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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Oberheim OB-8 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Effect Used.
Universal Audio UAFX Pedal.
Astra Modulation Machine(Mono to Stereo Out)
Starlight Echo Station(Stereo Out)
Golden Reverberator(Stereo Out)

Korg modwave: a Detailed Demo and Tutorial

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A detailed look at the modwave, a powerful new wavetable synthesizer from Korg. In Part 1, we take a deep dive into the wavetable oscillators and Kaoss Physics, along with the filters, modulation options, and saving of performances and programs.

00:24 History of the Korg DW8000, which inspired the modwave 01:18 Factory presets (performances)
03:35 modwave synthesis architecture
04:02 A detailed look at the wavetable oscillators
15:20 Kaoss Physics
20:01 Multiple wavetables
24:02 A quick look at the filter
25:13 Saving performances and programs
25:59 Factory programs"

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content.

Korg modwave Part 2: Motion Sequencer, Filters, Effects (demo + tutorial)

"Part 2 of our detailed look at the Korg modwave synthizer. In this video, we will focus on the Motion Sequencer 2.0, the filters, and effects section.

00:34 Intro to the Motion Sequencer 2.0
01:00 A detailed look at the Motional Sequencer recording, editing, and modulation features
10:54 Using the motion sequencer for complex timbral control
16:12 Filter section deep dive (PolySix, MS-20, Multi-Filter)
21:43. Effects section (Pre, Mod, Delay and Global reverb)"

73 75 Serge Snippets

video upload by Todd Barton

Roland JP-8000 SN AK45206

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The JP-8000 is a classic analog modeling synth, it is famous for being the original synth to include the super saw waveform. There is full control of all the parameters on the front panel causing there to be little menu diving.

This unit is in good condition with some scratches and wear around the edges; clearly it was taken out of the house and used. The internal memory battery was just replaced and the keys were cleaned. All functions and controls work perfectly. AC power cable included."

Moog Sub37 Tribute

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

M-Audio Venom Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This synth has some pretty wicked synth textures and beats at a great price. Amazing arpeggiator too. Very underrated and well worth double the price. Great synth, lightweight, can be used as a controller too!"

Note for extensive editing you need an external editor that came with the synth or this one from Patch Base. There was one for TB MIDI Stuff and Touch OSC as well. The physical synth only gives you access to a small number of parameters. You can find a review, interview, and tips and tricks posted back in 2011 here.

Vintage Moog Satellite Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno-106 Six-Voice Polyphonic and Programmable Analog Synthesizer w/ Road Case

via this auction

"Recently serviced Roland Juno-106 by SynthSpa in Nashville, Tennessee. This Roland Juno-106 Six-Voice Polyphonic and Programmable Analog Synthesizer sounds warm and lush. All parts are working properly. Comes with flight case!"

Terra Mar (Live performance) - Hydrasynth Deluxe, desktop, Mirage, GR-1, Xpander, pro one

video upload by Glen Darcey Audio

"This performance is totally live and all synths are being manipulated in real-time.

Products used are:
ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe
Tasty Chips GR-1 granular
Hydrasynth Desktop
Ensoniq Mirage
Sequential Circuits Pro 1
Oberheim Xpander,
Sequential Prophet 5 (rev 3.2) offscreen
processing is with built in effects on the Hydrasynths and a Lexicon MXP-550 on the others.
Multitracks were recorded in one pass direct through Arturia Audiofuse 8 Pre interfaces to Presonus Studio One DAW.
Some additional reverb and delay was added in Studio One to certain tracks."

OP-Z Grip Knobs Kit Unboxing & Sampling a Typewriter

video upload by Johan Wave

"OP-Z Grip knobs kit. Unboxing the new grip knobs kit for op-z by teenage engineering. Background op-z music from my typewriter samling video:"

OP-Z Sampling my typewriter

"Sampling my typewriter and doing a short jam with the punch-in effects on #opz by #teenageengineering. I hope you like it!"

