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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Octatrack Meets the XOR NerdSEQ: 24 Patterns of Pure Nostalgic Bliss

video by EZBOT

"This was my live performance for Basement State on 6/4/21. I built a template for the Octatrack that was a mix of live resampling/fx-box and a typical drum machine. The music is very cheerful, someone in chat said the music was an "anti-depressant." I played with Red Means Recording, Project 32, and Herr Shield. Amazing performances all around. If you want to know more about my setup, thought process, and writing style for this performance please visit my Patreon for in depth discussions on this performance and others.

0:00 Arcade Nostalgia
5:28 My Change Machine
11:08 Raiden
16:55 Token Loss

NerdSeq sequenced the modular voices (24 patterns)
Octatrack sent clock and transport to NerdSeq.
Octatrack Sequenced drums and performed resampling/fx (22 patterns, 3 parts, and 2 banks)"

EZBOT Links:

Verdens Undergang: Dark ambience from Interstellar Radio

video by Richard DeHove

"Audio here is 100% generative and is an untouched, unedited slice (starting at 53-minutes in) from the 9-hour MP3 download version. Tones are from a relatively simple Eurorack patch with Interstellar Radio's (IR) two oscillator outputs going into an Erica Synths Black Dual VCF left and right. IR left-CV is being fed by a separate random source, right-CV from the error output, while the VCF is also getting smooth random CV into both sides as well as into resonance. A little noise is separately being fed through Anglegrinder. The whole thing then goes through a little Valhalla delay and Fabfilter Pro-R reverb. Pro-Q3 pulls everything into mono below about 200Hz which helps tie it all together. The stereo separation of the two oscillators is especially clear with headphones.

Video begins with a clip from Golem (1920), with the remainder being from the 1916 Danish sci-fi short Verdens Undergang (The End of the World).

Patrons can download a 9-hour long 256K MP3 of the audio. It is a full 9-hour one-pass stream and has no loops. Makes rather good sleep audio!

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

The Last Ninja Excerpt on - live

video by Manuel Schulz

"This is a little excerpt "The Last Ninja", by Ben Daglish. It was played live on my System 110. This was just a rough take and is far from being played well but was lots of fun to record. Have fun!"

EKO EKOSYNTH 1st - Mega rare Italian vintage synthesizer from 1974 SN 0223

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"Wonderful EKO EKOSYNTH, extremely rare analog / digital mono synthesizer, made in Italy in 1974 and today preserved at maximum, still in SUPER clean conditions."

CRUMAR BIT99 white ed. vintage polyphonic synthesizer & accessories SN 09899

via this auction

"Super Clean CRUMAR BIT99 white edition plus original travel case, manual and cassette. It has been recently serviced, so everything works perfect and in near mint to mint cosmetic shape."

Sequential Pro3 Monosynth - synched grooves with Akai MPC

video by studentsmusic

"Take live groove tweaking to a different level with Pro3 and MPC one"

PPG Wave 2.2 ( Expander )

via this auction

"*Professionally SERVICED in FULL Working order*

"I bought this expander about fifteen years ago.
At that time the case was made of wood.
We decided with my tech to make a new box to get closer to the original design."

-All Original Component.
-New Lcd Screen
-Midi Fitted
-latest software update ( System V8.3 )"

PPG Wave Processor Keyboard FD

via this auction

Prophet 12 Jam by Steve Olofsson

"All synth sounds Prophet 12"

Absolut - Togo Pogo Featuring SUPERBOOTH's Andreas Schneider and a Moog Prodigy

video by Andre Dierker

"Absolut - Togo Pogo single 81 auf Phonogram erschienen"

via @SchneidersBuero

"And this is what I did on a Moog Prodigy exactly 40 years ago .. my first synth .. btw .. it was much much better live on stage"

Playing With SpazeDrum #2 BLUE

video by gotharman

"The preset from the SpazeDrum Black 'Playing With SpazeDrum #2' video, loaded to SpazeDrum Blue, and tweaked and rearranged to fit."

