MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Korg Poly-800 EX | The little synth that could!

video by Espen Kraft

"The Korg Poly-800/EX-800 is a wonderful little synth that has a very unique sound. Due to it's quirky set of digital oscillators, paraphonic filter and lots of aliasing, it can be quite charming."

Poly-800 video posted here.


video by

"This music took some days to develop. I wanted to make it somewhat more interesting using chord changes. It starts with a sequence with a voice containing the OSC HRM and the Krisp1 TZ Oscillators. Then the self built Modular comes in with a sequence which has random ratcheting. After that a voice from the DSI Mopho is heard. Then the Tom Oberheim SEM and the Expert Sleepers Disting are introduced which both play the same sequence. After that the Rings delivers some pluckiness. A string sound from the JD-800 is added and then the Bass from the Modular comes in. A sequence on the Moog Prodigy is started and a phrase on the Korg ARP Odyssey is played. All these instruments are sequenced by the Cirklon. After a while I play the chords on the Polymoog and a solo on the Minimoog.

The music is recorded live to multi-track and mixed afterwards in Studio One. Only tracks from the live recording are used.

This track will also be available on Bandcamp soon."

Yamaha AN1x

via this auction

The Bladerunner Synth (Yamaha CS-80) With Meris Mercury 7 & Hedra

video by Perfect Circuit

"Few synthesizers have achieved the legendary status of Yamaha’s CS-80, and it’s always a treat when one comes through our store. When it was released back in 1977, it was state of the art for its time in offering a generous number of presets (some fixed and some programmable), two synth layers per voice, and excellent performance features like polyphonic aftertouch and a flexible ribbon controller.

Among the most iconic uses of the CS-80 was in the score for the 1982 film Blade Runner, written by Greek composer Vangelis. Along with the synthesizer itself, the music of the film is renowned for its use of space and ambience supplied by lush reverbs and effects processors. Coincidentally, expert pedal and pro audio designers Meris have a Blade Runner inspired reverb pedal called Mercury 7 that aims to recreate these dramatic reverberant textures with ease. Pairing this pedal with the CS-80 was an obvious choice, and we also made use of their Hedra pitch shifter to add another layer of magic to some sounds.

Mercury 7 available here:​

Hedra available here:​


00:00​ - Intro
01:02​ - CS-80 Background
01:25​ - Meris Mercury7
01:39​ - Jam w/ Mercury7
02:57​ - Meris Hedra
03:13​ - Jams w/ Mercury7 & Hedra
09:06​ - Outro"

Last of 2020 - Live Modular Jam Session

video by Noise Engineering

Gear List:

- Jabara Sequent (prototype)
- Basimilus Iteritas Alter x2
- Pons Asinorum
- Cursus Iteritas x2
- Manis Iteritas
- The Mullet x3
- Viol Ruina
- Xerest Dualis x2 (prototype)
- Mimetic Digitalis x2
- Lapsus Os x2
- Univer Inter x2 (prototype)
- Bin Seq
- Tonnetz Sequent
- Mutable Instruments Clouds
- Monome with JBOB running on a NeoPi

Passive preamp - Adcom GFA-535 - NS-10 + SW for monitoring.
Sony PCM-M10 for conversion to the digital domain.

Just a quick eq/limiting pass in Reaper. No edits etc.

Latest Todd Barton Videos

It looks like Todd Barton's channel is the latest to be hit by my YouTube subscription bug. For some reason some of my subscriptions are not notifying me. If you are a supporting member and do not see your videos going up, please feel free to send them in. Not sure what's up with YouTube. P.S. If anyone out there works for Google/YouTube, please look into this if possible.​

That said, here's the playlist for the above:

1. NVO Sequences and Discoveries
2. Buchla 245 on THC NVO
3. Buchla 246 and 248
I just got this beautiful Buchla 246 Programmable Voltage Source built by Adam Scramstad. My all time favorite sequencer. There are two short maiden voyage explorations here. 1) Buchla 246 and 248 (MARF) and the second just the 246. This second one uses the 246 to take panning on a wild ride so maybe headphones or speakers. . .
4. BuchlaBot Lives
Soundtracks made on Buchla Music Easel, Buchla 200e Electric Music Box and Buchla 200. Enjoy!
5. 296e Env Followers meet Krell
Exploring sending lots of Envelope Followers out from the 296e Spectral Processor to many different functions inside a little Krell patch.
6. Pi Day Beat
OK, I'm definitely late to the Pi Day Party but couldn't resist doing something with those numbers, intervals and rhythm. Enjoy!

