MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, April 10, 2021

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Late Night Minimal Techno improv

video by Honeysmack

"Late night improv with a few bits that were plugging in. Single take, no rehearsal, no worries!
Gear in use:
Modular synth with Cwejman BLD2, SY05 and Noise Engineering BIA doing the heavy lifting whilst being sampled in real-time via the Octatrack.
EO Wave Quadrantid Swarm
Elektron Octatrack
Roland TR8
DSI Tempest
Playdifferently Model1 mixer
Kaoss Pad 3 (off camera)
Eventide Space Pedal (off camera)
This was originally streamed on my Instagram channel live.​​​​​"

Korg opsix - Changing algorithms

video by Korg

"Switching algorithms on the opsix can transform your sounds from delicate pads to hard-hitting percussive stabs, without adjusting another single parameter. This eliminates the need for endless menu diving or hours of programming."

modosc designs ID700 preset development demos

"The ID700 from modosc designs is based on the architecture of the Buchla 700. The sounds in this list are examples from preset development.

Available on the App Store here.

More information available at:"

Follow-up to this post.


"K-teck's Kandi circular sequencer, a Euclidean rhythm and melody fun house. This track is sequencing a Make-Noise 0-Coast thru an Instruo Athru wave folder and then to an H9 Eventide Resonator . Percussion is another instance of KANDI but in percussion mode sequencing Sonic Charge's Microtonic drum synth.

K-teck makes some really nice MAX4LIVE tools, this one, KANDI was especially interesting as the interface was intriguing. Circular, not linear. It also allows locking in 4 notes so you can get percussion drum sounds

The track used 2 instances, 1 for melody, 1 for drums , enjoy"

Unseen Forces - Aquifex collab - Rain 1 remix 040921

"My friend Unseen Forces sent me a minimal synth/drum demo, and I was inspired to chop it up and add some parts I made live on looper with the JD-Xi and its internal FX. Afterward, the loops were mixed down live to a stereo recorder.
It's live, so it isn't perfect but it was fun. The key is F#min.
This is similar to the band project 'The Postal Service', where parts were shared and collaborated remotely, but they sent stuff back and forth multiple times."

Update via SynthAddict in the comments:

"I forgot to mention, my track additions were made with the help of the wonderful TheoryBoard - I could never come up with all those chords/inversions on my own. Thanks Irijule...
Also the velocity/aftertouch works fine, contrary to many complaints - you just have to set the right velocity profile for you. You can hear the bassline filter cutoff as I change my velocity."

ID700 - Software Synth Based on the Buchla 700


Available on the App Store here.

"In 1987 Don Buchla released the Buchla 700 synthesizer. It was the next logical step from Don's previous digital synths (the Buchla 400, Touche, Buchla 500) but was also influenced by the synth trends of the 1980's, specifically FM synthesis and the all-in-one workstation concept. As usual, Don was ahead of the curve and the 700 never took off. Very few were sold and even fewer functioning units exist today. I always loved the sound of Don's digital oscillators, and combined with the scarcity of the instrument it seemed like a fun project to recreate it in software and reintroduce its concepts to the world.

ID700 is a software synthesizer based on the voice architecture of the Buchla 700. Like many of Don's other designs, sound generation is achieved primarily via FM synthesis and waveshaping. Each voice is made up of sixteen individual modules:

four Oscillators
six Indexes
two Waves
one Morph
one Filter
one Amplifier
one Location

The Oscillators, Indexes, and Waves are configured in one of twelve preset Algorithms, all of which feed into the fixed signal paths of the Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules.

Each of the Oscillator, Index, Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules have their own dedicated complex Envelope for modulation.

The Wave modules provide wavetable synthesis using Chebyshev polynomials and include additional waveshaping functionality.

Arbitrary tunings are supported via the Scala Tuning File format.

MIDI and MPE are supported (note: not all hosts support MPE).

The iOS version supports AUv3 and IAA."

Update: demos posted here.

Space music: Korolev's Last Rocket (For the 60th anniversary of human spaceflight)

video by Richard DeHove

"Sergei Korolev was the driving force behind most of the early Soviet successes in space from Sputnik to Vostok-1. Although his last rocket, the massive N-1 failed, Korolev's influence lives on even today in the incredible Soyuz launcher. "Korolev's Last Rocket" (Последняя ракета Королев) is a tribute to Korolev, Gagarin's Vostok-1 mission and the N-1. Release date is to mark the 60th anniversary of human spaceflight: Gagarin's Vostok-1 mission of April 12th 1961. (April 12th is also the annual International Day of Human Space Flight).

