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Saturday, September 05, 2020

1982 Sony CFS-C7 Chord Machine Ad

Another find via @deejayiwan, via @nightliquid_retro

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"In the early 80s, the portable consumer electronics market was still in its infancy; many companies were still testing the waters with incredibly innovative products. Here’s a perfect example: What you see above is an analog drum machine, a chord generator, a cassette recorder, a AM / FM radio and a boombox, all in one device - Sony's CFS-C7 Chord Machine. Connect a guitar or a microphone, select a drum pattern, program some chords, hit record & make musical history. 😎🎶"

More glamour shots, than brochure.


Previously posted here.

And one more:

昭和レトロ CFS-C7 SONY CHORD MACHINE 子供と遊んでみた。 ラジカセ


You can find an additional demo here.

1984 Casio KX-101 Boombox Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos and ads for the Casio KX-101 in previous posts here.

"Casio KX101 Keyboard Synth Boombox

Cassette, Radio, Synth and Recorder!

An awesome and rare oddity. The Casio KX101 is a rarely spotted and surely on the endangered Synths list. Alas they have not been bred in captivity and we will most likely never see more of them.

Why companies don’t build pieces like anymore is bewildering. It’s looks and sounds amazing and is actually incredibly practical.
For all you collectors we present the Casio KX101. In excellent working condition with acceptable blemishes for a piece from 1984 save for a small crack to the casing near the line inputs and outputs."

Black Corporation XERXES

via this auction


via this auction

"Released in 1994.
An 8-voice, stereo analog synth designed by Tom Oberheim, packed with Oberheim sounds.
Accessories: AC cable (Japanese specification)"

Pearl SC-20 Programmable Percussion Synthesizer w/ Box SN 100151

via this auction

"The Pearl SC-20 Programmable Percussion Synthesizer is an 8 channel programmable drum synthesizer. It creates a wide variety of sounds from typical 1980s Simmons sounds to very strange electronic noises. The instrument features Pearl's DWAP Synthesis technology which stands for Digital Wave Analog Process. The SC-20 offer's 32 waveforms that can be further enhanced with analog processing.

It is a hybrid sample based drum module with analog processing. There are 32 preset program drum kits available and can be overwritten for your own custom kit creations. The unit features 10 trigger inputs and can also be played over MIDI.

It also features stereo outputs and 8 additional outputs as well as stereo headphone output from the front panel. The unit was designed to offer a drum module for Pearl's drum pads and percussion controllers but alternatively can be used with a user's choice of controllers and synthesizer and sequencer hardware."

microKORG Overlays & BACKGROUND RADIATION Patches for microKORG & MS2000

MicroKorg Overlay Installation - - Human Oversynth

"To install the overlay, you will need to remove all of the knobs and screws from the front panel of your MicroKorg synthesizer. The four main screws can be removed using a 3/32" or M2.5 hex key wrench. The two parameter selection knobs can be removed using a 1/16” hex key wrench. These hex key wrenches are common items that can be purchased from most hardware stores or from our online store. The other knobs do not require a hex key wrench to be removed, but you may need to gently pry them off using a letter opener or butter knife. Once the knobs and screws are removed, peel off the backing from the adhesive strips on each overlay and place the overlays over the front panel of your synthesizer. The removable adhesive is low-tack so you can easily reposition the overlays if needed for proper alignment. Once the overlays are in place, re-attach all the knobs and screws."

BACKGROUND RADIATION - 128 Patches - Dark Ambient, Dystopian, SciFi - For microKORG & MS2000

Human Oversynth

"Sound Pack available now from

This video was recorded straight from the microKORG's output to a Zoom H6. Minor compression was used while editing the video. No other effects or processing was used.

West Coast Textures, Dystopian, Dark Ambient, SciFi, Deep focus, Investigative, and Contemplative --- Explore the dark meditative side of your original microKORG, microKORG S, or MS2000 synthesizer.

These sound pack patches are a collection of long-sustaining drones, pads, and mellow arpeggios. There are also a few utility drum sounds (bass drum, snare, hi-hat, etc.) at the end of the pack. The arpeggio sounds can also be used with an external step sequencer by simply turning off the patch's arpeggiator.

This sound pack contains 128 custom sound patches for the original Korg microKORG, microKORG S, and MS2000 synthesizers. To use this sound pack, you will need one of these synthesizers, a computer, two 5-pin MIDI cables, and a traditional 5-pin MIDI interface for your computer.


