MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, November 13, 2022

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Hardware Jams Distortion Challenge

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"It starts out pretty nasty. Give it a minute to develop. I have two distortion pedals in this one. A WMD Geiger Counter and a cheap $20 distortion I found on Amazon.

Running the Korg Volca through the cheap distortion and some drums through the Geiger Counter. Threw this together pretty quick."

Synth Focus: DUNE 3, making generative ambience

video upload by DATABROTH

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Modular Jam 2022 Nov 12

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"I'm using the Korg ARP 2600 for the main sequence and clock. I have a secondary sequence on the 5U format Modular.

The lead voice is also on the modular. A few specific modules that I'm using:
Electro-Smith CEM3340 VCO
Electro-Smith SSM-2044 OTA filter (Prophet 5, Rev 3).
a Serge Resonant Equalizer
a wave folder
The looping envelope on the Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP, modulating"

Low Pass Gates Reimagined! // Steady State Gate from Steady State Fate

video upload by DivKid

"Here we have the new Steady State Gate Eurorack module from Steady State Fate (SSF). It's a deconstructed and expanded take on the classic 'low pass gate'. It breaks out the VCA and VCF elements of a low pass gate, expands the filtering, cleverly models the vactrol envelope response and 'ring' of classic LPGs and applies adjusted versions of those to the VCA and VCF. PLUS you get a whole Timbre section on the input of the module which offers musical wavefolding, saturation and a unique QAOS mode.

I've managed to filter sine waves with this (yes, really, with the QAOS mode), use the SSG as a standalone kick module, create classic Buchla plucks and bongo sounds, add tape like frequency and saturation shaping to feedback loops and lots more."

via Steady State Fate

"The Steady State Gate is a novel and discrete multi-mode Low Pass Gate including an additional stage of timbre modifying circuitries.


6db/Oct Bandpass, 6dB/Oct Lowpass and 12dB/Oct Lowpass Filter Modes
Manual Frequency Cutoff Control and CV Input
Manual Resonance (Q-FACTOR) Control and CV Input
Three Timbre Modifying Circuits - Manual Control and CV Input.
Wave Folder
Soft Saturation Overdrive
QAOS (Resonance Character Modifier)
Manual and Voltage Controlled Decay Envelope tailored to Vactrol LPG response curve.
Envelope output for self patching and controlling external modules
EXCITE Input conditions gates and triggers and external envelopes to 'pluck' the Low Pass gate
EXCITE is input level sensitive to control the dynamics and emphasis of plucking effects.
Sensitive to Envelope attack up to about 50mS
The Steady State Gate can also be used as a standalone VCF or as a stand alone VCA with high end roll off - typical of most traditional Low pass gates. With or without Timbre modifiers in play."

Modbap TRINITY Overview - Drum Synths, Cycle Modes & Stack Modes

video upload by Modbap Modular

Update: basic operations video added below.

"TRINITY is a 3 channel Digital Drum Synth Array packed into a 20hp eurorack synthesizer. Effectively, Trinity performs as 3 powerful drum voices packaged into one beastly drum module with a few tricks up its sleeve.

In this video we will explore the 4 drum synth algos...

BLOCK (Analog Inspired): Drum synth building blocks featuring sine and triangle core. Great for traditional electronic drum creation.

HEAP (Additive): Additive drum synth with 12 partials. Great for fun natural sounds and pitched percussive sounds (i.e. bells, chimes, steel drums, and wood blocks etc.).

NEON (FM): FM drum synth engine. Great for high quality FM drums, clangorous metallic percussion and more.

ARCADE (Noise): Quirky noise generator synth, reminiscent of classic 1980's arcade games sounds - zaps, crashes, explosions etc. Great for claps, hats, even some vinyl noise approximations, and all sorts of fun percussive and degraded noises.

00:00 Intro
00:15 Block Drum Synth
03:56 Heap Drum Synth
06:23 Neon Drum Synth
08:30 Neon Drum Synth

Trinity is available and shipping now."

