MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Modular Synth Improvisation Live 060

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Akihiko Matsumoto

Music by Akihiko Matsumoto

(Sequence: Ableton Live, Cycling'74 Max/MSP
Mix: Ableton Live
CV Converter: 2hp MIDI, Expert Sleepers ES-3
Drums: Ableton
Synth1: Braids - Curtis Filter
Synth2: General CV - Morpheus
Bass1: Piston Honda mk3
Bass2: Warps with Piston Honda
Bass3: Disting mk4
Guitar: Ableton
Noise1: One
Noise2: Owl Modular
Noise3: Manis Iteritas
Noise4: m.a.s.f. Mo.S Model OSC03
Effect: Custom M4L on Ableton
MIDI Controller: Evolution uc33e
Reverb: Eventide Blackhole
Limitter: iZotope Ozone8
Camera: Sony a7RII (Zeiss Batis 85mmF1.8)


Custom BEAP Module
Custom Ableton M4L Plugin

Waldorf Microwave XT LIMITED EDITION SHADOW SN 831434100 w/ Updated Knobs

via this auction

Vintage Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

Serial# 7000**

Perfect Working - Overhaled

Short cover of Duran Duran’s The Chauffeur

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Synth Space

"Short cover of this song and Nick’s synth-panflute solo"

ROLAND JUPITER 6 Analog Synthesizer SN 322217

via this auction

Experiment Fifty Two

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Oliver Dodd

"A Video Series of Short Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Impromptu Experiments and Improvisations exploring ambient, experimental and drone."

Oberheim DX (DXa) 80's style beat!

Published on Jun 9, 2018 100 Things I Do

"This week some fun with the Oberheim DX. It's known as the DXa version, a few tweaks and factory MIDI! The Eventide H3000 also helps in the clip to liven up the sound!

I've always had my eye on either a Oberheim DMX or DX drum machine. They seem to be going for crazy prices at the moment, but I managed to find one in decent condition but was 110v (Its 240v in Australia) and a quite a few buttons were not working well.

So I spent this week cleaning it up and fixing the issues (also changed the voltage to 240 with a bit of soldering work), as the more eager eyed viewer might notice I also made some nice Tasmanian Oak end cheeks to lift the looks just a little (original ones are plastic!).

It was fun just seeing what the E3000 would do with the basic sounds!"

Droning, modulating patch on the MatrixBrute

Published on Apr 12, 2018 Andrea Pessino

"A patch I have made for the incredible MatrixBrute synthesizer from Arturia - one note held while the many modulations are played live.

This machine is something else!"

Arturia MatrixBrute demo: 14 custom patches, no talking

Published on May 26, 2018 Andrea Pessino

"The MatrixBrute is one of my favorite instruments ever - can't stop making sounds with it. Here is a selection of the patches I have made over the last month."


Published on Jun 9, 2018 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Quick patch focusing mainly around the Harvestman/IME system. Main voices are the two oscillators from the Piston Honda mk III through Korgasmatron mk II, Dubmix and then Strymon Magneto. Kick and "snare" from Rossum Assimil8or (a little phase mode from Shapeshifter on kick, sample rate reduction and aliasing use to create snare type sound from 808 clap sample). Other percussion sounds from Zorlon Cannon mk I. Sequencing from Zorlon Cannon mk II, Stillson Hammer mk II and Argo Bleak."


Published on Jun 9, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

SN 0688452 via this auction


Published on Jun 9, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

SN 7560 via this auction

ELSITA-Vintage 4ch Analog DRUM Module Synthesizer

DSI Tempest & Elektron Analog Heat

Published on Jun 9, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Tempest drum machine through the Analog Heat.

No further processing except for normalisation."

Verbos Or Easel

"One channels is Verbos Eurorack Modules and the other channel is Buchla Music Easel"

This one in via Martin Gn├Ągi.