ST Modular - ONCE IN A WHILE (3x Mono, 1x Stereo CV Click-less Mute)

video by Stefan Tretau

"Channel 1 is in Low Pass Gate Mode (it unmutes on CV)
Channel 2 & 3 are in Mute-Mode (they mute on CV)

0:00 Mute/Unmute Audio
0:40 CV Control
1:22 Mute/Unmute CV"

Analogue Systems - RS-95e

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"The RS95 is a premium, british sounding VCO with waveshaping possiblities.

It is based on the RS90 but has more features, predominantly a very special sine wave. The RS95e presented here is technically identical but instead a normal frequency control it features a gorgeous, lockable (!) potentiometer with ten turns. That allows precise fine tune control and adds the look of an EMS synthesizer to the VCO. The RS95e has three audio outputs: pulse, triangle and sine. The upper shape control affects the pulse width. The lower shape control not only morphs from a falling sawtooth over triangle to a rising saw (or: ramp) but simultaneously alters the sine wave and produces a kind of smoothed, softer sawtooth. Additionally the saw/sine output is a CV-INPUT for the symmetry of the sine. Very extraordinary feature that all are voltage controllable. The oscillator sync is ?soft? and not only reacts to square waves but works with all waveforms. The frequency control has three switchable modes: STD (standard) with a range of two octaves. -2 is two octaves lower than STD. WIDE mode gives a range from 0.3 Hz - 17kHz and thus allows use of the RS-95 as VC-LFO with waveshaping options! The ?vary? control not only attenuates but also can amplify the pitch CV. It controls linearly from 0V over 1V/oct to 0.4 V/oct."


via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"Two independent voltage controlled oscillators, continuously tunable from 5Hz to 20kHz (applied control voltages can extend limits to .1Hz and 30kHz). Each oscillator has two processing inputs and a frequency modulation input. Waveshapes as well as frequency can be voltage controlled. Model 258 Dual Oscillators feature low sine wave harmonic content, negligible settling error, and high short and long term stability, even with rapidly changing ambient temperatures.

Waveshapes can be varied from sine to saw (osc1) and sine to square (osc2)"

CRUMAR STRATUS vintage polyphonic analog synthesizer + rare accessories SN 00389

via this auction

"CRUMAR STRATUS vintage polyphonic analog synthesizer plus its original accessories: two pedals in or. skin bag and patch sheets. This beauty polysynth flagship has been Professional serviced in our laboratory. I never seen an example like this, very clean and solid, out of my personal collection well maneined and stored with care during the years"


via this auction

Anyone know what this is? Looks like a mixer but if you look at the back instead of inputs there are positive and negative leads.

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

Yamaha AN1x SN 024489 w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

"This is a barn find. Pristine condition. It was briefly out of the box before it went into storage in the 90’s. Zero damage, zero wear and tear."

Akai AX73 SN 10555-07544

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Polyphonic 48-Key Keyboard / Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder Synthesizer SN 544423

via this auction

Alesis AirSynth

via this auction

Casio CZ-1 SN 102569

via this auction

Check out Casio CZ-1000 | The Cosmo Synthesizer. Everyone had one of these!. The CZ-1, CZ-1000, and CZ-3000 shared the same Phase Distortion synth engine.

Casio CZ-3000 SN 03941

via this auction

Check out Casio CZ-1000 | The Cosmo Synthesizer. Everyone had one of these!. The CZ-1, CZ-1000, and CZ-3000 shared the same Phase Distortion synth engine.


video by studio snippets

Prophet 6, OMNIPRESENT, Nude Decending preset 111 analog synthesizer

video by Bob I. Gomez

"My Original tune for the Prophet 6 synthesizer, called OMNIPRESENT.
I use preset 111 which is named Nude Decending."

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