton Live. A little compression and reverb added in post."

Saturday, August 31, 2019

MU - Dark Dream

Published on Aug 17, 2019 Precarious333 Music

"Stressful dream. Dark presence. Infinite dimly lit corridors. What does it mean?

Recorded as 4 tracks into Ableton Live 8. EQ, compression, panning and effects added in post.

Patch Notes:

BASS - Q106A saw wave and Corsynth C104 soft clipped saw sequenced by SymplSEQ 1 into Q105 low pass modulated by C106 channel B and AD ENV. C104 starts out static with no CV to pitch until 45 seconds in.

CHIME - Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Magnus controlled by a second SymplSEQ.

MELODIC - Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus through Q107A low pass filer modulated by AD ENV. Also sequenced by the second SymplSEQ. I love the Noise on this module. Not standard noise but adds instability to the pitch. It's a really nice effect.

GATED - Same Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus but through Q107A high pass filer into Oakley Deep Equinox modulated by C106 A-B Out then VCA gated 16th notes.

The MELODIC and GATED components coming from the same source and running through the same multimode filter are balanced by the filter frequency knob with GATED high pass fading at high frequency settings and MELODIC fading as the low pass filter closes.

TIMING - MIDI to clock pulse supplied by Buchla 225e syncing Oakley LFO multed to SymplSEQ 1 and CGS01 Sub Oscillator acting as a clock divider/gate mixer creating the odd cadence of SymplSEQ 2. Irregular gate pattern from SymplSEQ 1 triggering an ENV and channel A of C106. Irregular trigger pattern from SymplSEQ 2 runs to sync of the other Oakley LFO re-triggering the cycle. This allows me to control the gate length by using the square out of the LFO at low rate and adjusting the pulse width adding sustain time to the ENV and NE BIM it triggers. The sine out of this LFO modulates wave shape on NE AIM."

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Chainsaw Symphony - Acid Rain Chainsaw meets Instruō Harmonaig

Published on Dec 12, 2019 Precarious333 Music

"Wow, a match made in heaven. Never thought I'd get such beautiful harmonies so easily on modular. Just received Acid Rain Technology Chainsaw today. This is the first patch. Chainsaw is an amazingly powerful 4hp module capable of producing 3 voices of 7 detuned waves. I'm already in love with this thing. Coupled with Harmonaig, which produces chords, and I'm in heaven.

Recorded as a stereo track into Ableton. EQ to tame the lows and a little compression.

Signal path is three pitch CVs from Harmonaig into Chainsaw. Chainsaw stereo out into two VCAs of Erogenous Tones VC8 controlled by envelopes from Erogenous Tones RADAR, stereo signal into Qu-Bit Electronix Prism (as a stereo filter with no resonance) opened by another RADAR ENV, into Milky Way's creamy big reverb. Very simple patch."

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Buchla 252e + BugBrand

video upload by Precarious333 Music

"Just got my 252e back after repair. Running through some tests to refamiliarize myself with the features. This is just a simple test with 252e sequencing 4 voices. Two are using the VCOs from Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator with one through Vedic Scapes 13700 band pass filter. Then there is a kick from Bugbrand DRM2 and a drone into glitchy high hat using Bugbrand Synth Voice modules. Used lots of off-grid timing on 252e to make it a bit wonky.

The bass is 259e principal oscillator with RED cells coming from the 8 and 16 rings. The band pass voice is 259e modulation oscillator sequenced from the GREEN cells of the 6, 8, and 16 ring so some triplets in there from 6. Kick is BLUE cells from the 16 ring. High hat is ratcheted by the subdivided pulses from rings 8 and 16. Using a mixer to mute/unmute off screen to the left.

Recorded as 2 tracks into Ableton Live. Compression and FXs added in post."

Patch n Tweak
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