MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Agar Agar - Against The Clock Video Back Online

In case you missed it this morning, the Agar Agar - Against The Clock Video video is back online here.

JX-3P Now Available on Roland Cloud

As you know the JX-3P "Plugout" for the Roland System-8 was released back on 808 day (8/8/18). It is now available on Roland Cloud.

"JX-3P Now Available!


Originally released in 1983, the JX-3P was one of the earliest programmable preset polyphonic synthesizers and Roland’s first MIDI-equipped machine. In the decades since, artists like The Future Sound of London, Astral Projection, Vince Clarke, Orbital, and Thomas Dolby have utilized the JX-3P.

In the early ‘80s, the synthesizer market was in flux. Spurred by trends in contemporary music, synths began to creep into popular culture. Roland, in lieu of complicated controls, shifted towards inclusive designs. Why not create a keyboard with Roland’s iconic analog warmth but make it accessible? Thus the dawn of the pushbutton interface and the introduction of the JX-3P. The JX-3P condensed the signature Roland sound users had come to expect into 64 stunning presets.

Roland Jupiter 8 ORGAN.. Something different here!

Published on Oct 17, 2018 synthartist69

"Rarely do I post videos of me playing organ sounds on a vintage synthesizer. As cheesy as it is, I thought I would post it because it is different than most Jupiter 8 videos out there.. if you approve please hit the LIKE button, Share and Subscribe... as always, thank you for watching!"

Oberheim Matrix-12 (with factory individual oscillator out mod)

via this auction

"This is a Oberheim Matrix-12 in excellent condition. This unit has been operated and stored in a non-smoking professional studio since it was purchased new. The unit comes with original factory manuals and footswitch. I have included a service record below.

All service work performed by Electronic Innovations.

2018 August

Aftertouch fully repaired
All Diagnostics and calibrations full pass
All Encoders tested and confirmed working
All Caps inspected for leakage
2012 February

2 CEM replaced
2009 May

General Maintenance and Cleaning
All Diagnostics and calibrations full pass
All Encoders tested and confirmed working
Rebuilt Power Supply
Broken Key replaced
3 CEM replaced"

Roland JD-800 + New Keys / Keyboard

via this auction

"New Keyboard - serviced by Roland Music."

Roland Studio Electronics SE-02 Boutique Designer Analog Synthesizer Module

via this auction

Yamaha TX216 / TF1 / DX7

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Nacho Marty Meyer

"this is the awesome Yamaha TX216 from 1984, with two TF1 (one TF1 = one DX7), all sounds are from Yamaha TX216, no extra effects or processes were used"


(Vermona '14) Debussy: Syrinx

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Debussy's 'Syrinx', here performed on synth. Original is, of course, solo flute - but it translates very, very well to synth - especially the Vermona, given its expressive qualities.

I'm working on a project at present for a client, hence a different instrument from the norm (i.e. the Vermona is out anyway).

The Vermona is something of a rare beast. Even rarer is hearing a full performance on the '14. It should probably be kept that way i.e. very elusive ;)

I chose Debussy to illustrate the Vermona for a few reasons, namely:

1) It is a great piece for showing off the highly expressive capabilities of the Vermona

2) I'm working on dance music at present, and Debussy makes a refreshing change :)

The tone I've went for here is very unusual/odd - this is to complement the nature of the music. Vermona's tone is stunning. Possibly the finest tone of any modern analog mono. The MB has far greater sound design capabilities - but for a pure tone, there aren't many synths to touch this.

Coloured score on the wall is Syrinx. I often colour to define sections. Great way of quickly showing/identifying structure.

Performance duration of this recording is longer than most recordings. Synths, unlike flute players, don't have the all-very human worry of running out of breath :) as such, phrases can be given full space/length. I personally think the piece sounds great on a synth such as this.

PS here's a link to the score -


Ataraxic Iteritas With Basimilus & Manis Sequenced By René 2

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Perfect Circuit

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

"The Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas is an oscillator based on the first Noise Engineering module, the Ataraxic Translatron. The Ataraxic Iteritas goes from beefy mellow bass sounds to metallic and screeching. The drums in this video were made with the Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Manis Iteritas, we used the new Make Noise René to sequence the three synth voices.