Mob of Emus + Beads + Chord Machine Ambient / Plaits Maths Ensemble Oscillator

video upload by Wac- Lounge

"Thank you for watching!
Here is the simple patch notes, a list of the gear and more information.

Grain delay voices = Mob of Emus (sine wave) processed by Beads sequenced by Chord Machine2
Chord voices = Mob of Emus (sine wave×4) sequenced by Chord Machine2 program controlled by MATHS modulation from A-145-4LFOs
Arpeggio voice = Qu-bit Chord sequenced by Chord Machine2(triggered by MATHS)
Synth pad = Ensemble Oscillator modulation & sequenced by Disting(clocked LFO attenuated by MATHS) triggered by Steppy
Strings-like voice = Rings with modulation from Disting(clocked LFO) sequenced by 2hp Arp filtered by A-120 VCF1(modulation from A-140ADSR triggered by Marbles)
Lead square wave voice = Plaits with modulation from Mob of Emus & A-145-4LFOs sequenced by Marbles(CV)
Chord & random percussive voice = Nebulae sequenced by MATHS
Master clock = MATHS (divided by Steppy)"

Digital Dreams - The PPG Wave Story

video upload by Johnny Morgan

"A documentary short on the history behind the legendary PPG Wave synthesizers from the 80's."

Update: Also see "On location in Hamburg with Wolfgang 'PPG' Palm"

You can find additional synth documentaries by Johnny Morgan here.

MODULAR SUPER UTILTY (and a full voice) - After Later Audio QARV

video upload by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Nick Bigelow shares with us the new quad envelope generator and VCA by After Later Audio: QARV. Demo includes overview, ideas, and practical uses for the module.

QARV - Quad Attack, Release, & VCA

Four channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs. This module brings the ultimate in flexibility as it can be used as a standalone synth voice, a massive amount of modulation, or a four channel envelope generator w/ mixer. We believe this makes QARV a great first module and a great addition to the largest of systems.

Learn more about the After Later Audio QARV here:
Demo by: Nick Bigelow
Video by: Matthew Piecora"

QARV - Quad Attack, Release, & VCA

Four channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs. This module brings the ultimate in flexibility as it can be used as a standalone synth voice, a massive amount of modulation, or a four channel envelope generator w/ mixer. We believe this makes QARV a great first module and a great addition to the largest of systems.

All four channels have the following features:

Uni-polar oscillator mode
Attack and release time control via potentiometer and via input jack
Shape control that controls shape for both attack and release
Output attenuverter
VCAs that normal to each subsequent channel (CH1 -> CH2, etc.). So you can get a mix of all four channels out of the CH4 VCA output (unless you patch a VCA output from an earlier channel)
Channels 1 & 4

Voltage source (CH1 - 5V & CH4 - 10V)
CH1 & CH4 can be switched between IN (slew mode) and TRIG (envelope) mode
RISE and FALL gates. You can use our G&T module to turn these gates into triggers.
Channels 2 & 3:

Bi-polar oscillator mode
Dedicated IN and TRIG jacks (helpful for adding offset to a triggered ENV)
BOTH input jack to simplify patching both the attack and release (also inverts the input to give more standard pitch tracking of higher voltage equals higher pitch)

MAKING WAVES: A Look At The Sequential Take 5

video upload by analogcases

"SUSTAIN Case For The Sequential Take 5:

In this episode of MAKING WAVES, Lealani takes a look at the Sequential Take 5. The Take 5 is a compact and powerful 5-voice poly synth. It combines the warmth and punch of two analog, voltage-controlled oscillators and a Prophet-5 Rev4 analog filter with an array of digital effects and a host of modulation capabilities. The result is a classic, warm, organic- sounding subtractive synth with a modern voice. ⁣

If you're traveling with your Take 5, make sure it's protected in our sleek and durable SUSTAIN case. We also offer cases for other keyboards, too."

