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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Spooky for Halloween! Moog Mother 32 Self Generating Patch

Published on Oct 4, 2019 zerozero island

"Happy Halloween! This just a quick, goofy patch i put together with my new Mother-32. It more or less plays itself, with some random voltage to the sequencer tempo and hold. Effects are a TC Flashback delay and a Holy Grail ( set to spring reverb). I'm using an lfo and an attenuverter from the Eurorack as well. It starts off pretty normal, but about halfway through when i lower the octave of the sequence, things get pretty gruesome :) The triangle LFO to the VCO mix, lets the white noise occasionally 'whoosh' in, to add extra creepiness..."

Roland Juno-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2 SN 0796

via this auction

"This one is in fair cosmetic condition and working 100%. It was recently serviced by a Greg Montalbano in Oakland, California. As you can see, this is a Rev 2. I generally do not sell vintage synthesizers in this kind of cosmetic condition, but I decided not to do any cosmetic restoration in order to keep the cost down. The unit works great and stays in tune well."

ROLAND Jupiter-6 SN 332882

via this auction

Gechologic Gecho Loop Synth (v1) Special Silver Version

via this auction

"This is a specially produced silver painted version of the Gechologic Gecho Loop Synth (v1). It is a unique, strange and wonderful portable interactive synthesiser, sampler and effects unit. The various programs create different ways into the sound engine or chordal patterns can be programmed.

It has two minijack headphone outputs which also work as line outs, and a USB. It takes 3AA batteries. This unit was bought new but has been hardly used. Printed manual included as well as fabric drawstring pouch"

Akai AX60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ New Switches SN 10425 - 21520

via this auction

"Everything works great and sounds even better. The keyboard has physical marks and some of the paint is missing, but there are no signs of abuse. All of the front panel switches have been replaced by the previous owner."

1980 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 SN 6364

via this auction

Two broken pots.

Discovery Kids MINDBLOWN Circuitry Keyboard STEM Kit

Looks like your standard electronics kit with built-in keyboard. Good way to get kids into DIY, or adults. :)

via Amazon:

"Spark your child’s love for science and music with this one-of-a-kind kit! His or her mind will be blown when they see how easy it is to power lights, speakers and a piano. Everything is included in the Circuitry Keyboard kit to conduct 39 different experiments — each more exciting than the next!


Published on Nov 3, 2019 BoBeats

"I highly recommend checking out Euterpe: this is just some really cool handcrafted stuff from passionate people

Check out Soundmit:
Check out my Patreon:

#filterbank #bobeats #soundmit"

You can find additional Euterpe Vertice demos posted here.

Ploytec PL2 Logos Prototype Board

Published on Nov 3, 2019 mCKENIC

"My first play with the Ploytec PL2 Logos Text-To-Speech USB MIDI Synthesizer.
This thing is EXACTLY as much fun as I had hoped it would be!"


Published on Nov 3, 2019 juanito moore

"Weekend hardware jam challenge for the first weekend in November, 2019.

For the first time maybe EVER I managed to stay away from a recognizable beat or meter. Seriously. Not even a kick drum was used. Bonkers."

Cigar Box Guitar + Modular Synth: Part II (TX Wiggles 50)

Published on Nov 3, 2019 poorness studios

"I woke up this morning with this cigar box guitar riff in my head so I decided to build a piece around it. The audio comes straight out of the modular synth with no additional processing.

You can find Part I here:"

Cigar Box Guitar + Modular Synth: Part I (TX Wiggles 35)

Published on Sep 22, 2018 poorness studios

"This was kinda fun. I decided to plug my CBG into the modular synth. It goes thru a homemade fuzz pedal, into the Pittsburgh InOut, then thru a Harvestman Polivoks VCF, and finally into MI Clouds. It doesn't really sound like a CBG after all that... but the twang still comes thru.

Fuzz pedal build:"

Ambient Music - Klangbau Köln Eurorack vs. Linnstrument MPE Synths #TTNM

Published on Nov 3, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Sometimes I just want to make weird bloops :D MORE INFO BELOW.


Created a chaotic ping and drone patch on the Klangbau Köln Eurorack modular Synthesizer and played on top of the noises with my Linnstrument three times. The MPE controller expressed my finger acrobatics through the Roli Seaboard 5D and ThumbJam iPhone Apps. Blooopz!

Questions or comments? Go ahead and post them below! :) Thanks for watching! Check out my channel for more Synthesizer Music.

➤ Instagram:
➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Twitter:"

Gem RP-X Sound Module SN 020E070050

via this auction

"The half rack piano module from GEM known for its Fazioli patch.

Scratches on the bottom and cosmetic wear. Works perfectly.

- Sustain peddal
- Power Adapter
- Midi Cable
- USB thumb drive with manual and editor software"

You can hear one here.

Vintage CRUMAR LEM synthesizer 1984-1986

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Davide Micheli

"A short music track produced by means of vintage Italian syntesizers: a 'bit 99' and two 'bit 01' rack expander connette via midi to a MMK weighted midi master keyboard LEM.
The other instruments are not played."

