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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Hawkeye - Realm of Robots (8x C64 SID in MB6582, midiphy LoopA & MatriX)

video upload by Hawkeye

"Only SIDs make it possible! :)
(Sound provided by 8x 8580 in a MB6582 and some FX, no other synths used).

Sequenced by midiphy LoopA in song mode.
Composed with midiphy MatriX in grid notes mode.

Thanks for watching and listening!

Best regards,
Hawkeye/Maelstroem Records"

Saturday, February 25, 2023

midiphy LoopA Song Mode (and other features of new firmware v2.10)

video upload by Hawkeye

"Introducing Song Mode and other new features of midiphy LoopA firmware release version 2.10.

LoopA Full kits are available in the shop :

00:00 Song Mode: Clip Preparation
01:07 Song Mode: Pattern Basics
06:13 Song Mode: Pattern Length & Pattern Restart
08:22 Song Mode: Tempo & Tempo Fades
09:27 Song Mode: Pattern Probabilities & Jumps
14:07 Song Mode: Cueing a Pattern
15:23 Song Mode: Copying & Pattern Import
17:14 Song Mode: Force-to-scale & Beatloop
20:14 Force to Scale: White Keys Mode
22:10 Tap Tempo

LoopA firmware download:

Best regards and enjoy!

Saturday, February 05, 2022

midiphy LoopA v2.09 - New Features

video upload by Hawkeye

"midiphy LoopA v2.09 firmware has been released! :)

0:05 Integrated midi keyboard mode
0:48 New stave notes display mode
1:28 Force-to-scale mode
2:24 Integrated keyboard live transpose
3:05 Clip extension with note duplication
3:53 Reversing clip notes
4:40 Integrated six track volume mixer
5:23 LoopA remote control via MIDI Program Change and CC
and MIDI Program Change synth patch loading after session loading

LoopA kits:

LoopA firmware download:

Best regards and enjoy!

Monday, January 31, 2022

Midiphy midibox seq v4+ Sequencer

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via this auction

See this post for additional details and a demo.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

midiphy MatriX and LoopA Features (Graphical MIDI Sequencer and Isomorphic Keyboard)

video upload by Hawkeye

"After more than three years of development we're proud to announce the release of midiphy MatriX. Thanks for waiting!

This feature video showcases the midiphy MatriX enhancing our LoopA. Enjoy!

midiphy MatriX product page containing a handbook and additional information:

Essential DIY kits are available in the shop (you will need a midiphy SEQ v4+ or midiphy LoopA) to use the midiphy MatriX:

Chapter Table:
00:03 Introducing the midiphy MatriX
00:50 Graphical Sequence Composition
01:44 Editing Notes and Joystick Composition
02:38 Clip Navigation and Grid Modes
03:34 High-Res Edits and Quantization
04:20 Isomorphic Keys: Pentatonic Intermezzo
04:51 Macro Screen (LoopA Comannd Center)
08:02 Force-To-Scale (and Note Color Labels)
09:01 Scale Mode
10:01 Isomorphic Keys Tip: Geometric Playing
10:48 Keys Mode Controllers
12:29 Outro: Six Track Jam

Thanks for watching!
Best regards,
Peter from"

Saturday, April 17, 2021

midiphy MatriX Mechanical Grid: Graphical Sequencing with the SEQ v4+

video by Hawkeye

The midiphy MatriX is currently in development.

"Quick graphical sequencing demo of the upcoming midiphy MatriX in conjunction with the midiphy SEQ v4+.

Using the MatriX, polyphonic sequences can be entered graphically, including force-to-scale "auto-correction".

The MatriX extends both the SEQ v4+ (legacy 16x16+X BLM Mode), as well as the LoopA (with an upcoming firmware extension).

Thanks for watching and best regards,

"midiphy is a eurozone-based online shop for a new generation of hardware designs and is an official supplier of MIDIbox hardware platform modules. In the shop, you will find PCBs, essential kits and parts for your builds. On this page, we'll inform you about recent news and developments."

Sunday, December 20, 2020

MIDIPHY LOOPA - Review // A surprising little MIDI looper and sequencer


0:00 Intro
1:30 Connectivity
2:30 This setup
3:30 Overview
5:00 Scenes
5:45 DIY vs builders
6:55 Track setup
9:00 Clip setup
9:30 Step seq
11:30 Drum seq
12:30 Live recording
13:05 Autoloop
15:30 CC seq
17:20 LiveFX
18:20 Beat loop
19:25 Transpose
20:30 Misc features
22:15 Pros & cons
26:20 Outro jam

Saturday, September 05, 2020

midiphy SEQ v4+ Enhanced Edition - Introduction (Hardware MIDI Sequencer)

"After about two years on the market, the midiphy SEQ v4+ has finally received a facelift:

This newest version comes complete with a 19 inch rack mount kit and an optimized case that allows to optionally remount all PCBs/ports to the case bottom to save rack space. It features the unique midiphy L4 superellipse keycaps and the new light|shields, that protect keys from receiving unwanted "stray light" from their neighbors.

All existing SEQ v4+ sequencers can be refit with this upgrade kit:

If you can't DIY, but would like to own a midiphy SEQ v4+, you can ask one of our Trusted Builders to build one on a commission basis for you:

Hope you enjoy!
Best regards,

Sunday, August 23, 2020

midiphy LoopA Features (Hardware MIDI Looper and Sequencer)


"Essential features of the midiphy LoopA hardware MIDI looper and sequencer: this video also shows how you could integrate your LoopA in your creative workflow and music productions.