Sequential PROPHET REV2 - 128 AMBIENT PATCHES (part 1)(patches 64-to-35)

video upload by Alba Ecstasy

128 #ambient #patches for Sequential #ProphetREV2.
128 patches as individuals, splits or stacks in 64 programs (each program has 2 layers (patches) πŸ‘‰ 64 programs x 2 layers = 128 patches) containing pads, sequence & arpeggiator type sounds, vintage and ambient sounds, etc! All patches contains sequences.
The compatibility with the Prophet-08 (REV1) was not tested.

❤️, ae

The Cinematic NDLR: Prophet REV2 / PEAK / WAVESTATE

video upload by Alba Ecstasy

"πŸ‘‰Prophet REV2 patches πŸ‘‰

This is the third time trying to use the Conductive Labs #NDLR in a track that I could publish or improve, after a few tweaks to get it a little.

I thought it would be inconvenient for me to use such a device as the NDLRm only using its arpeggiators on my synths, since I'm used to program my sequences by my own and playing them in sync, manually.

Is it good for my #Cinematic projects? For sure!
It easily allows me to start such a track that can be worked and improved lately in my DAW.

Is it good for Berlin School? Well... since I'm just discovering it, I have to find a way to integrate it with my sequencers and my workflow.
The major contribution is that brings the chord progression (that I'm not using too much in my tracks), and starting from here, I'll have to sync the NDLR to the internal sequencers of my synths.

But in the #ambient world, the NDLR is a must!

Is it easy to use the NDLR?
I haven't yet read the user manual.
I have printed it and abandoned because the NDLR is very intuitive as long as you already worked with synths and sequencers.
Do you need music theory? Not so much if you're only using the NDLR.
That's why it should be, imho, a must in every beginner's studio.

Is this track too long and incomplete? Yes!
But I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

Sections and their instruments:
Pad: Korg Wavestate
Drone & Motif 2: Prophet REV 2 (REV 2 is by-timbral and I use it on two distinctive MIDI channels)
Motif 1: Novation PEAK

❤️, ae"

Strymon Timeline Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Patch from Scratch: The Singular Timbral Oscillator?

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's see how much drama and variety we can wrest from a single modulated STO!

Intro soundtrack by Giuseppe Cordaro with a Black & Gold Shared System!"

The best AE MODULAR Sound Demo yet ... #TTNM


"Seriously, this is the best AE Modular synthesizer no-talking sound demo yet!

Listen at:
Click on each track's "info" button for liner notes and a setup picture.

All sounds are made with AE Modular systems, with only sequencing, editing/arranging and non-dominant FX allowed. So this modular synth music compilation will give anyone a great insight on how an AE Modular system can be used in an actual music making/studio context.

Check out the AE Modular forums for lots of fun discussion and information too:

I love to hear from you and talk about synths and stuff, so always feel welcome to post a comment or send me an e-mail to: ➤"


KORG Opsix Update 2.0.1

via KORG

Software version v2.0.1 has been released for Opsix. The latest update brings numerous enhancements to usability and functionality.

Updates, enhancement and fixes

Improved the usability of the DATA ENTRY knobs for EFFECT operators.

Pressing the plus and minus OP SELECT buttons at the same time will now select operator 1.

When Global > SYS > USB Network is set to NCM, then reset via Factory Reset > Global or Reset > All, display now correctly reflects the internal value.

Fixed an issue with importing programs from a DX7 via system exclusive messages when a program after 470 is selected. All programs after 501 will now be deleted when performing Factory Reset > All.

Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when Unison Voices is set to 5 or 7 voices.

Fixed LFO tempo precision when receiving MIDI clock with a lot of jitters.

The currently sounding voice now reflects the random waveform when it is selected.

Fixed a crash caused by running Update via USB while Time Machine is running on a Mac.

Dr.YuEndo's Jamuary #2 - XFM jam vid in my home #sonicware #LivenXFM

video upload by SONICWARE

Yamaha DX7s Digital FM Synthesizer w/ Data Rom Cart

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Yamaha DX7s, tested in fantastic working condition, the king of glassy tones!