DIY analogue synth project (Dual Thankensteiner VCF mode test)

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Adamski A.

"Here again is my take on the Steiner parker VCF for my Ad-vantage 03 synthesizer system. In
this video I showcase a few different mode combinations, as the synth uses 2 x Thankensteiner VCFs linked in series. Each sports LP, BP, HP and Notch mode."

Amstrad CPC Speak&SID - First Demo of SID Player

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Michael Wessel

"First demo of Speak&SID with the DaDMaN's version of Simon Owen's SID Player. Thanks to DaDMaN from the CPC Wiki Forum for sharing his branch of this player with me, which he had already customized for the CPC! Indeed, it was very little effort to get it running with Speak&SID. I only needed to change the output port and a couple other bits. And worked out of the box, to my surprise! And now - enjoy RoboCup and Commando on the authentic SID 6581.

In case you should be wondering why the sound volume goes low and sounds tinny for a couple of seconds at some point in the video - Speak&SID also feeds into the CPC's internal audio speaker, so at that point I am turning off the amp and let the CPC speaker roar for a bit."

Some additional info in via Mechael Wessel:

"I am cooking up a SID soundcard for the Amstrad CPC

Maybe of some interest to SID / CPC lovers?

'CPC Speak&SID' is a SpeakJet-based speech synthesizer for the CPC, and a SID sound card! It works with the original SID chips, but SwinSID and ARMSID are also valid options. The video shows the original 6581 in action.

The sources for CPC Speak&SID will be made open source soon. The production costs for the card are in the 50 $ range (without the SID chip of course - builders have to source one themselves) Speak&SSID uses the SpeakChip chip for the speech synthesizer, an ATMega 8535 at 16 MHz as the microcontroller, and a Xilinx 9536 CPLD. The SID chip is connected directly to the CPC address and databus though; the CPLD generates the 1 MHz clock signal from the CPC's 4 MHz clock, as well as the other control signals such as R/~W etc.

Unlike the Commodore, the CPC uses IO ports instead of memory mapped registers for hardware interfacing. Hence, the 29 SID chip registers starting at address &d400 to &d41c in the C64 memory are mapped to the CPC's Z80 IO ports &fac0 - &fadc. C64 SID BASIC programs can be ported easily to Speak&SID, simply by replacing the POKE's (PEEK) with OUT (INP) commands, and by adjusting the SID base address.

For the SID Player shown in the video, I am using a version that was already customized by DaDMaN from the CPC Wiki Forum, and it is based on Simon Owen's SID Player for the Z80."

VERMONA meloDICER first look & demo @ SOUNDMIT

Published on Nov 3, 2019 BoBeats

"I found this new sequencer from Vermona and its fun and intuitive. Here is a first look and demo.

Check out Vermona:
Check out Soundmit:

Support my videos here:

#eurorack #soundmit #vermona"

More meloDICER here.

HARDWARE CONTROLLER FOR VCV RACK!! 🤯 Checking out MidiLar @ Soundmit

Published on Nov 3, 2019 BoBeats

"This is MidiLar and it turns VCVRACK into eurorack... Almost...

Check out MidiLar here:
Check out Soundmid here:
Support my videos here:


Undertow - Mimeophon, Morphagene, VCV Rack, O Coast, Neutron

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Omri Cohen

"'I've recorded a whole session and all I got is this stupid thumbnail'... Yeah, I was stupid enough to delete the wrong folder so all the footage I got left is this one picture I took so unfortunately, there's no video of the performance this time. Anyway, I also sing a bit in this one and the lyrics are from Undertow by Leonard Cohen. It was all recorded live and there are some patch notes further down. Here are the lyrics:

I set out one night
When the tide was low
There were signs in the sky
But I did not know
I'd be caught in the grip
Of the undertow
Ditched on a beach
Where the sea hates to go
With a child in my arms
And a chill in my soul
And my heart the shape
Of a begging bowl

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file of thie performance and also the indivisual stems on my Patreon page -
and also the VCV Rack patch file -

Patch notes:
- In VCV Rack I have Rainbow (4ms SMR) going into Clouds creating this organic pad.
- I've used the Make Noise Mimeophon as a synth voice and played it with the Keystep, recording it into a looper in VCV Rack.
- Rainbow is also sending pitch information to the Wave oscillator from Blamsoft for another layer of the pad.
- In VCV Rack I have the NoteSeq from JW sending 8 notes to a sequential switch and from there to the O Coast. So the O Coast is playing this fast arpeggio that I bring in and out at certain times and it's going through Chronoblob 2 in VCV Rack for a nice ling delay.
- For the bass, I'm using Basal from Vult and the Neutron, using another sequential switch to send different notes sequentially. The Neutron is also going through Chronoblob 2 and Plateau in VCV Rack.
- I'm recording my voice with the Zoom H6 directly into the Morphagene so as soon as I'm done singing, the Morphagene plays back the mangled version. I didn't have any more inputs in VCV Rack left for the Morphagene so I had to send it directly to the DAW and add some reverb and such there, but it was recorded live with the patch itself.
- The same Note Sequencer is sending another arpeggio to an FM voice with a couple of FM-OPs in VCV Rack."

