MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thursday, February 23, 2023

2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival Live Performances

2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival featuring Slender Loris in Concert
2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival featuring Michael Wall in Concert
2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival featuring Gabby Isaac in concert
2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival featuring Crosstalk in concert
2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival featuring Brendan Rincon in concert
2023 Phoenix Synthesizer Festival featuring Desert Fantasy in concert

Links: @pvccfinearts

Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine

video upload by Richard Devine

"First jam with the Korg Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine.



video upload by thenoiztemple

"An Exchange of Noiz (AEON) is a bi-monthly showcase of Experimental, Electronic, Drone, Ambient and just plain Weird Music in Houston, TX.

Curated by SPIKE the Percussionist. [ ]

The performance space provided by Sound Exchange Record Store.
[ ]

The shows are free and beverages are provided by our sponsor 8th Wonder Brewery. [ ]

Performances by:
01:05:37 T.E.F."

Soviet RITM-2 Synth and Loop Pedal

video upload by Slightly Nasty

"Noticed there weren't many videos of the Soviet/Russian RITM-2 monosynth on Youtube, so here's a little improv that I originally recorded for Insta.

This one I've modded with a suboctave circuit using Soviet-era germanium transistors, which definitely extends the versatility of what is otherwise a fairly limited single-oscillator Moog clone with... 'interesting' build quality.

Reverb is a custom LV2 plugin I've been playing around with with for a little while."

飲酒しながらRoland SH-4dお触り

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

See the announcement post with additional videos here.

Korg Drumlogue // First Touch // Tweaking Factory Bank D // Part ONE

video upload by LESINDES

"In FIRST TOUCH with KORG DRUMLOGUE and trying to hack thourgh the menues and features of the machine.
This is the PART ONE of the session.

00:00 Intro
00:14 Jacq Funq
04:42 Jazzy Breaks
06:38 Downward
13:23 Credits"

Trigon6 - Prophet 6 - OBX8 - Sub37 - OB6 Ad-lib Jam

video upload by Orano Music

"I took a break from patch design for a while last night and got lost for an hour. here is a short 10 minute segment :)


Soft strings sound with Sequential Trigon-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"I used the great Soundtower Sequential Trigon-6 editor when recording the material -

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound."

"Over the Rainbow" on LinnStrument with Theremin sound

video upload by Roger Linn

"'Over the Rainbow', performed by Roger Linn on LinnStrument, using the 'Theremin' sound from the 'LinnStrument MPE' library in Surge XT."


The LinnStrumentalists Volume 3

video upload by Roger Linn

A third compilation of videos submitted by the more than 4000 LinnStrument players around the world.

Here's more information about each of the segments:

Name: Ernesto Domingo
From: Inglewood, CA, USA
“Sleep Walk”
Source video:

• Sleep Walk - Ern...
Sound: Jazz Guitar from Kontakt Factory Library

Player: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater
From: New York, USA
Title: Over the Rainbow
Source video:

Narwhal - New Config Tool for Nautilus

video upload by Qu - Bit

"Welcome to the next era of Nautilus, our groundbreaking delay module. We have created a web-based tool called Narwhal that can access some of the most exciting features of Nautilus.

After you've changed the settings you want, export a file from Narwhal, drop it in the Nautilus USB drive and BOOM---new features.
This video will show you how to get the most out of this unique complex delay network.
Like....changing the Sonar output from stepped random to master clock.
Or...changing how freeze behaves.

Getting close and personal with Nautilus has never been so easy."

Quasimidi Cyber-6 Listed for A Quarter of a Million Dollars

via this auction

Listed for US $248,500.00

The reason?

According to the listing it belonged to Kraftwerk:

"The highest offer that exceeds the starting price may be accepted as sufficient to win the auction and end the auction with the offer maker as the winning auction

Quasimidi Cyber-6 Synthesizer ; Belonged to Kraftwerk

If you look at the Invoice of the German Ministry of Finance, or Quasimidi Brand Manufacturer's Files or you know or ask the member who still maintains the band and who maintains all of their Files, you can see that the Quasimidi Cyber-6 serial number: 821-25378, this same Quasimidi Cyber-6, belonged to the German group Kraftwerk and they used it in their live performances and studio"

This one was spotted and sent in via gridsleep.

Drawing with Lua in the Canvas Node 2: Let There Be a Light!

video upload by audulus

"Download Audulus for Mac and iPad and follow along with these tutorials!

