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Monday, March 02, 2020

Prophet X Sounds Vol 3 by Everett Dudgeon

Published on Mar 2, 2020 EverettDudgeon138

"Some more patches and sounds I've done for the Sequential Prophet-X. Lots of soundtracks from some of my favorite flicks. Every patch you hear is playing in real time, no overdubs or multitracking.

Some usual stuff in here like Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness and Body Bags but for the most part I wanted to stick to really obscure stuff (which I prefer).
Ghosthouse, Razorback, Frankenstein '80, The Vampire And The Ballerina, Murderrock, The Deadly Organ, The Entity, Without Warning, MS 45, Anthropophagus, Chopping Mall, Laserblast, Burial Ground, and The Stone Tape.

©Everett Dudgeon 2020"


Published on Mar 2, 2020 GoldbabySamples

"First 1/2 hour messing with 2 bars on the Elektron Model:Cycles. This thing is super fun and sounds great."

ARP Concert Wings & Pro Soloist Brochures

via this auction

ARP 2500 & 2600

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Valhala 320 Voice ROM Cartridge w Patch List

via this auction

Two reSEMble Pad

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Randy Piscione

"Two reSEMbles droning while I move knobs around, just leave it on and listen while doing something else. One is tuned in 4ths and the other in octaves. Ring mod adds a bit of dissonance, Shaper adds some crunch. Sounds better live, and/or loud."

from Stefano Bertoli on Vimeo.

川明かり chapter VI 意


All music created with an Organelle M
All videos created on a IphoneXS running lumafusion

chapter V

New piece from supporting member, Stefano Bertoli.

All parts here

303 day 2020 Citric Acid Jam

Published on Mar 2, 2020 acidjack303

A little early but it goes up when it goes up. Might inspire some videos tomorrow as well.

"I got a Challenge request for a world tb-303 appreciation day Jam. For the 3.03.2020 .
So i did here a quick and dirty one and hope i have passed the Challenge now.
Happy 303 Day to all Roland Bassline lovers.

So please excuse that this is not a #Synthgearvlog Episode and that the video is in a very raw quality.

#TB303 #Synthgearvlog #Citric_Acid_303"

Polyend Tracker – Sequencer, Sampler & FM Synth Leaked

Spotted this one on

"The device from Polyend Tracker from the Olsztyn company allows to create an entire music album. Inspiration for its construction was music composition programs in the 90s. Device additionally equipped with tools for creating sounds, i.e. sampler, synthesizer or FM radio. Thanks to the compact design structure and power supply from an external battery, Tracker lets you record and produce music anywhere."

So far we've only seen teaser videos.

UDO Super 6 Binaural Hybrid Polysynth Sounds

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"In this video, we take a look at the UDO Super 6, a "12-voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer with Super-wave technology". And while that might seem like a mouthful, this synth remains accessible and inspiring. Read more about the Super 6 here:

Because of its distinctly Roland-inspired design, the Super 6 feels immediately approachable—as if you're interacting with an instrument you've known for ages. Hiding beneath its welcoming exterior, though, is an advanced, state-of-the-art synthesis engine. The Super 6 uses FPGA-based oscillators followed by analog filters/drive, and analog VCA, and high-quality digital effects, providing the best of both analog and digital synthesis methods.

Super waves allow for supersaw-like clusters spread across stereo space, but with any waveform accessible (including a selection of colorful wavetables). But perhaps most interest is the Super 6's binaural capability: in which pairs of voices are assigned to the left and right channels to act as "super voices." These super voices offer the potential for phase-displaced modulation, creating filter sweeps and tremolo that fill up the stereo field with an uncanny organic sound.
All this combined with several options for rich stereo chorus, high-quality stereo delay, and overall remarkable build quality and playing response, the Super-6 at once familiar and strikingly new."

Novation Circuit - Tutorial - Making a synth patch from scratch in Components

Published on Mar 1, 2020 Payton Carter

"If you liked this tutorial, consider checking out my music.

In this tutorial, we go over making a pad synth patch from scratch using the Novation Components editor for the Circuit. If you liked this tutorial or would like to see other topics covered, make sure to let me know in the comments!"

