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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Glo Phase - Analog Rytm & Microbrute Live Set

Published on Dec 27, 2017 Glo Phase

"A short live set featuring the Elektron Analog Rytm, Arturia Microbrute, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Digitech Polara Reverb, and Zed6FX mixer. Recorded stereo through Focusrite preamps. No external effects aside from some light eq, compression, and limiting through Ozone 6.

Free DL:"

Oberheim OB-1 Synthesizer Complete Set SNs 0134 & 0159

via this auction

"Super Rare: Oberheim OB-1 Synthesizer. The Heaviest sounding monophonic synth ...Ever. Programmable memory locations where you can store your own settings. There are 2 oscillators - but each has a sub-octave which really fattens things up. Includes Genuine Oberheim VCF Pedal, Oberheim Cassette Interface and cable for additional memory, Original Patch Book, Instruction Manuals for Cassette Interface and Synth, Schematic. Wow!"

Vintage MPC Music Percussion Computer Analog Drum Synth SN 1390

via this auction

"Vintage mpc drum machine. From Cambridge england. Missing one of the small top caps. Minor wear. Overall in good condition. When plugged in lights turn on. Has not been tested on a computer. With both keys, rubber covers, tape, and power cord."

Rare Waves Eurorack Grendel Drone Commander 2 + Expander

via this auction

"Wonderfully thick and lush analog synth module with filters, LFO's, envelopes and more!
Push or pull the knobs (with a very satisfying "click!") for dual function - e.g filter 1 and 2.
This module is built like a tank, very heavy! No plastic here, solid premium feel all over.
Perfect for drones, pulsating rhythms, techno, Prodigy-like synth leads, dubstep..
Can go from soft and lush to distorted and brutal to plain experimental weirdness..
Most of all this is a insanely FUN, no-nonsense module to use!
* Dual VCO which are completely independent, with great bottom end.
* 12 Ins including 1 In to process external audio with its filters etc.
* 6 Outs"

Roland JD-990 CS-80 Pad

Published on Dec 27, 2017 RĂ¼diger Gaenslen

"Custom Patch with Waveforms from the Vintage Synth Expansion Bouard JV80-04. The JD-990 is a very powerful synth with tons of modulations and sound design possibiliities. There is only played one patch with four tones, no external FX, compressing, eq and anything else used, just pure JD-990."

SH 7 review #4 sonic pallet

Published on Dec 27, 2017 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"This is a video about having a lot of synthesizer and very little talent. The difference between art school ice rink organ player's and the working man, synthesizer junkie's sonic pallet. Also you might count how many time's I say 'sonic pallet' and wave like an air head game show model. There just might be a prize for those that get the most close"

All parts here.

Percussa Super Signal Processor Update: Prototypes up and Running; Testing in Progress

via the Percussa SSP Kickstarter where you'll find additional pics.

"First of all happy holidays, and we wish you a healthy and succesful 2018! We received our SSP prototype PCBs the 22nd of December, together with the SSP front panel prototypes. The first thing we did was a quick visual inspection of the PCB to make sure there was nothing odd going on. I use a stereo microscope for that and just a careful look at each of the sections of the PCB. The PCBs look good!

After that I checked the mechanical fit of the PCB, front panels, display and display holders, and the mounting studs which mount the front panel to the PCB. I also checked the fit of the switches and encoders, as well as the 3.5mm eurorack jack connectors, and the microSD card slot. The display flat cable slips through a slot in the PCB to connect on the other side.

We were pretty lucky - all we had to do is add a standard M3 spacer between the studs and front panel, and everything fits together well, as you can see in the photos below. As you can see, the display is sandwiched in between the PCB and front panel and is held by display supports which I designed.

After mounting everything together it was time to install the system-on-module (SOM) onto the PCB, connect the display to the back of the PCB, and apply power (I'm using a meanwell power supply at the moment for my tests, and built a 10-pin eurorack style power cable to connect to the power connector on the back of the PCB).