We recreate an alternating red/blue audio indicator light using the Canvas node and the Lua scripting language."

New Loops Survey 2023 – Get a £5 Discount Code to Use at

via supporting member New Loops:

New Loops is running a short survey for music producers about synth sound banks, audio sample packs, and expansion packs. It only takes a few minutes to complete with questions like “what’s your main DAW?” and “What genres do you make?”.

Add your email at the end and get sent a £5 off discount code to use at*. The survey runs for a couple of weeks and ends on the 6th March 2023. Discount code will be sent out after this date.

You can take part in the New Loops survey here: *Terms and conditions apply. Code valid on orders over £35 and is valid for 1 month.

Radikal Technologies RT-451 filter test

video upload by Jörg Schaaf

"After finishing the calibration, it's always a pleasure, to do some additional tests with the filter as it sounds so juicy!"

Chorus of Glitch (Cracklebox, Sound Scaper, Jarmaggeddon, Mini-KP, Alchemy & guitar)

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"This was just a random idea I had but it came out pretty well. I used the Sound Scaper from Error Instruments along with the Moffenzeef Jarmaggeddon and the Rackit Disintegrated Cracklebox. I used the KORG Mini-KP to process the Cracklebox and then overlayed drums (from the DAW) and soft synth (via Alchemy). Finally, I topped it off with some bitcrushed guitar."

HAINBACH Built An Early Electronic Music Studio In His Basement

video upload by HAINBACH

"Inspired by German experimental music studios like the WDR and SWR, I build Studio B (B for basement). It is a creative playground for my "Schlaufenzeit" setup, and I am working on a live show and album there. In this video I go into details on the gear and thought process behind its, how I put everything together and the big challenge using the cellar poses. I hope this video inspires in your own music studio setup, be it big or small, or 100% DAW.


A Dark Plot Of Land ADPOL-AV-110 Abstract Video Eurorack Sound Design Experimental Music Microtonal

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Experimental music available at

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Eric Schlappi and Bastien Lavaud - Eyeteeth


"Part of an improvisational audiovisual jam session between Eric Schlappi and Bastien Lavaud on November 5th 2022 in Grenoble, France.

This session followed soon after a performance at Modularsquare in Paris and uses similar material.

Audio is Eric Schlappi using mostly Schlappi Engineering modules with a heavy focus on modulating an Angle grinder for the kick and an Interstellar Radio for the noise blasts.

Video is Bastien Lavaud using a mix of @syntonie1487 and @lzxindustries video modules and follows soon after the release of his VU007B and VU003B decoder and encoder modules, allowing for a complete HD video synthesis workflow."

YAMAHA DX11 V2 FM Synthesizer - Sound Demo

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

YAMAHA DX11 4 OP FM Synthesizer
DX11 = V2
from the year 1988

The little brother of the Yamaha DX7 II with 4 OP
- 8 Voices
- multitimbral
- Quick Edit functions
and more

The demo video shows a few self programmed and factory sounds including the famous Lately Bass sound.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) Thank you!"

Analogue Systems Modules Joblot

via this auction

"Analogue systems modules joblot

RS 110 multimode filter
RS 70 inverter/preamp
RS 20 ring mod
RS 40 noise-S/H-osc
RS 420 octave controller
RS 120 comb filter
RS 500E EMS synthi filter
RS 50 shaper trig DC shifter
RS 430 distortion

A Power socket adapter that converts asys connectors to eurorack Classic doepfer connectors"

Yamaha CS-40M Duophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Here is a Yamaha cs 40m. Just recently back from pro audio repair in tampa. It still has some quirks. The first main quirk is. Upon warm up, which takes upwards of 30 mins to an hr, Sometimes it needs me to send it cv and gate to be perfectly in tune. Probably sounds strange but its honestly an easy and quick fix. I use a kenton cv to midi converter. Literally throw a few notes in and its gold. This also applies to the Duophonic mode. Once you do this. The duo mode works. The other main quirk is the LFO Gets stuck at a fast speed here and there. Not all the time. Usually after its been on a while its good to go."

Korg Sigma KP-30 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Lambda ES-50

via this auction

Ambient then heavy with Moog One, Subsequent 37, Hologram Microcosm, and eurorack drums

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A live, semi-improvised synth jam performed entirely on hardware.

The Moog One has become my end-of-day synth, where I just sit down and play for comfort. That ends up shaping the music itself, I think, and definitely is where this song emerged. I started with something ambient and melancholy, but I knew I wanted it to get huge.

