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Friday, July 08, 2016

Modular Expedition 22 - Improvised Modular Synthesizer Music

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Modular Landing

"Live performance on a modular synthesizer. An explanation of the patch is given in the video 'Exploring Modular Synths 9'."

Exploring Modular Synths 9 - Explanation of Patch and Performance of Modular Expeditions 22

Published on Jul 8, 2016

"This video explains a somewhat involved patch used in the piece "Modular Expeditions 22" which is available as a separate video without explanation and with better audio quality. If you haven't seen that, you can go watch that first. In this video, after the explanation of the patch, the piece is played through as a shorter version than the other video. This piece is built around a sequence in the Rene that goes out to the Dixie, the Intellijel Shapeshifter, and Braids. Drums from the Ladik Twin Drums module and hi-hats from noise from a Mother 32 accompany. The piece begins and ends with pads from Pressure Points into two Wiard Anti-oscillators and into a 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator complement the piece, played into Clouds. Echophon is used for some DJ-like wiggling effects at times."

All parts here.

Red Martian at Bear Creek Studio with Mattson Mini Modular System - Cowboy to Be Officially Released

via Red Martian [bandcamp]

"Working with Scott Jackman and Gordon Raphael at Bear Creek Studio processing drums and other instruments using a guitar has a controller."

And for fans of Cowboy (featuring the Mattson Mini Modular), the single will finally be officially released after sevent years of making it's debut.

via @distillerpromo:

"Hey Radio folks, this retro lookin' synth-tastic record by @sdf_pubnix (Red Martian) goes for RPM ADDs on 7/12!"

via @somnambulist:

"Great music, THX @distillerpromo ! 5" floppy disc promo feat. Mattson Mini Modular synthesiser by Red Martian. #MMM"

Floppy disk pick below. See this video for what they look like when opening.

Details coming:

1980 KORG TRIDENT MK I SN 330047

via this auction

"This example, serial number 330047 has been fully serviced and is entirely studio-ready. It is currently missing the joytstick top, however, it is otherwise complete. Quite rare, this is a fantastic sounding synth. The Trident is a polyphonic and programmable keyboard with three independent sections - Synthesizer, Brass, and Strings. It features 8 voices of polyphony and two of the instrument sections can be played simultaneously while in Split Keyboard mode.

Each section has its own unique VCO voice architecture, VCF (filter) types, and LFO capabilities. The Brass section's VCF and Envelope Generators are virtually the same as the Synthesizer section, allowing the Brass section to be used for generating additional synth-y sounds as well as faux-brass sounds. The String section has some unique features as well such as a "Bowing" effect. Another unique effect included is a global flanger that can self-oscillate! Flanger controls include Speed, Feedback, Intensity and Manual.

The Trident also features 16 user memory patches. In addition there are three preset memory patches for Piano 1, Piano 2 and Clavi. There is no way of externally playing the Trident with MIDI or CV/Gate without modifications (CV/Gate only controls expression and filter parameters). But the CV/Gate inputs are discrete for each of the three sections. There are also discrete mono outputs for each section and a mix output."


via this auction

"Moog Polymoog model 203A synthesizer. This particular example, serial number 1641, is in non-working original condition, and is being sold for parts."

The Joy Of Soldering DIY Tutorials by AI Synthesis

Published on Jul 7, 2016 AI Synthesis

AI001 DIY Modular Synthesizer Full Build Guide Video
AI002 Mixer DIY modular synth full build video

Module details follow:

Sound Diary #11 - Akemie's Drone

Published on Jul 8, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Here's the latest bit of audio this time from a patch with the ALM Akemie's Castle making drones. It's inspired a new series of long form videos of drones and self playing patches. Watch out for that."

Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom + Make Noise 0-Coast (in two parts)

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"First quick test 5 minutes after unboxing my new Retro Mechanical Labs 'Electron Fuzz Custom'. This thing kicks ass! Paired up here with the new Make Noise 0-Coast analog synth and the Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo... I will definitely be exploring more with this combination!"

