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Saturday, March 23, 2024

New Befaco Modules Launch Party! // Live from Elevator Sound EU (Barcelona)

video upload by DivKid

"Join us on Saturday the 23rd of March at 4pm CET (Spain) for the launch party with 3 new Befaco modules on show at the EU Elevator Sound store in Barcelona.

I'll be in person with Befaco to talk about new modules, patch, make music and sounds and hangout both in the stream and in person for the event."

Erbe-Verb B&G | Shared System 'X' | Episode 03 | Back in Black

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Yeah. I made episode 03 before I was able to finish episode 02 so I decided to post them both. There's no need on this channel to manage posts to maximize views, I just want you to be able to find information when you need it and I just LOVE to make content like this. I made a lot of videos about the EV in the past and it's covered in the old Shared System tutorials (link in video). In this video, I am going to try something new.

In this episode, I'll only use Erbe-Verb and DXG in a feedback loop. So no fancy 7U case layout this time, I made this video to find out if it can still be relevant in 2024. Since I am totally biased, you'll need to decide for yourself. Honestly, if you need a regular reverb, maybe a stereo module would serve you better.

Erbe-Verb is going for a limited rerun in black and gold, so this also means it's getting old and possibly moving to retirement. Without speculating too much, it's possible that MakeNoise is working on a successor now they have this amazing new ARM DSP board. But again, I have no idea. What we DO know is, that Erbe-Verb is widely considered as one of the best reverbs in eurorack, even though it's not the best reverb as a reverb. Que? It excels in creative use and abuse. It will never get old and whatever comes next, it will pair well with the EV (it pairs really well with a Mimeophon, StarLab, Sealegs or Desmodus Versio).

Apart from the sound design fun, Erbe-Verb plays a big role in the Shared System signature sound. While it's partly overshadowed by the more recent Mimeophon, the Mime's 'halo' only adds a little space. It's nothing compared to the 'icy sheet metal in deep space' sound from the EV, which can easily double as a classic spring- or plate reverb when 'absorb' and 'tilt' are used to tame the high end. I've never been a fan of the predelay, but it can do amazing things with modulation and gates/triggers.

The Erbe-Verb is 'mono IN' so it needs to be used as a send/return with a stereo voice like XPO or Spectraphon. Here's where a ModDemix comes in handy. You can use CH1 and CH2 to pass on your stereo mix to let's say an X-PAN, and use the Sum out to EV. Then you can patch the EV's stereo out to X-PAN's aux inputs. It's a lot of patching and modules for a verb, but it provides a lot of freedom."

Dual #XPO | Shared System 'X' | Episode 02 | 259 is here again

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"This series is about getting creative within the confinement of the 7U case with black and gold modules which are available in retail. The goal is to build something like the original Shared System B&G where the collection and order of modules deliver a logical and intuitive synthesizer ecosystem.

The heart and soul of the original Shared is the DPO, which is a dual complex VCO, inspired by the Buchla 259 from the '70's. There's 'two five nine was here' printed on the circuitboard. While the DPO is still available, it's only available in silver, and it may not be restocked in the EU because it has a vactrol to strike the wavefolder. Without speculating too much, DPO will either leave the stage, or return as a 'green' revision borrowing a DXG strike. Who knows.

Even though I love Spectraphon, which also has a '259 inspired' design, it doesn't sound like an analog DPO. It doesn't have the raw sound of fresh timber. I've been experimenting with dual XPO's for a while now (there's a link to my XPO vs DPO video) and I've 'discovered' that adding a moddemix as a bus really approximates it, but can also go beyond any complex VCO I've heard. The output count is outrageous, and having the 'FM/MOD bus' on the outside brings you very close to a Serge design. It takes a bit more patching, but it also delivers tons of fun.

