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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tomita Patch on the Moog One

I thought the following was pretty cool and worth a follow-up post for anyone that may have missed it. Check out 29:24 in the third Moog One video featuring Suit & Tie Guy here. Then check out the video here for reference. Beautiful stuff.

Novation SL MkIII In Store Demo at Perfect Circuit

Novation In Store Demo + Q&A With New Product Published on Oct 10, 2018 Perfect Circuit

"Novation demonstration of a surprise new product in our Burbank, CA showroom on October 10th 2018 from 5PM to 7PM.

Novation products available here:"

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Improv #9 for Rainstick, VCS3, Arp 2600 and Mellotron

Published on Oct 10, 2018 R. Reger

"One take improvised piece using VCS3, Rainstick, Arp 2600 and Mellotron."

AKAI AX80 vintage 8 voice polyphonic analogue synth + flight case

via this auction

"Fully-working Akai AX80 analogue polysynth. Was serviced about a year ago. All keys, buttons, knobs etc. working, and crucially the awesome-looking VFD displays all work too..."

Vermona Mono Lancet SN D 13340

via this auction

ROLAND SL-JD-80 01 +02 + 03 - three sets of cards for JD 800

via this auction

3 double sets of cards for JD 800

Roland SL-JD80-01
Drums and percussions "Standard"
Roland SL-JD80-02
Drums and percussions "Dance"
Roland SL-Jd80-03 Rock Drums

6 cards in total, all in excellent condition and fully working


via this auction

The listing description matches this black one including the serial number. The back plate scuffs match as well. Not sure why this one is gold faced and the other black. If anyone knows fee free to comment.

MFOS Weird Sound Generator WSG Analog Synthesizer Synth - LamayMusic

via this auction

Cool rainbow knobs.

"Listed is a Music From Outer Space (MFOS) WSG analog synthesizer designed by Ray Wilson.

NEWLY BUILT AND TESTED, ready to start making beautiful music (or noise).
Professionally hand-built (all by me [LamayMusic]).

This WSG is AC Powered and includes an AC adapter.
Saves a bit of money and waste by not going through the batteries.

This Weird Sound Generator has the CV mods to control Weird Freq A and B (each with separate CV 1/4 in) along with 1 CV for the filter cutoff.
These CV mods add a nice way to give the WSG more melodic potential.
The WSG can be used alone or by the CV (15 volt max, ie 1 volt per oct) and Gate inputs.

Plenty of REAL knob twisting switch flicking fun for the money!!!

All WSGs are not created equal!!! My Synths are not your 'typical' looking home built units. These are high quality, built with care and very professional.

Metal film resistors and high quality components (Sourced from Mouser Electronics) used through out.
Quality pots for a nice smooth turning action.
Circuit Board (Direct from MFOS) is mounted to case via aluminum stand-offs.
WSG dimensions are approx. 9 x 6 x 3"

1980 Rivera Music Services Engineering Brief on Minimoog Mods

Great bit of retro DIY via Retro Synth Ads where you can find the full set of scans and a write-up.

"Rivera Music Services 12-page Engineering Brief and Photo Sheet for Minimoog Modifications from January 3, 1980."

Patch Base 3 Now Available

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Coffeeshopped

"Patch Base is the best collection of patch editors and librarians for a growing number of hardware synthesizers, and version 3 is a major update: adding new features including full undo support and patch bank backup and editing for most of the synths that Patch Base supports. Multitimbral / Performance editing and saving are now also supported for a wide array of synths. And a new affordable subscription option is now available, giving access to all of the editors in Patch Base at a low monthly or annual price."

You can find additional details at Coffeeshopped here.

DX5 playing Joe Crow "Compulsion" (Martin Gore vers.)

Published on Oct 10, 2018 DX5

"This is a cover of 'Compulsion' (Martin Gore version) as included in Gore's 'Counterfeit EP'. The song was originally composed by Joe Crow (ex Prefects/Nightingales).
Gear used:
Roland MRS-2 Promars
Emu Emax II
Yamaha DX7 II FD
Roland D-10
Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools.
Composed by Joe Crow. Arrangements by Martin Gore.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

And and awesome shirt! :)

Eagles - Hotel California (Modular Cover)

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Sebastien Leger

"Something different :) Using the modular as a super organic voices machines. Here 6 voice polyphony.

