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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Moog Sub 37 / Subsequent patches Vol 2 (free download)

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"6 years ago (time that passes frighteningly fast), with just over 30 days playing with the Moog Sub 37, I posted a video bringing a free bank with some patches I programmed. It's about time to share some more sounds created on this fantastic synth!

So here's my new patch bank for Sub 37 and Subsequent 37, which combine versions of patches from bands I've always liked or played and totally original sounds, demonstrating different Sub 37 features!


In the video, the first version is always without any effect. The second version of each patch can feature chorus, reverb and delay. All fx processed by Zoom MS70CDR!

Tom Sweep - Sub 37 version for this classic Rush patch
Aquatarkus 1 - Based on timbres from live ELP recordings
Aquatarkus 2 - Based on the original recording
Hoedown - Sub 37 version of this classic ELP intro
Lead Duo - exploring the duophonic side
3D Space - different modulations for a more rhythmic tone
Blade intro - Sub 37 version of the classic by Vangelis
Delle Fate - based on the beautiful Italian prog band lead
From the beginning - Modular adaptation to Sub 37 of the ELP classic
Ice - inspired by the lead from the classic Camel band
ResoDistort - drive, paraphony and resonance for this ideal tone for diverse solos.
Rick in the 70s - daring to create a version of Wakeman's classic, using the 6db filter slope
Lady Fantasy - classic arpeggio by Camel
Random Increment - fun with the sequencer
S&H Sequence - Sequence with Modulations and Sample & Hold"

[ENG SUB] DJ-like technique using LIVEN 8bit warps MONO Mode+VLOG [ENDO LABO #011]

video upload by SONICWARE

"I used LIVEN 8bit warps' MONO mode for a different DJ-like technique."

Kawai K1 II Synthesizer - Part 2 - Overview & Sound Demo

video upload by Runningonair

"In this video I take an overview of the synth. I look at the architecture and try out the sounds.

Also, the video title track is created using just sounds from the K1 II (and a bit of production), giving you some idea of what can be achieved with this synth alone.

If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below:



Runningonair Kawai K1 II Synthesizer posts

FINALLY a Power Adapter for Pocket Operators // Track from Scratch on the PO-33

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Shout out to MyVolts for sending over the Revolt Power adapter for Pocket Operators! I never thought it would be possible to plug your Pocket Operator into a wall but now you can!
Find out more here -
- And if you're interested in the 3D Printed Case, get the schematic here -"

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "The Landscape is Changing" cover (2021 version)

video upload by DX5

"Updating a cover I had already recorded ten years ago. I added slight corrections, also a few variations (a bit of lag on the intro brass, wrong notes intentionally played at 00:16, 01:19 and 04:17, etc) acting as watermarks.

Gear used (left to right, top to bottom):
Yamaha DX7 (portamento bell sound).
Roland JP8000 (arpeggiator synced to Pro Tools)
Kurzweil PC1x
Emu Emax II
Emu Emax I

Sound design and backtrack previously programmed, synthesized and recorded by me on Pro Tools, using my own resources, in 2011 [posted here]. Original track composed by Alan Wilder.

Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

EMS Founder Peter Zinovieff Has Passed Away

Update: Image of Peter Zinovieff (previously in via Brian Kehew).

"Circa 1975: A photo from the Frankfurt Music Fair

Peter Zinovieff in the EMS synthesizer booth.

They are featuring the rare SYNTHI P model, just announced on the left side and stand. Underneath the board listing EMS musical artists is a SYNTHI HI-FLI effects unit is barely seen. Another unusual/prototype model is next to the Hi-Fli."

Peter Zinovieff and Electronic Music Studios video upload by JeffreyPlaide

Peter Zinovieff: Synth Pioneer video upload by Sound On Sound magazine Jul 21, 2016

Peter Zinovieff talks about modern musical interfaces video upload by Expressive E Jan 6, 2016

Peter Zinovieff feature uploaded by Erica Synths on Nov 23, 2020. This was the latest video to feature Peter Zinovieff that I am aware of.