Yamaha 1887 - 1997 DX7S Ad

via @deejayiwan, via @cassette.futurism

U.D.O Super-6 Dream Pads


"The new U.D.O Super-6 is supposed to make great pads. I already did a demo with miscellaneous patches, so basses, brass, strings, leads, arpeggiated sounds and pianos.

In this demo I only concentrate to pad sounds. Those pads in this demo I created last couple of days and they use mostly the awesome binaural mode to enhance the stereo effect. Also I used quite often the internal effects, although I am not so happy with them. The basic sound of the Super-6 is such amazing, that I will soon try it with nice pedals for reverb, delay and chorus. This will be stunning.

In this video I didn't use external effects, no mastering, no equalizer, just recorded it life into my Apogee Symphony Mk 1.

I think that the great strengths of the Super-6 are especially epic and dreamy pad and string sounds. I hope, you enjoy it. Take care, Rüdiger."

Gotharman Synth & Drum Machine Deformation Jam // SpazeDrum, Little deFormer 3, deMoon 1.4 #TTNM


"An analog-digital granular synthesizer and drum computer siesta. More info below ;-)


Oh-kay. Lots of granular effects going on here. As usual, the Gotharman SpazeDrum is on analog drum duty, the DIY deMoon 1.4 plays a noisy synth pad sound and the Little deFormer 3 mashes all of this together, while adding its own digital synth sounds and a cut-up SpazeDrum live resampling. Phew. It's noisy, crackly ambient synth music fun (at least for me ;-P ) in stereo!

Little deFormer 3:"

Gotharman's SpazeDrum // Wicked Filter Pings + Granular Synth Beats #TTNM

"Here's the SpazeDrum on its own, playing analog filter pings, granular beats and more. More info below :)


All sounds and effects are generated directly in the SpazeDrum. No samples were used, only sounds created with this beautiful, blue drum machine from Denmark. The SpazeDrum is a streamlined analog-digital hybrid drum synth, that lets you dive deep into electronic drum sound sound design and groovebox-style sequencing. It can work on its own, like you see in this video, or in a greater music setup, thanks to MIDI I/O, stereo mix outputs and the special, individual analog voice audio outputs. It also plays WAV file samples which can be transferred easily via a USB stick.

SpazeDrum Website:"

ASM Hydrasynth - sound demo by Jexus / WC Olo Garb

Jexus - WC Olo Garb

"No talking demo of ASM Hydrasynth part 1 of 2. Sounds & video editing by Jexus-WC Olo Garb. I did not use additional FX in the demo, all the delays, reverbs, flangers, panning, loops and other effects are part of the Hydrasynth engine / mod matrix. I used some EQ though (not enhancing, basically just keeping the middle band under control).

Here's part 2 of this video:

Apart from the video demos you can listen to more of my sounds in mp3 here:

0:00 yellow
0:18 magic lintel
0:38 ubergoog
0:56 mums of gold
1:08 huehuetenango
1:18 a memory
1:56 odo of cluny
2:41 b-leave
2:55 jack of all trades
3:15 perfect is always short
3:58 electrically excitable
4:22 follow the ray
4:37 797
4:48 a family secret
5:24 dog star
6:09 scorched circuits
6:44 is it steve?
6:58 cheap! new! toxic!
7:14 organelles
7:28 cody
7:40 digits
7:55 old croak
8:29 living like a pro
9:06 hideaway
9:52 my own private funfair
10:35 a.b.l.e.
11:11 finally i have found you
11:35 anvil
11:58 width of emotion
12:19 mistah - he dead
12:43 langel
13:13 plectrum one/two
13:45 obliterator
14:15 bad prognosis
14:46 stones
15:07 gathering around the bonfire
15:25 silphium
16:03 the voice of sha
17:00 de/constructive feedback"

Yamaha A4000 Effects


midiphy SEQ v4+ Enhanced Edition - Introduction (Hardware MIDI Sequencer)

"After about two years on the market, the midiphy SEQ v4+ has finally received a facelift:

This newest version comes complete with a 19 inch rack mount kit and an optimized case that allows to optionally remount all PCBs/ports to the case bottom to save rack space. It features the unique midiphy L4 superellipse keycaps and the new light|shields, that protect keys from receiving unwanted "stray light" from their neighbors.

