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Thursday, September 24, 2015

::vtol:: Ra

::vtol:: Ra from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"Ra is a sound object / synthesizer which uses laser for scanning the irregularities of the surface of the pyrite disc and further transforms this data to produce sound. Pyrite disc is a rare form of pyrite which is crystallised in radial shape (as unusual disc spherulites) which also was named ‘pyrite suns’ or ‘pyrite dollars’. The only deposit where pyrites of such morphology are found is in Illinois state (USA). Pyrite suns were formed around 300 million years ago.

more information and images -"

"This project originated as a result of an interesting set of circumstances – a pyrite disc was given to me as a gift by a mineral seller in Boulder city (USA). Upon hearing about my works, she asked to do something with such crystal, and refused to take payment for getting it. In the same period, I was reading articles on various ways of archiving and preservation of sounds from the first, historical sources of the recorded sound – wax discs and other fragile carriers. All technologies were based on the usage of lasers. Inspired by these projects, I set out to create a self-made laser sound reader which would be able to produce sound from various uneven surfaces, using minimal resources to achive it. Thus emerged the idea to construct an instrument using the pyrite disc and a self-made laser sound reader.

The realisation of the object became possible thanks to the commission of the Sound Museum in St.-Petersburg which has it in its collection now.

I consider this object to be a landmark for me, as it united several practices and technical skills which I was working on in the last years - as well as the new resources and ideas which I approach for the first time. I.e. – creation of the synthesizers and sound objects, collecting minerals, topic of rotation, Pure Data programming, Arduino and Python, working with servo and stepper motors, raspberry pi and lasers, etc.

What is also important for me in this project is adressing the topic of occult futurology as a concept which corresponds in the best way my own artistic practices. In the first place, it can be seen in how Ra works with the perception of time – having pre-historic 'unearthly' mineral as its base, it adresses medieval times through the notion of alchemy; it also carries Bach organ motives, further bringing us to the echoes of the electronic instruments of middle of the 20th century, underlining all of this with lasers, code, noise and autonomy, all brought up in handicraft conditions."

See previous posts featuring vtol's works here on MATRIXSYNTH.


- raspberry pi (with pure data)
- arduino nano
- diy laser pickup
- spin fv-1 dsp
- stepper motor
- servo motor
- 3W mono sound system


- line audio output
- 9 control switchers
- 10 control knobs (including envelope, filter, processors parameters and modulations)
- disk speed and direction control (via control knob)
- pickup position control
- 16 dsp fx programs

Modular Wild Presents PROFILE-Evaton Technologies CLX

Published on Sep 24, 2015 Modular Wild

"A short Overview of the features and functions of the Evaton Technologies CLX eurorack module. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

'Driving Home' from IKEA MS-20 mini - Electribe ESX-1 - Poly 800 - Volcas - Monotribe

Published on Sep 24, 2015 Arrayzable

"Music from the heart - car ride from IKEA
This is the finished track which I gave a little teaser of in my last video with the Solina B106.
As always live play with synths and sequencers.

Used in this track:

Korg MS-20 mini
Korg Electribe ESX-1
Volca Keys
Volca Bass
Korg Poly 800

New 2015 Optigan Disc Set - TRIPLE HEADER 2

Published on Sep 24, 2015 optigandotcom

"Now available for pre-order at!

TRIPLE HEADER 2 is a new 3-disc set available at a special bundle price of $199.99. By popular demand, we've ported three more Orchestron sounds to the Optigan, and have also dug into the Optigan master tape archives for more unreleased material recorded 40+ years ago, and only now seeing the light of day.

CELLESTE features the Orchestron CELLO scale, along with a newly arranged and recorded accompaniment featuring Celeste and Glockenspiel in 3/4. These light sounds complement the bass tones of the cello nicely.

FOLK GUITAR & FLUTE pairs the Orchestron FLUTE scale with an unreleased rolling guitar accompaniment and drums/percussion from the Optigan master tapes.

