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Monday, March 07, 2022

Sequential OB-6 | Inside (ambient demo)

video upload by MIDERA

MIDERA OB-6 posts

"I have honestly stared at this synth more than any other synth for the last three years, online that is. I watched videos upon videos and thought "it sounds good... but what is it that people *love* about it?" I wasn't going to spend $2000+ on a synth without testing it. No, I only do that with everything else (like the Prophet 10 and Prophet 12). Ok, so I do do that.

I managed to play one locally. Twice. The desktop version. I walked away from my first experience thinking "Wow, their Virus TI2 sounds amazing." I own the TI1, so obviously I didn't need that. But the point was, I didn't really think the OB-6 was that great.

Then, I managed to go back, this time with my own headphones. My opinion didn't change. However, this time they had an Oberheim OB-Xa, which sounded incredible, I could hardly believe my ears. I left, again, disappointed by the OB-6.

Fast-forward, I was going to do a trade, my JX-3P + cash for a friend's OB-6 keyboard. Well, they took the JX-3P but needed the OB-6 for a show, so I let them bring that later. In the process, they decided not to keep the JX-3P, but did let me borrow their OB-6, for a few hours, just to sit and play, which was awfully kind of them. What you hear is my time with it. Or rather, the first half of that time with it. I knew nothing about it, but I *DID* tune it prior to starting recording - and it managed to get out of tune by the end.

The Roland D-50 - An 80's Love Story

video upload by Johnny Morgan

"A documentary short on the Roland D-50 - A classic synthesizer from the late 80's which helped define the future of digital synthesizers for years afterwards."

The Driskell Serge

"W" - Part 1 of 3 of WAD: A Trio For Richard Driskell.
"A" - Part 2 of 3 of WAD: A Trio For Richard Driskell.
"D" - Part 3 of 3 of WAD: A Trio For Richard Driskell.

"'I Am Because We Are'

An Announcement of New Explorations and a New Composition Project

Here is 'WAD: A Trio For Richard Driskell.'

It is composed of three improvisations where I explore, for the first time, the Wilson Analog Delay (WAD.) Even though it is not a fully operating module (no input 2, for the moment) it is still remarkable and something that I’ve had few chances to play with.

So here I am, using the WAD from Richard’s Serge with patch elements from the Mystery Serge, combining them for new explorations.

While I hope that these Improvisations are interesting in themselves, I know that the videos will raise some questions about Richard and his Serge system.

I have known Richard as a friend for about a decade. We met at one of my early (I think the first) Church of the Super Serge concerts at Robotspeak in San Francisco. I quickly came to know him as a wonderful photo documenter of the San Francisco experimental music scene. You have seen me represent myself and my music here many times using his beautiful images.

Over time I learned that Richard was also a member (the drummer) of the important early synth punk group, The Units. Eventually, as our friendship developed, I learned that Richard went on to pursue synthesis directly and had a Serge system. One I was familiar with, in fact, because it was used by LX Rudis in his performances and we had shared the stage several times and had even performed together at the Outsound New Music Summit (with Dmitri Bronson) using that same system.

Richard’s Serge is now in my hands.

When I asked Richard how I could talk about how and why his Serge is in my hands, he said that he and these circumstances are an open book.

Richard is in the end stages of cancer. It is his second such fight over the years and while he has persistently fought it and continues to at this time, everyone who is close to him appreciates every day that he is still with us.

When Richard thought about the future of his synth, he decided that it was most important that it remain active in the Bay Area modular music scene. With this in mind, he contacted me and we discussed how, in my hands, the system could continue to be heard and seen, and how it could also take on a community-building role through efforts that I could put forward using it.

Richard’s thoughtful stewardship of his synthesizer and its future is a remarkable sign of the maturity of the Serge world both in terms of age, and more importantly, in terms of the continuity and continuation of our community as an important artistic and technological entity.

As you can see, this trio of improvisations unpacks a lot more than just new music or sonic explorations. It unpacks the whole of what we are as artists, as a community, and as people who support each other because we know each others’ value to what we all are.