Peter Zinovieff interview 2015 video upload by 香港電子音樂社 Hong Kong Electronic Music Society Jun 30, 2015

Dr Peter Zinovieff intro & performance excerpt - Deliaphonic 2017 video upload by Deliaphonic Aug 29, 2018

And a few perspectives from others:

Bright Sparks Behind The Scenes - The Brits video by GForce Software published Feb 16, 2021

Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast hosted by The Galaxy Electric - E1 Peter Zinovieff

video by The Galaxy Electric published Jan 27, 2021

Peter Zinovieff Electronic Calendar

video by Mark Jenkins published Dec 9, 2019 - Electronic Calendar available through this post.

You can find a history of posts mentioning Peter Zinovieff here.

via The Guardian

"Peter Zinovieff, a hugely influential figure in British music whose early synthesisers helped to change the sound of pop, has died aged 88. He had suffered a fall at home earlier this month.

With its marketing slogan 'think of a sound – now make it', his company Electronic Music Studios (EMS) was one of the first to bring synthesisers out of studios and to the public. With products such as the portable VCS3 and Synthi A, EMS customers – including David Bowie, Kraftwerk, the Who, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd – were often taught to use the instruments by Zinovieff.

In 1967 he collaborated with Paul McCartney on Carnival of Light, a performance of a 14-minute avant garde composition created between Beatles sessions for Penny Lane that has never been released.

He was also a respected composer of his own work, including early experiments with AI composition and sampling – he claimed to have invented the latter technique." You can read the full post here.

via Wikipedia:

"Peter Zinovieff (26 January 1933 – 23 June 2021) was a British engineer and composer, whose EMS company made the VCS3 synthesizer in the late 1960s. The synthesizer was used by many early progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd[3] and White Noise, and Krautrock groups[4] as well as more pop-oriented artists, including Todd Rundgren and David Bowie. In later life he worked primarily as a composer of electronic music.

Zinovieff was born on 26 January 1933;[5] his parents, Leo Zinovieff and Sofka, née Princess Sophia Dolgorouky, were both Russian aristocrats, who met in London after their families had emigrated to escape the Russian Revolution and soon divorced.[6] During World War II he and his brother Ian lived with their grandparents in Guildford and then with their father in Sussex. He attended Guildford Royal Grammar School, Gordonstoun School and Oxford University, where he earned a doctorate in geology.[7][8]

Zinovieff's work followed research at Bell Labs by Max Mathews and Jean-Claude Risset, and an MIT thesis (1963) by David Alan Luce.[9] In 1966–67, Zinovieff, Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson ran Unit Delta Plus, an organisation to create and promote electronic music. It was based in the studio Zinovieff had built, in a shed at his house in Putney. (The house is near the Thames, and the studio was later partially destroyed by a flood).[10][11] EMS grew out of MUSYS, which was a performance controller operating as an analogue-digital hybrid.[12] It was a synthesiser system which Zinovieff developed with the help of David Cockerell and Peter Grogono, and used two DEC PDP-8 minicomputers and a piano keyboard.[13] Unit Delta Plus ran a concert of electronic music at the Watermill Theatre in 1966, with a light show. In early 1967 they performed in concerts at The Roundhouse, at which the Carnival of Light was also played; they split up later in 1967.[11] Paul McCartney had visited the studio, but Zinovieff had little interest in popular music.[14]

In 1968, part of the studio was recreated at Connaught Hall, for a performance of pieces by Justin Connolly and David Lumsdaine.[15] At the IFIP congress that year, the composition ZASP by Zinovieff with Alan Sutcliffe took second prize in a contest, behind a piece by Iannis Xenakis.[16]

In 1969, Zinovieff sought financing through an ad in The Times but received only one response, £50 on the mistaken premise it was the price of a synthesiser. Instead he formed EMS with Cockerell and Tristram Cary.[17] At the end of the 1960s, EMS Ltd. was one of four companies offering commercial synthesizers, the others being ARP, Buchla, and Moog.[18] In the 1970s Zinovieff became interested in the video synthesizer developed by Robert Monkhouse, and EMS produced it as the Spectron.[19]

Jon Lord of Deep Purple described Zinovieff as "a mad professor type": "I was ushered into his workshop and he was in there talking to a computer, trying to get it to answer back".[20] Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco, in their history of the synthesizer revolution, see him rather as aristocratically averse to "trade".[21]

Zinovieff wrote the libretto for Harrison Birtwistle's opera The Mask of Orpheus,[22] and also the words for Nenia: The Death of Orpheus (1970).[23] The section Tristan's Folly in Tristan (1975) by Hans Werner Henze included a tape by Zinovieff."