Also: the midiphy LoopA firmware v2.07 has been released! :)

01. Polyphonic Step Recording 00:04
02. Step Recording Tricks 00:35
03. 1024 Step Polyphonic Sequences 01:45
04. Cutting a Clip 02:31
05. CC Recording on top of prerecorded Notes 03:30
06. CC Recording while recording Notes 04:00
07. CC Transformations with Algorithms 04:26
08. Manually Drawing CC Waveforms 06:04
09. CC Waveform Generators 06:57
10. Full Scene and Selective Track Progression 07:55
11. MIDI Live Effects 8:37
12. Footswitch Actions 10:09
13. Polymetric and Polyrhythmic Sequences 12:15
14. Tempo and Time Signatures 13:15
15. User Instruments and Track Setup 14:28
16. MIDI Router and MIDI Monitor 16:14
Appendix: Ask a Trusted Builder to build your LoopA, if you can not build it on your own 17:26

Hope you enjoy! :)
Best regards,

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hawkeye - Fractal Floater (midiphy LoopA and the six synths)

Published on Apr 18, 2020 Hawkeye

"Back in time, when we were surfing the skies...

Made with six polyphonic tracks on the midiphy LoopA.

Synths used in the order of appearance:
1) Pad: Alesis Andromeda

2) Bassline: MFB Dominion I through DIY Polivoks

3) Lead: Waldorf Microwave 1

4) Drums: E-MU 6400 Ultra

5) Lead: Erica Synths Fusion VCO & Polivoks filter
6) Drums: Vermona DRM1

FX: Strymon Timeline and Big Sky, dbx 1066 compressor on drum bus - directly recorded with a Tascam WAV recorder, no DAW used.

The video footage is back from 2015 and was found on some old harddisk :).

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching and listening!
Hawkeye / Maelstroem Records"

Saturday, March 28, 2020

midiphy LoopA: revealing the new pro metal case! :)

Published on Mar 28, 2020 Hawkeye

"The new midiphy LoopA Requantizing DIY Sequencer kit is now available with the pro metal case proudly made by Hallik Engineering! :)

Also, you can ask a trusted builder to create one for you, if you don't want to do DIY:

Hope you like it! :)
Stay safe and many greets!


midiphy LoopA posts

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hawkeye - Looped Happiness (midiphy LoopA launch demo)

Published on Nov 23, 2019 Hawkeye

"With the launch of the midiphy LoopA just around the corner and just in time for the upcoming holiday season, here is another quick demo video - it is not focussed on musical finesse :), but on some of the new features integrated in the launch software version of the LoopA.

In the beginning of the track, the LoopA is launched with "Beatloop" mode active, a new non-linear time progression model, which has different modes. Some modes scan the sequence while retaining an identical sequence playback time. It is great to create new melodic progressions while retaining harmonies and is also interesting for scrambling up recorded drumloops.

Later on, we explore some 'live transposition' features, where multiple selectable tracks (e.g. to exclude drum tracks) are transposed via a single live encoder action. Live transposition is measure-synchronized to occur "always just in time".

Also, scene progression is fully synchronized to the recorded loops, so you can confidently proceed to a new scene at any time in your performance.

The midiphy LoopA is inteded to be used as a "musical note pad" or an "idea generator", it has been designed to be easy to use and has different features than its bigger 16-track brother, the midiphy SEQ v4+. Depending on your musical style, it should normally be easily able to hold a whole song in a session, which contains up to 36 looped note clips (these are arranged in 6 tracks x 6 scenes). Sessions are fully storable and recallable on/from a removable SD card within seconds.

We have released the user manual, you can preview it over here:

You can obtain a fully documented DIY kit of the midiphy LoopA here (or subscribe to it becoming available, it should be available soon):

Hope you enjoyed the demo - and thanks for watching and listening!
Best regards and many greets,
Peter / Hawkeye"

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Hawkeye - Chiphead (Stereo SID Acid)

Published on Apr 13, 2019 Hawkeye

"It has been a while - we have moved and i had to do a quick new studio test - using some original MB6582 'acid' basslines created by TK./Thorsten Klose. Many, many thanks! :)

This was done in only about two hours and is not really a full track (thus the new midiphy SEQ v4+ was mostly unused). It is more of a SID stereo bassline audio demo, highly repetitive. I've also added both video takes, i am not sure which one is better or if both are bad, please tell me what you think :).

In this video, most sounds are created by DIY devices:
* MIDIbox MB6582 for a pair of 8580 SIDs in stereo bassline mode
* Mutable Instruments Anushri for the lead
* midiphy LoopA prototype for sequencing
* DIY polivoks stereo VCF to filter the drums

Recorded directly onto a Tascam audiograbber, no DAW was used, only slight audio compression added in post production.

Non-DIY equipment used:
* Vermona DRM 1 for drums
* MFB Dominion I as a secondary bassline synth

Many greets and thanks for listening and watching!
Hawkeye/Maelstroem Records"

Sunday, March 31, 2019

midiphy CV/gate modules quick walkthrough

Published on Mar 31, 2019 latigid on

midiphy made the MIDIbox SEQ V4+ redesign & LoopA Midi Sequencer. This appears to be their first foray into eurorack.

"CV/gate expander modules from midiphy. My setup is a basic SEQ v4+ in pieces using a Discovery Board F4 Core.

Expander A1: 8x CV outputs, bipolar LEDs that scale in brightness/colour to indicate the voltage/pitch. 6HP

Expander D1(2/3): 8x digital outputs, LED indicators show when the gate is active. Chainable to provide clock signals and up to 64 triggers. 4HP

Euroceiver: module version of the Line RX PCB. Flexible +5V power options. 4HP"

Patch n Tweak
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