Check out an EMS VCS4 at VCS4 Day Event on March 19

Looks like two EMS VCS3s in a custom keyboard controller case. There was a smaller VCS4 and XILS made a software emulation that looked just like this one. You can find both in the archives here.

Details on the event via Eventbrite:

"VCS4 day is a one day event (10–5pm) that pays tribute to the unique early music synthesiser, the EMS VCS4, which has recently been acquired for the Department of Music at Goldsmiths from the musician Simon Desorgher, with the support of the Goldsmiths Alumni and Friends Fund.

VCS4 day is a free event, but due to a limited capacity you must register through Eventbrite to attend.

The VCS4 was produced by the world-renowned Electronic Music Studios Ltd (EMS) company in London in the late 1960s, run by pioneering composer Dr Peter Zinovieff. It was one of a number of early EMS synthesisers used by pioneers of electronic music in Britain, and was created initially for the composer Harrison Birtwhistle for use in his piece Chronometer (1971–72). The instrument, which is the only one in existence in the world, combines two VCS3 synthesisers to create a custom and highly versatile performance instrument. VCS3 synthesisers have been used by such luminaries as Delia Derbyshire, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and Robert Fripp. For many years the VCS4 had been thought lost, until the advent of the Hugh Davies Collection arriving at Goldsmiths in 2019, when Desorgher approached the music department with a proposal for the VCS4 to be maintained and made available to students and researchers at Goldsmiths Electronic Music studios.

Shortly after Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios opened in 1968 (one of the first electronic music studios at a university in the UK), the studio obtained two other EMS VCS3 synthesisers. It is fitting therefore that the VCS4 is now housed in Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios, affording opportunities for it to be used by undergraduate and postgraduate students in both their compositions and performances.

VCS4 day represents an opportunity to gain detailed insight into this extraordinary instrument, through a series of talks from its inventors, protagonists and leading experts on the history of analog synthesisers and their cultural impact. A programme of performances on the VCS4 will take place throughout the day."

Does This Make You Want to Buy Behringer Products?

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Curious if this has to do with this post.

via Boing Boing

"Electronic music equipment maker Behringer deleted a bizarre video (above) of a fake device called the Kirn CorkSniffer, named after tech journalist Peter Kirn, founder of CDM, a digital music magazine. The fake device has a caricature which depicts Kirn as having an unusually long nose."


And of course the design aesthetic is copied.

via Reverb

The Cork Sniffer Preamp / DirtyBoost from BLAMMO!

Kraftwerk - The Model on Elektron Model:Cycles

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Vague Robots

"I decided to quickly whip up a little cover of The Model :)

The sound design isn't perfect, but I think it sounds pretty nice anyway."

Behringer Crave "Progressive" Soundset (35 patches)

Premiered Feb 26, 2020 Anton Anru

"Get the soundset:
In this soundset I tried to get the most interesting timbres out of Crave.
It may seem that a single Oscillator, Filter, simple Envelope and LFO can't do too much. But experiments with the patchbay give a wide range of sounds. Some timbres are supposed to be played on a keyboard. For others it's better to use Arp or Seq. But, of course, you're free to experiment.
There are mild and soft timbres, as well as wild and noisy.

The bank consists of 35 patches:
- 15 Leads
- 9 Plucks
- 1 Percussion
- 5 Sequences
- 5 FXs

By Sequence I mean a patch, where an internal sequencer is used and its parameters are modulated.
And, of course, you may use any of the presets from the soundset with the internal sequencer or arpeggiator.
Percussion is a patch where you can get some drum tones depending on the low/high notes

In some patches I use «Assign» output. I did it for ModWheel, but you may try other sources.
You need up to 6 patch cords to recreate the patches."

Scatterbrain for iPad - Awesome Creative Effect!