Peter Zinovieff: A Tribute by CatSynth TV

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We look back at the life and work of Peter Zinovieff, who passed away last week at the age of 88. His work at Electronic Music Studios (EMS) was a major influence on musicians of the 1970s and beyond. At EMS, he co-created the well-known and coveted VCS3 and Synthi series. But he was also a composer in his own right, working on pioneering electronic music in the 1960s and returning to active composition in the 2010s with several collaborations with artists in other media and exploring massive sound spatialization.

Additional background music provided via the Arturia Synthi V as a tribute."

You can find additional posts featuring Peter Zinovieff here.

06 26 21 Késako Player + Temps Utile + x0x

video upload by batchas

"The camera from the smartphone is not in the best position, but at least we hear the short jam I did after replacing the switches on the x0x module I made for my Buchla system and the Temps Utile I did a few years back. The Wogglebug in the bottom section of Temps Utile was not working.

Késako Player sends a beat in loop mode to the 230 and the delay section of Temps Utile. Késako x0X is synched to the beat thanx to the 230."

5 Kalimba notes and the ADDAC Looper / Granular Processor

video upload by Omri Cohen

Omri Links:

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 & EHX Big Muff

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Modal Electronics Skulpt SE Live Demo

video upload by VCO USA

a distant city _ microwave XT looping

video upload by Mason Chrysler

"Recorded, chopped, arranged, looped in Logic."



Also see Home Bake Instruments Gadget Synths

Roland Juno-106 synthesizer

via this auction

"This synth has just been fully serviced and calibrated by a top NYC Synth Tech. Pristine condition except for minor scratch"

360 Systems Midi Bass Synthesizer Module.

via this auction

Moog The Source SN 3052

via this auction

"This mid-1980s Moog The Source analog synthesizer has an early 3000 serial number - About 7000 total were produced between 1981-1986, placing it around a 1983/4 production year."

Jomox Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer SN 2021-754

via this auction

Roland SH-01a, TR-09 & Sherman Filterbank 2

via this auction

XoXBoX built by Andy Pledger

via this auction

"This is a XOXBOX built to the highest specs by Andy Pledger, who also uses his own cases, switches and buttons for a high quality end product. This one is in the metallic blue finish with blue l.e.d's and has an upgraded OS that allows for certain sequencing tricks like reverse pattern playing etc, it was built in 2016.It is very nice to use due to the quality of components in the interface ( the pots are all metal, the buttons click nicely etc) and has a very authentic sound."

KORG KMS-30 MIDI Synchronizer SN 000560

via this auction

Jen SX-2000 Synthetone

via this auction

"Apart from the presets, it features a single VCO, switchable over four octaves and equipped with four waveforms (sawtooth, square, and two rectangular). The VCF is a simple low-pass filter with cut-off and resonance (emphasis) and can be modulated by the LFO or one of 3 preset envelope effects. The VCA can also be modulated by these 3 preset envelope effects which include: repeat (which constantly repeats AD envelope), ASR (with sustain), AD (without sustain). The LFO can modulate the oscillator or the filter with either square or triangle waveforms. Finally a Portamento effect is on-board for those elastic synth sounds. Nice wood end-cheeks and unique Italian sound make this rarity worth a look."

ARP Pro Soloist

via this auction

"Fully restored.
PSU recapped.
All tantalum capacitors on power rails replaced.
Opamps replaced.
All switches and sliders refurbished.
Factory calibrated.
Wood sides refurbished.
Touch sense keyboard refurbished.
Key grommets replaced where needed."

Yamaha A5000 Complete Set w/ Extras SN 3872F223

via this auction

Yamaha A5000 Sampler with owners Manual
Yamaha CRW4416SX with cables as shown
I/O Mega Zip Drive with many zip disks + cables and power supply all original.
8 Original Yamaha Sampled CD's as shown
Yamaha Software disks and cd's. as shown

KORG VC-10 VOCODER Synth SN 161012 w/ Original Microphone, Case, & Docs

via this auction


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