MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Vintage Ludwig vs Oberheim DX

video by GoldbabySamples

"Thanks to Tobi and Julian at Kids In A Candy Store for the tasty vintage Ludwig drums. Burnt them to EPROM on the Prommer and played back on the Oberheim DX. Love this 8 bit 80s drum machine!"


video by mick frigerio

Emu Orbit 9090 V2 - the sound of

video by Riktenstein

Controlled by a Waldorf Zarenbourg no less.

"The sound demo for the Emu Orbit 9090 V2 rompler sound synth.

Released in 1996, the Emu Orbit 9090 V2 was a sample based rompler synth. Heavily aim at the Dance music producer. It's editing of sounds is slow and with software plug-ins like Serum and Pigment it's now hard for this sound module to take centre stage. This is reflected in it's cheap second hand price."

Waldorf Q - the sound of

video by Riktenstein

"The Waldorf Q rack was realised in 1999.

STRANGER THINGS demo at 6m 55seconds.

Enjoy peoples."

Waldorf Q Rack Synth

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander Vintage Analog Polysynth

via this auction

Norand Mono Monophonic Analog Desktop Synth

via this auction

Strymon Conduit – MIDI Hub

Intro video by strymon

"Smart MIDI Control for Your Pedals.

Conduit is a premium, easily configurable, ultra-reliable MIDI interface that will work with just about any quarter-inch MIDI equipped effects pedals you have, and it also offers the best USB computer connection available for any TRS MIDI pedal.

Each of Conduit’s four bi-directional TRS jacks are independently configurable to work with most quarter-inch MIDI equipped pedals. Built-in grounding isolation ensures the quiet operation you expect from Strymon. And for pedals that only need to receive MIDI, Dual Mode allows you to connect two pedals to a single TRS output using an optional TRS splitter cable.

USB MIDI Interface For Your Pedals.

Conduit is designed to be a rock solid USB MIDI interface between your computer and your pedals. Send MIDI control change messages from a sequencer for perfectly synced pedal parameter changes. Automate pedal preset changes, load and save presets, or send SYSEX messages—all from your computer.

Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Plug In and Go.

Out of the box, Conduit’s 1/4″ TRS MIDI jacks are configured to work with Strymon pedals—just plug and go! Other configurations are easily selectable with no DIP switches, no custom cables, and no screwdriver required. Need more TRS MIDI outputs? Just link another Conduit!"

Building an ambient-oriented fixed rack in VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

"Here is the fixed rack file together with the examples -

00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - Building the rack
10:16 - Patch 1
15:40 - Patch 2
19:34 - Patch 3"

Omri Links:

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Prophecy Vol 1 - Patches 41 to 60 - Sequential Prophet 5 & 10

video by GEOSynths

GEOSynths Sequential Prophet posts - Sequential Artist Spotlight video here.

"Out Friday 26th May 2021

3rd of 4 Videos, highlighting Patches 1 to 20 for the Prophet 5/10 Keyboard and Modules. There's a wide variety of Sounds, from Classic 80's sounds, Traditional Instruments, Pads and Strings, thick Bass and Leads and much more.

As well as a total of 80 Patches, I have used FX and created 80 Patches for both the Arturia Jun-6 Plugin and Valhalla's Supermassive, both of which are free downloads. This way you can have the Patches sound exactly as they do in the Videos.

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - 41. Tidalz GEO
03:35 - 42. Awaken GEO
06:01 - 43. Enough GEO
07:13 - 44. Tape Strings GEO
09:00 - 45. Carousel GEO
10:10 - 46. Space Trails GEO
11:03 - 47. Different GEO
11:33 - 48. Floor Bass GEO
12:12 - 49. Take On GEO
12:45 - 50. Rezostix GEO
13:25 - 51. Memories GEO
15:14 - 52. Yay GEO
16:16 - 53. Poly FM GEO
17:20 - 54. Eastern GEO
18:28 - 55. Solo Sax GEO
19:36 - 56. Don't Go GEO
20:03 - 57. Warm Pad GEO
21:56 - 58. Rezzers GEO
22:48 - 59. Precision GEO
23:47 - 60. Oblivion GEO"

Introducing Points&Lines Experimental Music Software

video by Giorgio Sancristoforo

New from Giorgio Sancristoforo, available at in the software section.

"Points & Lines is a new software dedicated to experimental music, drones and sound design, based on classic subtractive synthesis.

However the number of the available tools (20 oscillators, 20 VCAs, 20BPFs and 20 Pan channels) makes it a unique software capable of complex sounds and atmospheres seldom easily available in classic synthesizers."

