MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, May 20, 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Eurorack feat. Access Virus TI2: 3 Minutes Trance Jam

video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"Quick and dirty trance jam with Eurorack, with the external help of the Virus TI2 Hypersaw."

Sequential Circuits DrumTraks with Linn, DMX, & Simmons Extra Sounds

via this auction

"Upgraded with extra eeprom card containing Linn and Simmons snares and claps.

Extra banks can be accessed with 4 way switch on the back.

Sounds great and punchy, all works well except accent button."

Elka Drummer One

video upload by mmrva

via this auction

"Holy kraut rock preset all analogue drum machine in original unmodified condition.
All switches and controls works as should, sounds great. Tolex is in a very good condition and considering it's age, this is well kept and well cared machine.

There are a few things to mention:
cowbell (only) has noise bleed when not used.
Trafo is buzzing. Missing original plastic corners. See video.
Knowing that this is drummachine from sixties, it could benefit from recapping for sure in order to work flawlessly more decades. These are rare and this one even has multi trigger input. Switchable psu set to 220V."

Roland OP-8 CV Interface

via this auction

"CV to DCB converter that allows seperate cv/gate controls for each of your 6 or 8 voices of Juno 60 or Jupiter 8. Or you can just use it as a regular cv/gate unit."

Springtime Nightmares

video upload by John L Rice

#modularsynth #eurorackmodular #electronicmusic

Find Your Sample and Build The Groove

video upload by EZBOT

0:00 It's the Mood MK2 and the OP-1 Field
0:58 Sampling A Evolving Chord
1:26 Assigning A Random LFO to the Filter
2:01 Laying Down Some Drums
3:26 Sampling From The Vocoder
4:32 Layering A Second Bass
5:05 Performing The Pattern
7:59 Secret Tasty Mood MK2 Sounds

"There's nothing more inspiring than sampling a great sound to get your creative juices flowing when you're in the studio. In this video, we use the new MOOD MKII to process the OP-1 Field and sample that into the Elektron Digitakt. Once we have a solid foundation, we turn to the Digitone and Syntakt to drive us home with warm and full bass. Of course, the Octatrack MKII and the Analog Heat are there to make sure we can transition and process our tasty pattern in real-time. In the end our delicious ingredients cooked up some Dub Techno, enjoy! Video Edited by Looma

Get the NEW Ultimate Octatrack FX Template 1.1.3 here with continuous updates: and here if you want a one-time download: https://www/"


YAMAHA CK61/88 Demo & Review PT5 - Quickstart Tutorial

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo and review of the YAMAHA CK61 & CK88 STAGE KEYBOARD. Part five of our video series exploring this interesting new instrument from Yamaha offering some of the capabilities of the YAMAHA CP and YAMAHA YC series keyboards at a more budget price.
This video gives you a rapid quickstart tutorial to get you up and running with the YAMAHA CK, if you have just purchased it or are trying it out in the store."


Korg Modwave - "Mutant" 40 Performances

video upload by LFOstore

" presents "Mutant" experimental bank for the Korg Modwave synthesizer.


Can Modwave be brutal?

Together with the 'Mutant', we will discover the Modwave from the other side, the dark and aggressive side.

What awaits us in the future, the dawn of mankind and space exploration, or the dark era of technological slavery, in the world of Corporations...

The bank is dedicated to the rhytmic industrial and overload sound that will take us to a dark futuristic future.

40 experimental performances are waiting for you inside.

Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: Experimental, Cinematic, Ambient, Darkwave, Techno, Bass Music.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

WAVE KIT SA13 1980 DIY Analog Synthesizer

video upload by Time Tripper

"This is an analog synthesizer that I made when I was in high school.
At that time, it was a transition period from analog to digital, and soon the era of personal computers began. I think this was the last time I touched analog circuits.

・2 VCO

#AnalogSynth #Electronics #Synthesizer #Synth #DIY


#アナログシンセ #電子工作 #シンセサイザー #シンセ #DIY"

OMBOT's Phantom Hand - Experimental Sound Machine

video uploads by

via Etsy

"Phantom Hand. Touch based noise instrument an experimental sound machine. 12 oscillators per finger. 24 in palm. 1 knob to control the pitch. Oscillators go from tone to rhythm. Palm oscillators are controlled all by touch alone. It has an Echo/delay/reverb /low pass filter effect built in control by 2 Knobs at the top. Great for horror and sci-fi sounds. Drone away in to other dimensions."

