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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Sequential Prophet-6 One Shots

video upload by SPACETRIP


Introducing 'Prophet-6 One Shots'! Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sound crafted from the iconic Sequential Prophet-6 synthesizer.

The Sequential Prophet-6 holds a revered position in the realm of synthesizers. Introduced in 2015, it swiftly earned acclaim for its classic analog warmth and modern versatility, captivating musicians across genres with its expressive sound and intuitive interface. With its distinctive filters, lush oscillators, and unmistakable character, the Prophet-6 continues to shape the landscape of contemporary music production.

Now, with 'Prophet-6 One Shots,' you can unlock the sonic potential of this legendary instrument in your own compositions. Featuring 159 meticulously recorded sounds, each meticulously captured from the Prophet-6, this sample collection offers an unparalleled vintage experience.

From soaring pads to searing leads, from deep basses to celestial textures, "Prophet-6 One Shots" delivers a diverse palette of sounds to ignite your creativity in any musical context. Whether you're a seasoned producer seeking to evoke nostalgia or an aspiring artist eager to explore the timeless allure of analog synthesis, these carefully curated sounds are poised to spark inspiration.

Discover the enchantment of the Sequential Prophet-6 and transcend the ordinary in your music production with 'Prophet-6 One Shots.' Elevate your sonic journey today."


video upload by KurtzMindfields

Follow-up to this post.

"Presentation of the SYNTHR10 prototype!
10-channel polyphonic analog synthesizer (20 VCO, 20 VCF)
Here are the first 8 sounds we created, no additional effects added (but there will be 2 times 8 effects soon)
1/ Evolution pad: aftertouch on resonance, LFO on wheel,
2/ Stereo poly pad: aftertouch on last note, stereo spread channels
3/ Synth Strings: a kind of strings machine, with the sub VCO on an expression pedal! (footswitch) and release on modwheel
4/ Synth Brass: Glide, aftertouch on LFO, filter on wheel
5/ Synth Mono: 8-channel unison, detune on modwheel, Aftertouch LFO
6/ In The Square : Bi timbral nice pad (with great melody) with LFO on Modwheel
7/ Synth Clav : a kind of Clavinet, using PWM cross modulation, add Drive at the end
8/ P5 pad : A kind of prophet legendary pad!

See you at Synthfest France!"

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

The Venerable Moog Memorymoog - Inspiration for the Moog Muse?

video upload by Vintage Synthesizer Solutions

"Please join us while we explore the infamous, but actually quite venerable Moog Memorymoog synthesizer. As is widely recognized, the Memorymoog was developed too late and was rushed to the market. By 1982/83, the era of extremely expensive flagship analog polysynths being ubiquitously adopted by professional musicians and studios was coming to an end. Synths like the Sequential Prophet 5, Oberheim OB-X/Xa, & Roland Jupiter 8 had dominated the market, but new digital technology - both in synthesis and sampling, was quickly gaining a substantial foothold in the music industry. The Memorymoog was notorious for reliability issues right out of the box while innovative instruments like the Yamaha DX7 were cheaper, much more reliable, and had a unique new sound.

In hindsight and considering the analog renaissance we've expereinced of late, one can evaluate the Memorymoog from a different and more forgiving perspective... It sounds absolutely fantastic and offeres an incredibly unique & fat tone relative to competetive products of both its era and modern times. Additionally, once a competent technician has sorted common issues with the power supply/fan, connectors, etc. the instrument can be quite reliable from a functionality and tuning standpoint.

The audio is DIRECT, with a just a touch of OTO Bam reverb added on an aux bus - You are hearing the raw audio as it comes directly from the synthesizer. There is NO EQ, Dynamics, etc. Listen on good headphones or monitors!

Thank you so much for watching! This channel is a passion project. These videos are recorded off the cuff. We are just two hobbyists who share a deep passion for synthesizers."

Monday, April 01, 2024

Behringer Solina String Ensemble vs Solina Software Clones

video upload by Analog Prophet

"A comparison between Behringer Solina String Ensemble and three different Solina software clones: Arturia Solina V2, UVI String Machines 2 - Solina and a Solina sample pack från BiggaGiggas.

There might be slight differences to the crescendo and sustain length and possibly the presets: The purpose of the comparison is to show the different character of the hardware Solina clone and some software Solina clones."

Friday, March 29, 2024

Sequential Prophet X Discontinued

via @Sequential_llc

"Since its debut in 2018, the Prophet X has been a constant source of sonic adventure for musicians around the world, blending the warmth of analog synthesis with the endless potential of sampling.