LATIN GUITAR & TRUMPET features the Orchestron TRUMPET scale, along with more previously unreleased guitar/drums/percussion accompaniments from the Optigan master tapes.

These three discs represent the open/simple sound of many of the original Optigan disc titles- sounds that have become perennial favorites due to their wide applicability and haunting qualities."


Published on Sep 24, 2015 Redmartian

"Tom was introduced to the PDP-12 while Stephen Jones was working through the restoration effort in the summer of 2013. Stephen sent videos to Tom and it made an appearance in the interactive fiction game [H.H.] Here Tom is experiencing the PDP-12 for the first time running a program called Kaleidoscope in which the user manipulates two dials (X and Y) which are then sampled and used in producing the image on the screen. The -12 has a speaker and every time accumulator 0 is used a flip flop generates a pulse or square wave. Based on how quickly this occurs you will usually hear this square wave in the audio range. The speaker has been amplified for this video."

I asked Red Martian when the PDP-12 came out and how it produced audio:

"1971, though it goes back to the LINC and LINC-8 computers starting in 1960. It has an analog to digital converter which can sample from 8 multi-turn pots and 8 1/4" jacks as well as a bank of 6 relays for switching things. The tone you hear is a flip flop producing a square wave at a frequencing in the audio range everytime accumlator 0 is used. So depending on how busy the system is doing the calculations for plotting points on the X/Y display in kaleidoscope you get a different frequency, sometimes FMish sounding.

I bypassed the speaker and wired in an amplifier for the sake of Severed Head's visit."

PDP stands for Programmed Data Processor. Wikipedia has page on it that goes through the history of the PDP line. On the PDP-12: "Descendant of the LINC-8; with slight redesign, and different livery, officially followed by, and marketed as, the 'Lab-8'."

FORMANTA UDS - soviet analog drum synth. FULL SET WITH PADS AND STANDS

via this auction

"Here's the the full set Formanta UDS analog drum synth with a very-very fat soviet sound and some of the filters identical to polivoks synth (they were made on the same factory). It includes the synth itself, the pads, pedal and stands. In other words - everything that you see on the pictures.

"Electronic percussion instrument "Rokton UDS" (Formanta UDS) consists of synthesizing block on the stand, 7 drum pads with velocity sensetvity on 3 stands and on holder for pedal of bass drum. There is a pedal to control high-hat and to turn synthesis on. There are also built in functions of autorhythm in synthesizing block with 16 programmed patterns (rock 1-4, rumba, samba, bassanova, begin, waltz, slow rock, swing, lezginka, march, disco, tango, 16 beat).

Controls on the front panel:

ï (5 channels with identical parametrs - snare, small tom-tom, middle tom-tom, big tom-tom, bass drum)
o sensitivity
o tone (up/down)
o duration
o range (up/down)
o balance (tone/noise)
o filter
o attack
o volume
o sound ON (synthesis/autorhythm)

ï (1 channel - cymbals)
o sensitivity
o duration
o volume
o sound ON (synthesis/autorhythm)

ï (1 channel - high-hat)
o sensitivity
o volume 1
o volume 2
o sound ON (synthesis/autorhythm)

ï Autorhythm:
o switch synthesis/autorhythm mode
o start/stop
o tempo
o volume
o 8 knobs (select styles)

ï General
o out ON
o volume
o volume phones - out phones.
o synhesis ON.
o mains indicator
ï Connectors on rear panel:
o IN (1-7) - snare, small tom-tom, middle tom-tom, big tom-tom, bass drum, cymbal, high-hat
o IN pedal (1-2) - synthesis, high-hat
o out stereo (1-4) - R,L (jack/5 DIN)
o out mono (1-2) - jack/5 DIN
o power on/off"

Sputnik - Four-Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader

Published on Sep 24, 2015 DivKidMusic

"Here's the awesome Sputnik Modular Delay and Crossfader module! Presented to you with a lovely cough and soar throat! The amount of coughs I had to edit out of the voice over made for a fun audio edit! :)"

Tellus Ebb

Published on Sep 24, 2015 wellurban

"A dark ambient/glitch/IDM piece, using Roland's Demora to create rhythmic patterns."

