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Monday, February 03, 2020

SYNTHTASTE Synth Parts & Repair

SYNTHTASTE offers service and modifications for vintage Synthesizers and analog gear.

"With 25+ year of experience, we're offering a worldwide service for your vintage Synth!

We're servicing Roland, Moog, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim and ARP, upgrading with MIDI, afterouch Keys and custom re-designed PSU's Made in Germany.

Join our worldwide satisfied customers and receive the best service for your beloved and rare Synthesizers!

SYNTHTASTE does new PSU´s, keybeds and memory for all major analogue synths and we have many years experience in refurbishing synths to be real reliable machines.

Now we are going online WW with kits. Keybeds are user installable and PSU´s have to installed by pro techs, because there is no fun about working on 110/230VAC.

We have engineering and safety guidelines in focus. They are 95% drop in and no add bores have to be done.

All PSU´s are reliable working for the past 10 years and we have a big experience on our own and customer gear. All types of PSU´s have been installed minimum 30x.

We extremely reduce heat and have no noise, replace all original PSU parts with high quality components. The main transformers are CE certified and they are fully encapsulated in terms of EMV.

We are graduated engineers and have >15 years experience in automotive development. All products have been developed for our personal gear and awesome huge collection.

Please see our new website and products featured on REVERB.


Many new PSU´s and keybed kits are coming too:
- P-VS /R
- DPX-1
- And many more"

ARP 2600 Clone - TTSH Improv | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 3, 2020 ClavAnother

"Just having a little fun with the TTSH. This thing is still one of my favourite synths of all time.

I'm triggering it from the Novation SLmkIII arpeggiator, occasionally turning steps on and off and also sometimes playing in different notes. The on-board sample & hold also introduces variation to the sequence at times.

There is a section of this where I'm overdriving the filter with the preamp and IMO it gets a little nasty. Some of you will like that, others maybe not so much, but I think there is still cool stuff after that. This video is a bit long, but that's ok with me.

Thanks for watching!"

SDS Digital Melisma Percussa LHAND Mode

Published on Feb 3, 2020 freshnelly

"This is the long-awaited Percussa tutorial video! I'm certain that there's been some head scratching out there so hopefully this clears things up some. It's really quite simple and if not, then it's a lot of fun to use!
Just gotta know some of the basics ;)"

Hard—Model:Samples study #2 (ARP 2600 sample pack)

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Vague Robots

Elektron Model:Samples on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"Something a bit heavier using samples from my ARP 2600 sample pack 🤘

Samples available here:"

Vague Robots Model:Samples study posts

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with ITAMAR GOV-ARI

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Itamar Gov-Ari is a keyboardist, songwriter, singer, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. As the son of world-renowned choreographer Shmulik Gov-Ari, he was exposed to the arts from birth. He plays in the progressive soul outfit Vinegar Mother, plays, co-writes and produces with Jak Lizard, performs regularly with Joanna Teters, and has toured with renown jazz guitarist Rotem Sivan on several occasions. Itamar has also been seen performing with Lolo Zouaï, Dani Murcia, and Caleb Hawley.

Itamar’s productions have charted top 10 in Japan with the Jak Lizard song “Cauliflower,” which he co-produced with Brasstracks. His music has also been played on Israeli radio stations Galgalatz, 88FM, and Reshet Gimmel. Itamar has had the pleasure of playing across the USA, Canada, Europe, Panama, and Israel. He has shared bills with a diverse list of artists, including Blue Oyster Cult, Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Black Pumas, Oz Noy, The Front Bottoms, and more.

We chatted with Itamar on how he uses the Prophet Rev2 in his music"

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

It will all come out in the wash

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Anthony Distefano

"Video I shot as I was going through the car wash. I used NI Absynth for the soundtrack."

2020/02 - Akai S900, Integra7 & Viscand18

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Stereoping

"While playing around with the very first simple sample i made on a newly aquired Akai S900 this song came out. I wanted to test how far the pitch can be streched up and down before starting to sound unnatural or unpleasant. Well, a test in musical context, not really technical. It's just one piano-like sample, no zones, switching or crossfades.

Other sounds used here come from a freshly repaired DIY drumbox as well as Strings from the JV1080 and 3 different Horns (staccato tuba, frensh horns and a solo trumpet) from the Integra7. The song gets a nice jazz twist around 2:20 - feel free to skip forward if you are bored. The video shows the FL Studio playlist progress, memo pics of the presets i used on 1080/Integra and some photos of the Akai which now got a new display and a USB floppy now. The original drive made "Ooops,wrong data" errors."

An Overview of new modules and collections in VCV Rack - January 2020

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here are all the patches -"

Arpeggio NAMM 2020 Demo 1: Arpeggiator Mode

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Tangible Instruments

"Shot live at NAMM 2020, this video demonstrates features arpeggiator mode, and MIDI connectivity including MIDI over Bluetooth LE."

Minimoog, 960 Sequencer & Custom Trigger Divider...

Published on Feb 3, 2020 noddyspuncture

"I built a trigger divider a while back and have only just fitted it into the sequencer case. It also needed some alterations making to function exactly as I wanted... the first 'build' wasn't working reliably."

Kawai K5000S Additive & PCM Synthesizer SN 600612

via this auction

"This synthesizer is so out-there. Any synth enthusiast will all tell you the same - this thing was way ahead of its time and is still an alien in the bunch of synthesizers that are available now. It is capable of creating incredible soundscapes ranging from the ethereal to a horror soundtrack. The bottom left has a hole in the frame so some painting tape was put over it. The modulation frame has some crack in it too (see photographs) but is still 100% functional. This has no memory bank available so that will need to be purchased separately. Will come with power cable."

