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Monday, September 05, 2022

Custom Patch Demo - 3 Sounds from custom Bank #oberheim #obx8 #custom #patch #foreigner #waiting

video upload by Orano Music

"Pad Sound and Pluck are both running through UAD Lexicon 224 Reverb.
The Ghostly Sound is running through Ping Pong Delay 1/16D Left and 1/8 Right."

Zenith Vol 3 - Patches 33 to 64 - Novation PEAK/Summit.

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Soon...

Here I demonstrate Patches 33 to 64 (of 128)

It's been a while since I sat down with the Novation PEAK and decided to make Zenith Vol 3, which also works for the Novation Summit. Again, another 128 Patches, however with Vol 2 I concentrated on using the additional Wavetables for the Patches, so had a more "Digital" edge, however with Vol 3, I've just made Patches that I want to hear, play and put into Music.

There's Analog Pads, Poly's, lots of Motion Pads and Stringers. Plenty of Bass & Lead and some beautiful Digital Soundscapes. All 128 Patches have Animate Buttons assigned, often to multiple parameters, as well as Aftertouch and Mod Wheel.

They are compatible with the latest Firmware from Novation (V2.1)"

Oberheim OBX8 custom Patch design - OBX8 take on Outkast - Hey ya. #oberheim #obx8 #custom #bank

video upload by Orano Music

"All Sounds programmed from Init Patch, and sounds will be available on my first OBX8 custom patch bank. Like & Sub for release info."

Life Cycles | Prophet Rev2 & Moog Grandmother

video upload by wake rise fall

"I've had this idea floating around my head for about a month. A sort of Order vs. Chaos type song that would drastically change half way through and was finally able to put it together today."

Carnival | Prophet Rev2, Moog Grandmother, Casiotone 701, Fender Guitar & Bass

video upload by wake rise fall

"Created this fun spooky carnival piece with my Prophet Rev2, Moog Grandmother, Casiotone 701, Fender Guitar & Bass. Rev2 was ran through Walrus Audio's R1 and Julianna"

Complex Waves of the SSF Zephyr

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video resident expert Steven Ly demonstrates the SSF Zephyr complex oscillator.

Get yourself the SSF Zephyr here:

Zephyr is a bit of a mashup of the excellent trackability and octave switching found in the Spectrum VCO and the complex waveform generation of the Zero Point Oscillator along with some additional unique features to create a powerful analog VCO.
Demo by: Steven Ly
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Steven Ly (Project 32)"

TLN 712 Doomsday Machine

Demo # 1 video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"Demonstration of the Tellun Corporation TLN-712 Doomsday Machine module. This version of the TLN-712 is in MU format and is built by Lower West Side Studio.

The TLN-712 is a wave shaping module containing 4 voltage controlled LFOs and 2 separate wave shapers. It can enhance, modify and destroy sound.

In this video 2 triangle waves are fed into the Cascading Biogenic Pulse section of the module. It's quite awesome.

For more information visit Lower West Side Studio - https://richsstudioproject.wpcomstagi..."

The TLN-712 Doomsday Machine designed by The Tellun Corporation combines 4 voltage controlled Low Frequency Oscillators with 2 Waveform Animators. Combined together this incredible module can produce or mangle waveforms allowing you to create some incredible audible experiences.

The TLN-712 Doomsday Machine is a voltage controlled waveform animator for modular synthesizers.

Originally conceived as two separate modules, the TLN-712 comprises two different animation circuits and four voltage-controlled LFOs (low frequency oscillators).

The first animator (Thalaran Radiation Emitter) is based on the Multi-Phase Waveform Animator by Bernie Hutchins.

The second animator (Cascading Biogenic Pulse) is based on the Pulse Width Multiplier by Craig Anderton. Both circuits require several modulation sources in order to generate their animation effect.

The four built-in LFOs provide the necessary modulation without the need for external modules. Patch points are included for external modulation, if desired.


Four modulation sources. Each source has an OFFSET pot to set the initial modulation point, a MOD input jack with attenuator to allow for external control of modulation, and an internal LFO. All four modulation sources are internally connected to both animators.

Each internal LFO has a RATE pot, an LED to provide visual indication of the rate, and a DEPTH pot to set the amount of LFO fed to the animators. Each LFO has a 10 Vpp triangle wave output that is available for external use. Internally, each LFO provides a sine wave to the two animators.

The rate and depth of all LFOs can be changed en masse using the EXT RATE and EXT DEPTH jacks and attenuators. Use these with your keyboard control voltage, modulation wheel, or foot pedal to control the speed and depth of animation.