I had not prepared a microSD card yet, so the system was not booting yet, but my first goal was to measure all the power supplies on the board (there are a lot of them!). Everything looked good so I built a serial cable so I could get access to the console, and a cable to program the programmable logic on the PCB. Finally I wrote a microSD card, and after a quick fix on the PCB (removing a pullup resistor which shouldn't have been there) the system booted up just fine! You can see the beautiful display in action below.

In the photo you can see I connected a USB hub to the high-speed port, which I've connected a USB-ethernet cable to so I can copy stuff to/from the SSP while I'm testing, or SSH into it. Finally I built our synthesis software with the SSP-specific GUI, and started that up to see how it looks on the screen. It's by no means finished, but it's nice to see it on the screen.

We still have to connect the encoders and switch matrix to the application. That will happen in the next weeks. I/O wise, I've tested the USB high and full speed ports (left and middle). I haven't tested the USB device port yet, I might get to that next week. The 8 channel audio output works and sounds great as well. I still have some work to do for the 16 audio inputs, and I'll be working on that over the next days, more news on the next update.

Keep in mind in the above photos the front panel has NOT been anodized or engraved yet. We'll get to that after the holidays (probably the week of Jan 10th). I am going to get a few panels processed, take some photos and then update you on that.

So overall it's looking really good! We're excited and look forward to updating you somewhere next week when we have more news. Thanks again for your patience and support!

Bert & Celine"

Alio Die & Parallel Worlds - Wordless Arcanum

Published on Dec 26, 2017 mamonu72

Artists: Alio Die ≈ Parallel Worlds
Album: Elusive Metaphor

gear used in this track:
many of the electronic sounds in this track were made with a modified EMS VCS3mk1 plus EMS DK1 keyboard, a Roland RE-201 Space Echo and Korg Stage Echo SE500, plus heavy and detailed editing later in Ableton Live.

Hermigervill Plays Theremin vol. II - White Christmas

Published on Dec 27, 2017 llivregimreH

"Merry Christmas everyone! This kind of started out as a joke, but decided to post it anyways! Used the Juno-6 and the modular system for the backing track."

Electro Traveller - Deluge 3

Published on Dec 27, 2017 Metunar

"Third live performance with the Synthstrom Deluge.
Recorded in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea.
The weather outside was freezing cold so i stayed in the hotel room for this session."

MOOG Minitaur Eventide Space Shimmer Reverb

Published on Dec 26, 2017 Michael Barmaley

Note this one starts subtle and gets louder over time.

Roland V-Synth XT Demo

Published on Dec 27, 2017 Michael Barmaley


New River Creative Technology Marble & Dendrites

Published on Dec 27, 2017 River Creative Technology

"Marble - Dual spectral tilt tone control

dual channel tone control
optionally stereo-linked, and CV controlled
switchable between spectral tilting (3dB/oct) and mid-range bell EQ
feedback control and soft saturation
designed with discrete transistor OTA cores

Dendrites - A multi-character multimode VCF / phaser

16 filter/phaser modes (4 LP, 4 BP, 2 HP, 2 phaser, and 4 mixed modes)
3 distinct resonance characters: Q-comp, Vintage, K-style
switchable organic sounding overdrive
linear and exponential FM
CV control over modes, resonance and frequency
designed with discrete transistor OTA cores
pleasantly saturating input stage with level trim and LED indication
envelope and modulation inputs with independent attenuvertors

Marble: EU: DIY Kit €195, Built €215, Outside EU: DIY Kit:  €161,16, Built:  €177,69
Dendrites: EU: DIY Kit €290, Built €325, Outside EU: DIY Kit:  €239,67, Built:  €268,60

* prices exclude shipping
** prices exclude shipping and customs duty/tax (if applicable in your country)

Both modules can be ordered now via, first units will be shipped on February 1st, 2018. Both modules are available in ready-made and DIY versions (partially assembled with SMD)."

