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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Waldorf Blofeld (2007)

video by Nacho Marty Meyer

"no effects or processes were used"

Passing of the sun | Ambient pad Roland System 8

video by MIDERA

"If you get a chance - check out my website which has all my released music on it and gear reviews:

This track is 100% Roland System 8 (no plug-out). No added external FX."

ARP Omni-2 and Odyssey - June 8, 2021

video by SynthMania

Pure late 1970s analog
Effects: wizardFX Delay, wizardFX Modern Reverb
Space videos: Free B Roll by Videezy

ESK - Fred's Lab Töörö Sound Demo

video by Metunar

"Sound demo of Fred's Lab Töörö polyphonic digital synth with analog filters.
Direct recording without external effects. All sounds are from the Töröö only.
Sequenced by the Elektron Digitone or played through the Behringer VC340."

Leploop - Multicassa v2

video by NOISEBUG

"Here we are demonstrating the Leploop Multicassa v2’s sounds and capabilities as a stand alone instrument. You can find more information on the Multicassa here -"

Vahlbruch SpaceTime: Dark delay with the DB-01 synth (no talking)

video by Richard DeHove

"The SpaceTime is a mono, 660ms, analog-digital hybrid delay pedal. It has three tone modes: Bright, Mellow and Dark. The Dark mode is very dark and even at full mix it's quite soft - but then turn if off and now you really notice what it was doing. As the noodling here shows it won't go all the way to self-oscillation, and instead dances around the edge. The SpaceTime sure isn't cheap, but then this is a solid, quiet, beautifully finished "Handmade in Germany" pedal. The soft-touch switch is very smooth and a real contrast to some 'heavy clickers'. I bought my SpaceTime direct from Vahlbruch and made a special request for black knobs, which was done at no extra cost :) Their site: (I have absolutely no connection with them other than as a normal customer). They also have a bigger tap-tempo version of SpaceTime, but it didn't look as nice to me and it's sort of fun dialling in tempo by ear (well, sometimes).
0:00 Mellow mode
0:38 Bright mode
0:59 Full mix level
1:54 Shortest repeat level
2:45 Mellow mode
3:12 Second pattern
3:55 Delayed sinewave VCF
4:30 Third pattern
4:40 Oscillation fun
6:04 Long delay drone jam
My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

Studio Electronics Eurorack Modules

via these NOISEBUG Listings

"What's nice about our OSCILLATION stunner (according to Tim) "is that the waveforms are DC-coupled [components connected directly together without any coupling capacitors], so they keep their shape even at sub-Hz speeds. The outputs are also buffered, so the amplitude is independent of the load they are driving. The waveform levels on some modern eurorack OSCs are often all different, and they vary depending if they go into the mixer or directly to the filter!" Coupling the circuitry without capacitors in-line gives the go-ahead for the full spectrum of frequencies to do their thing, and ensures near identical response over the years—audiophile, transistor-protecting signal path stuff here. You should see these beauts on the scope: a Class-A ballet of balance and proportion, only drawing modest current, rather evenly from plus and minus."

E-MU Systems Proteus 2000 w/ Composer Card

via this auction

Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator

via this auction

"Very early rompler from Yamaha, these are fantastic sounding units are super handy to have in any production environment. Great sounding synth!"

Korg SB-100 Synthe Bass

via this auction

"This is a nice example of this extremely rare beast. A beast it is, monstrous bass from a fantastic oscillator."

Sequential Pro 3 Tutorial: Add a Backbeat to Your Patch

video by Synthetic World 859

"Sometimes it's really nice to play with a why not program one into your patch? In this tutorial I show you how to make a beat that plays along with you, or using the arpeggiator plays on its own as long as you can keep up!"

Bach Sarabande with Sequential Prophet Rev 2

video by Nicolas Melis

"J.S.Bach Partita No 2 - Sarabande - with Sequential Prophet Rev 2 Synthesizer and Strymon Big Sky Revrb"


video by Pure Ambient Drone

Pure Ambient Drone SUMMIT demos

Modal SKULPT SE // vs MicroKORG and OB-6 // How Virtual Analogs massively improved

video by Starsky Carr

"Virtual Analog synths seem to be taking a few knocks here and there at the moment. But something as small and great value as this is well placed to show the detractors quite how well we've come on in the past few years."

Disclaimer and the obvious: not all early VAs are the same, and not all analogs are the same. There are plenty of vintage analogs that sound anemic and a few VAs that sound quite bold and do cut through the mix. They all have their own character. RE age, the Access Virus TI, Waldorf Q, and the original VA, the Clavia Nord Lead, hold their own. Lumping all early VAs with the MicroKORG is a bit misleading. That said, this is a useful video as it does touch on differences in design for three individual synths. Remember, when you watch any given synth demo, that demo only covers what you actually hear, and that is usually just a small glimpse into a synth's capabilities.