With a heavy heart, we must announce that due to the unavailability of several key components, we'll be waving goodbye to new Prophet X units after our current stock depletes.

However, we are committed to ongoing support, ensuring Prophet X continues to be a reliable partner in your musical journeys, while our friends at 8Dio will carry on offering a treasure trove of PX Add-On sample packs to keep your sound palette fresh and evolving.

If you've been considering bringing a Prophet X into your creative fold, now is the time! A limited number of units are still available at your favorite music stores.

Thank you to everyone who has embraced Prophet X and made it such a beloved instrument. While production is ending, the Prophet X's impact on music will continue to resonate for decades to come.

With sincere appreciation,

The Sequential Team"

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Smile - Don't Get Me Started (Testing Sequential Prophet 5 Rev4 with Elektron Analog RYTM)

video upload by Fluffy Momo

"試行錯誤中…。 #thesmile #thesmiletheband #thomyorke #jonnygreenwood #tomskinner #wallofeyes #sequential #prophet5rev4 #elektron #analogrytm"

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Unlocking Greystoke: The Ultimate Keyboard Collection Revealed!

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Greystoke Studio boasts an impressive collection of 48 keyboards, including a diverse array of analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, and vintage keyboards.

Massive Analog & Digital Keyboard Collection
Greystoke Studio Tour Update - The Complete Keyboard Collection!
48 Keyboards Including:
30 Analog Synthesisers
13 Digital Synthesisers
5 Vintage keyboards

Greystoke Studio in London, is a high-spec London recording studio.

0:00 - Introducing Greystoke's Analog & Digital Synthesiser Collection
0:07 - Yamaha CS80 - 1976
0:11 - Roland Jupiter 8 - 1981
0:12 - Roland Jupiter 8 - 1981
0:15 - Roland SH1000 - 1973 [chrome]
0:20 - Roland SH1000 - 1973
0:26 - Yamaha CS40M - 1979
0:30 - Roland SH1000 - 1973 TTSH Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie Arp 2600 Clone 2023
0:34 - Yamaha CS50
0:38 - Mini Moog Model D – 2017
0:44 - Roland Vocoder VP330 MK I – 1979
0:48 - Oberheim OB-1 – 1978
0:52 - Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 MIDI – 1981
1:03 - Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 MIDI – 1980
1:14 - Oberheim Xpander – 1984
1:20 - Oberheim OB-8 – 1982
1:33 - Roland Jupiter 4 MIDI – 1979
1:36 - Logan String Machine – 1975
1:41 - Hammond C3 + Leslie Speaker - 1968 + 1963
1:43 - Mini Moog Model D – 1976
1:50 - Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano - 1976 (bought from 10CC's Eric Stewart!)
1:52 - Fender Rhodes Piano Stage 73 – 1979
2:03 - Roland Juno106 – 1984
2:09 - Roland Vocoder VP330 MK II MIDI – 1980
2:16 - Korg M1 - 1990
2:18 - Nord Electro 3 - 2008
2:24 - Roland JD800 - 1991
2:35 - Korg Trinity - 1995
2:41 - Roland D50 - 1987
2:51 - Korg Poly 800 – 1983
2:52 - Roland SH101 – 1983
2:56 - Roland MC 202 – 1984
3:03 - Hohner Clavinet D6 - 1979
3:10 - Korg Z1 - 1997
3:17 - ARP Odyssey – 1979
3:21 - Prophet VS – 1986
3:31 - Roland MKS80 with MPG-80 programmer – 1986
3:41 - Yamaha TX816 - 1984
3:47 - Yamaha TX802 - 1987
3:50 - Studio Electronics SE1X – 1994
3:56 - Roland JP-8080 - 1998
4:00 - Roland JV1080 - 1994
4:07 - Nord Rack 2 - 1997
4:14 - Roland P330 - 1988
4:20 - Akai S3000XL 32 Meg - 1996
4:29 - Novation Supernova - 1998
4:43 - Novation Bass Station – 1994
4:59 - Steinway Model O – 1908
6:10 - EMS AKS Synthi VCS3 – 1972"

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 owned by H. Hancock?

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.
video upload by

via this listing

"This one was used by the great Herbie Hancock for a concert in Rome in the late 80.

(It was Signed by Mr.Hancock on the front panel...unfortunately a little faded after all over 30 years)

8x analog VCF, 8x analog VCA, extended memory,

unusual for the keyboard version - 8 individual outs are installed.

Everything works great except for one of the eight individual outputs,

which does not play, however the main outputs Left, Right work perfectly.

Anyway, it plays beautifully. The instrument comes with a hard case.