Polivoks LFO MOD

Published on Jul 8, 2016 The Outsider

"The Polivoks is hands down my favorite analog monosynth, even with its eccentricities and laughably horrible keyboard. One of the things that I thought really needed improvement was the LFO, specifically the LFO speed. As you'll see in the video, even at minimum the speed is quite fast. Thanks to my friend Egor, I was able to slow it down considerably by swapping out capacitor 7 on the LFO board with a higher value component. From the factory, C7 is 10uf. I tried out a 100uf cap and got the results shown in the video. Ideally, I should replace the LFO pot as well, as the right combination would give very slow minimum and very fast maximum LFO speeds, but I don't really feel like spending a ton of time trial & error parts matching... This quick fix is good enough for now."

severence // vector rain patch

Published on Jul 8, 2016 severence

"// early experiments with the schippmann omega-phi oscillator & intellijel rainmaker

// modules used in this patch

addac802 vca quintet mixing console
alm pamela's workout
anitmatter brain seed
intellijel planar
intellijel rainmaker
make noise maths
metasonix r54 mk II
modcan quad lfo
mutable intstruments clouds
schippmann omega-phi
schippmann vcf-02
steady state fate ultra random analog
toppobrillo quantimator
verbos electronics dual four pole
verbos electronics random sampling
wmd sequential switch matrix + expand
wmd/ssf spo

// patch notes to follow"

ONE MINUTE SYNTH REVIEW!!! Ep. 6 Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Published on Jul 7, 2016 Noir Et Blanc Vie

"In this episode I couldn't think of something witty to write...This is the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

CS70M & CS60 - "Tiger In A Spotlight"

Published on Jul 8, 2016 noddyspuncture

"Having a play with the 'Tiger' solo on my CS70 & CS60..."

Mode Machines ADX1 Demo 4

Published on Jul 8, 2016 acidjack303

"ADX-1_Analog_Drum_Machine_Modemachines (7)ANALOG DRUM MACHINE

Mode Machines brought again the ADX 1, a powerful 5 channel Analogue Drum Expander with individual outputs, MIDI control and infinite amount of sound tones thanks to its generous amount of knobs to control its parameters.
The 5 Channels provide different sound palettes.

Metal: Metal is used to create cymbal sounds and consists of two different metallic-sounding Generators. Two filters, Envelope/modulation options, Decay and Release.

HiHat: HiHat consists of one metallic-sounding noise generator and one “clean” signal, Pitch control, mix, modulation, filter, Envelope modulation, Decay and Release.

Snare: The sound of Snare is created by one metallic-sounding noise generator through two band pass filters connected in parallel, Decay and Release.

Synth: Is used to create sounds like bells or synthesizers and consists of 3 sinus Oscillators. FM and Bend for a wide palette of sounds, Attack and Release.

Bass: Consists of one sinus oscillator, with pitch control. Additional Overtones can be created by frequency modulation. Attack simulates the 'Pluck' of a bass string, Release to control the length and Distortion available for dirtier sounds."

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Emissions

via supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, Adam Pietruszko of

You'll find the expansion pack at

"The 'Emissions' expansion for Carbon Electra has been designed with warm sounds influenced from the natural world. The collection will suit all producers looking to add depth and mysticism to their work.

Containing 64 presets focusing on lush keys, rich bass timbres, smooth pads, beautiful leads and hypnotic sequences. Layering and fusing with processed beats will ensure emotive textural productions, reminiscent of Warp Records.

Utilising Carbon's built in sequencer, this pack lets you access complex sequences and bass rhythms at a single keystroke. Build harmonic layers with delicate keys and full bodied pads or inject energy into your compositions with crisp leads.

The collection is also suited to audio/visual composers wishing to bring thought provoking electronica to their scores.

Produced by Adam Pietruszko (, specialising in avant-garde cinematic sound design. Audio demo produced by Kanigu.

