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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Disco Fury Synth Skin

This one in via electraumatisme

"once again for the record, I spotted a few synths in a french adult film called 'Les confidences d'une petite culotte', AKA 'Disco Fury'.

It's about a Stockhausen kind of compositor, and we have a few shot of his room with some intersting synths :
Roland Model 104

And a Modular I can not guess the model (early Moog ?)

Anyway, I know you want publish it but I'm sure, once again that would interest you.

Here are a few screenshots. [click through at your own risk]


Something about Moogs & porn just go together... And vocoders?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vintage Pinball Synth Ad

This one in via electraumatisme, found on tumblr

The ad features a custom white Minimoog, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and a Roland Jupiter-6.  The ad appears to be for a pinball machine sound and graphics pack.  It reads:

"Rock Encore - Premier is Changing Their Tune!  Keep A Good Thing Going with Rock Encore!

The Premier Booster-Pack Is A Fifteen Minute Art & Sound Conversion Kit For Any Rock Pinball Game.

These New Sound Chips & Photographic Backglass Produce Prolonged Earnings At A Minimal Investment."

Below is a second, unrelated image also found by electraumatisme. Jupiter-6 and Polysix in that one.  It looks familiar but I can't place it.  If anyone has seen it before and/or has more info let us know!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Les Synthetiseurs Une Nouvelle Lutherie - Claude Gendre and the Hohner 8D

"One Sunday, my girlfriend went to the 2nd hand market just behind my flat and had the chance to find a book completely unknown to me :
Les Synthétiseurs, une nouvelle lutherie (for less than 2 Euros !!)...what luck when you check this link. It's a pleasant book covering all the synthesis basics, including analog and the golden age of Digital black box synths like DX7, Poly800, and Casio CZ line.

The book also details a few patches for each synth and includes sections for Keyboard amplifiers, Stands and so on...

Within these chapters, there is a special one dedicated to the Hohner brand who in 1985 planned to build a synthesizer called the Hohner 8D based on a proprietary technique for generating waveforms : the Multiple Event Generator.

Basically, it was about sampling existing material and regenerating them in multiples of the frequency being played in order to avoid any aliasing, and to faithfully reproduce any basic tone throughout the range of the Keyboard.

The beast would mainly have multiple waveform generators (kind of like DCO's) spread all over the keyboard scale, with noise generator, VCA, distortion stage, resonant LPF, enveloppe generator for VCA/VCF and an LFO... all for 8 voice polyphony, and with a very intuitive user interface.

It seems the prototype never saw the light of day (it should have been on Musikmesse 1985) and there is no picture available of this synth.

It should have been conceived in Saumur en Auxois in France (near where I spent my childhood) so, if anyone has any information about that synth, I'd be glad to spread it. [Feel free to comment or send me, matrix, an email and I'll let ELECTRAUMATISME know as well as update the post]

Here is the webpage of Claude Gendre who wrote this book (I'll try to contact him):

Sorry for my awful English"

No problem! Fascinating story. If anyone has more info on the Hohner please do comment and/or let me know via email - you can find the contact info on the bottom right of the site.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Depeche Mode in a Stupid French show

via electraumatisme. Synths come in at 1:48.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Cameron Paul Tells All

Published on Nov 13, 2013 ToadSMB4321

"Legendary Bay Area DJ / Remixer / Producer Cameron Paul's instructional video."

Another blast from the past. Synth gear comes in at 49:50. This one in via electraumatisme.

Gear spotting: E-Mu SP-1200, Roland SVC-350 Vocoder, Ensoniq Mirage rack, Yamaha DX100, Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak, E-Mu EMAX, Roland JX-8P, and, I believe, a Sequential Circuits TOM.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Cherry Audio Moog Series III VST Spotted

This one was spotted and sent in via electraumatisme.

Note the Cherry labels at the bottom of each module. It looks like Cherry/MRB

You can see it for yourself at 24:04 in this video.

Update: according to Atomic Shadow this actually appears to be the currently availabile VM900 Collection.

You can find videos dating back to 2021 here, intro video here. I'm not finding any videos mentioning the VM900 after 2021.