I am aware this series is a bit like a buying guide mixed with a MakeNoise ad but I am not affiliated with MakeNoise except that I am a groupie. I make fan films. We all have our favorites and MN was my entry into modular. I am totally biased. But these layouts also work with other brands and they're shared for inspiration. It's not the brand, not the modules, it's the roles, order and interaction of modules that turn a patch blanket into an ecoystem."

Friday, March 22, 2024

SVF-201 State-Variable Vactrol Filter from KOMA Elektronk (Tutorial)

video upload by CatSynth TV


"We preset the SVF-201 state-variable vactrol filter from KOMA Elektronik. We explore each of the states (lowpass, bandpass, and highpass) separately as well as together with the continuous CV-controllable state selection. We also use modulation from our trusty Arturia MiniBrute 2 and the Pittsburgh Modular Generator for audio-rate modulation."

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Vactrols and Vactrol filters
01:03 Overview of the SVF-201
01:45 Cutoff and Resonance in lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes
04:15 Mix output and variable state selection
06:00 Simple cutoff frequency modulation (with ADSR envelope)
06:28 Audio-rate cutoff modulation with Pittsburgh Modular Generator
08:39 Putting it all together. ASDR, LFO, and Sequencer from Minibrute 2, and resonance modulation from the Generator
10:02 Conclusion

Field Kit previously posted here

Making Noise With 0Coast // SFX & Music

video upload by Michael Manning

"In this video I show why I think the Make Noise 0Coast is the best piece of hardware to learn and experiment with modular synthesis. I show an overview of the instrument before then applying it towards making SFX for a 2D video game I'm making, showing my sound design process and some more advanced tips and tricks."

Ambient with Biset Tree\FM-OP\Dark Energy\SurgeXT\Instruo\Flute

video upload by Omri Cohen

"I'm supposed to be on Easter vacation with the kids, but after playing a bit with Tree from Biset, I had to record something with it... Basically, it will generate sequences according to the growth and movement of branches, and I use it polyphonically to sequence an FM-OP and Dark Energy.

I added a bass with a couple of modules from Instruo, and another melody line with another chain with VCV modules and a bit of SurgeXT.

I also had to play my flute to this a bit, so I processed it with Prince Of Perception, Nimbus (Clouds), and a rind modulator following the pitch of the flute.

To this I added some noises with the Befaco Noise Plethora module.

Other than VCV Rack, I used the Wavesfactory Cassette VST for adding some analog feel, and the Valhalla Delay and Supermassive."

What is the Pet Rock? (Eurorack temporal rhythm generator module)

video upload by Musical Miscellany

"I recently purchased a Pet Rock. Not the traditional pet rock from the 1970s, but a Eurorack module that creates rhythms based on the phases of the moon. It's a really cool concept created by Jonah Senzel and released at Knobcon 2023.

Intro & Theory - 0:00
Logistics - 1:47
Basic Rhythms & Clock Variances - 2:55
Adding Pitch Sequences - 5:25
Adding Delay - 5:57

You can purchase one here:"

Pet Rock made its first appearance on the site here.

"Pet Rock is a rogue-like rhythm generator which changes daily, with monthly modulations in style.

This 4hp Eurorack module generates a new rhythm every night at midnight that you have 24 hours to use. Pet Rock is like rhythm Wordle - everyone who owns the module gets the exact same rhythm. No internet connected needed.

Pet Rock has 2 independently clockable (gate in, gate out) 'A' and 'B' rhythms each day, so there's flexibility in how you use it/clock it. The ‘A’ and ‘B’ rhythms can be used together as one composite rhythm, split into two separate rhythms, etc.

Rhythm generation parameters change according to the real current moon phase. The overall "Mood" changes with every 30 day moon cycle to help keep things fresh. With each “Mood” change, Pet Rock switches between several custom algorithms to produce distinct styles.


Pre-orders are non-cancellable; please do not pre-order unless you are certain you want one.

synthCube is supporting Jonah’s manifesto and principle about the economics of the module as a ‘break-even’ proposition."