Using the Moog One's multiple timbres, I made a pad, motif, and bass sound, and sequenced it all internally. For some extra oomph, I added my eurorack drum setup, which is sounding even better now that the Ghost got a firmware update to improve filter and add sample rate reduction.

I couldn't get the Moog One to send clock out to the eurorack drums, so I had both synth and drums free running at the same tempo. I was happy they didn't drift too much!

And toward the end, I realized I needed another timbre for melody/lead, so I added the Subsequent 37. It's still one of my absolute favourites; it just has "that sound." The Microcosm adding some nice character to the melody, as well.

Moog One - three synth timbres (pad, motif, bass), effects, sequencing
Moog Subsequent 37 + Hologram Microcosm - lead/melody
Eurorack drums:
- Intellijel Steppy 1U - drum sequencing
- Mystic Circuits IDUM - extra drum sequencing colour
- Prok Kick, Tiptop 808 Snare, Prok Hats, WMD Fracture - drum voices
- Intellijel Mixup - mixer
- Intellijel FSR 1U - performance pad for extending perc decay
- Ghost - filter, delay, reverb, compression, drive, sample rate reduction

Performed and recorded live, with additional drive on the bassline, plus EQ, compression, and limiting, especially on the master.

Thanks for listening."

Arturia PolyBrute @GEOSynths Secrets Sound Library | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

►Buy Here:

0:00 Intro
0:09 Secrets & Lies GEO
0:43 Runner GEO
1:33 Shores of Orion GEO
3:15 Pretty Poly GEO (edited)
5:10 False Prophet GEO
6:23 Swept Aside GEO
7:14 Terminal GEO
8:36 Vintage Lives GEO
9:05 Syncing Feeling GEO
9:53 Carpenter Calls GEO

Casio CT S1000V Vocalist Demo

video upload by MusicPlayer Network

"You can type lyrics into the Casio CT-S1000V keyboard, and have one of 23 different, onboard core Vocalists robo-sing those lyrics. This video demos only the stock sounds. You can alter the age, change gender, and also add user Vocalists."

Roland Introduces the SH-4d Desktop Synthesizer

Update: two more user videos (Alex Bell's & Starsky Carr's) added to the user playlist below.

video uploads by RolandChannel

"Lose yourself in a world of sound with the Roland SH-4d Synthesizer, a powerful desktop instrument featuring hands-on workflow and deep synthesis tools for in-the-moment magic. Watch as Detroit techno legend Carl Craig takes the SH-4d for a spin, bringing you on a sonic odyssey and diving headfirst into the unit’s array of sonic capabilities.

What’s inside the SH-4d? Command eleven OSC Models for a diverse range of sound-design possibilities, from vintage analog synths and PCM-based sounds to cutting-edge digital tones. Create custom kits with the rhythm part’s rich tone-shaping capabilities containing 26 unique drum instruments that can each be designed from scratch.

Spur spontaneous musical moments with the multitimbral sequencer, extensive effects, and plenty of polyphony. And with the loaded front panel, dynamic controls, motion recording, and more, you can transform ideas into short loops or complete songs as quickly as your ideas come."

User videos (ordered by shortest videos first - use the player controls to skip around):

Roland SH-4d : First jam - Freaky Tweaky
The Roland SH-4d In a Nutshell - Alex Ball
Roland SH-4d:基本機能・VISUAL ARPEGGIO・D-MOTIONの説明 - Freaky Tweaky
Roland SH-4D 1st Look - Sonic LAB - sonicstate
Roland SH-4d Demo & Review - musictrackjp
ROLAND SH-4d REVIEW // Rolands best synthesizer groovebox yet?! - BoBeats
Roland Synthesizer SH-4d Review // A Synth Groovebox with Vintage Vibes - Starsky Carr
Roland SH-4d Review: The multi-engine synth battle heats up! // Full SH4d tutorial - loopop
Roland SH-4d Mega Tutorial - True Cuckoo

And the press release:

Future Retro Desktop Synth with 11 OSC Models, Pro Sound Design Tools, Hands-On Workflow, and Multitimbral Pattern Sequencer

Los Angeles, CA, February 23, 2023 — Roland announces the SH-4d Synthesizer, a powerful new desktop instrument focused on synthesis and sound design. With 11 OSC Models and a hands-on panel filled with knobs, buttons and sliders, the SH-4d fuels on-the-spot creation and endless sonic discoveries. It also features a multitimbral sequencer with four synth parts and a customizable rhythm part, allowing users to compose intricate patterns with motion recording, extensive effects and more. Equally suited for studio, stage and traveling, the SH-4d is a fun and versatile instrument that will appeal to both modern electronic music creators and synth collectors everywhere.