Playing With SpazeDrum Blue #3

video by gotharman

"A completely unique SpazeDrum Blue track, with beats and violins..."

Arturia FX collection 2 + Microfreak, Pigments, Moog DFAM, Dreadbox Typhon. No Talking. Jam

video by Anton Anru

"I'm passing my synths through the brand new Arturia effects, that are now included in FX Collection 2. 22 plugins total. As all the effects emulate classics they add that vintage analog coloration in a really nice way. That's why it was interesting to pass hardware synths through these effects.

Moog DFAM - Bus FORCE (check out how it makes the sound bigger).
Dreadbox Typhon - Pre 1973 and Comp DIODE-609.
Arturia Microfreak - Filter M12, Delay TAPE-201 (with the new preamp type), Rev SPRING-636, Flanger BL-20.
Arturia Pigments (played with Keystep) - Chorus JUN-6, EQ SITRAL-295, Comp TUBE-STA.
So to test the plugins I made this jam. Hope you'll enjoy the new plugins by Arturia.

You may also be interested in the presets for the synths in this video:
🎛️ Moog presets:
🎷 Dreadbox Typhon presets:
🎹 Arturia Microfreak presets:"

Elka Synthex SN 1178

via this auction

"Her Majesty Elka synthex (Second Version), fully functional, just put back into operation.

All voices restored to proper operation and all parameters checked. The 2 double "Balance and Master" potentiometers have been replaced with 2 guaranteed lifetime potentiometers of much higher quality like those of the MOOG MODULAR. We left the moog caps simply because they have a slightly wider stroke, but if you want to put back its original caps we have kept them and just file the hole slightly to get them to the desired size.

Only flaw: the joystick on the left is broken. we didn't look for it because it works like this too."

Octave-Plateau Electronics Voyetra-8 rare 8-voice polyphonic vintage synthesizer

via this auction

Appears to be SN J54819. Pics of the inside below.

Black Panel Buchla Music Easel

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

"The 208 is a 208r V1 with NOS vactrols and NOS tropical fish capacitors and Sprauge capacitors for accurate tone. All high quality parts that you won't find in another Easel unless you have the components and build it yourself of course. Comes with Buchla style silver panel if you prefer. Black panel is a little cloudy in spots but hardly noticeable. You can mount this 208r in a shallow boat in your Buchla case, unlike every other version of the 208."

Yamaha TX81Z Tone Generator

via this auction

Nice JD-800 in back.

• This is the rack version of the Yamaha DX11. Released in 1987.

• 4 operator FM synthesis, each one when modulated can be added to each other to expand your own voices.

• 8 voice multitimbral.

• 4 banks of 32 ROM voices plus one internal bank for your own sounds.

• Operating manual available to download from Yamaha website.

• 110v with supplied power adapter."

Teenage Engineering OP-1

via this auction

Boomstar SE80 Sketch 03 - Evolving Arp

video by Mason Chrysler

"I recorded this arp progression while experimenting & recording samples with the SE80 and had to share it - this synth oozes with endless tone and is so fun to sculpt sounds with. The Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80 is a mono synth with filters inspired by the legendary Yamaha CS-80. The SE80 was recorded into/with Logic in this clip with a bit of delay and reverb added afterward for space. Aside from that, the audio is raw. This synth is raw itself and can sound loud, powerful, aggressive, soft, expressive, beautiful, often at the flick of a switch and/or turn of a knob or two.. it's up to you. I love it. Thanks for listening!


KORG TRIDENT - Sounds, Patches & Presets | Analog Synthesizer Demo

video by synth4ever

"Korg Trident (MK2) synthesizer sounds and patches demo. This Korg Trident synth demo features a variety of custom sounds, presets and patches including pads, plucks, bass, strings, brass, percussion and more.

The Korg Trident is a versatile analog 3-part synthesizer that excels at layered sounds. The combination of synthesizer, brass and strings sections + flanger allows for some unique tones and timbres when all sections are used together.

In this demo I created a number of custom patches as well as presets from the Korg Trident MK2 manual. Despite having somewhat limited functionality, the synthesizer section has some decent sound design capabilities. While the Korg Trident excels at lush pads, it can also do more traditional sounds as well as unique resonant tones.

Hope you enjoy this Korg Trident MK2 sounds and patches demo."

Awakening By The Creek (Monome Norns)

video by Perplex On

"#awakescript on #nornsshield doing its thing in the wild."

Patch n Tweak
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