Russian ground control audio at the start of the clip is from a modern Soyuz launch; the audio at the end is radio chatter between Korolev and Gagarin. The track was written at DubDub studios and mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering.

The track is available as a 320K MP3 for all Patreon supporters:

My site:

The track is also on all the major music sites. A few direct links below:​​​"

Play The Novation Peak on YouTube

video by Floyd Steinberg

Here's an interesting one. Launch the video and press any number 1 - 8 on your keyboard.

Chords tiggered: 1 - Am (00:30​) 2 - F (01:00​) 3 - C (01:30​) 4 - G (02:00​) 5 - Em (02:30​) 6 - Dm (03:00​) 7 - G# (03:30​) 8 - F# (04:00​) ORIGINAL IDEA BY PlayWithKeyboard (

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link


Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer - Part 4 - Patch Transfer Over MIDI (MIDI-OX) & Hidden Functions

video by Runningonair

"Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer - Part 4 - Patch Transfer Over MIDI (MIDI-OX) & Hidden Functions

In this video I'll be looking at transferring patch data to and from the ESQ-1 using MIDI-OX and the 7 hidden functions."

Runningonair Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer posts

Elektron Talk: 1 Pattern - 1 Song, Performance Techniques, Minimal Techno

video by EZBOT

"In this video we talk about getting the most out of 1 pattern, performance techniques, and writing minimal techno - with the Digitakt and the Octarack.

Banter 0:00​
Music, tips and tricks 2:46​
More Banter 10:14​"

If you want more and feel inspired to support me, please visit my Patreon page:"

Galassi - Another great combo (Korg DW8000 + MS20)

video by Sebastian Galassi


Korg Ms 20 - Bass Synth
Korg DW 8000 - Polysynth
Roland Juno 60 - LFO Bleep Synth
Roland JX3p - Synth Bells
Roland TR 626 (HKA Design Eprom) - Drums

Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus
Lexicon LXP15 II - Reverb
TC Electronic M•One XL - Reverb
Digitech Studio 400 - Delay

VAI 51 Elka Wilgamat III / Elka Solist 505

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"More Elka Wilgamat III - this time with some external help from the Schulte Compact Phasing and Roland RE-301 for rooms.
We also like to use the Roland Space Echo as a tape machine : a round on tape, wet only echo with one bounce, does magic for drum compression."

Vintage Audio Institute Italia posts

Buchla Easel Command 208C - Amazing Grace

video by TheTrackdriver

"My version of 'Amazing Grace'. All sounds are from the Buchla Easel Command 208C drenched in effects, mainly from Valhalla DSP. A few tracks were pre-recorded in Ableton Live. The complex oscillator is sequenced and controlled via MIDI channel 1 and the modulation oscillator on channel 3."

Meeting of Modular online #4

video by Tokyo Festival of Modular

Rare 1982 EKO Synthesizer Bass Foot Pedal K1 Model 4101 Analog Bass Synth SN 1488

via this auction

"The EKO K1 pedal offers 2 octaves of fantastic sounds. You can add Reed-String, Sustain and Percussion with the according footswitch. In addition, the bass pedal offers controls for tunig, volume and sustain.

Everything can be adjusted with the foot. It is a very stable built pedal.

Here the functions in detail:

Bass 8’
A very deep, soft sound that really shakes the room.

Bass 4’
The same effect as bass 8’, but one octave higher.

A great sound that has a strong attacking part and sounds
very similar to a bass guitar

The sound fades away depending on the sustain control setting

A "string portion" is added to the sound

And important: All sounds can be played in combination ! That’s make it pretty interesting.

The EKO K1 is in excellent and clean condition and works 100%."

Moog Micromoog SN 2448 w/ CV to S-Trig Cables for CV Sequencing

via this auction

Roland JX-8P 61-Key Synthesizer w/ Memory Cartridge

via this auction

"Roland JX-8P synthesizer w/memory cartridge in pretty good shape. Professionally serviced; multi-point inspection, internal battery replaced and user accessible battery holder installed, aftertouch rejuvenated and optimized. No major nicks dings or scratches. Has a little bit of gaff tape residue, will come off with adhesive remover just never bothered. Has been living in a professional recording studio for the last 13 years."

Clavia Nord Rack 2 SN N85407

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Classic, cool and amazing.. this nord rack 2 is in excellent condition in and out. No issues just a wicked cool synth that can get very well into the Prophet 5, Oberheim OB8, Juno 106, Minimoog territory but can still go further into what i still believe is the most analog sounding digital synth."