Ataraxic Iteritas available here:"

TSNM 3U (Touch Sensing Note Memory) by Doboz

Published on Feb 21, 2018 Máté Szabó

"Touch Sensing Note Memory is a performance oriented monophonic keyboard controller."

"Touch Sensing Note Memory is a performance oriented monophonic keyboard controller featuring 10 note plates (tunable over 5 octaves) and two transposer plates (variable transposition distance from -24 to +24 semitones). Highly accurate pitch (V/oct) output is guaranteed by a precision 16-bit DAC. Pressure sensing capability of note plates gives maximum human control through the dedicated CV output. On-board arpeggiator, sequencer, quantizer, pressure CV recorder. The module can save 19 presets including keyboard layout, sequence and all the options under settings.

Width: 28hp
Maximum depth: 30mm
Power: 10mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V, 75mA @ 5V"

First play with a Doboz XIIO

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Henry Birdseye Jr.

"Still learning it, but had to record something. Great effing module!"

Published on Nov 17, 2016 Máté Szabó

"XIIO is a touch plate keyboard based around the MPR121 capacitive touch sensor controller. It’s tuning and output is quantised to semitones. The module has no pressure output but it’s equipped with two auxiliary switches, which can bring some additional movement to your composition. XIIO can save 15 presets, which includes note layout and all the parameters under settings. Other features: glide, octave plates, arpeggiator."

μClouds + AJH Synth VCO granular patch (8hp Clouds Eurorack module)

Published on Oct 17, 2018 DreamsOfWires

"A simple patch using the μClouds in granular mode. μClouds is an 8hp version of Mutable Instruments 'Clouds'; a granular/texture synth module. Mine is running the Parasite firmware, which adds some more audio processing modes.

Here, a single VCO serves as an audio source, from which Clouds is taking small audio slices (grains), which can be pitch-shifted and combined with the incoming signal. Clouds also has built-in reverb.
If you enjoy my videos, please consider helping me to continue/develop my music by purchasing my music on Bandcamp, supporting me on Patreon, or just share links to my channel. You can also follow me on Facebook for updates on all my creative endeavours."

TEST SERIES Make Noise DPO Eurorack with Catalinbread Guitar Effects Pedals

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Make Noise DPO
Catalinbread Antichthon, Callisto, Valcoder, Adineko, Bicycle Delay, CSIDMAN, Belle Epoch, and Heliotrope.

The purpose of “TEST SERIES” is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"


Published on Oct 17, 2018 ReBach

"First preview from the new CATCH Series VCO-A.

CEM3340 based Eurorack VCO with linear FM.
Very nice sounding VCO which the CEM3340 has very good tracking and temparature stability. Because of our design, this VCO has a nice round sound with a distinctive edge!

The CATCH series is an entry-level Eurorack series with minimal functions but maximum sound!"

"CATCH VCO-A In production

Eurorack Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Another fine Eurorack oscillator based on the CEM3340.

This Oscillator from the CATCH series has three waveforms and a nice FM modulation input. He produces beautiful FM sounds and brilliant lead sounds.

Thanks to the CEM 3340 base, it has a very good CV tracking and unprecedented temperature stability!

Very skiff-friendly design. 26mm depth ( without Knobs incl ribbon connector ).

Available soon."

Tiptop Audio Introduces New MIX7 Analog Summing Mixer Eurorack Module

"MIX7 is a seven channel analog summing mixer module for Eurorack. It is designed for summing any of the different types of signals you’ll find in a modular system: Audio, CV, Triggers, or Gate.

MIX7 gives ability to sweeten your mix with more headroom using the power of low noise analog summing. A compact 3HP Eurorack utility module, MIX7 is an attractive mixing addition to any rig, especially with the ability to also combine rhythms, note patterns or CV automations from different control sources. The main output of one section can be connected to the input of another MIX7 to create larger mixing groups and complex signal routes inside your modular.

The MIX7 summing mixing circuit is built with low-noise operational amplifiers, giving it an excellent sound quality for mixing audio, the beautiful texture of classic analog mixing with plenty of headroom to handle hot modular signals, and the versatility to sum non-audio signals in your system to open up new creative possibilities.