Kawai Additive & PCM Synthesizer K5000S SN 595734

via this auction

"Kawai Synthesizer K5000S ME-1 Equipped Ver4.04 512 Tone Memory"

Teisco 60F Vintage Analog Mono Synthesizer

via this auction


Published on Feb 3, 2020 VJ FRANZ K


via this auction

"It was built in the late 60's/early 70's. It is an early version with the silver knob caps, MKI boards, best sounding VCO's, etc. The front panel is extremely clean and the lettering isn't worn off as you find on a lot of these. All silver caps are accounted for (which seems to be quite rare). It is working perfectly and ready to go to a new home...

The VCS3 had been refurbished with several upgrades and mods to bring it into the 2020 era:

1) Faulty/scratchy pots that were erratic and flakey were replaced with much better/smoother ALPS replacements that have a really nice feeling and are extremely accurate. These are much superior to the ones offered by Hinton Electronics which have a scratchy feel when you turn them.
2) Sync switches and knobs were added to front panel to allow syncing between 2>3, 1>3, 1>2, which really opens up the flexibility of the synth
3) A switch was added to allow the filter response to be changed from 24db to 12db for different tones
4) 1/8" jacks were added to front panel to allow for external voltage control and interfacing with modern modular synths. Specifically: for voltage control of filter and all three VCO's. These additional inputs make this VCS3 a great addition to any eurorack or traditional modular setup as you can easily send voltages into the VCS3 from other gear for processing.
5) The case was refinished in a matte finish. The looks is very sharp!
6) Some components were upgraded on the voicecards. I don't have a list of everything that was done over the years, so please see the photos. New trimmers were added for rock solid adjustments.
7) Power connection was changed from the original mini Bulgin connector (very difficult to source the power cord for this) to a standard IEC connector (standard AC power cord)
8) Vernier dial pots were upgraded with precision pots based on Hinton recommendations
9) Internal power supply switch was changed to domestic US voltage, so it runs at the standard 120v. Can easily be switched back to 220v Euro.
10) A switch was added to allow VCO3 to be run as an LFO, or for standard voicing use.

Known issues: 1) There are a couple hairline cracks in the case that have been repaired and sealed during the refinishing process. They are solid and nothing to worry about. 2) This synth does not have the tuning stabilization mod on Board C. Honestly I wondered about getting this done before I purchased it, but once I used it, I saw no need to get the mod done. 3) There is a very small hairline crack in the bottom right of the plastic meter (barely visible). 4) Front panel is extremely clean, but there are a couple light marks in the cream finish in spots.

Comes with: A) VCS3 B) Power cord) C) fourteen patch pins: yellow (5), white (3), red (3), black (3). D) spare reverb tank E) copies of VCS3 manual."

Analogue Solutions Polymath

via this auction

Looks like it has little antennae.

Moog Source Vintage Analogue Analog Synth

via this auction

"Modded with external VTrig for Arpeggiator"

Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno-106 Analog Synthesizer (1984) Forever Young - Alphaville cover

Published on Feb 3, 2020 RetroSound

"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-106 (1984)
ahh sound: Roland M-VS-1 Vintage Synth module (1998)
drums: Emax samples
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

This is not a exactly cover version of this fantastic 80s song. Its more a own interpretation with a different synthesizer.
In the original song made with the Roland Jupiter-8, PPG wave 2.3, Logan String Melody and ARP Odyssey.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


Delta Sound Labs Intros Stream Granular Sampler For macOS & Windows

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Synthtopia

"At the 2020 NAMM Show, Delta Sound Labs introduced Stream, a new granular sampler for macOS & Windows.

We talked with CEO Ricky Graham, who gave us a quick demo of how Stream works and how it can be used with synth and guitar."

Electro House jam on the Korg Electribe 2

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Gabe Miller Music

"An electro house banger on the Korg Electribe (the synth version)."

Modal SKULPT synthesiser meets Jordan Rudess

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Modal Electronics

Modal SKULPT on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"Keyboard wizard extraordinaire Jordan Rudess, shows just what can be done with our SKULPT synth during the inevitable down time in a hotel room.

Looks like he had fun 🙂

His band Dream Theater are traveling across the EU on their "The Distance over Time" tour. If you get a chance, do go see them and be amazed. Tour information can be found at"

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Assembly & Sound Demo

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Ollie Loops

Nu:Tekt NTS-1 on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"In this video, we show your step by step how to assemble the Korg NTS-1 programmable synthesizer kit. We wanted to help users who were looking for a better video tutorial for how to build this kit. And we included some tips and tricks to help users in the assembly process of this DIY synth kit.

The Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 is a programmable single oscillator digital synthesizer with built in effects and arpeggiator. This synth can also have different oscillator types and effects loaded from Korg's corresponding software."

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Sound Demo

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Ollie Loops

"In this video, we explore the many sounds of the Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Programmable Synthesizer. In this no talking video, we walk through each oscillator and effect on the device. We then have a quick freestyle which combines some of the sounds on the synth. This gives users a sense for what this single oscillator digital synth is capable of."

Roland Alpha Juno 2 - Controlling Parameters without PG-300 Programmer

Published on Feb 3, 2020 SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Roland Alpha Juno 2 / JU-2 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer
Controlling Parameters without PG-300 Programmer

Recorded with Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Controlled by Ableton Push"

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

Patch n Tweak

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