Introducing Pet Rock (the rogue-like moon based Eurorack Module)

video upload by Jonah Senzel

"more info at my website:

(oops moon cycles are 29.5 days, not 31 I tried editing it into the voice over and it sounded really weird so here's your only chance to learn this vital information)"

Small Case Jam Sessions - excerpt #3

video upload by FL3SHB4CK

"small case 4U 50hp jam sessions, excerpt #3
recorded live into Syntakt reverb and delay"

Bank Transfer Between VCV Pamela's PRO Workout & Hardware

video upload by ALM TV

"This video details the process of transferring banks between Pamela's PRO Workout in VCV Rack and the hardware module, making it possible to replicate patches from the virtual world in your system and vice versa. VCV's context menu options ‘Export backup’ and ‘Import backup’ work with the standard Pam PRO backup files, making transferring saved banks work in either direction.

Note, for bank transfer to work properly the firmware versions between the VCV and hardware Pam's must match. To display the FW version in VCV see the 'info' section in the context menu. We reccomend making a backup copy of the bank files before transferring."

Tristan Arp meets Gliss

video upload by Bela Platform

"This video is the second in a series in which we get Gliss in the hands of artists we deeply respect. A native of the Detroit suburbs, Tristan Arp has been making explorative electronic music for more than a decade. In this video he explores Control Mode on Gliss as a strumming interface for Mutable Instruments' Rings.

Check out our blog for the full story:"

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Opp Ned four-channel arpeggiator from Noise Engineering

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Noise Engineering’s Opp Ned is your new best friend for arpeggios.

Opp Ned is available here:

Opp Ned comes with 12 pre-programmed arpeggios, including tetrads, major, pentatonic major, minor third, and pentatonic minor arps, but the Load/Edit/Save functionality makes it easy to create your own custom patterns. Factory presets can easily be restored at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

Opp Ned features four outputs that can be individually advanced: a reset input to keep all your patterns in time and a Transpose input to easily create changes on the fly. The octave range, arpeggio direction, and pattern of the arp are all configurable, and all settings are CV-able.

Other controls include configurable octave range and arp direction,

International customers:
Opp Ned is shipping to retailers. Check in with your favorite shop if you want to avoid the hassle of international shipping.

Make the most of your ups and downs with Opp Ned."

Press release follows:

Los Angeles, CA — Modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering, known for their unique Eurorack and software instruments, has announced a new arpeggiator and sequencing utility: Opp Ned.

Noise Engineering’s expansive product line includes many sequencers, mostly focussed on generative rhythm generation and randomization. Opp Ned is a new style of sequencing for the company, allowing the user to define 12 different arpeggios (or use a number of creative presets right out of the box), CV between them, and advance four different outputs individually. There are switches for playback pattern, direction, and octave range, and a clever note display for viewing the current arpeggio and editing patterns.

According to Noise Engineering, Opp Ned was designed to make a common synthesis task easy. Arpeggiators are found regularly in fixed-architecture keyboard synthesizers, but arpeggiators in Eurorack are few and far between. Opp Ned’s interface and controls were designed to make arpeggiation quick and fun, while also offering enough flexibility to generate some very interesting results.

Opp Ned lends itself to a number of different patching styles. The only necessity for creating arpeggios is a clock signal, but all of its parameters are CV controllable, so arpeggios can be modified on the fly with external modulation sources. It also features a pitch-accurate transpose input that can be used to modulate the four outputs with another sequencer for deep integration in more complex patches.

Opp Ned is a cheerful sequencing utility that works well for adding melodic elements to patches, as well as experimentation with more technical chord-based patching.

Opp Ned is available in both black and silver, and is available now at and at retailers globally.

* Arpeggiator with four outputs
* Save and edit up to 12 different arpeggios
* Swap between arpeggio patterns with CV
* Fully CV-controlled interface
* Simple controls make pitch sequencing easy
* External transpose input for integration with other sequencers

Availability and pricing:
Opp Ned: In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting March 21st, 2024; MSRP US$347

A Sonic Playground! // Dual Harmonic Oscillator by AtoVproject - more sounds & music

video upload by DivKid

You can find the first video previously posted here.