Modbap TRINITY Overview - Cycle Modes & Stack Modes

video upload by

"In this video we will explore the Modes...

Cycle Modes
The cycle modes can be enabled and disabled per channel.
‘Round Robin’ mode will switch between each drum synth type sequentially with each new trigger to the drum channel.
‘Random’ mode will generate a new random drum sound with each new trigger to the drum channel.

Stack Modes
The stack modes group the channels together allowing 2 or 3 drum channels to be triggered by the primary channel’s trigger and v/oct inputs.
Stacked drums can be spread out similar to unison mode on a traditional synthesizer. Stack modes are inspired by the characteristics of chopped breaks where drums tend to overlap and fan out depending on the content of the chopped source material.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Cycle Modes: Random
03:23 Cycle Modes: Round Robin
04:58 Stack Modes: 2 Stacks & 3 Stacks"


Modbap TRINITY Overview - Basic Operations

00:00 Intro
00:15 a note about the patch panel
00:30 a note about the usb midi connection
00:50 Channels
01:54 Selecting Drum Types
02:49 Two Ways to Select a Drum Channel
03:33 Tweaking Parameters of Drum Synths
04:45 What do these knobs do?
07:12 Output Matrix & Switches

See the Modbap label below for more.

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver

via this auction

"This thing is all about the filters and the modulation matrix in combination with the 4-lane sequencer that acts as another set of programmable LFOs, making things pretty crazy."

Moog Memorymoog

via this auction

"Selling my excellent internal and very good external conditioned Memorymoog that has just been serviced with a tune and calibration and new fan replacement. The prior owner must have mounted this memorymoog with some type of screw clamp on each side of the panel. The small screw openings in the side panel wood does not effect the physicality of this unit to me personally. A wood filler could easily be used to mask that.

A Memorymoog Operation and Service guide and Roadcase with Rollers are included with this Memorymoog."

Roland Juno-60 1980s w/ Roland JSQ-60 & Original Boxes

via this auction

Just a Minute - ST Monster Case #2

video upload by Stefan Tretau

Kloob - Ambient Techno 2022

video upload by - Kloob -

"One of the first 'Ambient Techno / Progressive House' tracks I´ve made this year that is ending.

I came up with an own 'multi patch' on Novation Summit; one part is a nice atmospheric arpeggio sound and second one is a deep pad performed by me in real time.

Drum sounds come from 'Groove Rider GR-16' iPad groovebox.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for your support!

Novation Peak || Futuristic Waves

video upload by Mike Lewis

"A pad that evolves to drastic ring mod textures.

To get the synth patch file used in this video, you can purchase from my preset bundle here:"



"The POWERTRAN DELAY, Download samples of this instrument, much more and Support the museum here :-"

OASIS - Semi-mechanical Instrument by Love Hultén

video upload by Love Hultén

"Semi-mechanical instrument inspired by old music boxes and self-playing pianolas. In collaboration with Andreas Wannerstedt"

DONNER N-25: portable MIDI keyboard

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"DONNER sent my their N-25 mini MIDI keyboard for review. Here's what I found.

Code 'Floyd’ for 15%OFF sitewide!
Donner N-25 MIDI Keyboard Controller:"


Quick noodle on a micro poly modular synth

video upload by John L Rice

"Just a Mutable Instruments Yarns, Studio Electronics Quadnic, Doepfer A-141-4, and Bubble Sound VCA4p in a 4ms Pod40X case and played from an Arturia Keystep. #modularsynth #eurorackmodular #electronicmusic"

30 minutes of Relaxing Ambient Soundscape to Help You Study, Relax, and Sleep | Episode 3 |

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!