Moog Subharmonicon Tutorial. Part 2. Making a Sequence, Melody, Chords. Suboscillators Tuning

video by Anton Anru

"This episode is devoted to making sequences, melodies, chords - from simple to complicated ones. If you use all six oscillators with different frequencies, assign them to the sequencers, it may be quite difficult to get nice musical result. The combination of notes and subtones may be a mess.
So in this video I'm showing my workflow that always give me interesting sequences.
Follow me on YouTube not to miss next episodes.

Presets for Moog synths:

00:00​ Melody with a single oscillator
02:31​ Adding the 2nd sequence for the other oscillator. Interaction between the two melodic lines
06:38​ Adding suboscillators for making chords and more complicated sequences
13:29​ Suboscillators assignment to the sequencers. Retuning frequencies and sequencer steps according to the new situation"

Moog Subharmonicon Tutorials by Anton Anru

Another fab random style on Korg i3 #Shorts​

video by Woody Piano Shack


Another short from supporting member, Woody Piano Shack. Such a clean looking synth! 

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

1983 Roland MMC-202 "Understanding Technology Series" Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest of the scans and write-up.

"MMC-202 "Understanding Technology Series" full page colour advertisement from page 263 of the 1983 Third Quarter issue of Sequencers! Sequencers! Sequencers! magazine."

Roland 128 Sons Originaux A Programmer Patch Book

via this auction

You can find two patches below

DSI Mopho SN 06246 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Nice pics. I like the "Made in San Fransisco" sticker on the box.

EMS Synthi Vintage Prestopatches (Keyboard + Battle)

via this auction

"A pair of vintage EMS Synthi Prestopatch cards: Keyboard and Battle. Both in excellent condition and functional."

Roland SYSTEM-100M 191-J/112/110/140/150/172 Modular System

via this auction

112 911024
110 900876
140 911132
150 780657
172 990529

Roli LUMI Keys

via this auction

Roland SH-101 w/ Stickers

via this auction

Moog Rogue SN 5154x

via this auction

"In great working order and physical condition. Kept dust free and smoke free over the years. There is a built in MIDI socket from a retrofit that was never completed."

Neutral Labs Nermal prototype demo

video by nyppy

"This will soon be available as DIY kit, see​"

aPolyvoks | A FREE Polivoks AUv3 Synth App? | haQ attaQ

video by Jakob Haq

"aPolyvoks is a Polivoks-like synthesizer app for iPad. It's not a new app but it did recently receive a very welcome AUv3 update. So now we can load this Russian badboy up in our most favourite DAWs and on top of that, aPolyvoks is completely free. In this episode I'm comparing the app with the original built-like-a-tank Polivoks hardware synth and highlighting some features that are 'missing' in the app."

See Doug of The Sound Test Room's aPolyvoks video here.

Building a Fairlight CMI: Episode 2: For the Fans

video by Syntaur

"Cris Blyth is a brave man. He has a dream of taking a Fairlight MFX and upgrading it to a Fairlight CMI Series III. In this episode, he has great success - in getting the fans spinning. And he demonstrates his basic tools of synthesizer repair: power drills, hacksaws, and files. Should we worry?"