Roland Juno-106 - synthesizer sound design tutorial - Ryan Paris "Dolce Vita"

Published on Jun 9, 2018 RetroSound

(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

synthesizer sound design tutorial with the Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer from the year 1984

Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita was a smashhit in 1983

RetroSound home:

Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings 09 SN 988563

via this auction

Synthesizer books! Keyfax, Vintage Synthesizers, Synth Basics, Museum of S. Tech

via this auction

KEYFAX, Julian Colbeck, Amsco Publications, 1986.

THE MUSEUM OF SYNTHSIZER TECHNOLOGY, Martin J. Newcomb, no year listed.

SYNTHESIZER BASICS, the Editors of Keyboard Magazine, GPI Publications, 1984.

VINTAGE SYNTHESIZERS, Mark Vail, Miller Freeman, 1993.

Vox Jennings Univox Tube Valve Synth Organ w/ Case

via this auction

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a very rare Vox Jennings Univox Tube Synth/ Organ.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes with custom leslie-style-connector cable, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - The body has many dings and scrapes from its 50 years being on this earth. All four of the lid latches work flawlessly! Each and every key on the keyboard as well as the dials and tabs are in terrific working order! The electronics however are incomplete and currently not connected. Attached power cable is in great condition as is the included connector cable! Overall condition is very good!

WORKING CONDITION: Not Fully Tested - The keyboard, and the keys, and the tab switches below them all seem to be in terrific woring order. However, the electronics and wiring are not fully intact so this Univox could not be fully tested. But each function or feature on this thing, such as the keys themselves, all look to be in great shape. Servicing this vintage unit would turn it to a gem!


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 12" x 23" x 13.5"

Sequential Circuits Pro One Keyboard Synthesizer SN 7142

via this auction

ELKA 505 SOLIST Vintage (1978) Mono Synth with 'MOOG' Filter

via this auction

"This is a combination preset/variable synth. It has 11 preset sounds with a wide mix of tones but when you switch on the 'Variations' button you can alter the preset sound with a variety of sound modifiers, including...

Octave Down

This combination of differing preset tones and modifer controls provides a surprisingly wide array of sounds. Of course, this synth is aimed squarely at melody duties and is not particularly good for fx or weird synth noises. However, as a melodic synth it has character and real power. This is probably largely due to the Moog type ladder filter in this synth, copied from the one used in the Minimoog (later Elka keyboards did not feature this filter as Moog served notice on Elka to cease and desist copying their tech!)"

111118 (the minirig version of 111108)

111118 (the minirig version of 111108) from CatManDeux on Vimeo.

"Riffing off of Cortini’s masterful 111108, which was a huge source of inspiration to create music. PO33 is looping Cortini’s Buchla rhythm track."

ARTURIA MICROBRUTE + MAKE NOISE O-COAST // synths playing Bach Prelude D major // 2

Published on Jun 9, 2018 LESINDES

My challenge here was to tweak a proper sound for the BACH Prelude D major, BWV 850.
So different machines lead to different ideas -- so please don't look
for too much similarities!
Since (nearly) all of them are pure mono synths
all recordings are done in 2 takes. I filmed
the melody part.

Happy Nerding 3x Stereo Mixer

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Happy Nerding

"One channel of 3x Stereo Mixer is used to add ping pong delay."


Published on Jun 9, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio & Video by G-Storm Electro c.2018

Today a follow-up demo of my Uniox Minikorg w/ a Pitch CV + Gate mod controlled

by the Arturia Beatstep, this time sans the annoying percussion. This synth is

one big continuous sweet spot! Some delay by Timefactor, a touch of Big Sky

reverb, recorded directly via Mackie mixer to a Tascam DR-05. Press play, kick"

S-CAT in the Studio with Liam Howlett of The Prodigy, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, & Daniel Boyle

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"We were invited along to Liam's studio to deliver his new S-CAT Circuit Bent Casio MT-41, You can see me here running through some of the new controls."

Robaux SWT16 Demo - Blame it on the Bossa Nova.

Published on Jun 9, 2018 robaux

027//Quest of Bones - a self generating track by a Moog DFAM and 2x Mother 32

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Alastair Wilson

"A semi-self-generating patch using 2 Mother 32s sent through an Eventide Space hall reverb, and a DFAM sent through an Eventide Timefactor on moddelay setting.

