MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday, December 12, 2020

ESK - Jam with SEM, OP-Z and Finegear Dust Collector FX


"Jam with a Tom Oberheim SEM analog synthesizer driven by the OP-Z.
The OP-Z does the drums and some synth sounds.
The output of the OP-Z goes through the Tape Saturation of the Dust Collector FX.
The SEM gets the Phaser, Delay and Spring Reverb FX of the Finegear Dust Collector.
Direct recording with mastering."

µTune : The MPE Update! And introducing the Tubbutec USB Bridge :)

Synth Diy Guy

"We revisit the µTune with more expanders, an MPE friendly update (quick setup and output smoothing). And we check out the USB Bridge A, which powers my Linnstrument while sending data to the µTune.

My Patreon:"

Synth Stuff Ep. 69 - Moog Little Phatty


"Episode 69...nice. Think back to the mid-2000s, a world dominated by Motif/ Triton/ Fantom/ workstations and virtual instruments. Moog arose from the ashes with the Voyager, but then came the Little Phatty as an affordable (comparatively speaking) analog synthesizer. It was also the final synth to have Bob Moog's hand in development before his passing. In time came the Microbrutes and Minilogues and etc. that we have now, but the Little Phatty was a hugely important milestone in the road that has led us to the abundance of analog synthesizers available today. I believe this white model is a 'Stage II' model. I recently got an Eventide Space pedal (highly recommended) and used it here for some liveliness."

ARP 2500 Handmade Miniature 1 6 scale

Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

So Many Waveforms! Mazzatron Wave Morph VCDCO Oscillator!

Electronisounds Audio

00:00 Example 01
00:37 Introduction
00:54 Explanation of next example
01:11 Example 02
03:03 Explanation of next example
03:50 Example 03
04:57 Waveshaping Knobs
05:26 Explanation of next example
05:50 Example 04
06:49 Pitch Control Section
08:12 Explanation of next example
08:40 Example 05
09:24 Explanation of next example
10:23 Example 06
11:25 Example 07
12:40 Waveform Sound Design Geekout!

Roland SH-2000 37 Key Synthesizer From 1977

via this auction

Sequential Prophet 10 | An exploration of the Poly-mod section


MIDERA Prophet 10 posts

"Warning: This video uses FX like reverb that may upset purists. Additionally, the sounds you will hear are exploratory. Please bear that in mind when listening.

So - my first day with the Prophet 10 was frustrating. I just don’t think I understood it for what it was (I thought - wow this doesn’t sound 10x better than my other synths), but mostly because I was making a lot of the same sounds I normally make with it. Not that it does those sounds poorly, but that I just didn’t think that was worth the money per se.

But I suppose one does not buy a Prophet 5/10 purely for its sound, but also it’s looks, build quality, etc. Also - after I published my last video I sat down with it and had way more fun. I was probably mostly in a bad mood.

So today - this is my exploration of the Polymod section. I just sat and messed around with it. Maybe it’s not good. I dunno. Was fun though, going through it.

Towards the end I discovered a loose knob... you can see I end up testing all the knobs - I suppose it’s funny to leave in something like that, the moment of realization. Hopefully it’ll be a simple fix.

Finally, my studio session ended with me dropping a camera battery on my Moog Matriarch and causing a small divot in the overlay. So that was fun..."

Update: See this post for a change of opinion. I actually posted the above because I thought it sounded pretty amazing.

ARP 2600 vs NLC 1088 Mogue Mixer/VCA

O.Z. Hall

"The is a review of the NonLinear Circuits 1088 Mogue Mixer/VCA. We compare the 1088 to the 2600s VCF mixer and VCA. The 2600 is clean an precise (at unity gain). The 1088 can be clean, but can also distort in a very musical way. Take a listen!

Kit available from Synthcube:"

Simply Having a Wonderful Casiotone


"Reinterpreting a classic slice of seasonal cheese via the Casio MT400V (1984), with a brief appearance from the Casio SK-100 sampling keyboard (1987).

You're welcome.

The main synth sound is the Harpsichord voice with sustain switched on and using the envelope of the analogue filter in "Waw" mode to mimic the delay on the original recording. High string sound is the Violin voice with filter resonance applied to thin it out a bit further and the bass sound is the Clarinet, with a short envelope and resonance applied to the filter to add a nice gritty attack. The main part was recorded to tape and then to a DAW, where reverb was added.

Season's greetings to you all.


Buchla Single Pulse to 256e

Todd Barton

Suiko ST-100 Koto Multi-Sound Synthesizer Conductor for Shigin

via this auction

Check out this demo of one through a Roland Space Echo.

Roland V-Synth w/ Version 2 OS Synthesizer Keyboard SN ZQ71032

via this auction

Access Virus C Desktop Synth

via this auction

"Absolutely amazing sounding synth! Has not been used for a good while so needs a better home! The power supply is missing the plastic shroud as per the photos but functions as it should. The synth uses 12VDC at 500mA which is a common power supply in case the user wishes to replace the original one."

Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #7


"Here is a new patch : An Acid robot bass sound. No sound effects or processing."

See the Norand label below for more.

1 Elektron Digitakt + 3 Moog Subsequent

Mauricio Maisterrena

ST Modular - MULT (Dual Buffered Multiple), USB (USB Power Supply), UIT, Workmate SWAP, & GRITZNER

Stefan Tretau

Other Modules used:
VCO "Honeyeater"
FILTER "Werner"
LFO "Tryfelo"

ST Modular - USB (USB Power Supply)

"USB doesn´t make any noise, thus I patched Honeyeater and Werner for some background waves ;-)"

ST Modular - A patch with UIT (Balanced Out), Workmate SWAP (0HP Tool) and GRITZNER (PT2399 Delay)

Other Modules:

VCO "Honeyeater"
FILTER "Werner"
LFO "Tryfelo"

The XX Intro [Cover] Boutique / Microfreak / Volca

Micro Banshee

"The XX intro [Cover] The Korg Volca FM is used for the main part, this took a total of 12 slots on the FM to play all parts, switchng between the main part which was 8 parts and the second which was 4 parts, the tricky bit was trying to keep the FM in chain mode [and sync] when switching from the 8 to 4 [which is why I only did it once!] Some heavy reverb is added the FM from the Korg Mini KP 2.

As always the track is played 'live' in one take - with no DAW, editing or post production."

Roland Jupiter 8, the greatest polysynth ever?

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"The Jupiter 8 is like the Holy Grail of synths!
Here I talk you through the features in depth plus demo some sounds.
If you own the software version of this synth you might pick up some handy tips!"

Hard Ambient | Ambient music with Error Instruments

Cinematic Laboratory

"I usually break down a case after a session and build a new set, but I was wondering if I could do something ambient with the 'Ultraviolence' set. Ambient music isn't that hard, but it's a real challenge with Error Instruments Gear. As I said before, Error's gear is not for everyone and you need to be patient with it. It's also great fun to dive into the unknown and it happened to be extremely rewarding.
Finally, I need to point out that the FX used (Desmodus and Imitor fron Noise Engineering) have been extremely important to 'glue' everything together."

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike"

Patch n Tweak
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