Fifty years ago, Roland launched its first synthesizer, the groundbreaking SH-1000. The SH name has represented the company’s core synthesizer instruments ever since, merging innovative new technologies with tactile interfaces for quickly designing sounds in the moment. The SH-4d opens the next chapter in the long-running series, offering Roland’s latest analog modeling advancements and a deep-yet-inviting panel that catalyzes creativity and rewards exploration at every turn.

Detroit techno legend Carl Craig was so impressed with the SH-4d that he agreed to be the face of the launch video, delivering a spirited performance featuring new music composed solely on the unit. "That machine is a little monster,” he said after spending just a short time with the SH-4d. “So many options to not only shape sound but to shape the musical composition too."

Eleven OSC Models offer diverse sound-crafting possibilities, from vintage analog tones with SH-4d, SH-3D, Chord, Ring and Sync Models to cutting-edge digital textures with Cross FM, Wavetable and Drawing Models. Influential voices from Roland’s historic past include SH-101 and JUNO-106 Models and a PCM Model with a large selection of sample-based sounds. The SH-4d also features a flexible drum synthesizer with rich tone-shaping capabilities for creating custom kits from scratch.

The SH-4d puts everything creators need for pro sound design at their fingertips, with 32 knobs, four sliders and a massive array of multi-function buttons. The LCD, sliders and buttons automatically reconfigure their functions to follow the selected mode, eliminating menu-dive roadblocks that slow the creative flow. Dedicated Filter, Amp and LFO sections are always ready to shape any tone or pattern. And with the powerful Matrix section, users can create an even wider range of sounds by routing the output of the LFO or envelope generator to parameters in a Model.

Among its many tricks, the SH-4d features built-in motion sensors that allow the user to pick up the synth and adjust sounds with physical movements. D-Motion mode provides X/Y control for two parameters, while the unique Visual Arpeggio shapes note patterns via fun interactive displays.

The SH-4d sequencer is always a button press away, ready to transform sound ideas into compact loops or extended compositions. Up to 60 notes of total polyphony provide ample resources to develop complete musical ideas in the box. There’s also a versatile selection of renowned Roland effects to frost, finesse, rough up or mangle tones and patterns.

The SH-4d runs on a standard USB-C phone charger or AA batteries for up to four hours. There’s a two-plus octave button keyboard for self-contained composition, plus MIDI I/O for use as a sound module and controller in an expanded hardware setup. The SH-4d also functions as a USB-C audio/MIDI interface with 12 discrete audio channels for computer music production.


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Can't get enough of that Programmer 24 arpeggiator!
The filter has a real sweet spot where it sounds a bit like a Juno 6 or Polysix to our ears.
The range of the sounds are of course much less wide but for a simple machine it really does the job.
All sections are actually programmable although we have yet to attempt that - we did download and load a few programs on to it and it worked perfectly. "

ADDAC 601 / 8 band voltage controlled fixed filterbank / processing some noise / quick overview

video upload by BRiES

"In this quick video I run a mix of noise through the ADDAC 601 to demonstrate how the bands sound and how they respond to modulation for the VCAs on the seperate bands. I use the EVEN and ODD outputs panned left and right, and the WET output as well.

The mute switches only effect the sound at the WET/MIX output. The knobs and built in VCAs control the level of the bands for every output.

Cosmotronic VORTEX sample pack:"

Harmonic/Additive Synthesis wth the KORG DSM-1

"Just a quick demo showing the Harmonic Synthesis component of the KORG DSM-1. You can add 128 different harmonics, each with a level of 0-255. Lots of waveform possibilities, though perhaps a bit of a slow process."

KORG DSM-1 with Roland RE-301 (Additive Synth + Tape Echo)

"Running some simple sounds created using the Harmonic Synthesis capabilities of the KORG DSM-1 into the amazing Roland R-301 Chorus Echo."

Sampling some AM Radio with the KORG DSM-1

video upload by CGMAGIK

"Always fun using an AM radio for random sound sources."

Arvo Part: "Pari intervallo" - Gavin Ryan, Eurorack modular synthesizer (Tiptop Audio + Buchla 200)

video upload by gavinryanmusic


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