Used :

Mutable Instruments RINGS
Mutable Instruments Plats
Moog Mother 32 X2
Intellijel Atlantis
Verbos Harmonic Oscilator

all heavily modulated by 2X XAOC Devives BATUMI

Delay and bit crushing by Synthesis Technology e580 & Alright Devices T-Wrex.

Other FX from 4ms DLD

Sequence and beat programming in Ableton Live 10, using Shuttle Control"

Moog One Sound Designer, Deep Dive Live from the Moog Factory, Pt 3 with Suit & Tie Guy


Part 3 added here.


Akai Professional Fire Demo (no talking)

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

"In this video we demonstrate the new AKAI Fire DAW Controller for FL Studio 20!"

New Novation SL MkIII Keyboard Controllers w/ Eight-Track Polyphonic Sequencing & CV/Gate

Published on Oct 10, 2018

Novation // SL MkIII Overview - NovationTV
Novation // SL MkIII - Performance - NovationTV
Novation // SL MkIII & Ableton Overview - NovationTV
Novation // SL MkIII & Hardware Overview - NovationTV
Novation // SL MKIII - Deep Dive - NovationTV
Novation SL MkIII Sequencer & MIDI keyboard - How good is it for synthesizer setups? - BoBeats
Exclusive: Novation SL MKIII MIDI Controller - Presentation - Sonicstate
Novation SL MkIII Review: Is it a gamechanging controller? (49SL MK3/61SL MK3) - loopop
Novation SL MkIII with Eurorack Modular Synths // Sequencer, keyboard & controller - DivKidVideo
Novation SL MkIII Controller Overview - Sound On Sound magazine

"MIDI and CV-equipped keyboard controller with eight-track sequencer

Novation today announces the next generation of SL keyboard controllers. SL MkIII is far from your typical keyboard controller. It’s an all sequencing, all dancing hub for all of your music-making tools. A centrepiece to connect, control and create with your entire setup. Computer or not. Create quickly and easily with your MIDI hardware and CV/Gate synths. Build your tracks in the eight-track polyphonic sequencer: everything in time; everything in key; every control at your fingertips.

Novation worked with Ableton® to create an unprecedented integration with Live™. SL MkIII truly pulls your sessions out of the box. The full colour LCD screens give you full visibility of your parameters, while the pads, buttons, eight faders and eight knobs get you hands-on with your music – and in any major music software, using InControl. Deep integrations with Logic® and Reason – plus HUI compatibility with Cubase, Pro Tools® and Reason – mean SL MkIII can follow you away from Ableton®, too.

SL MkIII boasts Novation's finest, most playable and expressive synth-style semi-weighted keybed, with a sprung action and Novation's highest scan rate, all tuned to the needs of the experienced player.

Key features

Absolute hardware control, taking total control directly from the internal eight-track polyphonic pattern-based sequencer

Easy integration with Ableton® Live™ or any other HUI-compatible DAW. Controlling software is made easy by recording productions from a studio centrepiece

Whether in the box or outside the box, the MIDI and analogue clock and transport controls keep everything running in time

Highly customisable mappings for hardware and software easily control everything

USB; MIDI In, Out, Out 2/Thru; three pedal inputs; Analogue Clock Out; and two CV Pitch, Gate, and Mod outputs can be used to route anything anywhere

SL MkIII's pads, buttons, eight faders and eight knobs take control of all major music software using InControl

The SL MkIII has an exceptionally high scan rate of 10kHz, giving the keyboard a huge dynamic range for expressive keyboard performance

SL MkIII's velocity-sensitive RGB pads have multiple functions: they can be used for launching clips, as steps in the sequencer, they are perfect for the finger drummer, and have polyphonic aftertouch

Components allows templates and sessions to be backed up and restored in the cloud, enabling access from anywhere in the world. All content can also be saved locally"

Oberheim Etude #1: "Marathon Man"

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Straight-up, in-your-face synth hero in this piece. Full-on 80's mode. :)

Something of a LH stamina-fest! Yes, quite the marathon.

Presently I'm preparing the scores for review. What I'm creating for each piece is introductory text/explanation of the musical/technical points, plus the score - and I'm hoping to also have a 'player-friendly' version of each score i.e. all note names added to help those who may struggle with notated music. Very involved, but hopefully worth it.