Using the industry-standard DX7 as its starting point, the DX7s offers a number of important features, such as improved sound quality, additional FM features, performance options, and improved controls."

1988 Ensoniq EPS Sampler Keyboard w/ 2X Memory Expansion & Disc Library

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Ensoniq EPS is a unique 13-bit sampler is highly versatile with multiple sample rates to choose from (6.25 to 52kHz). This one is in great condition, works flawlessly and includes: 2X- Memory Expansion (installed), large disc library including boot disc, soft bag and AC power cable."

1981 Korg Polysix (PS-6) 6-Voice Analog Polysynth SN 399015

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The Polysix is a 6 voice analog polysynth with VCOs as opposed to the somewhat more familiar DCOs in similar keyboards of the time. This synth has a soft and warm sound likely due to those VCOs. There are also 32 preset slots available, ensemble and chorus effects and an arpeggiator.

This synth is in good working condition and was just serviced with a new replacement CPU main board (from Physically there is general overall wear but nothing out of the ordinary for an instrument of this age, worst being the paint pitting on the front panel. LED on program button number 4 is out, but everything else is fully functional (button still operates)."

Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice polyphonic analog synthesizer in very good condition. This FVS-1 has been well taken care of and was serviced by premier synthesizer technician Greg Montalbano. I had the original two prong IEC power plug replaced with a modern 3 prong IEC power plug. No other modifications have been done to this FVS-1. This is one of the last units manufactured with the 16 bank programmer."

Roland Boutique Synthesizer SH-01A SN Z3I6238 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Moog Source SN 2499

via this auction

"Moog Source 37-key analog synthesizer. Synthesizer is in great condition, does have some minor signs of wear but still in great shape. Plays perfectly and has been tested. All buttons and keys work."

first ambient patch with bitbox micro and poly hector to fall asleep to

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"the bitbox micro is a superpowered little sampler for eurorack, and the poly hector is a collection of all sorts of modules in a virtual environment. here i take the bitbox for it's first run using morphagene reels in granular mode. sequencing is done by hector using the mi marbles port, all sounds from bitbox."

Build an analog POLYPHONIC SYNTHESIZER From Scratch with Polykit-6

video upload by Polykit

"In this video I talk about the technical details of my DIY digitally controlled analog polyphonic synthesizer. All schematics and PCBs can be found on my GitHub site.

Polykit-6 Demonstration: [posted here]

Specs are:
- 6 voices polyphonic analog DCO based on Roland Juno 106
- Sawtooth and square signal
- PWM control (manual, LFO)
- Voice stacking and de-tuning
- MIDI input
- MIDI pitch bend
- CEM3350/AS3350 state variable filter
- Lowpass and bandpass output
- Frequency cutoff/center control (manual, ADSR, LFO)
- Resonance control (manual, LFO)
- 2x ADSR based on CEM3310/AS3310 (SVF, VCA)
- Roland Juno 60 chorus clone"

Tiptop Audio FSU Sound Examples

video upload by Station 252

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:05 - FSU - DIST - Tape Saturation - Eurorack Drums
00:01:24 - FSU - DIST - Bit Crusher - Eurorack Synth
00:02:36 - FSU - DIST - Bit Crusher - Eurorack Drums
00:03:37 - FSU - DIST - Clipper - Eurorack Synth
00:05:48 - FSU - DIST - Clipper - Eurorack Synth and Drums
00:07:35 - FSU - DIST - Dual Rectifier - Eurorack Synth and Drums
00:09:02 - FSU - DIST - Dual Rectifier - Eurorack Synth

The Sound of Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly - Emulator II

video upload by RetroSound

"One of my favorite songs from the Pet Shop Boys from the year 1986

I used the E-MU Emulator II Sampling Synthesizer (1984) for all sounds incl. the drums."

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