Be sure to check out the audio demo located in the multimedia player!

Moog Model 15 + Quadnic + Z3000mkII + Tides + Clouds + Ti2 + Circuit

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Was very difficult for me to choose the first sound I record for this demo with the Moog Model 15. I choosed this Saw Lead - a little modified, only because I thought that can be more expressive for this demo. Also featuring: Quadnic + Ripples + Tides + Clouds and Z3000mkII + Doepfer SEM VCF, Virus Ti2 and Novation Circuit.
Hope you'll enjoy it!"

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

Dataline - Absent

Published on Jul 8, 2016 MrDataline

KISS 2016: EMERGENCE - Annual Kyma International Sound Symposium Set for September 7 - 10

"The annual Kyma International Sound Symposium includes papers, workshops, demos, and live performances presented by Kyma practitioners along with master classes presented by the creators of Kyma, all tied together by a unifying theme. You are invited to learn, to share, to meet, and to enjoy!

Kyma experts from Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA will be in Leicester to share their expertise in workshops, demonstrations, talks, and live performances."

Details on the 2016 EMERGENCE Event:

Odd Clocks With Make Noise René

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"This week in Pulse Tips, we're exploring some interesting ways to complicate your sequences with the Make Noise René."

First Patch W/ Strymon BigSky and MakeNoise Shared System

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Dave Bundy

"First patch using my new Strymon BigSky.
Messing around its machines and functions."

Korg LAMBDA ES-50 Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 232882

via this auction

Mos-Lab MU / 5U Modules

via this auction

"Please note that these modules run at +12/-12V and have their own connectors (different to Dotcom or Moon Modular connectors).
Module depths (between 12cm for 904A, 901b, 902, and 17cm for 984).
These modules are unused, opened only to photograph them for this listing.
They've never been mounted. Mint condition!

Sale includes:
902 VCA
911 LFO
924 VC LFO

Product webpage:"

Alesis Andromeda A6 16 Voice Polyphonic Analog SynthSN (21)A10806045700981

via this auction

Korg Synthe-Bass SB-100

via this auction

MIDIBox Sammich Sid Synthesizer

via this auction

"It is in MINT like new shape, barely ever used it. Still has protective plastic over the screen. Includes two of the famous MOS 8580 SID chips. 100% fully functional. Sounds awesome but I have decided to let go of some synths since I don't have much time for the studio these days. It includes power supply. This is an amazing chiptune style synth, and in my opinion sounds better with more option controls than the Elektron Sidstation. Hard to find one in such nice shape. Note: Sid synths do have background hums / tones / notes on some patches, this is completely normal and due to the nature of the sid chips. Power supply works worldwide but has 2-prong USA style plug. Don't miss out!"

Yamaha CS01 Monosynth SN 23780 with Anvil Case

via this auction

Hordijk Modular gets into some funky place

Hordijk Modular gets into some funky place from richard scott on Vimeo.

Hordijk Modular broken beats from richard scott on Vimeo.

OP-1 Loopsession 07-07-16 (Cecograph) Part 01

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Jeremy Leaird-Koch

"Let's sample from vinyl and make some loops using the Teenage Engineering OP-1. We'll use these loops in part two to create a polished, final track in Ableton live."

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

Live recording

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Miloyko M

With all Elektron gear.

"Midnight Blues" (DS10)-(korg M01 )

Published on Jul 8, 2016 j j

"thanks 4 listening..

Patch Notes #3 - Karplus Strong with Mutable Warps Parasite

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Here's a patch using the Karplus Strong string synthesis patch with the Mutable Instruments Warps Parasite firmware delay modes, based on our most recent Eurorack modular synth tutorial.

Braids is routed through one channel on the Optomix, where it is modulated by an envelope from the ADLFO triggered by Euclidean Rhythms from the Ornament and Crime. The attenuated signal is then sent to Warps to excite the delay. The Karplus tone is being excited using the chord based wavetable mode in Braids rather than a noise source as we heard in the tutorial.