With this, I announce a longterm composition project to be conducted at my studio, where composers contribute using the Driskell Serge. The project, being developed to start soon, is called, “I Am Because We Are” and is dedicated to the wonderful artist, musician and community builder, Richard Driskell, to benefit experimental music and the Bay Area modular music scene.

Doug Lynner"

rare soviet string-organ Elektronika Em-04 test after repair and instal midi with some CC controls

video upload by Alexey Taber

Soniccouture Introduces 10GB CLAVICHORD KING OF SWEDEN MODEL Instrument for Kontakt

This might be the most detailed Clavichord instrument ever.

Via Soniccouture where you'll find audio demos.

Kontakt Player NKS Sampled Instrument €129 | $129

Zuckermann 'King of Sweden' Clavichord Single String and Double String Options 17-20 velocity layers Bebung adjustment

2 microphone pairs
10 GB library

Kontakt Player 6 + NKS Compatible

The Clavichord is a European stringed keyboard instrument that was largely used from the end of the fourteenth century through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras. Historically it was used as a practice instrument or as an aid to composition, not being loud enough for public performances. The Soniccouture Clavichord features dual mic channels, contact mics, up to 20 dynamic layers, as well as authentic features such as single or double string notes, and Bebung (key pressure vibrato) adjustment.


Until April 1st you can get 30% off Clavichord at the Soniccouture Website. No code required, price is marked.

Roland - JV-880 - Exploring the Presets - Part 3 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

All parts here

Exploration and experimentation with MASSIVE X

video upload by DATABROTH

00:00 Constructionism
10:39 Neuroplasm
20:01 Rebar Mangler
30:19 Propulsive/ Translationator
43:44 When the void screams back
50:08 Broken Kyes
57:49 Spirit Breath

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon ttps://

Error Instruments Mechanical Resonator

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Mechanical Resonator is a Experimental drum percussion with a built in effect processor.

A digital effect processor that works on an acoustic spring with a built-in pick up.

A resonating sound source that you can play with your hands physical. An experiment with a lot of touch control. You can use a triggering to find some beautiful spots between bass drum. plukt sounds. Electrostatic .

Karp plus strong . Bit crush. Or you can create some baselines with a gate or a sequencer an envelope .

You can also use it as an effect processor. Would like a delay or a bit crush. It’s all about finding physical and mechanical spots of the Resonating sounds . and it’s really small it’s not a traditional effect

you can also use it as a kind of Plonky drum .

Karplus–Strong . But it’s also more than effect kind of delay with the ring modulation pitch shifting.

Bit crush. It works in three different modes. And remember you need to always get the sound by moving the potential meter .

Remember if you push the switch. This model remembers your settings of the potential meter. Three different blinking of the LEDs. It’s remembers the setting when you go to the next one. The first blink is feedback amountz

Two times blink it’s the size The length of that effect. Three times blink it’s the timer .

Make sure you turn the potential meter from back-and-forth to get the effects or you will hear the difference. You can use this as an sound effect. Or pimp your drums. You can even just pull the trigger in there and play with the knobs to find some spots. There is control voltage on the potential meter cv in at the top it works like an offset vactrol style."

Just put piezo on everythings

video upload by Meska

"quick exemple of how you can use piezo on everythings for interesting sound design. ;)"

Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expƩrimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge - Art Inspiration Live Jam

video upload by SynthAddict

"Live Jam inspired by a painting…

The rhythm of color

by Sonia Delaunay 1952"

Also see Electronisounds' Audio Chilled Beats Live Jam - Inspired by a painting

Motas Electronics Motas-6

via this auction

"Paraphonic vector-morphing synthesizer with fully analogue signal path, powerful digital control and a super-flexible independent modulation architecture."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

ARP 2600 with 3620 Keyboard

via this auction

"The ARP 2600 rev G

An incredible, beautiful and rare instrument. Each 2600 has its own story:

