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Monday, August 20, 2018

Pioneer DJ - Toraiz - AS-1 - Exploring the Presets - Part 2 - MVM #120

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"Welcome to Midiverse - TV. On this episode we're going to be taking a look at the Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Synthesizer."

Part 1 here.

#24 (Intro Section)

Published on Aug 20, 2018 R. Reger

"One-minute composition that's the intro section for a larger piece I'm still finishing."

Nord Electro 3 and Mellotron M4000D Mini.

AKAI Timbre Wolf

Published on Aug 20, 2018 MrFirechild

"A 'friend' of mine 'let me loan' his Timbre Wolf...say no more, what a legendary synthesizer! No vibrato, no attack parameter, no nothing. Very warm analog sound though. You can describe it as a 4 voice TB303. The track is called Timbre Wolf and is produced and composed by and will NOT be included on any album whatsoever in the future or in the past ;) Enjoy."

Synthchaser #110 - Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Functional Test & Calibration

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Synth Chaser

"I show how to verify the functionality, tuning, and calibration of a Prophet 5 and make the calibrations that are commonly needed to get these sounding right. Not a musical video, but it provides an in depth look at the building blocks you have available with this powerful synth to create amazing patches.

0:02 Oscillators
8:59 Mixer
10:07 Unison, Glide & Pitch Wheel
12:12 Filter
25:15 Filter Envelope
27:37 VCA Envelope
29:20 LFO & Wheel Modulation
33:25 Poly-Mod"

Sub Phatty - Ext IN with Animoog

Published on Aug 20, 2018 SYNTHWAY

"Demonstrating the external in feature of the Sub Phatty using Animoog. Nothing super musical, but good enough to make a point... it can sound great!

The connection between the Moog and iPad is: USB out on the Moog, to iPad via CCK/USB adaptor. Audio out of the iPad to the Moog. Audio out of Moog to Scarlett 2i2."

Elektron Machinedrum Mk1 Sps-1 Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha VL7 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer SN KPO1761

via this auction

"The Yamaha VL7 is a monophonic synthesizer (one note only) that creates a physical model of a pipe or string. You can play it with or without a breath controller."


Published on Aug 20, 2018 RazR

"Some psy-dub chill vibes performed live with prerecorded base on Novation Circuit. Hope you enjoy!

AKAI MPK Mini (Max for Live - Alto Sax from Orchestral Woodwinds Ableton pack)
SAMPLR for iPad (drone sample - Didgeridoo from
NOVATION CIRCUIT (custom samples, custom hang-drum-alike patch and sub-bass patch)
KORG MONOTRIBE (with Korg Monotron Delay)
GUITAR (same crappy 5$ Cort)"

Dave Smith Instruments In The Spotlight With the Pro 2 and Zardonic

You can find the full interview on DSI's website here.

"An icon, a globetrotter, an innovator and an outstanding performer, Federico Ágreda Álvarez is a multi-talented award winning keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer, and remixer. He is best known for his rock-infused, Electronic Dance Music, one-man-DJ project, Zardonic, which seamlessly encompasses Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, Electro House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Hardcore Techno with shredding Metal guitars and commanding vocals. Donning one of the Top 10 Best DJ Masks in the world, Zardonic has peaked at #1 on Beatport Drum & Bass, and Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Bestsellers, with original releases in Skrillex’s own OWSLA imprint, UK’s legendary renegade hardware, Dieselboy’s Planet Human, AK1200’s Big Riddim Recordings, and now exclusively signed with multiplatinum label entertainment One Music and released in Japan through JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment Corporation.

Having remixed platinum-selling british legends Bullet For My Valentine, crème de la crème Industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails, Billboard top charters Pop Evil, Norwegian black metallers Gorgoroth, Ukranian pop rockers Semargl, Japanese metalcore revelation Crossfaith, award winning producer Celldweller and UK electronic rock pioneers The Qemists, while getting remix treatments from Heavygrinder, Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, State Of Mind, Evol Intent, Counterstrike, The Outside Agency, and producing the debut album Freakshow by New Jersey shock rockers American Grim as well as the comeback album of the legendary New York metallers Eve To Adam, Ágreda represents an undeniable genre-defying force that relentlessly pushes all boundaries and standards of the mainstream and the underground scene, never settling for any rules, and pioneering the sound that is now predicted by the curators as the future of music."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Future House on the Novation Circuit

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Gabe Miller Music

"A future house jam on the Novation Circuit.
All of the sounds in this track are from the Delorean Dream pack Yves Big City."

