MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday, August 06, 2016

keith's psychedelic breakfast - Moog System 55

Published on Aug 6, 2016 100 Things I Do

"This weeks clip is something a little different. Last night at The Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS) I had a few hours to explore the Moog System 55. Everything you hear in this clip was generated during that session, the sounds were then cut and trimmed this morning and assembled as you hear them in quasi concrete style. Effects used are Logic's ring modulator and as always Eventide's Black Hole. The video I took during the session came out pretty rough do to the Florissant lights so its more a montage than my normal clips. Hope you enjoy! Thanks also to Ross for hosting of the evening and Shane for some added noodle flavor :D"

Rephazer - Little Mad Sometimes (Live Minimal/Acid with Octatrack, Analog Four, vPed and OP-1)

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Rephazer

"Hi folks, It's been a while since I did a live 'house' jam so here it is..

Some heavy use of the Elektron Octatrack and Analog Four on the first half of the jam featuring a kind of 'Minimal Acid' style.. The Mode Machines vPed and Teenage Engineering OP-1 are used some more on the second half of the jam featuring a more experimental melodic minimal techno style.

All audio is going into the Octatrack and the audio output of the Octatrack is recorded with the Zoom H4n.

Sorry for the quick fade-out at the end.. Not sure why that happened while rendering the video, but there used to be a long(er) reverb tail.."

In Theory

Published on Aug 6, 2016 davidryle

"It should work...

I took a leap and bought quite a few new modules all at lone to try a rhythm experiment as well as a different direction in tonal work.

Noise Engineering's Numeric Repetitor, Confundo Funkitus, Tonnetz Sequent are in play here along with a Mutable Instruments Grids. Battle plan included trying straight pulse inputs for the clock timing from a 4MS QCD which is picking up a master timing off the Intellijel Metropolis RYK-M185 sequencer. They are playing nice with a suite of STG Soundlabs sequencer modules and Time Divider as well as a Moon Modular 554 Octal Divider to hammer out some pulse timings to the Tonnetz Sequent. A pair of Q962 sequential switches are further dividing up the various pulses to the Home and Transform functions on the Tonnetz Sequent.

The tonal chords from the TS is running a trio of Q106's sent through a Yusynth mixer to a Behringer CC300 Space Chorus and on to an Oakley Audio Discontinuity Wavefolder and then on through a Jurgen Haible Tau "Pipe" phaser and finally into a Modcan Dual Delay which is cv swept from a Makenoise Pressure Points and Brains. Whew! It was worth the 100 feet of cables though as it sounds similar to an old Leslie driven Hammond organ in places - like!

Mutable Instruments Rings starts the piece with a bit of resonant bleeps dampened to sound like wood blocks a few minutes into the production. A copy of the Metropolis sequence to a Harvestman Piston Honda is split up going to an Echophon, Phonogene, Clouds and Z-DSP for loads of background effects. It is also sent through a Behringer DD400 digital delay paneled into a 5U module before sent to a MOTM 440 discrete OTA low pass filter. This is also part of the opening sounds set. The last thing banging out a nasty bass tone is the Makenoise Mysteron.
Bass drum is a single Q106 vco through a Q109 ADSR. The snare sound is a TipTop SD808 and the clicky hat sound is an pair of Q106's in conjunction with a double resonant Q107 SVF filter in high pass mode and Q109 ADSR. The Q107 is also being modulated by a Sputnik West Coast Random Source FRV probability cv.

It worked for me."

Roland Jupiter 4 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN 851241

via this auction

Tom Oberheim SEM Pro

via this auction

"Oberheim SEM Pro Synthesizer Expander Module Features at a Glance:

True analog synthesis from Oberheim - a sound that has helped shape modern music
MIDI to CV module opens up new possibilities in the studio as well as live
Rugged, durable design gives you the confidence to make the SEM Pro part of your live rig
External audio inputs make the SEM Pro a powerful processing tool
Personally autographed by Tom Oberheim

The Oberheim SEM Pro Synthesizer Expander Module is an instant synth classic."

Elektron Live Jam by Jens Aderholz

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Jens Aderholz

Note this one went up earlier today but was pulled shortly after. It's back.

"Elektron Live Jam by Jens Aderholz

My Gear

Roland MX1
Roland Tr8
Roland Tb3
Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Rytm
Elektron Octatrack
Virus Ti Polar"

Midnight/Midwest (Synth Music Video)

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Jacques Mongrel

"Music and Video by Jacques Mongrel. Composed Recorded and Shot in St. Louis, Missouri. Music composed on Ableton Live and Elektron Analog Four via Overbridge."

This one in via supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, Jacques Mongrel aka Pinwale Sounds.

Remember, all supporting members of the site are free to send in their music. These posts are a nice interlude from all of the gear demos. It's always great to hear what readers of the site are doing musically. If you'd like to share as well please sign up! Becoming a supporting member helps ensure the site will continue on for the years to come.