Warps is then routed through another channel on Optomix and then out to a mixer. The VCA is being opened by a channel on Maths, tweaking the decay time throughout.

The kick drum is coming from the Basimilus Iteritas, pitch modulated with an envelope from Maths to give it some punch. Hihat is a noise based signal based in the Scooper. All signals are being rhythmically triggered via the Ornament and Crime, which is in turn being clocked from Tempi. Pressure Points and Brains are used to modulate Euclidean Fill amounts on the three voices.

Tempi also clocking the Wogglebug and X-clock on René, with the Wogglebug stepped random out routed to the Y-CV input. The chaos knob is increased throughout to add some random shifting to the René pattern, which is modulating the delay time on Warps, creating the melodic sequence."

Modular Jam 56 "Rubber Band"

Published on Jul 8, 2016 ngarjuna

"Patch Notes:
Band Pass Lead Patches
Sequencer 1 driving Rubicon
SIGMOID out to Polaris BPF
2 variations: 'clean' is fully driven with distortion off; 'dirty' is not as clipped but distortion is turned on
Modulated by Rene UNQ and PEG-ADSR-Maths (cycling quickly) via Maths SUM
MULTI out to uVCA enveloped by ADSR
Modulation sources are identical between the 'clean' and 'dirty' variants with small adjustments to CUTOFF/CV, RESO and DRIVE as needed
At the very end I left an A-B-A-B between clean and dirty (clean @ 5:10 & 5:41 , dirty @ 5:26 & 5:56)
All distortion on the bandpass lead is from Polaris itself

Korg gadget track 12 with NanoKontrol studio

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Hank Astral

iTunes: KORG Gadget - KORG INC.

"Using the Nanokontrol studio to control the gadget mixer.

HOW I ARRANGE: After I've created a loop that I like I just launch/mute tracks and tweak parameters rather than consciously lay everything out. This way the whole process stays fun which for me is the key. I may do a more detailed tutorial on this.

With all the gear options out there I also like sticking with one program and Korg gadget is perfect for what I want to do. If you don't know what it is here is my own overview:

Testing portable setup with MC202 and TC Flashback

Published on Jul 8, 2016 Peter Maas

"Testing portable setup with MC202 and TC Flashback using a Line6 iOS interface I plan to use when traveling. Goal is to do something like Alessandro Cortini did on 'Sonno'. All on batteries is one of the requirements to keep it lean."

HEAD DRESS - Make Noise 9U Techno

Published on Jul 7, 2016 Ted James Butler

"Just messing around with some simple rhythms this afternoon, decided to make a quick video. 2 percussive voices and a little bit of bass from the Make Noise system. Twisted sax lead and sub bass off the Electribe. Still getting to know the RYTM at this point. Playing around with trig probability in its programming. Nothing too crazy, but thought it was worth catching...

Make Noise 9U System,
Elektron Analog RYTM,
KORG Electribe.

Recorded 07.07.2016."

Suitcase Explorations 1

Published on Jul 7, 2016 voltlife

"Experimenting with a selection of modules to put into a portable skiff for a live ambient/drone/noise improvisation."


Suitcase Explorations 2

Published on Jul 10, 2016

"Another experiment in improvisation with my Euro suitcase synth."

Exploring Modular Synths 8 - Using the Echophon as an Oscillator

Published on Jul 7, 2016 Modular Landing

"Almost anything in your modular synth, it seems, can be used as an oscillator or sound source. In this very simple video, the Echophon is used as an oscillator by capturing some inputted audio with the freeze button. It is sped up to audio rate, and then CV comes in via the pitch input to play that frozen audio."

All parts here.

Make Noise 0-Coast Overtone & Multiply on the Scope

Published on Jul 7, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"THIS IS ONLY A TECHNICAL DEMO - Per request from multiple forums, here is what the Make Noise 0-Coast's 'Overtone' and 'Multiply' sections are doing..."

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