MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 3, 2020

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Friday, April 03, 2020

A Thank You From Dave Smith & a New Synth Coming in August!

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Sequential

"A message of gratitude from Dave Smith to his musical friends and family for their kindness on his 70th birthday."

See Sequential's birthday video here.

DreddSteppa Demo Part 7 - Novation Circuit Pack by LDM Design

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Isotonik Studios

"This is the seventh demo of the new Novation Circuit pack from LDM Design, the follow up to Cosmogonik.

With 64 Patches, 64 Samples & 24 Sessions this pack will get you started immediately in the darker flow of the Circuit with inspiration from bass legends such as Chameleon, Dillinja, Krust, John B, Genotype, Mala, Pinch, Joker, Benga, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Shackleton and Appleblim.


Patch of the Week 52: minilogue + NTS-1 Ambience

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Korg

"Creating some calming ambience by combining the minilogue's four analog voices with the digital monophonic synth engine and pristine stereo digital multi FX of the Nu:Tekt NTS-1."

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Roland SH-101 + Boss Power Supply + Box + Manual

via this auction

Ритм-1 - электроорган из СССР, приводим в надлежащий вид

Published on Apr 3, 2020 techno comrade / seek sound

"Meet 'Rhytm-1' - that is one of soviet electronic organs. Now, let's make it clean."

Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer | Sound Demo | Part 1

Published on Apr 3, 2020 SOULKEYS

"The #davesmith #sequential #pro3 is such a beautiful and very #analog nasty sounding #synth. A next-generation-classic - The #sequentialpro3 is a hybrid of solid, #old-school #analog #syntheser paired with versatile digital technology. Hope to see you again in part 2 soon."

Dub Techno Jam [Novation Circuit / Arturia Microfreak]

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Flak Cannon

"This is a hypnotic dub techno jam I made with Novation Circuit & Arturia Microfreak. The jamming part is mostly about tweaking the knobs on the Microfreak to make that dub techno chord do different dubtecnoish things.

I made the dub techno chord patch for Microfreak myself. Circuit provides the pad (from some pack, can't remember which), percussion and sequencing. The vocal sample was added afterwards in Reaper.

To make things more dub and techno, various effects etc was added (most notably Valhalla Delay & Shimmer).

Stay safe and avoid the Corona!"

Completely Restored ROLAND JD-800

Published on Apr 3, 2020 DHM Music Design

via this auction

"Completely Restored ROLAND JD-800. New Key Bed, New Switches, ALL faders disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and reseated. Rebuilt Output Section with new clean solder joints. Volume slider has been REMOVED from the output path - this thing is Loud and Quiet :^) This will ship water-sealed and in complete foam surround in a heavy box. All keys are smooth and responsive and aftertouch works on every key."

Original Blue Waldorf Q

via this auction

JEN Synthetone SX-2000

via this auction

- Portable analog synthesizer
- 44 keys
- Six presets: synthi, harpsi, flute, clarinet, violin, trumpet, piano
- One user patch
- Four wave shapes (saw + 3 square)
- 4 octave selector
- VCF and VCA envelope repeat, hold or ADSR selection
- Tuning slider is easy to access and can be used as pitch bender
- Portamento/glide
- VCA (tremolo) and/or VCF (vibrato) oscillator with intensity and speed controls
- Envelope frequency, emphasis and envelope amount controls
- VCF and VCA attack & decay controls
- Volume slider
- Real wood sides

Ensoniq TS-10 - Hyperwaves Demystified

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Robin Bausewein

"Here's a tutorial video with my look on the Ensoniq TS-10 and Hyperwaves. We will take a look at the topics below. I hope you enjoy the video and get some insights on working with the TS-10's Hyperwaves.

Introduction 0m.00s
Setting it up 3m.09s
Vector Synthesis 5m.55s
Wavetable Synthesis 13m.00s
Evolving Sounds 21m.04s
Rhythmic Sounds 26m.41s
Other Sounds 34m.33s
Tempo Sync 42m.01s"

Friday Fun - Sequential Pro-3 + Korg NTS-1

Published on Apr 3, 2020 sonicstate

"Another Friday synth jam. this time with the Sequential Pro-3, just arrived for review, Korg's NTS-1 (review coming next week), as usual, running the audio from one into the other - the Pro-3 into the Korg, though bypassing the internal FX, as using its own. However the lovely FX of the NTS-1 are applied liberally to the Korg's monophonic voice which is being driven from the Arturia Keystep."

Envelope Generator B: Static & Fast ADSR Sound Demo #TTNM

Published on Apr 3, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Sound demo for Marienberg Devices' ADSR B, modulating filter cutoff. MORE INFO BELOW :)


The Marienberg Devices Envelope Generator B lets you create precise ADSR control voltages to fit any filter or VCA response. Here are a few examples of static ADSR shapes on fast sounds.

More information here"

Isolation No.4

Published on Apr 3, 2020 zack dagoba

"Getting bored yet? Part four of my solo-synth-self-playing-studies probably won't help. Heres 11 minutes of EMS VCS3 (and some close EMS household members). Listen on headphones or good speakers if you can"

zack dagoba Isolation series

Shelter In Place by Carbon111

"Shelter In Place" is a little sketch piece using mostly "junky synths".
Casio SK-5, Casio MT-540, Korg ER1, Resonance Circuits Hallucinogen Machine, Critter&Guitari Septavox, Critter&Guitari Kaleidoloop, the Moog Grandmother provides a squidgy lead in a couple of spots.