Building a Fairlight CMI: Episodes

New Systems Instruments - Harmonic Shift Oscillator

video by SchneidersLaden

"New Systems Instruments present a versatile VCO with simple interface and huge sonic capabilities. In this video we are going to have a closer look at this interesting new module. The Harmonic Shift Oscillator is a fully analog oscillator with precise control of harmonic components and two 90-degree phase shifted outputs for stereo effects. It allows separate control of pitch, amplitude and stride (interval between harmonics) via CV or manually. This allows you to create very complex waveforms that can sound both harmonic and dissonant. When the level parameter is set to a high value, HSO starts to distort wonderfully. With the second output phase shifted by 90 degrees, very broad and animated drones can be created in no time. It is also highly recommended to use the second output for feedback purposes.

This is no 'video manual' just a simple incomplete overview. Check out the great manual for this module or go to our website for more information –"

Note this is the first post to feature New Systems Instruments.

New Baloran Super Synth "The Pool" to be Available In Two Versions and Will be Open Source

Présentation du Concept de The Pool video by Laurent Baloran

"Quelques lumières sur le concept de The Pool ;)"


"Some light on the concept of The Pool;)"

Quick disclaimer, the video is in French, but you can enable captions by clicking on CC followed by the gear icon, and your language. The following is based on what I read. I'm not sure how much pertains to the development of the product vs. final product. That said, it looks like Laurent will be producing two versions of "The Pool" - one with a full control panel, and one minus the controls, plus and external software editor, similar to the Nord Modular Rack in concept. The reason? The cost of the full control version looks like it will be roughly 3500 to 4000 Euros. As that is not in everyone's price range, he plans to release a version minus the hardware controls priced around 1000 to 1200 Euros. Note the software editor is already developed. What's interesting is it sounds like he will allow you to trade-up if you decide you want the full control panel, but I'm not sure if that only applies to those jumping in early to help test and develope the synth. The platform will be open to developers to create new features. Not sure if this only pertains to development as well. The plan is to have it ready for purchase for the public sometime in 2022, and the name of it, currently refered to as "The Pool," is not set.

See the Baloran label below for additional posts featuring the development of "The Pool."

ALISA 1377 Analog Synthesizer (1985) Алиса 1377 мелодический синтезатор USSR - functional demo video

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:​

Alisa 1377 Analog Synthesizer (1985) Made in USSR
Ljuberetskij Radioplant 'Rodina' in the near of Moscow

The rare synthesizer has 1 VCO with 4 waveforms, waveshaper, PWM, 2 ADSR , VCF, various modulations, vibrato and portamento effects. You can use individual OSC waveforms (triangle, saw, square, waveshape) or mix them together.
The later Alisa 1387 has 2 VCOs with Sync and more functions but the sound is very different. The Alisa 1387 demo coming soon.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:​
RetroSound Home:​"

The surprising musicality of vintage German knobs

video by HAINBACH

"In which I play my the four knobs of two vintage Wandel und Goltermann Hoch/Tiefpassfilters. These heavy units not only sound amazing in their actual use, but their dials ring in discrete pitches. No modern synthesizer, modular or regular, can compare to the chunky sound these knobs create."

That's some mechanical music right there.

Limited Soviet Edition Waldorf Blofeld Leaked

You might remember the Waldorf Pulse w/ Polivoks filter posted here. It looks like Waldorf will be releasing a limited Soviet Blofeld. The blayafeld by dawaidorf? There you have it. I wonder if it comes with the booze. Scoop via Future Music Spain (Googlish here).

Be sure to click the image on the left to read the new control parameters.

2hp Announces the NPF - No Pass Filter Eurorack Module

via 2hp:

"The 2hp NPF is available; today and today only!

The 2hp No Pass Filter is an all-analog, infinite dB slope passive filter that will pull the tones you love out of your patch. Designed with others in mind, NPF is the perfect gift for your producer partner, transforming their “fire patch” into tranquil bliss.

- Infinite dB slope passive filter
- All analog topology
- Great for ambient music

Yes, this product is a joke, and yes it is actually for sale, today only!

Links go live at 12am, April 1, 2021."

Doom Comes to the 1010Music Blackbox

video by 1010music


Patch n Tweak
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