The original Italian owner made a video - demo, which is in the link below."

Monday, March 18, 2024

Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Packs

video uploads by Rik Marston Official

Follow-up to this previous post featuring the Arturia Polybrute.

This set of videos includes the following:

Sequential Prophet-6 Dream Pad Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Pack
Sequential Oberheim OB-6 Dark Strings Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Pack
Oberheim Matrix 6 Tyrell Strings Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Pack
Roland Jupiter-8 Howard Jones Strings Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Pack
Roland Juno-106 Apollo Pad Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Pack
Roland Alpha Juno-1 Vangelis X Pad Yamaha Montage Uber Analog Pads MODX+ Sample Pack

You can find Rik Marston Official's Etsy store: AhnyxianSoundDesign here:

Friday, March 15, 2024

Sequential Celebrates 50 Years with a Prophet-5 Rev4 Giveaway Competition

Sequential is giving away a Prophet-5 Rev4 for their 50th anniversary!

Click here to enter

Details follow:

"Celebrate 50 Years of Sequential, a name synonymous with innovation, power, and the very sound of music history. And at the heart of it all lies the legendary Prophet-5.

The Prophet-5 is your gateway to iconic sounds that have graced countless hit records. It’s the instrument that revolutionized music with its 5-voice polyphony, preset sound storage, and pioneering use of microprocessors – features that laid the foundation for the synthesizers of today.

Imagine crafting your own sonic masterpieces with the same instrument that has shaped whole genres. Imagine the warmth, the power, the pure analog magic that has defined generations of music.

This is your chance to win a piece of music history – and music future."

Friday, March 08, 2024

Prophet VS Synth: Sound Selection Showcase

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Analog Synthesizers Rewind: Top 10 Classics!
S1:Ep1 - The first in a series of 11 videos!

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS – All the Best Sounds

Here's a very cool keyboard from Sequential. Notice the joystick for controlling your sound modeling. The Prophet VS uses Vector Synthesis as its revolutionary new means of sound creation. It uses a total of four oscillators per voice with 127 waveforms (32 user) and dynamic waveform crossfading via the joystick. This was Sequential's first digital synth, and it was also their final synth unfortunately. But after Sequential was gone, Vector Synthesis technology went into the popular Korg Wavestation and Yamaha's SY-22 and TG-33.

The Prophet VS is still a very sought after instrument because it has an incredible range of sounds! Its only problem is that there's practically nobody left that can fix it if something went wrong. It is used by Brian Eno, Trent Reznor, Apollo 440, Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Erasure and filmmaker/composer John Carpenter."

Inside Sequential: A Synth Lover's Dream Tour

video upload by Doctor Mix

"Join me on a journey to the heart of analog synthesizer craftsmanship at Sequential, creators of the Prophet 5 and more. Featuring a surprise visit by Mr. Tom Oberheim and a tour of their high-tech factory, this episode is a dream for every synth lover! 🚀 Discover the amazing synthesizers range by Sequential! Click here 👉"

Monday, March 04, 2024

Iota // Ambient 1 (Sequential Prophet X)

video upload by Mai

"Ambient/cinematic music on the Sequential Prophet X synthesizer. Played through the Elektron Analog Heat MKII for a little warmth/saturation.

This version of Iota is on the album Beta, released 8th December 2023:"

Nu // Ambient 5 (Prophet 6, Prophet 12, Minitaur, Mono Lancet '15, Keystep Pro)

video upload by Mai

"This version of Nu is on the album Beta, released 8th December 2023:

Besides deciding on a scale and having an idea of the notes to play for each instrument, this was improvised. It was also unquantized and played in free time. I switched each sequence into 'Walk' mode, which is semi-random and adds an element of chance in terms of how the 4 sequences will interact."

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Paul McGowan of PS Audio Explains the Moog Synthesizer

video upload by Paul McGowan, PS Audio

"The classic Moog changed the world. Paul helps us understand what all the wires and modules actually do."

Fascinating bit at 1:50. Paul McGowan actually created his own synthesizer, The Infinitizer. Curious if there are any images of it out there. He almost sold one to Wendy Carlos. It gets a mention in his book 99% True: Almost a National Bestseller which you can find on Amazon here (note this is an affiliate link - see the site's privacy policy for more info).

Update: I asked Paul if he had any pics of The Infinitizer. Unfortantely he didn't, and he no longer has any of the parts, but he did send over the following additional info:

"I don’t have any photos of the Infinitizer, unfortunately. I remember a very sad day back in 1995 or so when I was cleaning out my lab and had to own up to hauling it off to the dump (it was a mere skeleton of PCBs, a keyboard, and lots of wires and didn’t work)."