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & Eventide Space

Published on Aug 20, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Rev 2 synthesiser through the Space reverb."


Published on Aug 20, 2018 LESINDES

"Complex live tweak of WALDORF QUANTUM with 2 RING MODULATORS and. Osc 1 & 2 GRANULAR and Osc 3 with WAVETABLE."

Grow your own Vactrol, AniModule SOB Style

Published on Aug 20, 2018 JRock17991

"Check Out my modules at:
We're propagating a Vactrol Farm in this video.
You'll learn to furl a row and plant your very own Vactrol Patch.
Weirdness is in bloom."

Mystic Circuits 0HP Low Pass Filter (passive LP VCF)

Published on Aug 20, 2018 DivKidVideo

"TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW. First of all I should apologise for calling the Timbre control Drive all the way through the video, total brain fart my end on that one. Here's the new Low Pass Filter from the 0HP line of passive utilities/modules/mini-wizards (whatever you want to call them). It's a low pass filter with cut off and timbre control and a single input and output. I go through how it sounds, sequence it, modulate it (audio rates too), play drums through it and make drones with it. Check out the other 0HP videos below and feel free to skip through the video at the timing index links below too. Cheers!


00:00 welcome, hello, patch previews

01:05 What is it? Features etc

01:36 Low pass filter sound - filtering squares and adjusting cut off and timbre

03:43 Modulating with a looping envelope, this also goes up to audio rate modulation too.

04:52 Filter drums - some lovely glitchy tones come out!

06:12 Filter synth lines in a typical sequenced synth part against a beat in the background.

08:05 Exploring feedback, overdrive, saturation, loveliness!

10:43 Creating drones - exploring saturation with feedback, modulating cut off and timbre more slowly for evolving tones."

Test Drone Tasty Chips GR-1 for New Prod

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Stéphane Schott

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSC

via this auction

"Recently (one week ago) refurbished OSC Oscar synthesizer.

Synthesizer is in truly excellent condition inside and out. A collector's dream, or play the heck out of it like I did."

MPC DSM8t British Analog Drum Synthesizer Module SN 235

via this auction

This is the first D.S.M. 8t to be featured on the site.

"Vintage DSM8t British analog drum synthesizer module. Made in the 80"s Tested and functioning. This item is used and has scratches. Three of the rubber feet are missing."

Vintage MPC 32x4 British Analog Drum Synthesizer Module SN 224

via this auction

This is the first MPC 32x4 to be featured on the site.

"Vintage MPC DSM 32X4 128 memory programmable drum synthesizer module. Made in the 80's. Tested and functioning. This is used , has some scratches and the rubber feet are missing."

Vintage MPC DSM2 British Analog Drum Synthesizer Module SN 1351

via this auction

"Vintage DSM2 British analog drum synthesizer module. Made in the 80's. Tested and functioning. This item is used and has a few dings and scratches."

See the MPC label below for more including a couple of demos.

Vintage MPC DSM1 British Analog Drum Synthesizer Module SN 805

via this auction

"Vintage DSM1 British analog drum synthesizer module. Made in the 80's. Tested and functioning, the tom/bass switch is not working. This is a used item and has some scratches and dings."

See the MPC label below for more including a couple of demos.

Moog The Rogue 342A Analog Synthesizer Keyboard SN 6519 X

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro-One SN 4114

via this auction

ARP Quartet with Superb Modifications String Machine Synth

via this auction

"Apart from some obvious wear to the side cheeks and 2 missing caps this String machine is in fully working condition. It has some fantastically useful modifications undertaken by an experienced engineer: switchable longer string attack time pot, switch string retrigger off for lush overlapping chords, piano/organ decay speed pot, brass attack extension pot, brass sustain pot, brass filter cutoff pot, and brass filter resonance pot.