All existing SEQ v4+ sequencers can be refit with this upgrade kit:

If you can't DIY, but would like to own a midiphy SEQ v4+, you can ask one of our Trusted Builders to build one on a commission basis for you:

Hope you enjoy!
Best regards,

8-BO miehrebO

via this auction

Social Entropy Engine

via this auction

"Excellent X0X style sequencer with CV/Gate and DIN sync / sync24 connectivity. This is in very good condition. The previous owner used Sharpie to label the "white" keyboard buttons (see last photo) and I removed it a bit, so it's not perfect."

Roland Juno-60 MIDI Tubbutec MOD

via this auction

Roland Juno-6 MIDI Tubbutec MOD

via this auction

Korg Poly-61M Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"The KORG Poly-61M to me sounds like a breed between the Mono/Poly and the Juno 106 albeit without hands-on control. It has a darker, raw, beautiful edge."

Quasimidi Polymorph SN 59031

via this auction

Roland JP-8080 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 301822 w/ Mod Grip & Case

via this auction

Roland D-50 Synth ROM CARD OrganNizer Screaming B3 Valhalla

via this auction

"Screaming B3 rom card by Valhalla sounds USA"

PAiA August 1983 & 1991 Catalog Brochures

via this auction

"The August 1983 catalog is 16-pages of brand new PAiA products: guitar stomp boxes, speech synthesizers, velocity/after-touch controller, Shephard function generator and more. And, of course, the enire line up of PAiA keyboards, synths and modules, books, tapes, studio gear, analog drums and even their old original products such as wind, wind chimes and surf sound effect boxes."

"With the advent of PCs, cheap keyboards from Asia and digital synthesizers, analog was out and DX7s were in. This is often refereed to as the Dark Ages of Synthesis. This affected PAiA greatly and they went into a period of inactivity. No new products were designed from 1983-1991. When interest in vintage analog synths started to happen, PAiA started to emerge from the shadows and started to introduce new products such as the MIDI-CV PROCESSOR, PC-MIDI Interface, along with a Neural Network Analog to Digital Converter. They were still selling their Studio Series line, Guitar Effects, Curtis chips and their CEM based analog synth cards, along with books and tapes.

The 1991 catalog chronicles all of those changes and is fascinating to see what was happening as analog and DIY started to rise from the ashes, like the Phoenix. The catalog is 12-pages and isn't slick looking like previous ones."

Sequential Prophet 6 & ProCo Rat


Dreadbox Typhon - Programming a Sequence from your Keyboard


"With the Dreadbox Typhon 1.1 update, you can now input notes into the sequencer from your controller keyboard. Skip to (01:40) to pass over the babble-and-brewski intro. See below for the different parts of the video.

Quick start intro - 01:40
Slower walk through - 02:52
Editing the sequence - 04:44
Transposing the sequence - 07:35

Love this synth! Can't say this enough. Not sure why, but it's just really clicking with me. Love the core sound, the distortion effects are great, it's fairly easy to program, and I can save everything!"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike"

sputnik radio errorinstruments

paul tas

Warning: annoyingly flashy lights in this one. Cool sounds though.

sputnik radio

Entropic Doom & Minimod-AJH Synth

Dziam Bass

"Hey everyone.
today I have a small demo with Entropic Doom -Voltage Controlled Noisillator from AJHSynth .
I used Sync in this module and XOR vca to combine both signals for this nice modulation. I add some noise here with the second sound of the oscillator by xor and then modulate by freq ..
It's a cool module that adds new harmonics to the signal and noise. You can dirty it and get a new, very specific sound character with this module. For this I also used 2 x Minimod Vintage Transistor Core VCO and Transistor Ladder filter and Minimod Contour generator for EG.
you can find more demo with this module on AJH Synth website here :
but also thanks for your time and watching my video.
Have a nice day.

20200905ms 20mini SNAPPER 7 FujiokaGTsound

ryouichi harada


I'm going to be ambient, but the latter half is metal ^^ ;;

Extraordinary KORG MOSS Physical Modelling from Last Millennium

Woody Piano Shack

"Demo of the mighty impressive KORG EXB MOSS DSP Synthesizer Board for the KORG TRITON. MOSS stands for Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System and is their Physical Modelling and Virtual Analog sound technology from the mid 1990s. The same technology can be found on other Korg vintage synths, including OASIS, Z1, TRINITY and KARMA. Later versions of this sound engine have found their way to the KORG KRONOS, probably."

jmt synth KD-2 NF-2


low roof - 132bpm machine angst for eurorack synthesizer

Luke Killen

"Today's patch is techno for low roofed architecture"

Patch n Tweak
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