I first acquired this around 1992. It was the original electronic music lab synthesizer for the creative and performing arts high school I attended in the early 80s. I used to screw around with the sample and hold and make the thing go crazy, as I had no idea of what I was doing. I sent it to CMS (then located in Eastern Pennsylvania) and had some repairs and mods done. From what I remember, that included putting in a standard IEC AC jack, upgrade of the power supply, VCA and VCF and I honestly don’t remember what else. In the last few years it’s been maintained by the esteemed techs of Pittsburgh Modular and given a clean bill of health last month. In addition, this package includes the rare 3620 keyboard. It’s 95% perfect with 2 keys a little out of whack and the portamento not functioning properly. I recorded a video where I go up and down the keyboard and demonstrate. The keyboard issues would best be tackled by someone qualified getting into the thing and doing some additional cleaning. The only other issues are 1 broken latch (pictured) on the synth, some scuffs and small dings and stains on the tolex and 1 non original slider cap on the preamp. This 2600 sounds amazing and has been used on a ton of projects, but it’s time to pass this on to someone else’s hands. This is a classic and a real beauty, the circuit boards alone are works of art! Because of the high ticket nature of this item, I’d encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have. Packing and shipping via UPS will be handled by Pittsburgh Modular with full insurance, so you can be assured of safe and secure passage. I would consider overseas shipping, but we'll need to talk about that, as it could be pretty pricey."

ARP AXXE Model 2310 SN 656

via this auction

"Very good condition, fully functional. Voltage control output is lower than normal, all other parameters work as normal. The AXXE has been clean, bench tested and is as described, in very good condition."

SIEL CRUISE vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction

"The Siel Cruise is a very interesting, great sounding and unusual machine. It's the combination of two Siel synthesizers in one: the Siel Mono (monophonic section) and the Siel Orchestra (polyphonic section). In those days this machine was so appealing that Sequential Circuits acquired its license to release their own re-branded and re-painted version of the Cruise known as the Sequential Fugue. The Poly section was also licensed to ARP, who released it under the name of ARP Quartet.

Interface : The Cruise is a masterpiece of vintage Italian design: beautiful to see, effective and very intuitive. The front panel has a lot of graphical information printed on it to clearly designate the Mono section functions from the Poly section features, as well as signal flow charts to help the user understand how the sounds are internally routed.

Roland Juno-106 61-Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Nicely framed shot. See if you can ID the bottom synth.

Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer with high-end Gator flight case + Europa mod

via this auction

OB-6 Desktop Analog Synth Module w/ Original Box

via this auction

moog one 8 voice

via this auction

A Teaching Instrument Turned Desired Oddity Synthesizer

video upload by HAINBACH

"The Suzuki Portachord was the first in the family of Omnichords, teaching instruments that became beloved oddity instruments. David Bowie, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode and many more played these, usually slathered in effects to bring out their nature as wonderful texture and ambient instruments. The Portachord is the rarest of all of them, as it was quickly abandoned in favor of the more featured OM-27. In this video, I show you all its functions, demo how it was used, and make a track with it. I also touch upon other Omnichord variants, like the OM84 and the Folktek Mod."

Hologram MICROCOSM & Roland JX-08 - PART 1

video upload by Alba Ecstasy

"#Hologram #MICROCOSM passing through all effects and categories, using the Roland JX-08 as source, resulting an #Ambient atmosphere.

I had a few effect pedals in my studio. More or less expensive.
I liked some of them, I hated most of others.

Recording live (studio) sessions with a synth directly connected to an effect pedal, can be disastrous sometimes. Especially when post-editing.
That's why I almost quit using hardware effects (I only have a couple atm) and only using software.
And even if I wanted many times to go back and use hardware effects, I restrained myself to do that.
But you know, the UNIVERSE is having its own ways to convince you the opposite!

And that's how I got the Hologram MICROCOSM!

Microcosm needed about two days to accommodate to my studio.
It looked around and said: "oh, so you're not a guitarist, I see what you're doing here". And it just changed its behaviour according to my needs. Isn't this just great?! šŸ˜œ
But also, I understood how to approach microcosm: gently, with a sense of balance when tweaking the parameters.

❤️, ae"

Modular and Torso Electronics T-1

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"Forma Mentis"

64 NEW Presets for Moog one -Graal7 collection

video upload by graal7

"Now available 64 new presets for moog one created by Graal 7 for electronic music



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