All these mods elevate this synth to lush and powerful new levels!"

AJH Swarms

AJH Swarms from AJH Synth on Vimeo.


VOLT Synthesizer - Update Demo for the iPad - Brilliant Synth

Published on Aug 20, 2018 thesoundtestroom

CYRK Share the Hardware Heaven of Their Berlin Studio (EB.TV Tech Talk)

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats

"CYRK are Berlin-based live performers and producers who are self-professed “hardware geeks” and the latest to give a 'Tech Talk' on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Members Sierra Sam and Pascal Hetzel detail why they’ve chosen a modular synthesizer setup, how live improvisation feeds into their productions plus how their hardware-heavy setup interacts with Ableton Live."

Korg SQ-1 Troubleshoot, Tips & Tricks by Polypumpkins

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Polypumpkins

"A quick video about some troubles I went into when using the SQ-1. Hope to help someone out there.

1. Static noise with computer powered USB
2. Sudden power-off with computer powered USB
3. Extra power with USB hub in a cheap way"

Sinc Iter 4HP oscillator + noise demo and jam from Noise Engineering

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Noise Engineering

"The Sinc Iter is a 4HP oscillator with 23 octaves of range — so it can be used as an LFO or a VCO.

0:13 Hot AF teaser compilation
0:28 Intro
0:50 Disabling equal perceived loudness control
1:08 Listening to Plain, Super, and Noise modes
2:58 Panel walkthrough
3:38 Building a sequence
4:57 Switch for 5V or 12V rail
5:20 Modular synth jam featuring two Sinc Iters

It has three switchable waveform modes: Noise, Plain and Super, each allowing continual morphing via the Morph/Fold knob, blending between all the standard waveforms and all the sine wave folding tones."

E-MU EMULATOR II Sampling Synthesizer (1984) 80s tv series music style Miami Vice

Published on Aug 20, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: E-MU EMULATOR II sampling synthesizer from the year 1984
drums: Linndrum (1982)
recording: multi-tracking without midi, played by hand

This track is inspired by the famous tv series like Miami Vice from the 80s."


Published on Aug 20, 2018 Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK

Giannis ARK played the following instruments:
KORG Monologue monophonic analogue synthesizer.
KORG Minilogue polyphonic analogue synthesizer.
CLAVIA nord lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer.
YAMAHA Reface CS synthesizer.
STUDIOLOGIC Sledge 2.1 polyphonic synthesizer.
NOVATION Ultranova synthesizer.
KORG Volca beats analog rhythm machine.


BOSS RV-6 Reverb
BOSS DD-3 Delay

Composed by Giannis ARK.

How to: 4 Key Features in Groovebox

Published on Aug 20, 2018 WeAreAmpify

"'Groovebo' is a powerfool music creating tool. In this video, Pete runs through 4 key features in the app to get you started. We hope you enjoy!

Happy music making,
Team Ampify."

Stranger Things Main Theme Cover | Plankton Electronics

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Plankton Elec

"Cover of the outstanding Stranger Things main theme. Made only with the Ants! analog synthesizer.

Original song by S U R V I V E.

Noise VCA CG-Products Unboxing

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Noise VCA from CG-Produts which has just arrived to us.
Noise VCA is a noise generator with variable state VCF and VCA
All in one module. "The white noise generator, followed by a VCF with variable values ​​(switched between bandwidth, high or lowpass characteristics) with adjustable resonance (Q) and VCA, makes this module ideal for most standard noise applications. the filter provides a wide range of rich and colorful noise sounds, the VCF has a second input that allows you to combine external sound with noise or completely replace the VCF noise input with an external source.
What's more, there is a subsonic output that provides a random resume for modulation.
CV VCA mode can be switched between exponential or linear expansions with the muting option when the switch is in the middle position; The "Offset" knob allows you to move the VCA starting point by adding negative or positive voltage to the CV VCA input."

Moog Meets Modular

Published on Aug 20, 2018 Levi Held

"Just patching my Moog Grandmother and 5U Modular Synthesizer together with commentary explaining what I'm doing!
Plus a little teaser towards the end of a new jam I am going to be working on!"

Patch n Tweak

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