Points & Lines is a new software dedicated to experimental music, drones and sound design, based on classic subtractive synthesis.

However the number of the available tools (20 oscillators, 20 VCAs, 20BPFs and 20 Pan channels) makes it a unique software capable of complex sounds and atmospheres seldom easily available in classic synthesizers.

Changing the score length can transform your composition radically in an instant. The complex trajectories of frequencies, pan, amplitude and pan can evolve in just 1 second, or in hours.

You can record up to 3 stereo tracks of 20 oscillators each, and play them along the live score to create massive 80 VCO, 80 VCA, 80 BPF and 80 PAN music.

Later you can export the separate tracks and edit them in your favourite DAW."

Rhythmic Sequencing with Strega

video by MAKEN0ISE

"Sequencing pitch is fun, but sequencing timbre in a rhythmic way can open up a lot of fun possibilities!"

Retroaktiv Angling Rackmount System Demonstration

video by Retroaktiv Synthesizers

Pretty cool. It's 5U.

Häxa - TI-82 Houstontracker Jazz

video by tubesockor

via @tubesockor

"The jazz drummer Lars Skoglund (La La Lars) released his latest single "Häxa" as sheet music and then let other musicians make their own versions. Here's mine - done on a Texas Instruments TI-82 calculator from 1993.

The calculator doesn't have a sound chip, instead it is using delicate bit flipping on the communications port to make audio, using the tracker "HoustonTracker 2". I've made a previous video about how that works, which includes my cover of the C64 song 'Warhawk':" [posted here]

Fish or Fig Bread (modular synth, tape loop, & soft synth)

video by poorness studios

"Continuing with the Weird Week series, here's a little electronic composition using my Eurorack modular synthesizer, a tape loop (playing on my Sony TCM-200DV), and Alchemy soft synth (controlled by the MAudio Oxygen25). It might be an odd combination but it ended up sounding pretty cool."

Late Night Ambient Eurorack Patching! (No Talking)

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Wife is asleep in the next room, sorry - no talking on this one.
I just wanted to share this really sweet Ambient Patch with you guys!
Thanks for listening! :) :)"

Red Model Electro-Faustus EF202 Theremorph w/ Original Box

via this auction

This might actually be the first red one to be featuring on the site. You can find a NAMM 2018 demo of the black model here. See the Electro-Faustus label for more of their gear.

Cyberstep: KDJ-One - synth / sampler / drum machine / effects - workstation

via this auction

See the KDJ-ONE label for demos.

"KDJ-One - audio / music workstation

this is a really very nice portable music tool...

200 tweakable synth patches / 100 drum kits

record audio using the line in and mic inputs...
you can also import audio samples (clips) via a USB memory stick

the KDJ-ONE offers 6 track recording and mixing

Touch Screen
64 voices
Waveform 240 Types (Multi-Layered)
Oscillator 2 Units 10 algorithms
Filter - 7 Types
Modulator 4 Units, 10 Algorithms (Including Step Modulator)
Effects 20 Types - 2 Systems for Each Track, and Master Effect
Sequencer Tracks / Patterns 6
Resolution 384 tick / Quarter Note
Tempo 40 - 400
Recording Mode: Loop (Real Time) Recording / Step Recording / Automation Recording
Midi via USB
Score Editing Mode: Piano Roll
Pattern Length - 999 Bars
Song Length - 9,999 Bars
Number of Patterns 999 Per Project

3.5mm line in + line out
3.5mm microphone in
2 x USB 2.0
1 x micro USB port
headphone out (also has internal speaker)

you can find the user guide here"

Roland JX-8P Analog Synthesizer w/ Hard Case

via this auction

Korg MS-10 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Q Rack - Yellow

via this auction

'79 Roland VP-330 w/ Slider Mod

via this auction

"The Roland VP-330 is a paraphonic ten band vocoder and string machine made by Roland Corporation from 1979 to 1980.

The VP-330 shapes its envelope and filters by any sound source fed into it. So your voice or even a drum loop can be used which is then applied to another sound source, typically a synth pad. This creates a very unique and famous robot-like sound.

In addition to the 10-band vocoder, the VP-330 has a string synth section, choir and a human-voice sound and its 3 sound sections offer a few different presets that can be slightly edited with de-tuning and vibrato.

This unit has had a BOSS GE-10 10-band graphic equaliser professionally installed in the top panel at some point in it's past. Includes original Roland hard shell case."

1983 Siel Orchestra 2

via this auction

Moog Source SN 1948x

via this auction

Presets video in the listing previously posted here.