Moog Polymoog 203a Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 3333

via this auction

"It's in great shape considering it's 44 years old.

Everything works as it should.

New LEDs.

A lot of the chips were upgraded a few years back.

The power supply was rebuilt and most of the capacitors were replaced.

As it sits now it's in good playing condition."

Roland mc-202 microComposer

via this auction

Roland Phrase Lab - MC-09 Synthesiser SN ZQ32836

via this auction

"The MC-09 PhraseLab is a creative tool for producing synth and drum loops - and emulating the TB-303. Combining an analog modeling synth, step sequencer, four-part audio looper, and effects processor, this instrument helps musicians develop loops with multiple variations. The MC-09 is a aimed at musicians, DJs and synth enthusiasts who work with audio phrases and want powerful analog-modeled synthesis at an affordable price."

MFB SYNTH 2 SN 08560

via this auction

3 analogue vcos (sawtooth, square, triangle waveforms)
2 envelope generators (adsr)
analogue 24 db lowpass filter with resonance (vcf)
2 lfos (sawtooth, square, triangle, random waveforms)
50 preset- and 49 user memories
integrated step sequencer

Muse Hysteria Bass on RH-1 Synthesizer

video by RH Electronics

"This is a sound demo of the synth more than my ability to play the riff. It may not be accurate, or in time. It took a few takes!
The bass riff sound is produced on the RH-1 board with no external effects"

Digitone keys music #1

video by Johan Wave

"Hello my youtube friend. Digitone keys music #1 (audio only)."

DIY analog synth project ( Ad-vantage 02m Patch ideas Part 1)

video by Adamski A.

"Here is a small flavour of my prototype synthesizers' sound capabilities."

See the Adamski Ajull label below for more.

“Flux meets Jupiter-4 09 Distorted sine waves” by Friendly Noise

video by Friendly Noise

"Only self resonating filters on this video!!!!" - Additional videos below.

"The Jupiter 4 is always recorded in mono, which makes the internal chorus very subtle. Reverb is added in Cubase to make the sound wider. There is no clipping in the recording chain. If you hear anything close to distortion, it’s all in the sound coming out of the Jupiter 4.

The Roland Jupiter 4 has been rediscovered and established as the most full of character among the Roland polyphonic synths. Although limited in number of voices and straight forward sound architecture, it shines with an unique sonic print which no other synth can emulate. There are lots of great video demos and information on the web, so that no detailed description will be provided here. But it’s important to mention some unique features which will be showed extensively in this video series:

- The Jupiter 4 filter goes into self oscillation. Big guys like Yamaha CS-80, Jupiter 8 or Oberheim OBX-a can’t.
- The LFO is fast enough to get into audio range.
- There is a very noticeable internal saturation when the VCA slider is raised.

Don’t expect nice bass sounds and classic analog leads. The Jupiter 4 is perfect for that, but this has already been done before in many records and internet demos. What you are about to hear is the extreme side of the sound. Be prepared for drones, massive low frequencies, cracking saturation, ultra fast notes and unusual scales. Many sounds will remind you of modular synthesizers, but they were all created by direct recording of the Jupiter 4. :-)

In fact, the VCO is switched off and you will be hearing only the self oscillating filter in almost 80% of the video series. Only in the last videos you will hear the VCO. That means that 80% of the sounds you will hear couldn’t be made with other classic polyphonic synths, unless the filter self oscillates.

Luckily this Jupiter 4 was modded with CV and gate inputs and outputs per voice (and then some). Using this level of control per voice you can use the Jupiter 4 as a vintage monophonic synth, or drive individual voices differently. For example, applying vibrato or slide per voice. In this video series, only three voices were used.

The amazing sound of this Jupiter 4 can break the traditional boundaries specially when driven by the Temporal Modulation Synthesis sequencer Flux, made by IOLabs:​"
"This is number 9 of a new video series combining the best of vintage sound and the best of the modern sequencer technology in eurorack: Roland Jupiter 4 and IO Labs Flux."

“Jupiter 4 as a 303” by Friendly Noise
“Double sequence with the Jupiter 4” by Friendly Noise
“Jupiter 4 sequences” by Friendly Noise
“Roland Jupiter 4 VCA level” by Friendly Noise
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 01” by Friendly Noise
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 07” by Friendly Noise
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 02” by Friendly Noise
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 03” by Friendly Noise
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 08” by Friendly Noise
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 04 Pulsing Things” by Friendly Noise
Are There Differences in Converters? [Not sure why this is there - skip via the player controls]
“Flux meets Jupiter-4 09 Distorted sine waves” by Friendly Noise

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