"The idea was to make 10 synthesizers into one unit that was easy to use. This meant it would be the world’s first polyphonic synth, since musicians only have 10 fingers.

I designed a complete analog chain of 10 modules (the usual: VC filters, oscillators, envelope generators, amplifiers, etc.). Then, I hired an engineer out of Vandenburg Air Force Base who was a whiz at this new thing called “digital”. He designed for me a multiplexed keyboard that constantly scanned all the keys looking for ones that were pressed. The keys were all internally numbered and when pressed, the multiplexer would find an available VC oscillator and assign that number to the oscillator. Because we know the number of the key, the appropriate voltage was sent to that oscillator and it produced the appropriate frequency for that key. In order to have the entire keyboard voltage move up and down (like if you wanted to bend the notes or modulate the frequency with a LF oscillator) the master voltage (that got divided by the individual keys assigned to it) could be accessed as one might normally do through the patch bay.

I also wanted to have the keys pressure sensitive so for that, I invented the use of conductive foam under each key (and that too could manipulate the master voltage to the oscillator banks) and could be assigned to modulate any of the other modifiers too. My patch bay was a switch matrix and pots kind of like ARP used to do.

It was a very cool device which I wrote about extensively in my memoirs, 99% True."


As for the first non organ based poly synth, currently that honor likely goes to one of the following depending how you define it:

1975 - Buchla 502 - six voice polyphonic with minicomputer and ability to save patches to tape drive. Development on the 500 series began in 1969.

1975 - Oberheim FVS - four voice polyphonic with Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer. Not sure if the 502 or FVS was released first.

1977 - Yamaha - CS50/CS60/CS80 - first single enclosure polyphonic keyboard synthesizers, with the CS80 to be the first synth with poly aftertouch

1978 - Sequential Circuits - microprocessor control the SCI prophet 10 (briefly) and the P-5 --- again based on existing E-mu tech stuff

via The First Synth to...

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Moog Mavis, Prophet 5, AJH Synth large Eurorack modular synth Performance

video upload by DreamsOfWires

"Performance using Eurorack and Sequential Prophet 5. The modular consists mostly of AJH Synth modules (list below), a Doepfer Mini Synthesizer Voice and a Moog Mavis.
This is a slightly simplified section of something I've been recording for Bandcamp. A reflection of the present with an ear to the past. It'll be released on Bandcamp soon if I'm satisfied with it once it's finished, no promises.
I wanted to build a piece around a simple, analogue, un-quantised sequencer. The manual scaling and slowing of the sequence was inspired by Tangerine Dream's 'Phaedra', which begins rather chaotically, before the sequence morphs and slows to become more melodic. A fascinating piece of music and synth tweaking from the early 70's.
The ambient drone sounds and polyphonic Prophet presets (which I also created) are more inspired by the movie and television soundtracks of the past, if anything, or at least in my imagination of them.
This was entirely recorded within the Eurorack modular system - the mix isn't the best, but I like creating something in this way, set in stone, frozen in time, warts and all, perfectly imperfect.
My music:

Modules used:
Sounds - 2 full AJH Synth MiniMod voices (equivalent of a Minimoog), with 1 using a Sonic XV instead of a Transistor Ladder Filter. Additionally, a Fixed Filter Bank 914, Wave Swarm, Tone Science Triple Cross, Precision Voltages, Ring SM and CV Mix (for scaling the sequence), Dual LFO, 2x Muting Mxer. Doepfer A-111-5 (same voice as a Dark Energy), Moog Mavis, and Music Thing Modular Radio Music (Japanese funeral ceremony sample).
Sequencer - Erica Synths Sequential Switch with CV Expander.
Effects - Happy Nerding FX Aid (master reverb), ALM Busy Circuits MFX (Mavis drone reverb), XAOC Devices Sarajewo analog 'bucket brigade' delay.
Mixing - Cosmotronic Cosmix.
Audio recorder - Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 (as WAV recorder)."

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Rare KEYTEK CTS-2000 Crosstable Synthesizer w/ Carts

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via this auction

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Softube Model 80 - "Analog Dreams" Soundset 50 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Dream come true!


Finally one of the most iconic synthesizers of 80S Prophet-5 re-created in software format and sound really close to the original.

Thanks to Softube – now we are having stable Prophet synthesizer – Model 80!

No more expensive searchings of pricey original for thousands of dollars - all is stable and ready to go in your track on your computer!