10 Iconic Rock Riffs Played on the Artuira Microbrute

Published on Apr 2, 2020 poorness studios

"During self-isolation, I was messing around with my Arturia Microbrute and managed to find a setting that emulated a distorted power chord on a guitar. This gave me an idea and I quickly came up with 10 riffs I could play on the synthesizer. I vary the envelope and filter settings a bit from song to song but its more or less the same sound on the Microbrute.

Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
Wild Thing by The Troggs
Roadhouse Blues by The Doors
Iron Man by Black Sabbath
Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
TNT by AC / DC
You Really Got Me by The Kinks
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
Seven Nation Army by The White Strips"

Live music from junklight

Published on Apr 3, 2020 junklight

"Some improvised electronic music"

Folktek Resonant Garden, Conduit and Omnichord Impro

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Stefano Bertoli

"Psy/Drone live session with Resonant Garden, Conduit and Omnichord"

New Moon Modular M 530 Voltage Controlled Stereo Digital Delay

via Moon Modular

"The 530 Voltage Controlled Digital Delay is a high quality stereo delay with a lot of unique features. Tape, digital and ping-pong modes of delay, hold with overdub and delicate delay time and feedback control in combination with CV and trigger control over various parameters make this module not only a modular FX unit but also an instrument on its own.

· Delay time 3–3000 ms
· Tap and clock synchronization of delay
· Time Reverse delay mode
· Hold mode samples up to 40 seconds of audio (hold mode) with overdub feature (add)
· Trigger control over Hold, Add and reverse
· CV control over delay time, dry/wet mix and feedback"

Also see the New Moon Modular 6FB Six-Band Filter Bank & 2VS Two Voice Synthesizer System in the background here.

One more pics of the M 530:

The Legend VST by Synapse Audio vintage synth emulation

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Synth & Sundry

"The Legend VST by Synapse Audio emulates the sound and feel of a vintage minimoog synth. Hear how it sounds in the synth bass, lead and arp registers in this no talking demonstration.

See how you can use this vst recreation of the classic Moog synth keyboard in your own music production. The original Moog layout of three oscillators, mixer, juicy 24db/oct ladder filter is complemented with full filter and VCA ADSR envelopes as well as modern Pitchbend and Modulation wheel controls."

The Galaxy Electric - Improvised Electroacoustic Music - Daphne Oram Theme

Published on Apr 3, 2020 The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Radiophonic Sci-Fi Sonics Inspired by Daphne Oram

Utilizing analog tape delay (unfortunately out of frame of this video) - we set out to improvise in the style of the early work of Daphne Oram, whose first radio program was an extended poem set to eery radiophonic tape experimentation.

In this video, we created an improvised soundtrack to a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
Join us every Wednesday for a ride on The Galaxy Electric Express 🚀

We perform a LIVE (improvised) Cosmic Tape Music soundtrack for your retro-futuristic travels 💫 You never know what planet you will land on…but you know it’s going to be an unforgettable journey…"

Cosmic Tape Music Club - Exploring Daphne Oram

Roland JP-8080 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Cyclone Arpeggiator w/ Original Box

via this auction

Modular Synth 5u making a patch for Moon Modular 569 sequencer

Published on Apr 3, 2020 therudyrude

"I explain how I make the sequenced part of my previous video:Dotcom 5u Q182 Ribbon controller with patch using the Moon Modular 569 Quad Sequencer"

Moog Sub Phatty Vintage Soundset

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Egowaves

"230 custom analog vintage #presets for the #Moog #SubPhatty.

Download here:

Inspired by the old classic vintage analog synths like Moogs, Roland SH09, SH101, Sequential Pro-One, Korg MS20, etc.

Recorded with delay & reverb.

Enjoy making music!

Creating Sounds on the Jupiter-X 1.20 | INIT Patches (Jupiter-8 + Juno-106)

Published on Apr 3, 2020 MR TUNA Music

"Let's get right into it. Here's a quick rundown creating and stacking sounds from scratch on the new Roland Jupiter X using the included JP-8 and JU-106 engines."

Modbap work out 100% modular jam

Published on Apr 3, 2020 BBoy Tech Report

nonlinearcircuits BBX291 VCF

Published on Apr 3, 2020 cirtcele

"Vari-bandwidth VCF based on the Buchla 291, tho the CV sections are completely different and it uses a black box between the PCBs instead of dual vactrols."

Korg Trident Sound Demo

Published on Apr 3, 2020 JMPSynth

"A sound demo of the Korg Trident with single and layered sounds using the Synth, Brass and Strings sections. Some use of the excellent built in flanger effect plus some external reverb added only."

Full Mother Arsenal No 1

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Wingo Shackleford

"Jam with Moog Matriarch, Mother 32s (x2) and DFAM. Somehow I ended up with 3/4 of the Moog 'Mother' line - I guess I tend to really like these things!

(The weird angle is due to the fact it was shot in portrait for IGTV)"

Jarre/Hammer/Tangerine Dream | 80s Synth Style

Published on Apr 2, 2020 Espen Kraft

"Support this channel on Patreon:

What if Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer and Tangerine Dream made some music together in the 80s, what would it sound like?
One night I just faffed around with that idea and this is what came out.

Download the track here if you want:

Gear used:
Bass: Korg MS10
Chords: Korg Poly-61
Arpeggio: Korg DSS-1
Voice: Casio FZ-10M
Drums: EMU Drumulator (+ 1 additonal clap added in post)
Mixed and mastered in the DAW.

The bass and the chords were recorded in one pass each, as audio, straight in, hence some slight timing issues here and there."

Patch n Tweak
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