Moog Taurus I 1 1970's Bass Pedals SN 3044

via this auction

"1970's Moog Taurus I Bass Pedals! Here it is folks, THE synth responsible for the thunderous tones in Rush. Geddy played these with his feet while he played guitar or keyboard. It has recently been serviced and sounds fantastic. Everything is fully functional and works as it should.

Here's the list of servicing:
-New power cable
-Recapped power supply
-Key contact cleaning
-Keybed alignment
-New trim pots
-New LED's
-Full calibration.

This is a very cool synth that sounds insanely big. 3 factory presets and 1 preset where you can shape your sound with Moog filters and envelopes. A very cool thing and unlike any other synth that I have had. There is some normal wear here and there, a few extra drill holes, 2 of the pedal covers are cracked but have been repaird, and its missing its little window flap but overall everything looks great.

If you have been looking for a vintage Moog Taurus I then look no further. This one is a good one to have and is studio or tour ready."

Korg 800 DV

via this auction

Syndt – Polyphonic Synthesizer for macOS/Windows & iPad

video by Klevgrand

"A versatile, morphable polyphonic synthesizer.

Syndt is a high quality polyphonic synthesizer with a lot of possibilities. The oscillator waveform can be morphed between pure sine to pure square, and supports altering of pulse width. Both the shape and pulse width can be modulated by two independent LFOs. With fine-tuned low pass and high pass filters combined with a separate filter attack setting, (optionally based on velocity) this synth can create some raw and interesting sounds. The additional LFO can be shaped exactly as the oscillator, and optionally controls filters, gain and pitch (using a modulation wheel or just automatically). This LFO can be synchronized to a AUv3 host. Globally there’s a nice stereo chorus, ping pong stereo delay (that also can sync to a AUv3 hosts BPM) and EQ.

Read more:"

70+ professionally made presets
XY pad based oscillator and LFO (PWM on the X axis and morphs between sine and square on the Y axis)
Independent mini-LFO (sine only) for each axis of the oscillator XY-pad.
LP / HP filter with resonance
LP Filter can be velocity sensitive
LP Filter has an optional attack time
LFO can affect LP filter, HP filter, gain level and pitch
LFO has an optional attack time
LFO can be synchronized with an AUv3 host (AUv3 mode only!)
Ping pong delay
Stereo Chorus
Three-band EQ
Legato mode with glide speed parameter
Pitch bend range

Elektron Introduces The Power Handle

video by Elektron

"We finally got a handle on it. Our vision for the Model units was a portable, tactile music-making experience. This is the realization of that vision. It’s been a long journey here, but the journey is only beginning.

With the Power Handle you can take your creativity on the go. Fire up your Model:Cycles or Model:Samples in any location, and at any time. And dive in. On public transport, at the airport, out in nature, in between studios, on a road trip. Now you can get lost anywhere. Connect to disconnect.

Find out more:"

"With the Power Handle you can take your creativity on the go. Fire up your Model:Cycles or Model:Samples in any location, and at any time. And dive into several hours of music-making.

On public transport, at the airport, out in nature, in between studios, on a road trip. Now you can get lost anywhere. Connect to disconnect.

Included in the box:
1 × Power Handle
Connection cable
Connection Screw

4 × AA Batteries (not included)
Model units running OS 1.13 or later

Physical specifications:
W280 × D80 × H29 mm (10.9 × 3.1 × 1.1″)
Weight approx. 0.1 kg (0.22 lbs)

515,00 SEK"

515,00 SEK currently comes to 62.16 USD, 43.73 GBP, or 50.74 EUR.

MakeNoise Telharmonic Retirement Tribute

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"MakeNoise has decided to retire the Telharmonic, System Cartesian - and Brains. The Telharmonic has been one of my most underappreciated modules for a long time, but that's completely changed since Walker's digital foam video. Also, the MakeNoise FB April Fools post from 2019 was also great fun to revisit - where a new 'firmware' was introduced for the Tel and was installed with a special card. I am happy to have it in my case, hopefully this tribute inspires you to complete your collection too!"

UNO Synth Pro - Sonic LAB Review

video by sonicstate

"IK Multimedia’s second hardware synth builds on the initial synth engine introduced in the Uno Synth, which was surprisingly beefy sonically if not physically.

Uno Synth Pro expands this original concept and adds :a more substantial build quality in both the desktop and keyboard versions, three morphing oscillators (playable as 3 note paraphonic), two filters - the original OTA filter and a new SSI resonant filter with design input from the legendary Dave Rossum, we also get an analogue post filter drive and three DSP send effects.

16 slot mod matrix, 64 step sequencer with song mode, CV and GATE io top of the features."

Patch n Tweak
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