The Thalaran Radiation Emitter has one input jack (IN A) and three output jacks (SAW, TRI, STEP). A sawtooth wave is normally applied to IN A, but sine or triangle waves can also be used (almost any waveform except pulse waves will produce some kind of useful output). With a sawtooth input, the SAW output comprises the input signal plus four phase shifted versions of the input signal (sounds like five sawtooth waves). The phase shift is controlled by the four modulation sources. The TRI output provides a similar effect but with five triangle waves. The STEP output is a bizarre staircase waveform where the depth of each step is controlled by the four modulation sources.

The Cascading Biogenic Pulse has two input jacks (IN B and AUX) and four output jacks (PULSE 1-4). A triangle wave is normally applied to IN B, but sine or sawtooth waves can also be used (almost any waveform except pulse waves will work). The four PULSE outputs produce an intense pulse width modulation (PWM) effect with single, double, triple, and quadruple pulses appearing at outputs 1-4 respectively. Think of it as PWM on steroids. The PWM effect is controlled by the four modulation sources. The AUX input can be used to provide an additional level of animation, or to cascade two TLN-712s to get even more intense PWM, or to provide a cross-product effect.

All inputs and outputs are DC-coupled. Either animator can be used to produce strangely wonderful waveforms for modulating other signals. The Cascading Biogenic Pulse can even be used to generate rhythmic gates and triggers.

All inputs and outputs handle 10 Vpp audio signals and 5 volt control voltage signals (modular standard).

You can find previous incarnations of the TLN 712 Doomsday Machine in previous posts here.

Gotharman Zybraz & OTO Bim/Bam/Boum How it can sound

video upload by Meska

"Exploring the Gotharman Zybraz with OTO effect
Zybraz have 2 layer, you can keyboard split or play them together , here a quick sound demo of 2 preset i made. allway starting with the first layer diferent octave, after the segond layer and finaly all together .

0:00 preset 1
4:10 preset 2
6:55 quick dry/wet"

Three Body Hardware Design and Why SCHLAPPI Used an FPGA


"A detailed dive into the Three Body hardware design, what an FPGA is, how, and why I used one. Not a demo or musical at all. This is one of my first attempts at drier, more technical content, if you are interested in more please let me know.

The product page and more musical demos are available here:

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Design goals
1:07 Hardware description
3:12 DACs within the FPGA fabric
5:43 FPGA related design decisions
6:58 What is an FPGA?
7:20 Why would you use an FPGA
7:50 Speed/timing
11:57 Workflow
19:11 Parallelism
22:20 Customization
22:40 Skills for future projects
23:33 Outro"

You can find additional posts on the Three Body here.

Hainbach - Syn-Ket Studien (Full Album)

video upload by HAINBACH

"My album "SYN-KET STUDIEN" as it was recorded at the Museo Del Synth Marchegiano. Pre-order one of the limited run vinyl now or buy the digital:"

"Syn-Ket Studien (German for „study“) is as much an exploration as its a love letter. When I tried to coax music from this wonderful but not always perfectly working instrument, I was under the spell of the beautiful Marche region and the hospitality I encountered at the Museo. The album cover by ZĂŠ Burnay reflects that - the countryside and culture frames the session.

Having only a few days with the Syn-Ket, I needed to work effectively. I decided it would be the tempo that would guide my interaction with the instrument. By setting the speeds of the modulators first I learned quickly what the instrument could do and what I could do with it. Every piece is the result of a learning curve, the struggle of playing an undocumented instrument and the joy of its incredible rich and powerful sound.

At home in my Berlin studio I left the sound as raw and unedited as made sense musically, adding only a touch ambience with an old stereo spring reverb."

Hainbach, Berlin, 2022

A Short History of The Syn-Ket

"The Syn-Ket is a truly exceptional instrument: developed in Italy at the same time that Robert Moog and Don Buchla set out to write instrument history, Paolo Ketoff created what is probably the first portable synthesizer.
Born from the experience of making the huge Fonosynth and inspired by the works of Harald Bode, Ketoff worked closely with musicians and composers of the American Academy of Rome (John Eaton, Bill Smith) to create an electronic instrument that would allow live performances without tape playback.
Shunning mass production, the Syn-Ket was only produced in nine custom pieces, starting in 1963, all tailored to the musician that ordered it. And those lucky few got a lot, despite the compact size: three voices with tube oscillators, two filters and an LFO, an octave filter bank and three output modulators (a mixture of LFO/Envelope/VCA). All is controlled by a very expressive three row pressure sensitive keyboard.
It found widespread use in Italian movies of the times. Little wonder, as one Syn-Ket was famously owned by Ennio Morricone"

- Riccardo Pietroni, Museo Del Synth Marchigiano, 2022

released August 23, 2022

See the Synket label below for more.