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Electronisounds Audio


"A quick look at 'Scatterbrain' from Bram Bos - a wonderful new creative fx app!
I show how to set it up inside of AUM on your iPad and show a piece of music I was inspired to write when trying it out for the first time. This thing is seriously awesome and YOU NEED IT!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

Chords & Melodies Made Easy! Introduction to Captain Plugins

Published on Mar 2, 2020 BoBeats

"Today we are checking out 4 plugins that help you make chords, melodies, basslines & rhythms. Sponsored by MixedInKey. Captain Plugins:"

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

Polyend Teaser March 02

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Polyend

"We like this game, do you? ;) And yes, it can handle MIDI too. The 18th of March is the date."

Polyend Teasers

Dynacord Add One Advanced Digital Drum Synthesizer - Fully Restored + Expanded! SN 10135

Uploaded on Feb 27, 2020 Andrew Raffo Dewar

"This is the actual unit that is for sale."

via this auction

The SN could be 111 298 as well.

"This is a great, clean example of the super rare Dynacord ADD-one advanced digital drum synthesizer. 100% functional, and with all three sample expansion boards!

New battery, and recently restored and calibrated by a respected vintage synth specialist shop.

This unit has all three sample expansion boards installed, and ships with the original printed manual.

A powerful 8-voice drum synth with creamy Curtis CEM analog filters per voice and lots of programmability for customizing your drum sounds. German engineering at its finest."

Moog Minimoog Voyager 24 Karat Gold Limited Edtion SN 12

via this auction

"Very limited edition of the 24K Gold Minimoog Voyager, made by Moog in 2012. Only 31 came out of the factory... This is number 12.

This unit is basically brand new, and never used. Was always kept in studio storage.

Comes with original box and shipping box, both also in perfect condition."

ARP 2600FS

Published on Mar 2, 2020 studio snippets

Grey Model ARP 2600P Synthesizer + ARP 2620 Keyboard SN 26898

via this auction

ARP 2600 Orange and Black SN 0807

via this auction

"All original, perfect shape, maintained, great sounding. Matching serial numbers keyboard and synth.

Low hours used.

I bought it from an ARP employee in Boston in 1993. She did not use it for many years and had it stored in her bedroom closet. Since I owned it, it was maintained and babied all its life. Please look at the condition. Hardly any scratches. You will not find one in this museum quality shape again. Comes with cables and original manuals"

Octave Electronics Voyetra Eight Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Rarer than rare! This is a very vintage and WORKING Voyetra Eight synth module. Knobs work, buttons work, has lots of really interesting sounds in it. Includes power cable and Voyetra specific midi cable.

Tested to the best of my abilities with a Kurzweil midi board as input, though I am not a keys and synths guy. What you see is what you'll get, and it is sold as-is with absolutely no returns for any reason. The rarity of this piece makes it a must have for a serious collector, and with a bit of cleanup on the outside, this could be in VGC+ condition."

Plankton Electronics Spice Demo: Yellow

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Plankton Electronics

🔔 Timestamps and links below.👇

Demo of the Spice unit on a basic drum loop. Desktop configuration.

🔗 ⚡LINKS⚡ 🔗



0:00 Intro
Analog Circuits
0:16 Saturation
0:42 Hard Clip
0:58 Fuzz
1:22 Nu-tube
1:34 Nu-tube x2
1:48 Stomp Box
2:33 High Frequency Enchance
3:34 Mid Resonant Distortion
4:20 Nu-tube Compressed Distortion
4:52 Hardcore Stomp Box Feedback
6:40 Digital Basics
7:45 Bit Mute
8:12 Bit Invert
8:40 Bit Swap
9:46 Digital Crunch
10:26 Happy End

Model:Spaceship - Elektron Model:Cycles & Model:Samples

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Ehsan Gelsi

"Stream, buy and steal my music:"

Crossfire Euclidean Mode - MaxforLive MIDI Sequencer for Ableton Live & the AKAI Fire

Published on Mar 1, 2020 Isotonik Studios

"Crossfire Euclidean Mode is a new 16 pattern, 32 step Euclidean Sequencer for Ableton Live.

Control of each pattern can be via the mouse or when used in conjunction with the Crossfire Control Surface Script this MaxforLive device can take over the AKAI Fire MIDI Controller and give you hands on control.


Crossfire Control Surface Script -"

Patch n Tweak
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