Hard Mod Modular synth -tiny version-

Modular synth -tiny version- from Hard-Mod on Vimeo.

"The trick from this patch is that the S&H is controlling the VCLFO frequency and even is pressed a key (monomachine) the S&H in receive a different voltage signal. And then you can listen a single voice arpeggio, some percussion sound (VCO, SV VCF & log VCA) finally a pitch detuning."

Barry Schrader CalArts Farewell Concert This Saturday!

This is just a quick a reminder that Barry Schrader's CalArts Farewell Concert is this Saturday in Valencia, CA. You can find the previous post with details on the event here.  Remember you can also listen in online.

Be sure to check out the beginning of my interview with Barry Schrader posted here.

Novation // Start Something

Published on Sep 24, 2015 NovationTV

Follow-up to this post.

"It's one of the hardest things to do: to create something from nothing.
We spoke to some of our friends, asking them what exactly it is that helps them get past that initial barrier; "how do you start something?"

On October 1st, we're starting something big.
Find out what it is:

Featured in this video (in order of appearance):

Gifted & Blessed | IG: giftedandblessed
FOXTROTT | IG: @iamfoxtrott
Mike Slott | IG: @mikeslott
Nick Hook | IG: @nickhook
Georgia | IG: @georgiauk
Neff-U | IG: @ronfeemster
Gorgon City | IG: @gorgoncity
Goldie | IG: @mrgoldie
Second Storey | IG: @second_storey
Érica Alves | IG: @ericacalves"

test with MOS-LAB 960 prototype

Published on Sep 22, 2015 seb17320

"test with MOS-LAB 960 prototype"

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer Demo Videos

Published on Sep 24, 2015 SamAshMusic

Roland JD-XAs on eBay

"The Roland JD-XA Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer is an advanced new keyboard that offers a unique and powerful approach to synthesis, putting the best elements of analog and digital synth technology at your fingertips!

First, there’s a four-part, all-analog monster with true analog filters and a direct dry output. Next up is a four-part digital engine powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL synth technology, plus an impressive selection of potent effects. The JD-XA’s engines can be used independently or interactively, providing an incredibly flexible platform for sound design, studio work, and live performance."

Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Overview
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Tone Architecture
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Crossover Concept
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Arpeggiator and Effects
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Sequencer
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Sequencer
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - website sounds & sequences
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - LED Configuration
Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Synthesizer - Vocoder

Hands On: PPG WaveGenerator - The Beauty

Published on Sep 24, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"This week, I check out PPG WaveGenerator for PC / Mac with the beauty aspect of the plugin. Why Beauty. It's because I choose a lot of sounds which has a bright sound and very beautiful to hear. It demonstrate how fantastic the WaveGenerator can sound.

Part 1 of the video: single use of PPG WaveGenerator
Part 2 of the video: Multi Instruments inside Presonus Studio One Pro"

"Sorry I don't have a Reface" jam with Yamaha Orginals TX802 TX81z AN1x and Korg Electribe Sampler 2

Published on Sep 24, 2015 Shimanski Beats

"Hi everybody, my latest live jam with the title "Sorry I don't have a Reface", that is, one of the new Yamaha Reface series. But I do have the Yamaha AN1x and some original Yamaha FM-synthesizers of the 1980s such as the TX802 (rack version of DX7 II) and the TX81z (rack version of the DX 11). And because I love these old machines, I thought why not hooking them up with the Korg Electribe Sampler 2 for a jam session.

ES2: drums; serves as hardware sequencer for the external synths
AN1x: analog bassline and a pad (played live)
TX802: deep bassline, two FM fx pads, wire FX
TX81z: mid bassline, FM mallet sound
FX on most tracks (Alesis Midiverb 3, Alesis Quadraverb 2, Lexicon MX200); no overdub, ES samples stock, else only own patches used."