If anyone knows otherwise, feel free to leave a comment.

Update2 via Robert Saint John in the comments: "[Atomic Shadow] is correct, this is simply the Cherry Audio/MRB bundle of VM900 modules for Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular platform, released in October 2021. We have not announced any plans to release this as a standalone or VST instrument"

Monday, September 21, 2009


via electraumatisme
"I think you should find this interesting.

This was a report on geek culture during a wide national audience TV Show. At 01:03, we can clearly see that, like most of us, the guy is checking Matrixsynth while having his breakfast!"


NO F'ING WAY!!! :)

video description in French:
"Connaissez-vous la tribu des geek ? Passionné de communication, de technologie, d’internet, de high-tech, le geek est aussi un fan de comics, de séries cultes, de jeux de rôle, de mangas et de science-fiction. Immersion dans ce monde de la cyberculture et approche d’un phénomène."

and Googlish:
"Do you know the geek tribe? Passionate about communication, technology, internet, high-tech geek is also a fan of comics, cult series of role-playing, eating [manga] and science fiction. Immersion in this world of cyberspace and approaching a phenomenon."

Note: if you are on a Mac you might need flip4mac to view the video. You can get it here or just follow the instructions when you get there.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mystery KORG MS20 Synth Chick

Great shot.

Anyone know who this is and when?

via tumblr (NSFW warning if you track back to the root tumblr feed).

This one in via electraumatisme.

Update: looks like we have an answer in the comments. I'll leave it out of the post for now for those who want to guess.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Synth Meeting in Clermont-Ferrand France with a Moog Modular

flickr set by popman88us
(click for more)
via electraumatisme: "Last Thursday was the opportunity to join a synth meeting organized in a shop and I must admit I was not disappointed because amongst the classic vintage synths you can see more often now (Korg Mono/Poly, ARP Odyssey, Prophet 5 and so on) we had the chance to see and HEAR one (or perhaps the only one) Moog Modular in working order in France. What an amazing sound machine !!!"

Update via Adrien in the comments: "according to olivier grall, it was that particular moog modular who's been used to make arturia's pluggin
while talking about olivier, he has a moog modular too (a 3P + 1 box with 2 sequencers) you can view it on his page (he no longer has 6 boxes)"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HOHNER MEG synthesizer exists and is for sale in France

Listed on

"worksation synthesizer / Companion Hohner PK 5000
Product rare (500 copies), French manufacturing, synthesizer technology MEG (French) + + sequencer multitrack arranger.
purchase 1987 unit ahead of its time '
noon + many + foot cartridges (memory)
for collector / enthusiast."

This one in via electraumatisme:
"do you remember this post

Actually, yesterday, a HOHNER Synth/Workstation appeared for sale here Compagnon Hohner PK 5000

And it seems to use the french MEG synthesis system. I try to get more informations from the seller. This is not a prototype, It seems 500 of them have been produced.
Strange fact, there is a cardridge reader right in the middle of the front panel as you can see."

I will let you know if more info comes in.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Synth Spotting in 1980s "Stunt Rock"

Some stills from 1980s "Stunt Rock" in via ELECTRAUMATISME

B3, Minimoog and Oberheim TVS (note the angled keyboard - looks custom)

"occurs at 00:35.12 in the VHS tape"

Added to the Synths in TV & Film Post

Friday, October 22, 2010

Casio HZ600

via this French auction site.

This one spotted and sent in via electraumatisme. I don't think I've seen one before. It looks a bit like a Roland Alpha Juno.

"A vendre synthé numérique casio HZ600 avec un filtre résonnant analogique :
- clavier léger grandes touches 5 octaves,
- splittable,molette de modulation et pitchbend
- midi in, out, thru,
- sorties stéréo en jack 6,35,
- transfo fourni et fixé sur le clavier.

Ce synthé sonne très analo. Excellent rapport qualité/prix.
A voir sur Lille."

"Sell casio digital synth with a resonant filter HZ600 Analog
- Lightweight keyboard large keys 5 octaves,
- Splittable, modulation wheel and pitchbend
- Output stereo jack 6.35,
- Transformer supplied and fixed on the keyboard.

