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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

CSR Randomize Function

Todd Barton

"A little unfolding of Randomize function of the CV and Audio sections of the Control And Signal Router by Doug Clauder at

Though it has kinship to the Buchla 210e there are so many more features and, for my mind, a more friendly and intuitive interface.

And big thanks to my Patreon family for their continued support of these video demos and tutorials"

Argon8 Mercury Patch Collection by MajorOSC Now Available

Major OSC

"Available to purchase at

Mercury is a bold and unique new collection of presets by MajorOSC; A deep dive into progressive house, trance, and ambient downtempo. This is just a brief taste of the kind of atmosphere and vibe you'll be able to extract from this awesome patch collection. Mercury's focus is to provide you with incredible sounds and textures from one of the newest digital synths on the market, the Argon8.

Highlights / Features

Spacious and swirling pads and soundscapes, - not your everyday affair

Punchy bass presets with tons of style and attitude

Moody brass leads

Highly polished progressive trance / house plucks, akin to Deadmau5, Pryda, and many others.

Unique Wavetable Rhythms modulated through LFO's and Envelopes.

Tons of modulation routings to expressive parameters like Aftertouch and mod wheel.

Head over to"

1976 Oberheim FVS-1 Four 4 Voice Synthesizer SN 0535

via this auction

"Legendary Oberheim FVS-1 4-Voice Synthesizer. Four dual-oscillator SEM modules, each with their own filter and envelope -- joined together along with a simple analog mixer and 49-note keyboard to give you a polyphonic/polytonal beast!

All voices have been calibrated. New wiring harnesses and molex connectors throughout. Fully recapped (all electrolytic capacitors are new). Great addition to any synth collector's arsenal of classics, this one should last another lifetime."

Novation DrumStation SN 010320

via this auction

GOTEK USB Floppy Drive Emulator with HxC compatible Firmware installed

via this auction

"If you are searching for a reliable, user-friendly Floppy drive replacement for your instrument or studio equipment, then you have come to the right.


+ 2000 – Blank disks ready to being saved on.

+ 1000+ - .Mid song files including DAF, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, New Order

+ Tools to make your own disks from .mid


+ Fully expanded and newly flashed USB Floppy Emulator.

+ Extra jumpers and screws for the installation.

+ Support to get you up and running!

Plug and Play! [easy to use]

Functionality compared to the generic ones

+ Fully compatible with Roland MT-120 and MT120S [but also other models from Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Akai, Kurzweil, Sequential Circuits instruments, Ensoniq, E-mu...etc]

+ Supports USB stick with up to 2 TB including sub-folders.

+ Oled screen - better overview, and file information.

+ Rotary - Better navigation between images and sub-folders and disk ejection.

+ Sound mod – Simulation of loading/saving sounds.

Important notes:

+ Tested functionality before shipping.

+ USB-stick, Roland MT-120 and Monkey is not included.

+ There are other suppliers, who are "just" including a 5 $ Sandisk USB-stick and we think that is a bad provider decision / solution, due to that we all have different ways of organizing our usage and we have seen reports about users receiving corrupt USB-sticks. Therefore, download link, instead of a 5 $ SanDisk chaos / corrupt USB stick."

Synthstrom Deluge - Panic - A synth darkwave jam inspired by Crystal Castles

Payton Carter

"Here's a synthpop/darkwave track on the Deluge, inspired by Crystal Castles. There are a couple of string presets toward the end of the factory patches that totally evoke Gary Numan and The Cure. I started messing around with one of those patches, and that's where this track came from.

I'm starting to warm up to the Deluge! After about a week, I'm definitely more comfortable performing in the song view. Keeping track of clips is still a little confusing, but it's easier with practice. I decided to perform this track live, instead of writing everything out in the arranger view. That definitely feels like a more organic way of writing, which I think is good for me. I'm the kind of guy that can spend an hour trying to get the automation on a filter sweep just write, so I like how performing live forces you to make decisions in real time, which can reduce the "choice paralysis" I can get when arranging a composition."

Casio CZ5000 Phase Distortion Synthesizer Ableton Instrument megapack

Expanding Sound

"get the pack now at
(Compatible with Ableton Live Lite 10.1.18 and above)

The CZ5000 rocks. These are Casios finest keyboards in my opinion, using phase distortion to create some awesome metallic digital sounds. This pack is very different than my analog stuff, but in a great way. You get some really metallic sounds as well as some warm pads. These tones are instant nostalgia. They remind me a lot of my Sega Genesis for some reason. I know the Genesis used an fm sound chip but the CZ5000 just has that gnarly bite to it that made Genesis sound so rough and tough. I hope you love it! These sounds will definitely find their way into my songs, and I hope they find the way into yours as well.