Emu Drumulator Stock MIDI Allows Triggering of Internal Sounds

Just an update to this post. Video added demoing the functionality.

The Journey - Separate Ways Synth parts with JP clone

Published on Sep 24, 2015 tiergrinder
Update: Re-Published on Sep 25, 2015 with better audio

"Small test clip where I used JP Clone for synth parts and TR-707 is backing up with generic "rock beat"

Sequencer is synced to TR-707's clock.
Reverb on synthpart is Lexicon MPX100'

Jupiter Clone and Lexicon MPX100

Published on Sep 24, 2015

"Noodling around with my Jupiter clone and my latest purchase, Lexicon MPX 100."

Eurorack Synth Noise Jam Featuring Roland AIRA Effector Modules

Published on Sep 24, 2015 ED電音頻道 E.D.Music Channel

"Copyright: E.D.Music Co.
Performed by Timmy Lok
Gears used:
Roland AIRA Scooper, Bitrazer, Torcido, Demora, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Eurorack modules from Analogue Solutions, Synthrotek, Delptronics, Mutable Instruments, Steady Stay Fate, Tiptop Audio, Doepfer…..etc.
Special thanks: Tom Lee Music"

Vermona Perfourmer

via this auction


via this auction

Not the best pics, but cool combo to look at.

Circuit Bent Coleco Talking Teacher Demo

Published on Feb 7, 2015 bentstruments

via this auction


"1) Active Matrix Glitch-This mod opens up the membrane for random glitching dependent on where you touch the pad.

2) Ramble Glitch-Flip this switch and hit go and itll spew constant ramblings on and on and on and on.........

3) Pitch Changing Dial-Use this pitch wheel to change the pitch from spaceman high to gutteral, super slow mo low.

4) 1/4" Output Jack-Connect to your favorite effects, your amp, mixer, etc, easily with this added output jack.

5) Reset Button-Use this when youre ready for a change and the machine is rambling on its own, also works as an OFF button.

6) Theremin Opto Cell Controller-Simply flip the switch, use the pitch dial to fine tune and you can play any sound emmitting from the speak like a theremin, makes for some great effects.

7) Looping Switch with Advance Button-FLip this switch at any time to catch a sound that you can then mold and play with the other controls such as the opto cell and pitch dial.

8) Fuzz switch to give the voice a grittier lo-fi sound.

9) Beat Looping switch-create beat type of loops

10) Volume control

11) Sound Mute button

12) Pitch body contact-lowers the pitch when touched

These added mods add tons of versatility and creative avenues for your playing, recording and experimenting pleasure.

The battery cover's nicely in place and the unit is in great condition."

the Wierrrrrrhhhhd song - wiard 300 eurorack modular synth sound master sr88

Published on Sep 24, 2015 DavidH

Le jour du chat- eurorack modular synth Wiard 300 soundmaster SR88

[DEMO] WALDORF NW-1// Funny Wave Sequencing // w BEATSTEP Pro

Published on Sep 24, 2015 LESINDES

"A springy BEAT STEP PRO sequence is triggerung 2 ADSRs and clocking 2 A-155 Doepfer Setp Sequencers. A-155 driving the modulation Inputs of the WALDORF NW-1 -- no FX @ all!! Sounds between CHIPTUNE and ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS in an instant!"

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol - Patch 005.1 - TR8 through Phenol with synced tri-wave modulation -

Published on Sep 24, 2015 DiscoverNoise

"Discover Noise 007-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Patch 005.1-

Updated version of the patch 005 video. The TR-8 midi out is connected to Phenols Midi in. The midi clock from the TR-8 is used to sync OSC1s triangle wave. The triangle wave is then send to the "FM in" of the lowpass filter to modulate the TR-8s audio signal. The wet audio signal is going into "In-1" while the dry audio signal from the "Ext In 2" is going unmodulated into "In-2".


Kilpatrick Audio Phenol:
Roland Aira TR-8:"

AnalogKit - Getting Started

Published on Sep 24, 2015 AnalogKit

"Getting started with AnalogKit on the iPad. We explain some basic usage of the app, and build a simple synthesizer."

iTunes: AnalogKit - Bitcount ltd.