Each input is labeled with a number of dots, 1-7, yellow for input and green for output. The module matches Tiptop’s system look with clean white faceplate styling.

At the back of the module is a user-configurable jumper allowing users to configure the MIX7 for either unity gain (OUT = IN) or give increased headroom (OUT = 0.4IN) for use with hot audio signals, which makes it a great pairing for Tiptop Audio percussive modules. A peak indicator light on the front panel warns the user of even the slightest audio clipping in the mix, helping to keep all the incoming sound sources at their full original quality."


Published on Oct 17, 2018 synths colors

Nessun Effetto Esterno Aggiunto, Come Al Solito...
No External Effect Added, As Usual...
Ningún Efecto Externo Añadió, Como De Costumbre...
Keine Externe Effekt Hinzugefügt, Wie Üblich...
Nenhum Efeito Externo Adicional, Como De Costume...
brak efektu zewnętrznego dodał jak zwykle ...
καμία εξωτερική επίδραση προστίθεται ως συνήθως ...
нет внешний эффект не добавлено, как обычно ...
Ingen extern effekt tillagt, som vanligt ...
Aucun Effet Externe Ajouté, Comme D'habitude...


Published on Oct 17, 2018 MrFirechild

"Here is a track using sounds only from the ELKA SYNTHEX (1981). With a a beautiful multimode filter and and Chorus unit to die for, it is one of the true vintage classics in the analog synthesizer history. Composed and produced by"

The last Moog Aluminum MiniMoog Voyager, serial number 100 of 100 produced

via this auction

"This is the final Aluminum Voyager produced, numbered 100 out of a limited run of 100. It is in fantastic condition...I would mark it mint save for one tiny blemish on the panel (noted in pic). Every aluminum block is as-new, the luminescent panel is as bright as the day I got it, the keys are pristine and the electronics are perfect."

Roland System 100 Model 101 Excellent Condition SN 490753

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One Vintage Analog Mono Synthesizer SN 0098

via this auction


via this auction

Roland JX-3P + PG-200

via this auction

YAMAHA CS15 Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

AKAI VX-600 6-Voice Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 30615-00998

via this auction

PEARL SC-40 Percussion Synthesizer 8ch Drum Brain

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Piano Forte by Seil

via this auction

Posting this one for the pics of the inside below.

"This is a very rare Sequential Circuits Piano Forte made by Seil. It has a different fuse cap not shown in the pictures and I will include the missing TMS3617 Top Octave Chip missing on the upper voice card as shown in the pictures. I purchased the chip to try to repair this unit but no longer have the time. I purchase the unit without the chip not knowing before hand so I believe the unit will still have issues even if the IC is installed. It only makes a slight clicking sound when keys are pressed. No other testing was done."

Oxygene Part.4 - Jean-Michel Jarre by Trilha

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Carlos Trilha

"Live performance Oxygene Part.4 by keyboardist Carlos Trilha.
Performance ao vivo Oxygene Part.4 pelo tecladista Carlos Trilha."

Studio Electronics SE-02 Ext Box — SynthFest UK 2018

Published on Oct 17, 2018 Sound On Sound magazine

"The Roland Boutique SE-02 turned heads when it was released and not just because it was the first analogue device in the Boutique series of miniature synths. It was also, of course, the first collaboratively designed model, too. With a three-oscillator design, the SE-02 lent itself nicely to monophonic synth basses with dynamic filter sweeps. The only problem is that the filter cutoff knob is rather small.

In order to remedy that issue, and in response to customer feedback, Studio Electronics have announced the SE-02 Ext Box which filters a large filter knob for more tactile performance control, amongst other things. We discover more from UK Distributor Simon Lowther of MSL Pro."

Yamaha TQ5 with MIDI Designer on iPad

Published on Oct 17, 2018 quadratschulz

"The Yamaha TQ5 is probably one of the most underrated and cheap synthesizers today. Manufactured in 1988, where it was clearly targeted to the consumer market with barely any parameters to edit at the device, it's actually an TX81z in a box with nearly all of its functionality available via MIDI. The desktop unit was designed by Hartmut Esslinger's company Frog Design that was also responsible for many legendary industry designs back then for Apple, Wega and Texas Instruments to name just a few.

