MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017

SSL FX Capacitor 5U Module

via @AtomicShadow

"There was Collusion! Between @DougSlocum at Synthetic Sound Labs, Russ Hoffman at Evaton Technologies and Mrs. Shadow. The SSL FX Capacitor module arrived in 1 day and ambushed me under the Christmas tree. Thank you all so much!"

Neutron sound poly synth playing braids WMAP (teensy 3.6!)

Published on Dec 22, 2017 neutron7

"This is the 2 main oscillators playing 'WMAP' with original braids waveforms. both at diferrent XY slightly detuned.

both main oscillators have different modulation, the most pronounced modulation you hear is by the LFO, which i adjust a bit. also adjusted, LFO speed and phase, X and Y of the 2 oscillators, release time.

there are no effects, recorded with irig to an ipad.

I guess you could call this a 'west coast' poly synth.

Currently running on teensy 3.6, 'sample at a time' DSP, not PJRC audio library."

Cwejman Acid - A techno patch to test the new VCO-6

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Luke Killen

"Running my new Cwejman VCO-6 through some filtering to test out it's acid synth chops. It's got some serious bark."

It definitely has personality.

The Human League-Seconds-Intrumental Cover

Published on Dec 22, 2017 farmyfarm

"I occasionally like to revisit old sample loops from the Mirage or E-MU ESI-32..I go thru the floppies and make back-ups when needed and check for corrupt discs..You keep your media in a cool, dry place and actually use them once in awhile and they WILL last as long as they are cared for..Along with the synths that utilize them..

Anyways, I learned this song easily over 30+ years ago..It's very easy to play..Nearly as basic as a synth based song can get..BUT, it's always been a beautiful song without the complicated computer driven beat that songs of this period were starting to become..Poignant song about JFK's death...No lyrics here..Just a freestyle intrumental piece.."

Roland JX-8P & Novation K-Station as well.

Kitty Eyes vs. Dreamboat vs. Chaos Brother (SNAZZY FX CHAOS!) #TTNM

Published on Dec 22, 2017 The Tuesday Night Machines

"A quick comparison of the three Snazzy FX chaos modules Kitty Eyes, Dronebank and Chaos Brother :)

PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:

Audio gear used:

- Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes (almost like the top half of the Dreamboat - it's audio rate fast with nicely controllable chaos!)

- Snazzy FX Dreamboat (top section provides fast chaos at audio rate, bottom section is a bit slower and less chaotic)

- Snazzy FX Chaos Brother (slow and tame chaos at medium to fast LFO speeds)

- Synthrotek EKO Delay"

Buchla Music Easel: Last Christmas (Reprise)

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Kyle Swisher

"A Very Buchla Christmas"

All parts here.


Published on Dec 22, 2017 Christophe Duquesne

"This is a very personal recording since I initially did it specially for my father.

It is "The song for a cold genius" (or 'Cold Song') from Henry Purcell: you probably know the amazing version of Klaus Nomi... I'm of course far from that, but this shows another direction where the Continuum can help you to go.
I recorded the backtrack with the Continuum and a SV1 (and a little bit of Nord Modular G2X). The "machinery" behind if from my friend NaniSound.
I played that track live during last Continuucon in Asheville and also in Nantes for the Synthfest.

And by the way Merry Christmas !!"

Tony Rolando Museum of Art and Design Interview

Published on Dec 22, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"An interview with Tony Rolando about Make Noise's commissioned piece "Synthesizer for Two Coasts" for the exhibit "Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound." The exhibit was co-curated by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and is showing at the Museum of Art and Design in New York through February 25, 2018.

More information about 'Sonic Arcade' can be found here:"

Critter & Guitari - Partial Party

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Critter & Guitari

"Partial Party transforms external sounds into a synth voice by selecting and amplifying specific frequencies of the incoming signal. Knobs control the the pattern of amplified partials, transposition, waveform and wet/dry mix. The keys or incoming Midi notes also control transposition so you can play a little melody! Partial Party sounds cool with vocals, guitars, other synths and everything else!"

Download here: https://www.critterandguitar­

Multivox MX-202 Demo

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Syntaur

"Syntaur's Sam Mims does a very quick demo of the Multivox MX-202 brass/string machine."

Sleigh Bell Triggered Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"We connected a contact microphone to a sleigh bell and input that into a Mutable Instruments Ears in order to trigger events on the modular synthesizer.

Happy Holidays from Perfect Circuit Audio!"

1970s Dubreq Stylophone 350S + Studio Effects Demo & Repair James Bennett

Published on Sep 17, 2017 James Bennett

"Quick test of the (almost) repaired Stylophone 350S as shown in a previous video, played through a Digitech Quad and a Sony R7

Follow-up video discussing the repair will come soon!"

1970s Dubreq Stylophone 350S Repair - Pt1

Published on Aug 9, 2017 James Bennett

"A really crusty Stylophone 350S which i am going to attempt to resurrect. It ain't pretty..."