This pack includes 20 Ableton Instruments using over 100 samples. Enjoy!"

Where Rockets Once Roared

Adrian Earnshaw Music

"Where Rockets Once Roared has been composed using sounds from the patch library Hollo Delight 3. If you don't know what this patch library is about then head on over to this video for more details - [below]

This is an ambient soundscape that gently builds making use of the soundscape patches provided by the library. The drums and percussion are also from the library and you can hear how versatile the sounds are. If you have Omnisphere and have not picked this library up, then I strongly suggest it is put on your must purchases list."

Hollo Delight 3 - Omnisphere Patch Library Review

Adrian Earnshaw Music

Hollo Delight 3 -

Octatrack vs Modular ~ We were young


"In this video I use the 'remixer' method with my 104 7u case full of awesome modules including the new Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio and Mannequins W/ with the new beta firmware set to an FM synth. All the sounds come from the modular and the Octarack is a mixer, FX box, and resampler for looping.

If you want more and feel inspired to support me, please visit my Patreon page: ►"

MAKEN0ISE Time Travel Simulation


"With some meticulous and careful patching, we can use the Morphagene to make the echoes from Mimeophon or any other effect come before the sound that creates them.

This technique will work with Morphagene firmware version mg155 or greater. The user-definable firmware options are detailed in this video playlist: [below]

Get the latest Morphagene firmware at"

Hermann Seib Joins Behringer/Music Tribe Wave Synthesizer Development Team

The official announcement:

PPG and its Wave synthesizers have been the brain child of the industry icon Wolfgang Palm and have graced the stages of artists like David Bowie, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Stevie Nicks, Pet Shop Boys, Mike and the Mechanics, and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

After the announcement of Behringer and Music Tribe to look for collaboration partners for the development of the next generation Wave hybrid synthesizer, we have been fortunate to gain a legendary engineer to the team – Hermann Seib who has been deeply involved in the PPG Wave history. But hear from the man himself:

About Hermann Seib

“I'm a software programmer/analyst living in Vienna, Austria and have loved playing and creating music throughout all my life. I started playing guitar at age 12 and when the Roland SH-101 became available, I got one and was instantly hooked. But as for most people, there came a point where I had to decide whether I want to become a musician or a programmer. Computers won hands down so I never became a great guitar player and instead I practiced my programming skills instead. These shiny new home computers that just became available were simply too fascinating – and they sustained my life ever since.

PPG and I have a rather long common history. I first saw the original press release for the Waveterm A in 1982 and immediately wanted one. Unfortunately, I also couldn’t afford it as I was at just starting my career.

Around 1987, I was finally able to buy a used Wave 2.2/Waveterm set. Since that time, I have become a fan of these machines and know pretty well how they work. However I'm much more of an engineer than a musician and to me, the Wave synthesizers are "computers with attached tone generation circuits". Around 2000, I started to reverse engineering their operating system, so that I could understand how they work from a computer perspective. It took me quite a while to understand the sound generation side of the things and while I still wouldn't say that I've fully mastered every detail, my understanding was good enough to create an upgrade to the original V6 software. The result was version 8.3, which is a commercially available upgrade.

Around 2000, I became involved with Paula Maddox and Dave Forward in a project called "Waveterm C". The idea was to recreate the Waveterm in a more modern PC running Windows version and use a USB interface to communicate to the Waves/EVUs/PRKs. Well, we got the software side up and running, for which I was responsible for and it worked to a point where you could create wavetables and transient sounds. The USB-based hardware interface worked quite well, too, but unfortunately the project never became mature enough to be launched.

I also created WaveSim, my simulation of the famous Wave/EVU, which was first only as a standalone Windows program and later available as VSTi as well. Wolfgang Palm was aware of these activities for quite a while and in 2008, he contacted me. We exchanged ideas and he helped me understand some details of the Wave synthesizers, which resulted in further WaveSim improvements. Wolfgang then went on to create lots of new, vastly improved wavetables that could be loaded into WaveSim which can be found here.

Later in 2012, Wolfgang became interested in porting his PPG WaveGenerator, which was only available as iOS Plugin, to VST and Audio Unit on Windows and Mac OS - a project I was heavily involved in. Subsequently I entered similar collaborations on Wolfgang’s other PlugIn creations such as the PPG Wavemapper 2, PPG Phonem, and PPG Infinite.”

Why did you decide to join the Behringer Wave project?

“My main motivation is to help recreate the Wave to ensure it gets as close as possible to the original, as the legacy and “soul” of this synthesizer is very dear to me. And because it’s blue 🙂. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with the Behringer engineering team and participate in the testing and comparison with the original unit since I have a deep understanding of the original code the makeup of the unit. We’re currently discussing the development of an app for wavetable management. I am very excited to be part of the Behringer Wave synthesizer project to make sure the legacy of this legendary synthesizer will live on.”

