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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Euclidean Sequencer Preview for iOS

video upload by Paul the MusicMan

"Euclidean Sequencer is an alternative incarnation of the classic step sequencer that has become very popular in the modular realm. It is based on Euclidean rhythms developed by computer scientist Godfried Toussaint in 2004. Euclidean rhythms have their roots in Greek mathematician Euclid’s algorithm, which involves using the greatest common divisor of two numbers to place hits in a sequence as evenly as possible across a set timing divisions.

In practice this is actually simpler than you might think, and Euclidean Sequencer is a great way to auto generate complex musical sequences with no prior knowledge of how it actually works.

You can define up to 4 Euclidean rhythm parts, each part is referred to as a band. The bands are labelled A-D and colour coded RED, ORANGE, GREEN and CYAN. Together these 4 bands create a pattern, and you can create up to 16 seperate patterns per song patch.

Since each band can specify its own note sequence and output MIDI channel, you can create some quite sophisticated rythms patterns, driving 4 seperate instruments at once. Even better you can seamlessly switch patterns to create even longer evolving sequences. Patterns follow a specified key, scale, or defined chord.

You can even use MIDI input to automatically make note sequences conform to the currently playing chords, remotely enable bands and seamlessly switch patterns."

ARPchives LIVE! Episode 18: A Conversation with David Van Pelt

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

Update: new Full Edit video.

"FYI: As will happen sometimes in live performances, we had some technical difficulties (i.e. the internet decided to be erratic several times in the beginning...). David Van Pelt was a true trooper, though our hostess could have chilled a bit. We will publish an edited version in the next few days! ARPCHIVES LIVE! is back! Our first guest of the year is David Van Pelt who also plays synthesizer in Acolyte*, a prog band from Australia. We'll have an interview, some video and demos and talk about the recent addition to his synth family, how he got into ARPs in the first place, his beautiful music, band and the synth scene in Australia.

Electrosmith Introduces the Daisy Patch Submodule DSP Platform for Eurorack

Press release follows:

Music tech innovators Electrosmith have announced a new DSP platform which promises to reshape the Eurorack landscape with powerful, high fidelity audio products called the Daisy Patch Submodule.

The Daisy Patch Submodule builds upon the successful Daisy Kickstarter campaign with a new dev board specifically catered to the creation of Eurorack modules.

MSRP: $39.95

The Daisy Patch Submodule is a DSP platform for Eurorack synthesizer modules. It features a lightning fast STM32 processor, high fidelity stereo audio codec, and enough RAM for 10 minute long buffers - all with standard signal levels and conditioning for the Eurorack ecosystem. Simply design your carrier board, and let the Patch Submodule do the rest!

Create your dream Eurorack module with the Daisy Patch SM!

Tech Specs:

- STM32 processor at 480MHz, 96kHz / 24-bit audio, RAM for up to 10 minute audio buffers

- Stereo audio IO, x12 ADC inputs ( 16-bit bipolar CV or potentiometer), x2 CV outputs (12-bit), x2 gate inputs, x2 gate outputs, x12 GPIO

- Flash firmware over USB via open source web programmer

- Support for SDDMC, SPI, UART, I2C, and USB

- FCC / CE Tested and Compliant

Getting Started Hardware:

Get started with the Daisy Patch Submodule quickly with their dedicated Eurorack interface, the patch.Init(). The patch.Init() is a 10HP Eurorack module that breaks out all of the Daisy Patch Submodule pins to jacks, pots, switches, and LEDs.

patch.Init() Product Page

Discover more at

The patch.Init() is our exploratory modular interface for the Daisy Patch Submodule. Open-source both in hardware and firmware, the patch.Init() is the perfect jumping off point for your next modular DSP project. From ethereal reverbs, glitchy processors, comprehensive samplers, and complex oscillators, the patch.Init() can be any module you need it to be. Looking to create your own commercial module? Our front panel design is completely open-source (MIT). Just create your interface, add the Patch Submodule to the back, and you are off to the races with industry leading specs in an accessible, affordable package.

The patch.Init() comes with x1 Daisy Patch Submodule.

Black Corporation - Rachael

video upload by NOISEBUG

"In this video we are trying to show the versatility in what the Rachael module can accomplish. This modules is a great companion to the Deckards Voice module, but can function as a stand-alone module as well."

Moon Modular - CSS System

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Showcasing the Mood Modular CSS System and the different sounds this one system can create. These 3 videos are barely scratching the surface of what this system is capable of."

New Loops releases Alive - UVI Falcon Expansion with 30% OFF

"New Loops presents Alive Falcon Expansion — an expressive new sound bank for UVI Falcon, featuring 130 creative sounds inspired by recent soundtracks including, Mr Robot, Ghost In The Shell, Tenet, Blade Runner 2049, Dune, Cyberpunk2049, The Division 2, and Apex Legends. We’ve made extensive use of the new features in 2.5 including, the VCF20 filter, TS Overdrive effect, new sequencers and modules, and especially the new Smooth Random modulator to add organic, analogue life into the sounds.

You’ll find everything from deep ambiences, distorted drones, atmospheric textures, and evolving atmospheres, to emotive keys, analogue synths, cinematic sequences, and electronic basses. Alive features sounds with character, energy and emotion, sounds that breathe and move as if alive. These UVI Falcon presets react to velocity, aftertouch and the mod wheel bringing them to life. Tweak and perform with 4 macros for each sound on a custom backdrop. Also included is 110 unlocked audio samples which can be used in any other audio software. There’s a wide range of samples including, vocal samples, field recordings, Foley sounds, analogue synths, orchestral samples, soundscapes, and loads more. Alive Falcon Expansion is suitable for many styles of electronic music including, soundtrack, film score, and game score, dark wave, cyberpunk, ambient, downtempo, deep techno, and many other electronic styles.