Given there is no developed repertoire for the synth (I mean as in sheet music i.e. a quantifiable recorded form of the music that can be passed from player-player), it is difficult to say what a 'good' synth player is, as there is no established technical yardstick. With these etudes I'm covering the technical/musical difficulties encountered in synth writing (which isn't necessarily 'play fast'), and sometimes pushing those difficulties slightly further (you likely won't encounter an octave bassline with the jumps/constant nature as of this work - but if you can play a work such as this, 'typical' synth bassline writing is, relatively speaking, easy).

The end result is: if someone can play all 12, they'll have the ability to play almost anything/everything written for synth.

Guaranteed gigs/session work :)

The works are also good for pinpointing any weaknesses in playing. And hopefully also enjoyable as audio! No point writing music that sounds terrible!

The works aren't written necessarily to be played on an Oberheim - they can be performed on any 49-key synth. Even a MIDI controller/soft synth is fine. Personally, I'd love to hear what other players would do with them, in terms of patch/overall tone.

I'm also working on a set of monophonic works. I'll post one soon.

It would be nice for the audio for both sets to be available as an album/digital download. Let's see how things unfold.

All best

New Commodore 64 Chiptune Music & Music Maker Project by Perifractic's Retro Recipes

New Commodore 64 Chiptune Music Video 🎧 "The Lost Years (feat. C64)" | ©1997-2018 Perifractic Published on Oct 1, 2018

More info & tunes:

"🍟 ON TODAY'S MENU: Marvel as I channel my inner Ross Geller in this music video as I go back to my roots again with another brand new original chiptune, recorded on the Commodore Music Maker Station built in a past video. Every note you hear was recorded on my Commodore 64 (only some echo & percussion added) straight out of the SID chip, using CynthCart, and GarageBand on the other end. This is in line to be my Q4 Theme Tune. Let me know what you think!

© DMCA Copyright Notice: "The Lost Years (feat. C64)" aka "What Do You Want" Registered International Copyright ©1997-2018 CJ Simpson aka Perifractic / euromantix music / TuneCore Music Publishing Administration / Atlantic Screen Group. Unauthorized distribution prohibited. All rights reserved. PRS-MCPS registered."

Commodore Music Maker Project - The C=MM² red

"My project to turn Commodore Music Maker into the CMM Station - a sexy music workstation inspired by Fairlight"

1/6: Commodore Music Maker Refurb - The Beginning
2/6: Commodore Music Maker Refurb - Recording An Original Hit Song
3/6: Commodore Music Maker Refurb - The Music Station
4/6: Commodore Music Maker Refurb - Shattered Case Repair
5/6: Commodore Music Maker Refurb - Darth Vader Case | feat. Retro Man Cave
6/6: Commodore Music Maker Refurb - Hammer Repair & Big Finish!
And the video above.

Chill Trap Demo (Trap Sample Pack) Trap Kits

Published on Oct 10, 2018 New Loops

"New Loops presents Chill Trap - a musical collection of urban sounds for producers of Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop and other urban styles. Chill Trap features 5 full construction kits with over 580 MB of audio loops, one shot sounds and midi files. You’ll find drums, bass, vocals, melodies, sound effects, multi-samples and more."

West Coast Road Trip! ... an experimental Snazzy FX music Travelogue #TTNM

Published on Oct 10, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Put on your headphones, clear 20 minutes of your time and join me on a road trip down the United States' West Coast, from Seattle to Los Angeles, listening to dictaphone travel commentary and interludes of experimental modular synthesizer music, played on a Snazzy FX Eurorack system. MORE INFO BELOW :)


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
- an old Sony cassette dictaphone
- Zoom R16 audio recorder
- Snazzy FX Eurorack modular synthesizer with Tidal Wave, Kick Me, Eternal Spring, Hi Gain, 2x Kitty Eyes, Dronebank, Chaos Brother, Dreamboat, Dual Multiplier, Wow and Flutter, Telephone Game, etc.
... as shown in this thread:
... Snazzy FX website:

Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver."

TEST SERIES Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Mid-Fi Pitch Pirate Clari(not) Glitch Computer

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas with Mid-Fi Electronics Pitch Pirate, Clari(not), Glitch Computer.
The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Waldorf Quantum : a perfect drone machine? demo live talking #02

Published on Oct 10, 2018 CO5MA

"Custom made preset: Nakedo

4 oscillators (layered): 2 Granular, 1 Waveform and 1 Resonator
No external effects

This is a live improvisation and not a recorded sequence."