This one in via Atomic Shadow.

Mattel Optigan Model 35011 Repair by James Bennett

Published on Jun 28, 2017 James Bennett

"Something a bit different. In the vein of repair videos I like to watch, I was advised to actually document one about this project.

A friend's 1973 Optigan which amazingly he managed to find in England, and pretty locally at that. In our studio for a service.

I'm getting over a cold, so apologies for my heavy breathing!

More lighting required..."

This one in via Atomic Shadow.

The Moog Rogue Overview Videos by Marc Doty aka AutomaticGainsay

Published on Dec 22, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

Before Marc Doty made overview videos for new synths, he made them for classic vintage synths. It's great to see him revisiting a classic. You can support Marc at

Last Christmas synthesizer cover

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Loolaphone

"4 arpeggios chained together and having them follow one keyboard, the Jupiter 4, which has Midi IO. I'm playing random chords at the end"

Happy Holidays Card From Make Noise

"Happy holidays from all of us at Make Noise!!"


Korg Minikorg 700/Univox K-1 Synthesizer

via this auction

Cwejman BLD // full synth voice module: Osc + Filter + VCA + 2 Envelopes

via this auction

"Cwejman BLD "bass, lead & drum" generator Eurorack module.

featuring a full synth voice with 4 individual sections:

oscillator (3 continuously variable waveforms + extra noise osc)
2 envelopes
lowpass filter
Full CV control, trigger button."

POLIVOKS Soviet Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI Mod

via this auction

"Midi mod included:
— KEYB / MIDI switch and LEARN button
— MIDI IN / MIDI THRU installed onboard
— Control filter cutoff via midi signal from modulation wheel"

Modor NF-1 Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha DX100 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

Elastic FX & Studiomux with Desktop and iPad

Published on Dec 21, 2017 Oliver Greschke

"This video showcases how to use Elastic FX & Studiomux.
Studiomux uses the lightning cable to transmit Audio and Midi between an iOS device and a computer, simply awesome! In the first part I am playing some synth sounds with Waldorf Largo VST, which is going into the Studiomux effect AU. In the second part I route Elastic Drums into Elastic FX, both apps playing in sync via Inter-App Audio synchronization generated by Studiomux.

EFX is a 4 channel multi-effects processor that’s easy and intuitive to play, but also offers complex options to shape your sound and route the audio effects stream."

Elastic FX - O-G-SUS
studiomux - AppBC

eowave Quadrantid Swarm meets H9 pedal

Published on Dec 22, 2017 eowave

"listen to the Swarm with external effects , mono sequence"

eowave Quadrantid Swarm meets H9 pedal
eowave Quadrantid Swarm meets H9 take 2
Quadrantid Swarm poly mode

Akai VX600 sounding better after the DAC adjustment

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Mindburner

"my VX600 was either failing auto calibration or was taking ages.
The solution is to check and adjust the DAC voltage to 2.5v
Makes a world of difference"

Casio RZ1 Modified Demo (ExFade)

Published on Dec 22, 2017 punkdiscoUK

"Casio RZ1, recorded live (a few bars cut out as went on too long). Modified with 4xROM sounds. The 2nd knob controls Claps/Cowbell/Ride/Crash and he 1st knob does the other sounds. Each knob has 4 positions for:

RZ1 Stock/TR-808/TR-909/DMX"

ANTS! patch: BLAM!

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Plankton Elec

"Ants + Korg SQ-1 + Desktop Jellyfish (discoutinued but sounding very nice) :)"

Zynthian Multi-timbric Demo with ZAQuencer - Feat. BBoy Zyndancer

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Zynthian

"In this demo i show Zynthian's multi-timbric capabilities.
I've created 5 layers assigned to different MIDI channels, like this:

+ CH#1: Vangelis PAD (ZynAddSubFX) Solo ;-)
+ CH#2: Drums (ZaynAddSubFX)
+ CH#3: Analog Bass (ZynAddSubFX)
+ CH#4: Metal Drips (ZynAddSubFX)
+ CH#5: TR808 Drum Machine (LinuxSampler)

The keyboard is used for CH#1 and the Zaquencer for the rest."

SNAZZY FX HI_GAIN VCA Demo (3x the crunch!) #TTNM

Published on Dec 22, 2017 The Tuesday Night Machines

"The Snazzy FX Hi Gain is never clean ... and it shouldn't be :D Three times the wave-shaping, signal-crushing, overtone-generating power in one small module! Check it out!"

Arturia Clavinet V Tutorials - Covering all the exciting features of Clavinet V

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Arturia

"Pioneering French music software & hardware developers Arturia have unveiled a tutorial video, showing off the great features and enhancements of their recently released Clavinet V software instrument.
The easy to follow video, hosted by Glen Darcey, covers the use of the Clavinet’s traditional features like filters, pickup selection, muting, and also the enhanced features found only in Clavinet V, such as the amp emulation, effects, and advanced engine parameters.