Currently, Alive Falcon Expansion is 30% off. Get it for only £24.49 (RRP £34.99) until the end of February. Get an EXTRA 30% off orders over £39 at Use code: 30OFF39

Free demo presets -"

M-Tron mk II - Celebrating the Mellotron

video upload by Marius Leicht

See GForce Software Introduces the M-Tron MkII for details on the new release.

SCI Prophet 5 - some new patches

video upload by Glen H

Nouveau son sur le Prophet-10

video upload by Franck Lhermet

"Nouveau son sur le Prophet-10, la programmation continue - Franck Lhermet"

Caravansary キャラバンサライ / Kitaro 喜多郎 COVER

video upload by ltpstan

"I thought about re-tracking some of my older videos using the new set up. Here it is!I hope to continue more soon.

Some thoughts on this piece while playing: I always get out of 'feeling' during the first part of 'Caravansary', it is not easy to get into the feel very quickly. Maybe this tempo is slightly slower if you notice Kitaro's more recent live versions, the tempo is slightly faster than this. However, I noticed after moving onto the next phrases, the 'feeling' starts to get in sync with the music. Very interesting experience for this song.."

Rare Roland System 700 laboratory

via this auction

ULT Sound DS-4, with pads and cables

via this auction

"Amazing analog drum machine in its rare version, the beautiful custom ULT DS-4 with the 4 trigger pads included."

Rare Suzuki Bass master EB-250

via this auction

"Very rare Japanese analog synthesizer. The Suzuki is a bass synthesizer with a very warm tone"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 120 Programs

via this auction

Korg Trident MK1 SN 330020

via this auction

"A very beautiful and rare synthesizer, the Korg trident is probably the best string machine ever made, with the built in flanger effect, it becomes even more a monster."

Korg Mono/Poly w/ MIDI

via this auction

"1982 Vintage Analog Synth in excellent condition. Original Owner (yeah, I'm an old dude). Super fat analog sound generation, Pro MIDI interface allows control from other keyboards and software. 44 keys, beautiful wood frame, excellent condition, user manual, always in home studio."

Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue

via this auction

Norand Mono Jams - Steam Machine Breath

video upload by Norand

"A new techno jam coming from our office this time with two Monos & friends.
Mono 1 on the top is doing a part of the percussions, Mono 2 at the bottom plays glitches, alarm sound, bassline and lead. The Pulsar 23 plays the main percussions (Kick, hats, breath sounds) and the modules mainly used for room reverb and for signal summation."

Sonicware 8bit Warps looper jam

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"It is fun to live play into the looper to create a quick jam.

I used the 4th looper channel to record a drum beat from the dirtywave M8."

Roland Boutique JP-08 Chemistry Class Jam for Jamuary 25 2022, 4 instances of the synth in Ableton

video upload by Expanding Sound

"This one is an intentionally short loop stretched out for a while.... when I was a kid one of the things that made me interested in synthesizers was when we would have video day, and in science class they'd always bring in an old VHS tape that had this great synth music all over it. It would be these drone kinda loops that'd just repeat as they'd show a scientific process occur. My first Roland synth was a JX3P, and ever since the first time I played a Roland I always thought these sound like the science class synths ha ha. Silly little story I guess, but that was the vibe I was going for with todays video. Hope you enjoy it :)"

GForce Software Introduces the M-Tron MkII

video upload by GForce Software

"The GForce M-Tron MkII is a celebration of the insanely rare and highly coveted original dual manual ’trons, namely the Mellotron® MkI/MkII and Chamberlin® Musicmaster. M-Tron MkII is a new and distinct product from M-Tron Pro, yet part of the family.

Originally conceived as the ultimate Home Entertainment Console, the UK made 1963 MkI/MkII was a dual manual tape based instrument where the left manual’s 35 notes replayed a combination of 18 Rhythms and Accompaniments (66 on the GForce M-Tron MkII *) and the right manual (also 35 notes) replayed 18 lead sounds (66 on M-Tron MkII *).

M-Tron MkII was designed specially for producers and composers who want access to the evocative tones of the original dual manual Chamberlin®, Mellotron® MkI & MkII instruments with special emphasis on the Rhythms and Accompaniments which capture a moment in time between the 1950’s and late 1960’s.

If you are looking for a truly authentic MkII dose of nostalgia and host sync potential, you’ve found it."

M-Tron MkII Tutorials

M Tron MkII Tutorial 1 - Intro & Lead Mode
M-Tron MkII Tutorial 2 - Dual Rhythm & Accompaniment Mode
M-Tron MkII Tutorial 3 - Under The Hood.
M Tron MkII - Track Assembly

NYMPHES through the effects of TYPHON

video upload by Dreadbox

"How does the polyphonic synthesizer NYMPHES sound through the effects of the TYPHON synthesizer?

We are exploring the results by enabling the following effects on TYPHON:
00:34 High Pass Filter Distortion
01:22 Chorus
01:43 Ensemble
01:56 Flanger
02:36 Phase Shifter
02:52 Various Reverbs
05:00. Cloud Reverb
06:24 Various Delays"

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