Qu-Bit Scanned - Organic Wavetable Oscillator Eurorack Module Now Shipping

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Qu - Bit

"Scanned is an organic wavetable oscillator. It uses an unexplored technique known as Scanned Synthesis to animate wavetables that are created in real-time. This synthesis method was conceived by the father of computer music, Max Matthews, as the next paradigm in digital oscillators, and until now, has never been implemented on hardware.

The wavetables are dynamically generated from a set of "objects" tied together on a virtual string. These objects have physical properties including Mass, Stiffness, and Damping which affect the way that the string moves through space and time. Unlike physical modeling, however, this algorithm is a means of creating new electronic sounds, not replicating acoustic instruments. To animate the waveform, the objects are morphed into the currently selected hammer shape and then released. This excitation of the sound generates evolving timbral landscapes that contain harmonic movement without external modulation. The hammer section also determines whether Scanned is a free-running oscillator, or a triggered sound source allowing it to function as a complete voice without additional filters or VCAs.

- First hardware implementation of Scanned Synthesis
- Organic wavetable generation and animations
- Can be a free-running oscillator or triggered voice
- Inject input allows external audio or CV sources to excite the string
- Evolving timbral landscapes without external modulation
- Four hammer shapes with interpolation
- Aluminum front panel"

TEISCO Synthesizer 110F analog synthesizer

via this auction

YAMAHA SY-1 monophonic analog synthesizer SN 5703

via this auction

Overall this is in very good condition.
The item has few minor scratch / marks.But no serious damage.
It has nice playability.
Please confirm pictures for details.
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Serial number: 5703

New Moog One Sound Designer, Live from the Moog Factory

Second session added to this post.

New TEMPI feature: Voltage Controlled Tempo!

Published on Oct 10, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"The most recent TEMPI firmware lets us use the State Select knob and its CV input for a new parameter: Voltage controlled Tempo!

By default, Channel 1 will be set up for Tap Tempo. To change to voltage controlled Tempo, go to the Clock Edit page by double-clicking both Program Buttons. When Ch1 does not have any Red in its color, in other words when it is BLUE or OFF, Tap Tempo will be OFF and the Tempo will be set by the State Select control.

The individual channels will maintain their tempo relationships when changing this control. So you can switch States or edit individual channels while also changing the Leading Tempo. I’ll change States using a Leading René.

The State select CV input is normalled to an offset so you can use it as an attenuator for incoming CV."

Behringer ODYSSEY Analog Synthesizer (Beta) Sound Demo | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Oct 10, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At SuperBooth 2018, Behringer unveiled the ODYSSEY, a clone of the ARP Odyssey. Now 4 months have passed and the beta version has arrived. Here is a quick demo with different sounds! Price & Availability to be announced!"

Medusa Synth MIDI channel per voice & live recording modes

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Polyend

"The Medusa Synth v1.1 firmware update is almost ready. It brings the full bilateral MIDI implementation, but also the MPE functionality and other improvements like the MIDI channel per voice mode shown on the video below. Now you can sequence all the six voices separately using your external sequencers."

Medusa synth live recording mode

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Polyend

"The Medusa Synth v1.1 firmware update is almost ready. It brings the full bilateral MIDI implementation, but also the MPE functionality and other improvements like the live recording mode shown."

How to make lead sounds with a synth like Moog Grandmother

Published on Oct 10, 2018 once upon a synth

"This is a tutorial for making basic lead sounds with a monophonic subtractive synthesizer like the Moog Grandmother. We're not making a specific sound, but I'll show you a flavour of different lead patches and how to approach them. This is more for beginners."

Grandmother Plucks + RE-201

Published on Oct 10, 2018 ljs8888

LD3 SPAZEboard 18dB Filter

Published on Oct 10, 2018 gotharman

"Showing off the 18dB filter of SPAZEboard for Little deFormer 3 a bit. A bass, a snare drum and a beat."

Waldorf Blofeld Extra Universe sound bank First 64 presets

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Pulsophonic

"Démo of the new sound bank 'Extra Universe' for Blofeld. 128 presets containing only pads, atmos and FX sounds. SL extension not required."

Behringer DeepMind 6 \\ Roland MSQ-100

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Alba Ecstasy

"A short #sequence played by the #RolandMSQ100 on the #DeepMind6. The Where Are The Quiet Saturdays Part 9 is based on this sequence.
Have to see if (and what/how) DeepMind sends cc, because MSQ-100 can record all* sliders movements (successfully tested with other gear)."

Patch n Tweak

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