Seen on stages around the globe and used by the greatest artists of our age, the Clavinet's unique raspy, funky tone has been at the forefront of popular music for half a century.

Clavinet V makes full use of Arturia's pioneering physical modeling technology - to provide the most accurate, musical recreation of the original instrument ever to be released as software. While other attempts at recreating the Clavinet's iconic tone using samples may 'do the job', a quick comparison against the Arturia Clavinet V truly reveals the power of physical modeling. Every component of the original has been mapped out, its sound-shaping properties analyzed, and recreated within the software instrument.

Not only does physical modeling ensure you truly experience the vital tone of the Clavinet, free from limited, looping, "machine gunning" samples of other virtual instruments, it also lets you take this classic instrument further than ever before. Now, you can change the specification of the instrument, from adjusting the position of the pickups, to changing the mechanical noise levels to suit your mix. In true Arturia style, Clavinet V also includes an accurately modeled Fender Twin amp, letting you create the perfect combo that was so often seen and heard in the Clavinet's most legendary performances.

Featuring a vast collection of incredibly high quality presets, many modeled on famous songs featuring the instrument, Clavinet fans will have a sound for every occasion. Whether you crave in-your-face funk tone, the reliable pop rhythm sound that so beautifully compliments electric guitars, or the psychedelic, far-out sounds of the mothership, Clavinet V will be your go-to choice for that iconic Clav tone.

Clavinet V is one of four new stunning vintage instrument recreations that are included in V Collection 6 - Arturia's groundbreaking retro synth and keyboard package. Containing 21 instruments, each modeled after a keyboard that changed the face of music as we know it. Within V Collection, you'll find meticulously modeled analog synths, digital powerhouses, incredible performance keyboards, acoustic and electric pianos, organs, a string machine, and even a sampler.

Breathing life back into the most iconic keyboard instruments of all time, V Collection is the ultimate creativity launchpad, and an essential studio tool for the modern music producer."

Arturia announces Analog Lab 3

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Arturia

"Analog Lab 3 gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection. Featuring sounds from all 21 faithfully modeled vintage keyboards, combining awe-inspiring sound with exceptional ease of use and awesome features.

In addition to studying the feedback from the music community, our developers worked hand-in-hand with professional ergonomists to optimize each aspect of this music production & performance dream instrument. It resulted in an intuitive interface, a beautifully organized category based browsing experience, and natural mapping of the sonic parameters, creating a self-contained sonic encyclopedia of legendary sounds."

"All of your favorite go-to sounds at your fingertips

Analog Lab gives you the best of 21 instruments that made music history, all in one convenient place.
Analog synthesizers. Digital synthesizers. Acoustic pianos. Electric pianos. Organs. Strings machines. With the best of 21 vintage instrument reproductions on tap, Analog Lab lets you transcend time and style by arming you with everything from the most iconic sounds of the past to modern sound designs that are cutting edge today. Whether you’re composing, recording or performing, over 5000 sounds cover every song, genre, mood and ambience you can think of—no programming required. Use it standalone or with your favorite DAW.

Unleash the sonic power of keyboard history’s greatest hits for your musical adventures."

The Art of MIDI Hacking: Extend your gear (converting Analog Four to a "Paraphonic A8")

Published on Dec 22, 2017 loopop

"As you may have seen previously on my channel, I've used 'MIDI hacking' - real time MIDI manipulation - to extend the functionality of quite a few musical instruments. Playing melodies with samples on the Novation Circuit, turning the Korg Electribe 2 into a 3 oscillator synth, adding CC to CV functionality to the Arturia BeatStep Pro - all of those things cannot be done out of the box with those devices.

I've demonstrated these solutions but never really explained how you can create them yourself because the scripting language I used (Lemur) is quite complex and out of the reach of many people, and requires a phone to work, which is an inconvenience.

Then I came across the Bome Box and MIDI Translator Pro, which are much easier to program, so I thought I'd not just put together another "MIDI hack" but also explain what's going on behind the scenes.

This time I decided to see if I could extend the capabilities of Elektron's Analog Four. The A4 is an amazing synth with four analog voices which can either play different sounds each, play one sound with up to 4 voices polyphonically, or any combination in between.

However, with this "MIDI hack" it can do more.

Each of the A4's voices has 2 oscillators. Out of the box, you can't configure these voices to be played separately with the internal keys or an external keyboard. You can manually step sequence each of the oscillators using parameter locking, but that precludes real time play and is hard to do using a tuning knob.

That's where this short 3 line script saves the day. With it, you can play each of the 4 voices of the A4 paraphonically with a simple keyboard split on an external MIDI keyboard.

Playing paraphonically has a different character than playing two separate notes. Both notes share the same envelope, filter and fx, which is a limitation, but actually gives the music created a unique feel, similar to what can be done on the Moog Sub 37.

With this short script you can potentially turn your A4 to a "paraphonic A8", by applying this script to all 4 voices.

This should work on the Analog Keys as well, but you would need an external keyboard for that.


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