Introducing "Analog Dreams" Soundset with 50 organic & dynamic presets:

Big authtentic strings
Dark pads
Sweeps & drones
Inverted sounds
Deep basses
Beautiful Poly’s
Edge synth plucks
Edge Leads

All the presets are MW, Velo & Aftertouch programmed.
Easy installing with our instructions.

Made by chief sound engeneer of – Nick Klimenko.

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of analog synthesis.

Turn the potential of your powerful synthesizer on maximum & may music be with you!"

Friday, February 09, 2024

Sequential Prophet 5/10: a Musical Exploration Part 2

video upload by Synth Universe

"Part 2 continues my musical exploration of sounds and timbres on this classic analog synth using custom-created patches. All the sounds you hear in this video were created by me on the Prophet 10 and include pads, keys, bass, poly synth, leads, sines, chimes, strings and FX.

I wanted to retain the raw sound, so in the making of this video no chorus, modulation or thickening effects were used (software or hardware). Note that the Prophet 5/10 has no internal effects. The only effects used were reverb (mainly the Valhalla Vintage Verb plugin) or delay (Logic native delay plugin). No EQ was used to enhance either the low end or the high end.

The Prophet 5/10 has a single mono audio output, so to create a stereo image I used old-school layering in my DAW. When I recorded each audio take, I also captured MIDI data and used this to record new tracks of the original take. Using the Vintage knob on the Prophet set at 3 means that each MIDI take has subtle differences in pitch, envelopes and filter. Panning and slight detuning of the tracks creates, to my ears, a nice rich stereo image and retains the character of the sound.

*If you own a Prophet 5 rev 4 or Prophet 10, all the sounds featured in this video are now available to purchase as part of the Synth Universe Prophet 5/10 rev 4 Soundbank. Follow the link below where you can also watch video demos of all 80 patches.

Buy the sound bank here:

Watch the demo of patches 1 - 20 here: [posted here]

Watch 'A Musical Exploration Part 1' here: [posted here]

Time stamps
00:00 PWM synth strings
00:49 Girth
01:28 Short synbrass
01:59 Clear keys
02:38 Fifth release
03:27 Spectral awakening & slow strings
05:47 Tremowah
06:33 Poly trill
07:12 Blasted bass
07:56 Vintage accordian
08:26 Fat muted PWM
09:02 Harmonics
09:46 Dreamy sine
10:39 PW chord pad
11:09 Quirky pop
11:28 Scat lead
12:00 Unison harp
12:31 Resonance keys
13:19 Hollow but rich
13:59 Rich chimes RAW
14:29 Rich chimes STEREO
14:59 Water spattering

All musical ideas are my own and are copyright to me.

Video graphics on Spectral awakening by ChristianBodhi from Pixabay.

There was no sponsorship or affiliation to Sequential or their products in the creation of this video."

Monday, February 05, 2024

Sequential Prophet 5/10 rev 4 | Sound Bank Demos

video uploads by Synth Universe

"In this video I play original sounds created for the Prophet 5/10 rev 4 synthesizer. I demo patches 1 - 20 from the Synth Universe Prophet 5/10 rev 4 Sound bank: a bank of 80 patches containing a wide range of pads, strings, brass, poly synths, keys, bass, leads, tuned percussion and sines.

Each patch is demonstrated first raw in mono, as output straight from the synth. For the majority of the patches I then repeat the demo but with stereo and reverb or delay applied, so you can hear the sounds more like they would be in a musical context. Please refer to the other three videos for demos of sounds 21 - 80. The time stamps below mean you can easily access specific sounds in this video and compare MONO with STEREO.

Buy this sound bank here:

In the making of this video no chorus, modulation or thickening effects were used (software or hardware). The only effects used were reverb (mainly the Valhalla Vintage Verb plugin) or delay (Logic native delay plugin). No EQ was used to enhance either the low end or the high end.

The Prophet 5/10 has a single mono audio output, so to create a stereo image I used old-school layering in my DAW. When I recorded each audio take, I also captured MIDI data and used this to record new tracks of the original take. Using the Vintage knob on the Prophet set at 3 means that each MIDI take has subtle differences in pitch, envelopes and filter. Panning and slight detuning of the tracks creates, to my ears, a nice rich stereo image and retains the core sound.

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Moog One in action !!

video upload by SMV Producer

"Sound banks available at:

#moog #electronicmusic #analogsynth #smvproducer #moogone #soundbank #sounddesign #sounddesigner

I still think that the M1 sounds good. not because I am a fan boy ( I own the Prophet 10 and the OBX8 too ), but because it is a deep analog synth!
Recorded live, without any external processing.

Thank you."

Patch n Tweak
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