"The Dual Harmonic Oscillator from AtoVproject is one hell of a sonic playground for all sorts of synthesis, sound and musical approaches to working with a dual or 'complex' oscillator. When I made the main demo (watch that first, link above) I ended up making so many patches with it that I wanted to put together a second video that revisited the module. So here it is."

„live performances“ | 2024/03/16 | gelsenkirchen | eurorack modular synthesizer

video upload by Elinch

"„first part of my performance on 2024/03/16 in gelsenkirchen at readymade.books“

The most used: Tiptop Buchla VCO & Sequencer, Tokio Tape Music Center VCO & Tokio Gate, Buchla LEM 218e, 4MS Looping Delay, Intellijel Sealegs, Clouds, ER-301, OTO Boum

My new album 'Grau' will be released on 2024/04/30 as a tape and as a download on Seil Records/Bandcamp.

#livemusic , #synthesizer, #modular, #buchla"

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Euro Rat ( Distortion) by FUNQUE MOD

video upload by Ebotronix

"as a guitar player I had the Pro Co Rat when it came out.
many years later I found it as an Eurorack module.
Funque Mod Euro Rat
Feedback Modular two 59.
System 80 2x µ Jove.
Tunefish Modular CV Peaks, Kings,2x µ Veils, Braids .
Ryo Optodist.
Erica Synths Drums.
After Later Audio Ornament and Crime (Aeolian Scale).
WMD 2x Time Warp.
Make Noise Mimeophone,Tempi.
MengQMusic DPLPG
Boss MD 500
Strymon AA1 Level Shifter and
2x Cloudburst ~ Midi CC by 16n Faderbank!
video # 2355"

Pittsburgh Modular Taiga keyboard Review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Following on from the Taiga desktop synth comes the Taiga Keyboard with larger knobs, improved oscillator tuning, some interesting digital thingies and an expansion bay for Eurorack. It's analogue, it mashes together all sorts of synthesis and sounds unlike anything else out there. Here's my review.

Pittsburgh Modular were kind enough to send the Taiga keys to me for review but have no control over what I say about it."

Buchla/TipTop Audio with Larix-Elektro modules.

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"A new video demonstrating how to use RITOURNELLE modules with other modules.
Here with the Sequencial Voltage Source 245t and the Source of Uncertainity 266t from Buchla/TipTop Audio.

How to combine the 245t and the ritournelles, both are made for sequencing.
How to use the 266t to add randomness, in various way.

Of course, Buchla/TipTop Audio modules are used for the audio part:
The 258t with the 292t.

More infoa about LE modules here:"

Möbius Gong

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let’s use a few oblique feedback paths to make a nice thick gong sound using DXG and QPAS."

Medley Kaona Zazou & Waldorf Blofeld

video upload by Kaona modular music

"Skippy Live + Skippy + Zazou + Waldorf Blofeld"

Modular Generative Ambient Music - CubuSynth Modular

video upload by CubuSynth Modular

"11 minutes of a Generative Ambient Patch.
Made with CubuSynth Modules and Prototypes.
+ MusicThing Turing Machine
+ Grayscale Supercell"

Air wave

video upload by Uncertain Music Corps

"Very brief grab of something that happened this morning.

Today I got the Drone Pod into what is probably its finished state (for now) with the addition of a COM from Rides in the Storm. It's a simple little device to convert between line and modular levels so making it much easier to bring in line level devices and freeing up the Disting for more interesting uses than adding gain to incoming audio.

Decided to test it quickly using an old iPad pointing Safari at a WebSDR source. And then this started to happen.

It's just a quick grab from my phone so no attempt to tidy up the workspace etc but I thought it was a rather lovely moment and wanted to catch it as it happened."

Patch n Tweak
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