This synth sounds very analog. Excellent value for money.

See it on Lille."

Update via popman in the comments:

"Here is some more informations I found after I sent you this auction :

"The HZ-600 was the first SD synthesizer, and was the only SD synthesizer built to look like a "professional" synthesizer, i.e., without built-in speakers or auto-accompaniment controls. In contrast to the bulky-looking Casio CZ line, the HZ-600 was deliberately styled after the sleek-looking Roland Alpha Juno 2 right down to the inclusion of an "alpha-dial" programming wheel. The HZ-600 was a 61-key, 8-note polyphonic basic-MIDI synthesizer without initial- or after-touch, and functionally was essentially an advanced Korg Poly-800. Like the Poly-800, all voices (in each channel) shared a single VCF, meaning the VCF envelope would retrigger when a new note was played, affecting all previous notes still playing. The HZ-600 included 3 levels of onboard analog chorus, 3 selectable keyboard split points, 3 selectable pitch-bender ranges, a modulation wheel, transpose, and a card slot for the new sleek Casio RA-100 RAM cards, which had 8K of memory. Unlike the CZ series, portamento was not available.""

Update via Jared in the comments: I found this video demo on youtube:

Casio HZ600 SD Synthesizer

YouTube via oscillatorelectric | April 21, 2010

"A sound demo of my Casio HZ600 SD Synthesizer"

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cat listening to music - Chris Marker

YouTube Uploaded by numerodeux2 on Mar 6, 2011

via ELECTRAUMATISME: "Please Note : Chris Marker passed away on 30th July this year. He was a great french shorts and documentary director. He's known for having created the short movie called "La Jetée" wich has inspired Terry Gilliam for writing 12 Monkeys."

Friday, August 07, 2015

Extremely Rare Vintage Maxon Mariner MX-2 Keyboard Synthesizer

This one in via electraumatisme.

So how rare? I've never seen or come across one in the ten years of running MATRIXSYNTH. This appears to be the first Maxon Mariner MX-2 post on the site out of 128,070 posts on the site including this one to date. Tracking everything synth seven days a week, it's a super rare treat coming across a vintage synthesizer you've never seen before. If anyone knows more about the Mariner feel free to leave a comment. There are 14 previous Maxon posts mainly for their drum synth and effects.

The Mariner appears to have the following sections:

- Tune
- Tone Source with two oscillators
- Noise Source
- Modulator Section with one LFO and four destinations
- Resonant Filter with ENV modulation and Pitch knob
- ADSR, Transpose, Source Select, Bender Select & Portamento controls to the left of the keyboard

The description from the listing follows in French followed by a Googlish translation to English.


Vous cherchez quelque chose d'unique et qui veulent faire une différence, voici votre chance !!

Ceci est un synthétiseur analogique à partir des années 60, est un synthétiseur fabriqué au Japon par Nisshin onPA !! Maxon, l'homme qui a été le grand célèbre fabricant de pédales analogiques pour Ibanez dans les années 70 et 80! "Ce synthétiseur était une série très limitée qui a fait au Japon et quelques-uns sont sortis de là !!
L'Europe est une rareté ...

Ce synthétiseur sons style très gras et puissant millésime Moog et ARP.
Esthétiquement est une perle magique !! et avec un énorme potentiel.

Pour vraiment intéressé par l'achat de ce synthétiseur rare !!
envoyez-moi un message privé, je vis au Portugal et je peux envoyer par une agence d'expédition tels que: UPS, DHL ou plus au goût de l'acheteur."



Looking for something unique and want to make a difference, here is your chance !!

This is an analog synthesizer from the 60s, is a synthesizer made in Japan by Nisshin onPA !! Maxon, the man who was the great famous manufacturer of analog pedals Ibanez in the 70 and 80! "This synthesizer was very limited series that made in Japan and a few are out of there !!
Europe is a rarity ...

This synthesizer sounds very bold style and powerful vintage Moog and ARP.
Aesthetically is a magical gem !! and with enormous potential.

To really interested in buying this rare synthesizer !!
send me a private message, I live in Portugal and I can send by a shipping agency such as: UPS, DHL or more to taste of the buyer."


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