Keystep Microbrute JU-06 SQ-1

Published on Aug 6, 2016 sprunging for voltage

"A quick play with the Keystep, two Microbrutes, Roland JU-06, Korg SQ-1, and a couple different effects. The TR-8 and JX-03 are not being used here. The audio was recorded raw and direct into Ableton."


Keystep Microbrute JX-03 JU-06 TR-8 SQ-1

Published on Aug 6, 2016

"Everything in the mix. Recorded raw and direct into Ableton."

Reminder: Chris Randall of Audio Damage Will Be at Control Voltage Portland at 2PM Today

If you are in the Portland area today, don't miss the Audio Damage meet with Chris Randall at 2PM at Control Voltage.

via @Chris_Randall

LYRA-4 driven by CV (Demo)

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Vlad Kreimer

Start this one with your volume low!

"LYRA-4 organismic synthesizer driven by CV input for voice modulation. LYRA-8 will acts the same way with all its capabilities.

SOMA Lab 2016"

See this previous post for another demo and some additional details.

PPG Phonem for iPad • Show And Tell

Published on Aug 6, 2016 WPalmWT

"Wolfgang Palm introduces the Phonem iPad app and is playing and explaining presets."

DSP Synthesizers LM1 Demo & Summer Sale on Modules

Published on Aug 2, 2016 Jan Ostman

"The 4HP Nanodrum LM1 module.
4HP polyphonic drum module with global pitch CV.
Great classic 80's sound with a real deep kick."

Regarding the summer sale:

Choose any modules you want at

Send a mail to with your order.

And they will invoice you $55 per module.

Shipping is included.

The sale runs until 8/14.

Free Train - Yamaha Montage Jam with Ableton Live 9 and Akai APC Mini

Published on Aug 5, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Playing live over tracks I recorded, then launching, looping, and more playing live.. All sounds are the Yamaha Montage. I set up a scene that has four different instruments you can bounce between. A synth bass, a Wurli, a clav, and a synth lead/pad. Just jamming because if I don't I go stale and die."

Patchwerks Synth Petting Zoo at DAT 2016

Published on Aug 5, 2016 Brenden Hierro

"DAT (Digital and Analog Technologies) Conference 2016 brings PatchWerks from Seattle to set up the Synth Petting Zoo in Caras Park on Sunday. Andy Reichel explains the ins and outs of a modular synthesizer."

Note Patchwerks Seattle is set for August 21.

Side note: I was trying to figure out what was written on the top right of the Moogerfooger at 1:24 and on the bottom of the modules. I then realized the video is mirrored in reverse! Funny. It's of course and Moogerfooger in reverse.


via this auction

Roland System 100 Mixing Amplifier Model 103 SN 530822

via this auction

Yocto 808 demo - HQ Audio of TR 808 clone

Published on Jun 16, 2016 AJ Tronics

"Yocto 808 i just finished, very happy with its sound! recorded the audio of each drum voice in HQ for anyone who might like some TR 808 samples in isolation"

Yocto 808 drum machine sequencer (Roland TR808 clone)

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Chris Montanaro

"This is a short demo of this amazing clone of the Roland TR808."

Yence - Fiction (live performed - hardware only)

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Yence505

"Made a new track with my new Volca Bass. Roland MC-303 is master, midiclock is send to the other devices using a Mode Machines midi thru box.

Roland MC-303 - kick, clap, ride, sidestick, tom
Akai Rythm wolf - hihat, snare
Roland TB3 - 303 bassline
Korg Volca Bass - Main LFO-ed bassline
Korg Volca Keys - fifths
Arturia Microbrute - lead
Novation KStation - arp
EH analog delay is going through the Waldorf filter and then into an Alesis midiverb4.
Also used 2 compressors and an EH Pulsar."

Hordijk FM Project

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Salz-Peter Zucker

"Rob Hordijk modular synthesizer, randomly self playing FM synthesis w/ Strymon El Capistan as the only effect."

Playing with stuff - Electribe 2 as an insert effect

Published on Aug 6, 2016 ElektroNoiser

"Since I do not have my effect Zoom RFX1000 as reverb for my evolver, I plan on using the effect of my E2 to connect Aux1 and Aux2 my mixer to the audio input of my E2, thus I will get a better dry / wet relation to have these separate parameters.
Waldorf Blofeld = Bass + Stab
DSI Evolver E2 = sequencer tewaking With Reverb
Korg Electribe2 = Drums + Phaser Strings and "Wet reverb" for audio input
Kawai Q80ex = Master sequencer

Thanks for Watch"

Friday Night Drunk Patch : Analog Diary

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Kevin Polzer

"4ms dual looping delay / spectral multiband resonator mutable instruments braids / clouds metropolis intellijel atlantis moog mother-32 make noise maths erbeverb"

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