KORG Polysix 6 Voice Analog Synthesizer From 1981 SN 380883

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Snow Desktop Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland JP8080 Synth Custom Crafted End Panels in Solid Mahogany

via this auction

"Give your Roland synth a vintage vibe with these custom end panels.
The panels are hand crafted in solid Mahogany hardwood, coated in Danish finish with a slight semi rough satin sheen & have been pre-attached to a JP8080 module to check even balance."

ELECTROCOMP EML-101 Rare Vintage Analog Modular Synth

via this auction

Update: auction link updated.

ELECTROCOMP EML-100 Rare Vintage Analog Modular Synth

via this auction

Update: auction link updated.

ELECTROCOMP EML-200 Rare Vintage Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Update: auction link updated.

Moog Vocoder Vintage Rare Analog Synthesizer Synth Effect

via this auction

"For sale is an incredibly rare chance to grab a legendary Moog Vocoder. These hardly ever show up for sale. This is one of the great analog vocoders and this particular unit is in excellent shape and fully functional. It was serviced in the past year by Switched on Austin (service receipt will be included in sale). It's ready to go making sweet sounds in your studio. Cosmetically in great shape."

KORG MONOPOLY Model MP-4 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 377145

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly SN 370365 w/ Original Case

via this auction

1974 Vintage ARP Odyssey from legendary CHEROKEE STUDIOS

via this auction

"ARP Odyssey used on countless records in the 70's and 80's at Cherokee Studios (home to over 300 gold and platinum records).

This synthesizer seems to be working very well. All sliders recently cleaned, defective sliders replaced with NOS replacements. New keyboard bushings installed. Oscillators and filter recently calibrated. It's in very good physical condition.

This is a piece of musical history - used on countless recordings by some of the biggest artists in the world since the 1970's. This studio has possibly more gold records than any studio in the world during this particular period."

'80s style dark ditty

Published on Dec 27, 2017 SynthMania

BOSS DR-550 mkII (drum machine)
Sterling S.U.B. Ray4 (bass)
Ibanez ARZ200FM (guitar) with 1979 MXR flanger effect pedal
Roland JX-8P (synth strings)


TIPTOP AUDIO: TG ONE / 1 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"First sketch with the new Tiptop Audio special edition TG ONE module.

Main sound: TG ONE selecting different samples with CV

Drums: Tiptop BD909, SNR909, Clap909, Toms909

Chords: 3x Z3000 > Tiptop MixZ > Z2040 VCF/VCA

FX from 2x Z*DSP modules.

Sequencing: Circadian Rhythms for the drums, Z8000 for file selection, Trigger Riot for clocking"

OSCILLOPLASM F(x) out // aether machine modular synth wiard 300

Published on Dec 27, 2017 DavidH

"evolve modulated by the v/oct cv from the sequencer (which also goes to osc1 and 2 v/oct entry)
cos and 2sin to lin1/2

you listen to the F(x) output, a the end I switch to F(x)dt which is smoother in this patch

sequencer : Makenoise René
delay : expert sleepers disting C3"

The Safety Valve - Valvecaster For SYNTHS DIY How To

Published on Dec 27, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER



Published on Apr 12, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"THE SAFETY VALVE a eurorack vacuum tube / valve distortion module

For the GMSN panel and pcb! check here :-
check out the other module kits they have too!"

Arturia CMI V - Stand Alone & VST - The BIG Soundtest Preset Demo

Published on Dec 27, 2017 thesoundtestroom

Curious how much the DACs on the original might make a difference.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 overview and RAM cartridge review

Published on Dec 26, 2017 geerefamilyusa

"Synth veteran Richard Geere overviews the Ensoniq ESQ-1.
AND reviews a newly (2017) manufactured ESQ-1 RAM cartridge."

Update: looks like this one was removed and replaced by this video.

Patch n Tweak

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