Lagrange Synthesizer | iceGear's BEST Synth App? - haQ attaQ

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Jakob Haq

"iceGear's latest synth app Lagrange might be the best one so far. At least in my opinion. It's got a multi-engine algorithm Oscillators, seven different filter modes, a noise section with a vide range of interesting noise types including its own AD envelope. Lagrange has a lot going on and I absolutely love it! Check this out!"

Gecho v2 and Ellitone Multi Synth

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Gecho Loopsynth

"This must be the best sixty bucks I've ever spent :) So much fun!
The channel #24 is new, it's a looper / warper without additional effects, as suggested by Gecho owners. Just finished it yesterday (2nd November) so it is not yet present in your firmware, it will be in the next update and demoed in a separate video."

See the Ellitone label for more.

Monome Norns Zellen with Crow support

Published on Nov 3, 2019 S. B. Arweiler

"I've added Crow support to Zellen, my sequencer for Monome Norns, so now Zellen can talk to eurorack via Monome Crow.

The first part of the patch is the alternative CV sequencing Mangrove, that is processed through Cold Mac and then looped (via "Freeze") in Bastl Thyme. The second part is the CV out and trigger pinging Three Sisters. Everything goes through Bastl Thyme for delay.

Crow configuration for Zellen:
Input 1: Clock
Input 2: CV offset
Output 1: CV
Output 2: Trigger
Output 3: Alternative CV
Output 4: Clock

Get the newest update for Zellen on Github:"

Also see: Crow: First (Monome Crow + Mannequins)

CASIO VZ-10M Professional Digital Synthesizer Module SN 001608

via this auction

"This is Casio's answer to the Yamaha DX series. It produces similar sounds but in a different way, while still being a unique instrument. It's not nearly as common as the DX series. There are modern editors for the VZ-10M, although it is not nearly as hard to program as the Yamaha FM synths."

Waldorf MiniWorks 4 Pole

via this auction

"This is the original Waldorf filter box from the mid 90's. IT's essentially one voice of the microwave with out the wavetable VCO. IT is a fully analog signal path with full midi control over all the parameters. The filter goes from subtile to brutal, just like the MicroWave. The MiniPole is covered with a sort of rubberized coating that is not easy to clean, but that's the only real issue. It's a great filter and panner. And adds a lot of analog warmth and overdrive to anything put through it. The original power supply ships with it."

Crumar OMB-2

via this auction

You can find pics of the complete system in previous posts here.


via this auction

Poly Odyssey.

Roland Juno-106 w/ MSQ-100

via this auction

Note there is no mention of the MSQ-100 in the listing. Check with the seller to verify if bidding.

Akai AX60 Vintage Synth

via this auction

Cremacaffè Spike XL Tabletop Synth Stand

via this auction

E-MU Systems EMU EMAX II w/ 8mb RAM, SCSI2SD Option & New LED Display

via this auction

"This EMAX II is loaded with all desirable upgrades I would ever ask for but lately, I just haven't been using it and can't justify keeping it so it's time to sell it. It's in fantastic condition, no serious scratches, no dents, and all screws. It's clean inside and out. The yellow LED display can be viewed clearly from a far distance and at any angle. All the buttons and sliders are responsive. All the inputs, outputs and MIDI work. Everything works like it should. Instead of a noisy used SCSI HD prone to fail, I've installed the SCSI2SD option, partitioned into 4 large SCSI drives. The floppy disk drive reads and writes without issue. If no floppy is inserted on power up, the machine will boot off SCSI Drive A. You don't need a boot disk with this EMAX. This has the rarest optional RAM daughter board and flash making this one of the fewest examples of the 8mb EMAX II in existence. I've got about 40 banks each containing about 5 unique sound patches on SCSI Drive A. I am also including a bunch of disks that I haven't saved to the drive, but there's some good stuff like a few OB-X patches and so on within those. You'll get the EMAX II with the User Manual, power cord and disks you see pictured."

Too Pieces [Cover] MC-101 - JU-06A + Aira, Boutiques, Volcas

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Micro Banshee

A Roland MC -101 Version of Yazoo's 'Too Pieces'

#rolandboutique #roland

As always, the track is played 'live' in one take - with no DAW, editing or post production.

Recorded live 03/11/2019.

WaveLicker Eurorack Modules at Soundmit 2019

Published on Nov 3, 2019 BAMTV
Published on Nov 9, 2019 Ask.Audio

Update: BAMTV video was pulled from YouTube. Replacing with Ask.Audio's.

"Alain from WaveLicker introduces his unique synthesizer modules, including a setup he created for a world-famous theremin player, and his infamous Christmas tree / song pattern playing module."

WAY HUGE Echo Puss - 7 cool spots W/ Arturia's Microfreak

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Pedals4Synths

"Hey pedalheads!
New test on the tube ! This time i got a Way Huge Echo Puss which is an analog delay with a few twists (modulation) lended by the cool cats at Effect-on-line while my Microfreak was on the set so i put'em together and found 7 cool spots on the pedal for the synth !"

Patch n Tweak

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