New LFOstore Synth Demos 8/19/2020

Playlist (use the controls at the bottom of the player above to skip around):

1. Prophet 08 Almighty Prophet
From our soundset:
2. Novation KS-5 "Ethernal Pad"
One patch demo for the wonderfull KS synthesizer with silkiest sound ! here:
3. Oberheim OB-12 - From Saturn To Neptune
2 patches from our future soundset for the beast OB-12 with 30 Space Strings & Pads
4. Roland JP-8000 Magnetism Performance
From our soundset:
5. Korg King Korg - Almighty CS-80 Brass!
Great emulation of 2049 atmosphere from our soundset for almighty King:
6. Korg DW-8000 - "Vintage String" Patch
From our soundset "Analog Pearl"

Ensoniq Mirage Sampler Instructional Video by MUG (Mirage Users Group) 1987

Deep Signal Studios

"MUG (Mirage Users Group) created this video on the basic operations of the Ensoniq Mirage Sampling Keyboard in 1987. The instructor goes over many of the operations, using the reference card with the list of operations and their numbers."

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synth with Tubbutec Modypoly Midi Mod

via this auction

"This beautiful synth has recently been professionally serviced including adding a new CPU board and is in amazing condition leaving behind the infamous leaking battery concerns. The synth will also come with an installed Modypoly mod by Tubbutec that will provide an immense amount of additional midi features. Visit their website for a complete list of features the mod will provide.

List of services done on the synth recently in addition to installing the midi mod:

*New Key Contacts
*New replaced CPU board (Synthtronics)
*New battery
*Voices Repaired
*New Power Supply Capacitors
*Calibration and tuning
*Misc cleaning such as scratchy pots

Presets have been modified from the factory presets as this was for recording sessions. Should be easy to reload the factory presets."

Kawai S100-p

via this auction

"Identical to the model released by Teisco, this synth is in really good condition. It has the original sheet music stand that came with it (a rarity) and also includes a free flightcase.

The synth itself is in perfect working condition apart from a small amount of crackle on the upper end of the spring reverb control pot. There is a tiny dead zone on the pot just below maximum where the contact needs a clean.

I love the massive basslines you can get from this and the built in spring reverb is a lovely touch."

Stylophone Gen-R8

via this auction

Teisco 100F Monophonic Analog Vintage Synthesizer SN 0259

via this auction

"The 37-key Teisco 100F (also known as the Kawai 100F), released in Japan in 1977, is a fantastic little analog monophonic synthesizer. It features one oscillator, but great sound can be achieved by virtue of the extensive modulation possibilities. Filtering, LFO, VCA, and portamento are excellent and provide the necessary ingredients to dialing in wonderful vintage analog synth sounds. Add to these features the 100F’s elegant vintage design, with a wood enclosure, and you have overall a fantastic vintage analog synth.

This synth is in very good condition, with some signs of use and age (please see pictures), including some minor scratches and coloration. The unit has been thoroughly tested by our professional technician and works perfectly."

Yamaha CS-10 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 6040

via this auction

"This synthesizer is in excellent condition and shows only minor aging, with only minor scratches which are not noticeable (please see photos). The unit has been thoroughly tested by our professional technician and works perfectly."

KURZWEIL K-2600XS 88-note Sampling Synthesizer Workstation

via this auction

- Base Objects version 4.00
- 128 Meg of RAM (sample ram)
- 1x P-RAM-26 expansion module w/ 1.5MB - extremely rare!
- 1x Contemporary Expansion, ROM #1 - extremely rare!
- 1x Orchestral Expansion, ROM #2 - extremely rare!
- 1x Stereo Dynamic Piano, ROM #3 - extremely rare!
- 1x Vintage Electric Piano, ROM #4 - extremely rare!
- 1x 4GIG Hard Drive
- 1x AC cable
- 1x generic sustain pedal

Top 19 Ambient Patches On The New Korg Wavestate Synthesizer!


"I've just received this new synth! Here are my top 19 Ambient Patches on the new Korg Wavestate Synthesizer! Let me know which is your favorite!"

"Super Space Synth Echoes" Roland RE-201 EHX Crash Pad


"While creating new tapeloops I recorded a jam with Crash Pad, Super Space Drum and the Roland RE-201. Sequencing by SQ-1."

ROLAND JUPITER-X Synthesizer - JX-8P Model - Presets | Sound Demo


"Here are some presets of the #JX8P Engine from the amazing #Roland #JupiterX."

Moog Matriarch Mega Tutorial - from beginner to nerd

True Cuckoo

"I love Moog's Matriarch. Here's a Mega Tutorial to chill out to."

Patch n Tweak
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