Generative sound design and Ambience feat. Unfiltered Audio's Needlepoint

video upload by DATABROTH

"Trying to do these generative streams more often, they are a lot of fun and very relaxing. Unfiltered Audio just released their latest plugin Needlepoint, a physically modeled vinyl simulator

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon"

Modular Synth Improv Techno Jam

video upload by Honeysmack

"Modular synth improvised Techno jam with Intellijel 84hp Performance case with Roland TR-09 drum machine. Totally improvised, recorded in a single unedited take. This wasn't planned, I was eager to hear what this new rack configuration sounded like late one night as I'm preparing to perform at Awakenings in Amsterdam for Awesome Soundwave at ADE this October! Might get a little crunchy at times 😁

Eurorack modules featured:
Endorphines Queen of Pentacles [909-ish sounds and techno stabs]
Cwejman BLD-2 [303/101 acid synth voice]
Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido [digital craziness from synth to percussive sounds]
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter [digital percussive synth]
Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis [main sequencer]
Make Noise Mimeophon [delay and reverb effects]
Michigan Synth Works SY0.5 [analog synth percussion]
ALM Busy Circuits - Pamela's NEW Workout [modulation source]

Interested in learning more about making and performing improvised techno with hardware, modular synths and everything in-between? Perhaps you've already bought a heap of gear and need help making sense of it all. I'm now offering 1-on-1 personalised tuition. If you'd like to know more please email with some brief details of what you'd like assistance with to 🤓

Audio mixed live through a Playdifferently Model1 DJ mixer and Elektron Analog Heat (off camera). Originally streamed live on Instagram.

Follow me here:"

Dance Alone with Me | Nord Lead 2X only

video upload by wake rise fall

"This is the first synthesizer I bought years ago and I love putting myself back in my shoes when I had no other gear but this. Don't think I could ever sell this one."

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Night Drive (WIP)

video upload by SynthAddict

"Synthwave jam (in progress)

Maschine+ synthwave jam, partly finished due to time constraints, but I had to post something… :-)"

Blending between dry and wet \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here you can find the full video about the Send and Bypass modules from Vult together with many other exclusive videos and a document full of patching techniques and ideas -"

Clean Blue Studio Electronics Code 8 SN 1428

via this auction

- 8 voices stereo version

- Overdrive switch

- Oberheim, MiniMoog and CS80 filters

Alesis A6 Andromeda Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN (21)A6003040300120

via this auction

"This Alesis Andromeda functions normally. It has normal start-up, and all buttons/pots function normally (no glitchy pots which seems to be common in other units). Plastic end caps are in excellent condition. There is a 1/4-inch long scratch near the "env 2 amount" knob (see photo), otherwise in excellent condition overall."

Farfisa Syntorchestra

via this auction

"Mythical and very rare farfisa syntorchestra.
Excellent condition, just cleaned and serviced. Power supply completely recapped and replaced.
Amazing sound, all potentiometers and buttons in perfect working order.

Adorable [Goofy] vintage sticker easily removable. 😄"

Moog MicroMoog

via this auction

"This MicroMoog was recently serviced and is in great functional shape. It is quite good cosmetically as well - please see pics for condition. These underrated synths offer a benefit that the celebrated MiniMoog can't: cross-modulation of the filter (similar to the effects in Kraftwerk's "Antenna," a recording which to me sounds likely that the Micro is used for the bass as well). The oscillator can be doubled one octave lower, or two higher. Perhaps best of all, you also get the famous Moog filter!
The previous owner informed me that this may have had faux-wood stickers on the sides at one point. While I can't verify this, I am passing this info along and pricing it accordingly. Regardless, it looks sharp, and this does not affect it sound-wise."

Cheetah MS-6 Multi Timbral Vintage Analog Synthesizer Original Owner's Manual

via this auction

"Affordable Excellence"

Roland SH-1000 w/ Music Stand SN 150816

via this auction, also on Reverb

Roland JD-800 Programmable Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland The Synthesizer, 4 book set, 2nd Edition

via this auction

KORG ELECTRIBE ES-1 w/ Sampling CDs & Original Box

via this auction


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