Here you can see the Yamaha TQ5 connected to an iPad running the MIDI Designer app and the Yamaha TQ5 layout. More details here:

In theory (I have not tested this) this layout should also work with other Yamaha FM synthesizers (e.g. TX81z), since the MIDI specification is largely compatible between these two synths."

Prism of Composition: Introduction to René's Z Axis

Published on Oct 17, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"This video introduces the third dimension of René programming: the Z Axis.

Please note: This video is deep. If you’re not already pretty familiar with the Program Pages of René, go watch the earlier videos in the René playlist [below], use them to make some music, and come back to this one later. You can have endless fun with three channels of X and Y axes before you move onto the Z Axis."

The path to Patch & Tweak & Eurorack patching in the bushes

Published on Oct 17, 2018 DivKidVideo

"I had a great time meeting Kim Bjørn of Push Turn Move and Patch and Tweak. Unfortunately that chat was on a cold and windy day at the side of the M606 on an industrial estate. Still, we had some fun chatting background, the book, his book tour for Patch and Tweak, the path to Patch and Tweak and I had the chance to do some Eurorack patching in the bushes, or on the bushes, or modular in the leaves (comment with a funny/silly title) with Kim's USB power bank powered skiff. Good fun, nice to speak to Kim, cheers for watching go to Kim's channel and check out more of us having a casual interview and chat."

PATCH & TWEAK's video:

Chat and patch with DivKid

Published on Oct 17, 2018 PATCH & TWEAK

"Co-author of PATCH & TWEAK, Kim Bjørn, met with DivKid outside the M606 motorway north of Sheffield after Synthfest'18 to have a chat about his contribution to the book, his background, getting into modular, and more."

Agar Agar - Against The Clock

Published on Oct 17, 2018 FACTmagazine
Update 10/17/18 9:53PM: video is back.

"All aboard for our first ever Against The Clock on a boat.

French electronic duo Agar Agar are singer Clara Cappagli and synth wizard Armand Bultheel. The duo met in art school four years ago and bonded over a love of music and art, forming Agar Agar despite their contrasting backgrounds in garage rock and club music.

We jumped at the chance to feature the duo on Against The Clock and were happily surprised when they told us we'd be recording on a boat. The duo proved themselves an act to watch in 2018 thanks to Bultheel's electronic shoegaze instrumental and Cappagli's evocative vocals.

Watch the session above and check out Agar Agar's second album The Dog and The Future, which is out now via Cracki Records. Don't miss Agar Agar's upcoming London show next week."

NOIS 439 - Experimental Polyrhythms with Deluge z4

Published on Oct 17, 2018 VJ FRANZ K

"A chaotic 'Dawless Jam' with the Deluge! Original noise 'music'.
Yes, it goes up to 10,000 bpm if you want it to."

KQ MiniSynth 2.0 Demo

Published on Oct 16, 2018 Kira Q Tech

"KQ MiniSynth is a modular synthesizer for iPhone/iPad."

First released in 2016.

This is what an Antarctic Ice Shelf sounds like

Published on Oct 16, 2018 American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Synth sounds in nature. Dude/dudette with a modular in a cave under the ice sheets somewhere.

"Winds blowing across snow dunes on Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf cause the massive ice slab’s surface to vibrate, producing a near-constant drumroll of seismic “tones” scientists could potentially use to monitor changes in the ice shelf from afar, according to new research.

The ice shelf’s “song” is too low in frequency to be heard by human ears, but it has been made audible here by geophysicist and mathematician Julien Chaput, who sped up a 2015 recording of the ice shelf’s vibrations about 1,200 times."

Behringer Pro-One Enters Product with $299 Price Tag

And update from Behringer. Note the patch points on top from the prototype video here. The Pro-One logo has been moved to the left.

"We just approved the final pre-production sample of the PRO-1 and are now gearing up for mass production. As you will notice, we have added quite a few more patch points as well as other cool features.

We are quite excited about this synth as it turned out really well 🙂

We’re targeting a MAP price of US$ 299."


Patch n Tweak

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