Here are some links of mine:
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Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Expanding the Mother 32 Part 2 - More VCO's & Chords, Vocal sounds, External Filter/VCF (Eurorack)

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"The last of 2 videos showing some ways to add more flexibility and sonic power to the Moog Mother 32 using AJH SYNTH modules. The synth is semi-modular and designed with Eurorack compatibility in mind, so this unlocks the huge range of modules in the Eurorack modular ecosystem. Since the Mother 32 has that trademark Moog sound, the AJH Synth MiniMod range sit particularly well with it's vintage analogue synth lineage. The individual elements of the standard MiniMod voice are in fact based directly on the original R.A.Moog version of the Minimoog.

This video shows another example of adding multiple external VCO's to create a big, dense tone with multiple octaves, and also with 2 of the oscillators offset at different pitch intervals to create chords, just as was possible on the original Minimoog synthesizer.

Also shown is an example of using an external filter, in this case the powerful GEMINI 2412 dual multi-mode VCF, which is simply a case of running internal and/or external oscillators and sound sources into the filter, then back into the Ext Audio input, setting the Mother 32's internal ladder filter to maximum frequency (fully open), and reducing resonance to zero. Of course there's no reason why this filter cannot also be used as part of a patch, although the Gemini's two filters can also be run into each other internally (Cascade = in series) in the same way. Finally an example of vocal timbres/formant sounds, which can be achieved by many methods, but here using the wave folder featured on the SONIC XV diode ladder filter, and the FIXED FILTER BANK 914, which really is a go-to tool for tone shaping, allowing the output of 14 individual filters (1 low pass, 12 band pass, 1 high pass), each fixed at a specific frequency, to be mixed together at individual levels in order to dial in a desired tone.

Video by DreamsOfWires

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Multiple VCO's / 4 stacked octaves
01:20 Chords / VCO Tuning intervals
02:46 Using an External Filter
04:14 Vocal / Formant sounds"

First Patch with System Cartesian and 0-Coast/0-Control/Strega

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"New toys! Ambient eurorack modular synth patch featuring Make Noise Wogglebug, Rene2, STO, Telharmonic, Maths, LxD, Mod Demix, Rosie, 0-Coast, 0-Control, and Strega."

Electric Improv (Tech Know)

video upload by Justin Carey

"Roland TR-6S and other synths join forces to help me create yet another spontanious composition."

Multivox MX-450 Demo

video upload by LeRoy LTD

via this auction

Technos Acxel

via this auction

"I am the original owner of this 1989 16 voice Acxel. It recently came out of storage and does not boot up. There are several techs in the LA area who have serviced these and can probably get it working. If you own an Acxel and need spare parts ( Voice boards, Grapher ect ) You might want to check this out knowing how rare they are to find. This instrument comes with all manuals, cables, disks, and a spare disk drive."

Technosaurus Cyclodon -- Demo with Korg MS20

video upload by D Math

"Quick video showing this item at work."

via this auction

"Swiss-made 1998 16-step analog sequencer. Compact and powerful! Internal or external clock (including DIN-Sync input). It can do any number of steps between 1 and 16."

Korg Sigma KP-30 Analog Synthesizer SN 241153

via this auction

"Fat analog synthesizer from 1979. A bit different in design than most classic synths, different sounds from two engines (synth and instrument) can be combined and modified, which are then sent via two separate outputs. Besides a few global settings (octave, portamento, key hold, etc.), the performance section is the strong point of this synth: 2 joysticks with 4 dimensions each (pitch/LFO and low/high-pass filter, combinable with each other). Also the portamento button is a pleasure to use :-) But the best thing about the whole synth is definitely the White Noise! On the backside various CV connections are offered."

Crumar Composer Analog Synthesizer SN 00029

via this auction

"Less than 500 pieces produced, this has the serial number 029!

Technically and visually in very good condition! A few scratches on the surface, otherwise like new! Comes with the original leather case and manual. The circuit boards and contacts of the pots I have all cleaned and they now work properly again. Only the touch modulation does not seem to work or I did not look at it.

The Composer consists of four sections: Mono Synth, Poly Synth, Organ and Strings. The Strings are from my point of view the highlight of the synth. But also the other sections can be heard and interesting combinations can be created. Sound examples and technical specifications are available on the net."