Atari 2600 Synthcart Player

video upload by H00kflash

"Demonstration of hardware designed and built for custom control of the Atari 2600 Synthcart software. Features include: Midi clock sync, 16-step sequencing, variable note length and beat-per-measure settings. Packaged inside an Atari 2600 Flashback console."

ROLAND SH-2000 (1974)

video upload by Synthesizer Home

Some clean (no FX) sound demos - sounds of the raw synth.

Quasimidi Caruso 4-part Sound Module

video upload by Musicnectar

Never seen one of these before - this is the first post to feature the Caruso, spotted in the listing below. I did a quick search for one on Youtube and found the video above from 7 years ago.

via this auction

"Very rare Quasimidi Caruso rack module. This is a 4-part sound module layering exceptional organs, accordions, brass, strings, and keyboard sounds. Very intuitive interface and easy to program.


20 Voice polyphony with 4-part Multitimbral

M.A.S.S. (Multi Algorithm Sound Synthesis) Quasimidi Sound Engine

512 sounds and 612 performances (512 ROM and 100 RAM), where the 100 sounds in RAM are fully editable.

2 independent integrated multi-effects: 1) reverb, echo 2) chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, echo, distortion

Digital Rotary Effect

Ensemble Effect (Intelligent Melody Harmonizer)


Oberheim OB-X8 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SYSTEM-100M 180 Studio System Model 112 / 121 / 130 / 140 / 132

via this auction

visible SNs:
112 273446
130 272986
132 100777

180 760309

ELECTROCOMP EML-100 - Rare Original Ad Pamphlet Brochure

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

Buchla - 223e

via this auction

"The 223e comprises two components: A 3-panel-unit tactile surface (the Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input) for generating user control data, and the single-panel Tactile Input Port module, which provides edit / programming control for the tactile surface, and houses the control voltage outputs and the controls for the built-in arpeggiator.

The tactile surface features an ergonomic array of 27 velocity- and pressure-sensing keypads, fourteen of which respond to location in one or two dimensions. Pressure sensitivity ranges from feather-weight to several pounds. Arranged into multiple user-defined groups ranging in size from 1 to 25, the keypads can produce a wide array of user-programmed control voltages. The surface can be mounted in three panel spaces in a 200e-series cabinet (usually in the lowest boat, for playing convenience), or independently mounted in a 201e-3 Passive Frame.

Location, pressure, impact, and tuned voltages, as well as pulses generated by the tactile surface are presented at a total of 30 outputs on the Tactile Input Port module.

The arpeggiator features multiple patterns, internal and external clocks, and a variety of additional features. All settings, including Tactile Input keypad programming, can be saved and recalled by the Preset Manager on the 225e or 206e module."

1982 Roland Juno 6 (Serviced) SN 204915

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"By now, everyone knows the sound of the Juno-6/60. From the mixable Sawtooth and Square wave shapes on the Oscillator, all the way through to lush stereo chorus at the end of the signal chain. Junos may not be the most complex synthesizers out there but they are almost impossible to get a bad sound out of. Basses, pads, leads, arpeggios, it can do it all. This Juno 6 may not have preset recall or a DCB port like the 60, but sounds exactly the same.

This synthesizer is in great shape over all showing some average cosmetic wear. Fully restored internally, all electrolytic capacitors replaced, all contacts cleaned for smooth operation.

Serial number: 0204915"

Octave Electronics : The Cat Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Similar to the infamous ARP Odyssey, so much so that ARP sued Octave for cloning their designs in the mid 70s. The Octave Cat is in great shape overall and just gone over internally by our in-house technician. These are getting harder to find in the wild, especially in good working condition.

Repair notes: Replaced trim pots, replaced all electrolytic capacitors. Replaced almost all IC sockets. Disassembled and cleaned all controls and switches. Rebuilt power supply. Replaced ceramic capacitors in power supply and both VCOs. Repaired key memory S/H circuits. Cleaned pin headers, connectors, buss bars and key contacts. Calibrated and burned in."

Monome Norns Shield 2021- with Pi 3B+, power, and SD card

via this auction

"This comes complete with the Norns Shield, Raspberry Pi 3B+, CanaKit 5v 2.5A power supply, and SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 memory card. The specific model # of this Norns Shield is '210330 early july'.

I love this little magic synth/sampler insanity box, but it's time for it to move on to a new owner. I've found to be a great/easy way to find and download more scripts. Enjoy!"

Original Roland TB-303 Synthesizer Bass Line w/ Extras

via this auction

With manual, additional docs, & data wheel.