This patch came about when I was playing with the idea of using Karplus-Strong synthesis (using short delays which 'ring out' when noise triggers them) with the DFAM to give it more texture. At the same time, I was thinking about making a patch where the pulse width of a square wave on the M32 was modulated with a square LFO to give a rhythmic tremolo. This patch was the result of mixing those ideas!

The lower M32 is the bass, with a square LFO clocking it and the DFAM (on drums), while the same LFO modulates the pulse width of the VCO's square wave through 0 width (silencing it when the LFO is low). The higher M32, which plays the high notes, is randomly triggered by the lower M32. The lower M32 has its sequencer glitched to run at 1/12 the speed of the DFAM, and is turning off and on by another square LFO. This gives the overall rhythm of the patch. For a bit of interest, the saw wave output of the lower M32 is sent to the external audio input of the DFAM, and the DFAM's VCO 2 is occasionally mixed with the lower M32 to give it reverb. Everything is controlled by the random stepped voltages from the Assign outputs of the M32s.

If you want to recreate this patch, you can find it here:"

apeMatrix AU/IAA Audio Routing Tool for iOS

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Alessandro Petrolati

"apeMatrix is a unique AU/IAA routing tool that gives you total control over what you want to do and how you want to do it."

iTunes: apeMatrix - apeSoft

"apeMatrix is a unique AU/IAA routing tool that gives you total control over what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Holding true to the standard of apeSoft, apeMatrix continues to push the limits of possibilities in music creation. Automating almost every aspect of linked control, apeMatrix brings all your creation tools together and links them both in MIDI and audio. Letting you inject all your favorite FX both AU and IAA in a very easy and intuitive way. apeMatrix can also assign its Control Manager MIDI, Accelerometer, Scrub and LFO’s to modulate every built-in parameter and any parameter available inside the AUv3 (Audio Unit Plugins).

apeMatrix offers 10 slots on each of the three Matrix grids with 2 bus slots on each grid that make it possible to interconnect all 3 Matrix. The MIDI Patchbay also offers endless possibilities for MIDI routing and control in a similar grid design for both internal and external MIDI control. So you can send and receive MIDI and have ultimate control over where its routed.

Each Audio Connection on the grid has its own gain control. Just tap on the node and drag will give you the full range of volume control. Or use Mixer to controls the RAU output and automate them using apeSoft’s unique Control Manager MIDI, Accelerometer, Scrub and LFO’s to modulate every built-in parameter and any parameter available inside the AUv3 (Audio Unit Plugins).

Turn each slot on or off by a control switch on the Matrix or MIDI control. Control output, pan, mute and solo of each slot and Master output of each Matrix with the built in mixer control or MIDI control.

Route your sounds through all a series of FX or route multiple sounds through the very some FX. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Kick.S / X1320 (320)

Published on Jun 9, 2018 Kick.S

Max reverb

/// Equipment ////
Virus TI2
EHX Cathedral
Eventide space
Strymon BigSky
Lexicon PCM 80
FMR Audio RNC1773 (E)
Digitakt (custom painted)

Pocket Operators play Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country)

Published on Jun 9, 2018

"I made a cover of Aquatic Ambience from Donkey Kong Country using the PO-33 and PO-35. It took me a while to learn how to play the melodies live, and I still didn't get it quite right! Hope it isn't too jarring.

All sounds are from Nord Lead, compressed and edited quite heavily in order to fit them on the PO-33 and still sound good. The PO-35 is only being used for lead (sounds also from the Nord!) in this video.

If you like, you can purchase the pattern and sound data for the PO-33 part of this track at the following link:

PO-33 is running through a Behringer RV600, and PO-35 is running through a Behringer EM600. Both treated with some EQ and compression in Reaper. The raw audio was nice, but I think the effects really made the sounds come alive. I highly recommend using the Pocket Operators with pedals!

Special thanks to 8-bit Music Theory for the very helpful video featuring this track. Without it I wouldn't have been able to get the chords just right! Check it out:"

Patch n Tweak

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