Game Changer Motor Synth Electro-Mechanical Desktop Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland SynthPlus 10 “Alpha Juno 1” Keyboard Synthesizer SN 651809

via this auction

RF modular Ratcheting patch

video upload by Radical Frequencies Modular

"RF modular ratcheting patch in an electronic jam downtempo 80 bpm :
This juicy lead is a Dpvco double saw passing through the the RF Mixer using the transistor out and through the SH Vcf using the 6db output !
The bass is from AD Multi Vco using a double pulse wave into the Scota Vcf in low pass mode.
The kick and snare are analog 808 like clones.
I use 2 sequencers - 2 clock multipliers and a voltage control switch."

Scrat customisable VCF Eurorack filter module by Neutral Labs

video upload by nyppy

"Available as DIY kit or prebuilt. See

Feature demo"

Neutral Labs Scrat posts

Learning the @XOR Electronics NERDSEQ #eurorack #jam #synthesizer #music

video upload by Endless Arp's

Glitch Surfing (BEATSURFING2 Testdrive)

video upload by Perplex On

"Giving #beatsurfing2 a first spin with its midi modules. Here playing #fractalbits and #aparillosynth running in the background. I‘m still very new to #beatsurfing2 so my timing is totally messed up but i have the feeling that i will use the app more often, the beat creation feels so organic and flowy. Really fun! The visual part is using a video created with Glitch Studio on the iPad and then imported into MagicMusicVisuals on a laptop where the playback speed of the video is controlled by the Kick velocity transmitted from the iPad via bluetooth midi. @BEATSURFING"

Ladik S-161 Sequencer

video upload by RuprechtM

"16/32 step trig sequencer. Patterns can be chained so sequence can be 32-step*16 patterns-in-chain = 512 steps long before repetition. In 4HP."

Ladik S-161 sequencer, 32-step mode

"16/32 step trig sequencer. Patterns can be chained so sequence can be 32-step*16 patterns-in-chain = 512 steps long before repetition. In 4HP."


video upload by kapillarkraft

"This is a collection of 10 eclectic beats and grooves I made.
Only internal FX. In two of them the Korg SQ-1 is helping out on sequencing the lead line."

Strakal Silisiom : Short Audio Demo

video upload by Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Short Audio Demo of the Strakal Silisiom from TouellSkouarn.

The two fuzzes share the same controls. The Fuzzes and EQ are slightly differents (great for strereo). You can output the Stereo signal by plugin a stereo cable or you can output a mono signal : Fuzz1 - clock wise or Fuzz2 - counterclock wise, or a mix of the 2 fuzzes by turning the morphing pot.

Very characteristic for the module´s sound if the feedback that is coupled to the Fuzz. The more fuzz, the more feedback - the Strakal Silisiom can get pretty nasty and it screams a lot at high fuzz settings and low input level. The fuzz amount can be voltage controlled, morphing also. Can be use as a mono Dual fuzz or a mono input / Stereo output Fuzz."

Centrevillage BF35 Compact Bass Filter (LPVCF,VCA,Envelope)

video upload by centrevillage

"first half:
C Quencer - Saw - BF35
(changing the resonance)

latter half:
SQ-1 - Saw - BF35"

"BF35 is the ultra compact tone shaping module that includes lowpass VCF and VCA with an unique decay envelope generator.
A simple synth voice can be constructed by just adding a oscillator module.

This VCF and VCA are inspired by MS-10, and it is sensitive to the input level.
The higher the input level, the lower the resonance (vice versa).

This decay envelope generator is also unique, it is sensitive to the gate level and length.
The higher the gate level, the louder and brighter the sound.
And the longer the gate length, the longer the decay time.


VCF Cutoff Frequency
Decay time for VCF(cutoff)&VCA(level)
In addition to TONE and DECAY, you can change the following parameters on the back of the module:

VCF Envelope Depth
Resonance Level
VCA enable/disable switch
Output Overdrive level


Patch n Tweak
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