Dr. Endo explores LIVEN Texture Lab jamming with 8bit warps and BASS&BEATS

video upload by SONICWARE

"Hi, I tried jammin’ with Texture Lab, 8bit warps and Bass&Beats today!

In the later part of the jam, I experimented with changing the grain generation timing to 16th notes or 32nd notes.

Yu Endo"

dawless techno/acid garden sessions 2023 - 1

video upload by Peter Maas

"Took the gear out for a bit of fresh air doing a little techno/acid jamming. Sorry for the tilt on the GoPRO... more garden then gear I guess ;-)

* Beats from the Digitakt
* Small system 100m case with RYK M185 sequencer
* DINSYNC RE-303 Clone
* Moog 104M Delay
* BugBrand PT Delay
* Eela S50 mixer"

Softube Model 84 with JUNO-106 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

The Legacy Series for BackStage Pass

video upload by JimDaneker

"Introducing The Legacy Series: 5 new deep-sampled instruments for the BackStage Pass family. With an intense focus on quality, The Legacy Series capture the heart and soul of some of the best synths ever made.

4 of the 5 are sourced from iconic vintage synths from the 70s and 80s, and all are extremely detailed, using advanced sampling & recording techniques to give you jaw-dropping, playable instruments that sound and respond exactly like their hardware counterparts. These aren't boring, lifeless sampled instruments: they capture all the instability, motion, and warmth of analog.

Available now for MainStage and Logic Pro, with Kontakt versions following shortly.

More info & details at:"

The Legacy Series for BackStage Pass - 80s Synths Teaser
Prophetic Dreams for BackStage Pass - Complete Patch Walkthrough
OB-City for BackStage Pass - Complete Patch Walkthrough
The Matrix for BackStage Pass - Complete Patch Walkthrough
Model 85 for BackStage Pass - Complete Patch Walkthrough
DX Dreams II - Complete Patch Walkthrough

SYNTHFEST 2023 : NRSynth Show case part 2, Ancestor & Retro One : "produce some Oxygène !"

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"Hello, Show case (part 2) : presenting the great Ancestor ARP clone (4012 & SEM filters) from NRSYNTH. A tribute to Jean-Michel Jarre & Michel geiss.
All recorded & live playing sounds are created by NRSynth Ancestor & Retro One (except strings machines) by Stephen Ingrand & Jean-luc Briançon (Kurtz Mindfields)
1000 thanks to the SYNTHFEST TEAM (wonderful)! Filmed at L'Odyssée d'Orvault.
00'00 : Equinoxe part 7 live bassline
01'16 : Oxygène part 2 tribute

links :

SYNTHFEST 2023 : NRSynth Show posts

Seven Sure

video upload by Studio Electronics

"SE-3X Paraphonic Gooseneck and Magnificent 3 Chord Monte in Eb Major

A CODE8 w/CS-80 filters gets the party started with bright and bratty horns—hard—like St. Regis used to sling in the ‘80s, via our fridge-sized RA-200, periodically rotating-speaker amp.

Greg St. Regs’ immortal patch #1 on the SE-02 then pairs and nearly overtakes the initial CODE bass work.

Shimmering CODE background colors and creations abound, including (but not limited too) cagey vocodering and gorgeous collapsing strings (nearly soloed at end in the Easter Egg hangover). 'You'll see.'

My vocal-eazy leads on the SE-02 channel Keys 2 genius and my good friend (ladies & gentleman), @monteneuble !

Boomstar Brotherhood Drums (SE-80 Chapter) created vast swaths of the root percussive elements—practically all, including hi hats; claps and rims not included. Blame sound wizard & partner-in-crime Sean Charles.

Some Brian Scroggins DMX/EMU Modular magic from a fruitless EMU/Fred Z/Grass Valley adventure, many decades/lifetimes back, swings in and out—Ishtar appearance as well. And I miss you brother. Avidly.

Stereo'Jaco' bass: CODE. Always juicy it is.

Pocket 'Princey" 80’s SEM-filtered chords (Abm to AbM) bounce & thrill. Celestial celeste and ancient tech Cathedral organ offer healing & wisdom ;) with bonus happy feet pedal board dance, tracked incongruously enough with one of CODE8's “Pigalle Party” patches. "A little spritz of water, a subway station, surrounded by bistros, Pigalle ... .' I'm thinking more Josephine Baker.

Guitar samples repurposed and reworked from our Modmax and Wolftone pedal demo archive; performances courtesy of Grecco Burrato, my elusive, but nevertheless marvelous friend.

MSR needle drops responsible for wildcard tones and pulses."

Patch n Tweak
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