DSI POLY EVOLVER (12 Voices) - Ambient Industrial Noise Music - Dave Smith Instruments 【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Sep 24, 2015 synth4ever

"Dave Smith Instruments / DSI POLY EVOLVER (12 voices) synth demo. Playing experimental ambient industrial noise music on 12-voice DSI POLY EVOLVER digital/analog synthesizer w/ Strymon Big Sky."

Oberheim OB8 vs u-he Diva - Blind Test

Published on Aug 19, 2015 SwanAudio

[Answers further below]

"For u-he Diva preset pack 'Classic OB' go to:

Wav file:

Roland Aira Modular Oscillator Mod & Roland Aira Modular Drum Machine

Published on Aug 18, 2015 Voltage Control Lab

"Turn your Roland Aira Modular FX unit into a full synth voice!"

Roland Aira Modular Drum Machine

Published on Sep 8, 2015

"In this video, we explore building and triggering drum sounds inside the Roland Aira Modular FX modules using the Aira Customizer App."

Modular Kick Drum Tutorial

Published on Aug 4, 2015 Voltage Control Lab

"Here is our first video tutorial, featuring the gorgeous Sputnik Modular Oscillator. This oscillator is perfect for kick drum programming thanks to a few special features that set it apart from some other basic oscillators.

This video demonstrates a starting point for kick drum sound design, utilizing a single envelope to control both the pitch of the oscillator as well as the amplifier it is routed through. By using this single envelope, we can tweak our sound dramatically simply by using the decay control on the envelope.

The waveshape function of the Sputnik Oscillator is particularly useful for adding in a bit more presence and providing some punch on the square and ramp wave side. The CV input with the attenuverter also offers a unique way to modulate the pitch of the oscillator, which is perfect for this kind of sound.

Sputnik is releasing a ton of new modules this summer, including their new Dual Oscillator, the Valve Multiplier and a pretty fancy lookin’ Spectral Processor. Look for more about these modules soon, right here on Voltage Control Lab or browse some of the new modules at MuffWiggler.

We will take this routing and idea further in our upcoming Sound Design for Modular Synthesis course, which will launch in mid-September!

Don’t recognize some of the above terms? We’ll also be adding our Modular 101: The Basics of Modular Synth around the same time!"

New Moog Mother 32 Mock-up

Slightly better than these.

via Sonicstate

"In much the same vain as the Roland System- 1m, the Mother 32 offers a basic all-in-one VCO synth voice that can be mounted in your euro case, or standalone. It also offers a 32 point patch bay and a 32 step sequencer...

[however] 'It's black, with really nice angled wood side cheeks on the mini-skiff that it comes in. This layout tracks very well with what I remember of the thing.'

So I think we can guess that this is pretty close to the actual synth. Moog isn't letting pictures out just yet so you'll just have to wait for the official announcement to see exactly what it looks like!

It's expected to be available in early October at a price of $599.

Layering Sounds on the KORG M500 & a Warning on Leaking Capacitors

Korg M500 demo/ GENERAL TECH NOTE for later 70's korgs/ oliver leslie preview

Published on Sep 23, 2015 sounddoctorin

"Bob Weigel of shows some new features I wasn't aware of on the M500 micro preset (ie. the ability to mix settings... why didn't I try this before? Some fabulous sounds available that way I'd never explored) , but also shows a problem that surfaced in both the unit shown here and my own M500. Be sure to open yours and remove the 220uF 16 V capacitors. Note how there is probably acid eating the traces under them. Restore as noted in the video and also 33uF capacitors were having the same issue in mine. THose particular values seem to be fail prone at this age. I assume the same parts were being used in other synths of the ear including MS series, PS series... possibly my PE1000 I should also check. Tuning is varying some anyway.. Look for discolored traces. Not hard to see. I also show off my home made horn for the oliver orbital sound projector I'd just finished at the end. :-)"

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